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UPTRACE, up-tr[=a]s', _v.i._ to trace up.

UPTRAIN, up-tr[=a]n', _v.t._ to train up.

UPTRILL, up-tril', _v.t._ to trill in a high voice.

UPTURN, up-turn', _v.t._ to turn up or upward: to throw up.--_v.i._ to turn up.--_n._ UPTUR'NING, the act of throwing up.

UPWAFTED, up-waf'ted, _adj._ borne or wafted upward.

UPWARD, up'ward, _adj._ directed up or to a higher place.--_advs._ UP'WARD, UP'WARDLY, UP'WARDS, toward a higher direction; UP'WAYS, upward.--UPWARD OF, more than, about.

UPWELL, up-wel', _v.i._ to upspring.

UPWHIRL, up-hw[.e]rl', _v.i._ to whirl upward.--_v.t._ to raise upward in a whirling course.

UPWIND, up-w[=i]nd', _v.t._ (_Spens._) to wind up:--_pa.t._ upwound'.

UPWREATHE, up-r[=e]_th_', _v.i._ to rise with a wreathing or curling motion.

UPWROUGHT, up-rawt', _p.adj._ wrought upward.

UR, er, _interj._ a meaningless utterance between the words of hesitating speakers.

URACHUS, [=u]'ra-kus, _n._ one of the ligaments of the bladder formed by the remaining constricted portion of the allantois of the foetus. [Gr.

_ourachos_--_ouron_, urine.]

URaeMIA, [=u]-r[=e]'mi-a, _n._ a morbid condition of the blood due to the retention of urea or other waste materials ordinarily excreted from the body by the kidneys--also UR[=E]'MIA.--_adjs._ URae'MIC, UR[=E]'MIC, relating to the peculiar symptoms associated with defective excretion of waste products by the kidneys.

URaeUM, [=u]-r[=e]'um, _n._ the posterior half of a bird--opp. to _Stethiaeum_:--_pl._ URae'A. [Gr. _oura_, a tail.]

URaeUS, [=u]-r[=e]'us, _n._ the serpent emblem of ancient Egyptian divinities and kings, placed on the headdress. [Gr. _ouraios_, of the tail.]

URAL-ALTAIC, [=u]-ral-al-t[=a]'ik, _adj._ pertaining to a racial and linguistic group of peoples, one of the four great branches of the Mongolic stock.

URALITE, [=u]'ral-[=i]t, _n._ a mineral with the crystalline form of augite and the cleavage and specific gravity of hornblende.--_adj._ URALIT'IC.--_n._ URALITIS[=A]'TION, the paramorphic change of augite to hornblende.--_v.t._ U'RALITISE.

URANIA, [=u]-r[=a]'ni-a, _n._ the Muse of astronomy, represented with a celestial globe in her hand, to which she points with a little staff.--_adj._ UR[=A]'NIAN. [L.,--Gr. _ouranios_, heavenly--_ouranos_, heaven.]

URANISCUS, [=u]-ra-nis'kus, _n._ the vault or roof of the mouth. [Gr.

_ouraniskos_, dim. of _ouranos_, the vault of heaven.]

URANITE, [=u]'ra-n[=i]t, _n._ a greenish ore of uranium.--_adj._ URANIT'IC.

URANIUM, [=u]-r[=a]'ni-um, _n._ a very hard but moderately malleable metal, resembling nickel or iron in its lustre and colour, but in a finely comminuted state occurring as a black powder.--_adj._ UR[=A]'NIC. [Gr.

_ouranos_, heaven.]

URANOGRAPHY, [=u]-ra-nog'ra-fi, _n._ descriptive astronomy, esp. of the constellations.--_adjs._ URAN'IC; URANOGRAPH'IC, -AL.--_n._ URANOG'RAPHIST.

URANOMETRY, [=u]-ra-nom'e-tri, _n._ the measurement of the heavens: a description of the groups of constellations.

URANOSCOPY, [=u]'ra-nos-k[=o]-pi, _n._ observation of the heavenly bodies.

URANUS, [=u]'ra-nus, _n._ the name of one of the primary planets. [L.,--Gr.

_ouranos_, heaven.]

URAO, [=oo]-ra'[=o], _n._ the natron found in the dried-up beds of South American lakes and streams.

URATE, [=u]'r[=a]t, _n._ a salt of uric acid.--_adj._ URAT'IC, pertaining to the urates.--_ns._ URAT[=O]'MA, a deposit of urates in the tissues; URAT[=O]'SIS, a morbid condition in which this takes place.

URBAN, ur'ban, _adj._ of or belonging to a city.--_adj._ URB[=A]NE', pertaining to, or influenced by, a city: civilised: refined: courteous.--_adv._ URB[=A]NE'LY.--_n._ URBAN'ITY, the quality of being urbane: refinement: politeness.--URBI ET ORBI='to the city and to the world,' a form used in the publication of papal bulls, for the purpose of signifying their formal promulgation to the entire Catholic world, as well as to the city of Rome. [L. _urbanus_--_urbs_, a city.]

URCEOLUS, ur-s[=e]'[=o]-lus, _n._ a monopetalous corolla with a contracted orifice: the external case or sheath of a rotifer.--_n._ URC[=E][=O]L[=A]'RIA, a genus of gymnocarpous lichens with urceolate apothecia.--_adjs._ URCEOL[=A]'RIAN; UR'CEOL[=A]TE, pitcher-shaped: having an urceolus, as a rotifer.--_n._ UR'CEUS, a ewer for holding water for washing. [L. _urceolus_, dim. of _urceus_, a pitcher.]

URCHIN, ur'chin, _n._ a hedgehog: a mischievous child, an elf, fairy.--_adj._ elfish, mischievous. [O. Fr. _ericon_ (Fr. _herisson_)--L.

_ericius_, a hedgehog.]

URDe, ur-d[=a]', _adj._ (_her._) pointed, as a cross, or having a point projected, as a bend: varriated. [Fr.,--Old High Ger. _ort_, a point.]

URDu, [=oo]r'd[=oo], _n._ Hindustani, a peculiar and important form of Hindi--now a kind of _lingua franca_ for the whole of India.

URE, [=u]r, _n._ (_obs._) practice, operation.--_v.t._ and _v.i._ to work, exercise.

UREA, [=u]'r[=e]-a, _n._ a readily soluble colourless crystalline compound formed in the tissues during the disintegration of proteid material, and carried by the blood to the kidneys, which separate it and pass it off in the urine.--_adj._ U'R[=E]AL, pertaining to urea.--_ns._ UREAM'ETER, an instrument for measuring the amount of urea in in urine; UREAM'ETRY. [Gr.

_ouron_, urine.]

UREDO, [=u]-r[=e]'d[=o], _n._ a form-genus or stage of fungi of order _Uredineae_.--_adjs._ UREDIN'EOUS, URED'INOUS; UR[=E]'DOFORM.--_n._ UR[=E]'DOSPORE.--_adj._ UREDOSPOR'IC.

URENA, [=u]-r[=e]'na, _n._ a genus of _Malvaceae_--the Indian mallow.

URETER, [=u]-r[=e]'t[.e]r, _n._ the duct which conveys the urine from the kidneys to the bladder.--_adjs._ UR[=E]'TAL, UR[=E]'TERAL, UR[=E]TER'IC.--_n._ UR[=E]TER[=I]'TIS, inflammation of the ureter.

[Gr.,--_ouron_, urine.]

URETHRA, [=u]-r[=e]'thra, _n._ the canal by which the urine is discharged from the bladder:--_pl._ UR[=E]'THRae.--_adjs._ UR[=E]'THRAL; UR[=E]THRIT'IC affected with urethritis.--_n._ UR[=E]THR[=I]'TIS, inflammation of the urethra. [Gr.,--_ouron_, urine.]

URF, urf, _n._ (_Scot._) a stunted child.

URGE, urj, _v.t._ to press in any way: to drive: to press earnestly: to solicit earnestly: to provoke.--_v.i._ to incite: to insist: to make allegations.--_n._ act of urging.--_n._ UR'GENCY, quality of being urgent: earnest asking: pressing necessity.--_adj._ UR'GENT, urging: pressing with importunity: calling for immediate attention: earnest.--_adv._ UR'GENTLY.--_n._ UR'GER. [L. _urg[=e]re_, to press.]

URIA, [=u]'ri-a, _n._ a genus of _Alcidae_--the guillemots and murres.

URICONIAN, [=u]-ri-k[=o]'ni-an, _n._ the name applied to a series of volcanic rocks of which the Wrekin is composed. [_Uriconium_, a Roman station on the site of which Wroxeter in Shropshire stands.]

URILE, [=u]'ril, _n._ a kind of cormorant.

URIM, [=u]'rim, THUMMIM, thum'im, first mentioned in Exod. xxviii.

30, in connection with the High-priest's breastplate, apparently a pair of objects used at critical junctures as a kind of traditional oracle, but which could not always be counted on for an answer (1 Sam. xxviii. 6).

URINE, [=u]'rin, _n._ the fluid which is secreted or separated by the kidneys from the blood and conveyed to the bladder--the principal means of removing the worn-out tissues, esp. the nitrogenous and saline matters, from the system.--_n._ UR[=E]'SIS, a frequent desire to make water.--_adj._ U'RIC, pertaining to, or obtained from, urine.--_ns._ URICae'MIA, lithemia; URIDR[=O]'SIS, the excretion of urea in the sweat; URINae'MIA, the contamination of the blood with urinary deposits; U'RINAL, a vessel for urine: a convenience for discharging urine.--_adjs._ U'RINANT (_her._) diving; U'RINARY, pertaining to, or like, urine.--_n._ a reservoir for keeping urine.--_v.i._ U'RINATE, to discharge urine.--_n._ URIN[=A]'TION.--_adj._ U'RIN[=A]TIVE.--_n._ U'RIN[=A]TOR, a diver.--_adjs._ URINAT[=O]'RIAL; URINIF'EROUS, conveying urine; URINIF'IC, secreting urine; URINIP'AROUS, producing urine.--_ns._ URINOL'OGY, the scientific knowledge of urine; URINOM'ETER, an instrument for weighing urine.--_adj._ URINOMET'RIC.--_n._ URINOM'ETRY.--_adj._ URINOSCOP'IC.--_n._ U'RINOSCOPY, inspection of urine.--_adjs._ U'RINOSE, U'RINOUS, relating to urine: partaking of the qualities of urine: like urine.--_ns._ U'ROCHROME, a yellow pigment of the urine; URODIAL'YSIS, a partial suppression of urine; UROGAS'TER, the urinary passages collectively.--_adjs._ UROGEN'ITAL, pertaining to the urinary and genital organs--also URINOGEN'ITAL, URINOGEN'ITARY, _Genito-urinary_; UROG'ENOUS, producing urine.--_ns._ UROLITH[=I]'ASIS, lithiasis; UROL'OGY, urinology; U'ROMANCY, divination by urine; UROPL[=A]'NIA, the abnormal presence of urine in any part of the body; UROPOI[=E]'SIS, the formation of urine.--_adj._ UROPOIET'IC.--_ns._ URORRH[=A]'GIA, excessive micturation; URORRH[=E]'A, URORRHOE'A, involuntary passage of urine.--_adj._ UROSCOP'IC (same as URINOSCOPIC).--_ns._ U'ROSC[=O]PIST, one skilled in urinoscopy; U'ROSCOPY (same as urinoscopy); UR[=O]'SIS, any disease of the urinary organs.

[Fr.,--L. _urina_; cog. with Gr. _ouron_, Sans. _v[=a]ri_, water.]

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