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UP-PLUCK, up-pluk', _v.t._ to pluck or pull up.

UP-PRICKED, up-prikt', _adj._ pricked up, erected.

UP-PROP, up-prop', _v.t._ to prop up.

UP-PUTTING, up'-poot'ing, _n._ (_Scot._) lodging and entertainment.

UPRAISE, up-r[=a]z', _v.t._ to raise or lift up.--_n._ UPRAIS'ING (_Scot._), nurture.

UPREAR, up-r[=e]r', _v.t._ to rear or raise.

UPRIDGED, up-rijd', _adj._ raised up in ridges.--_v.t._ UPRIDGE', to raise up in ridges.

UPRIGHT, up'r[=i]t, _adj._ right or straight up: in an erect position: adhering to rectitude: honest: just.--_adv._ vertically.--_advs._ UPRIGH'TEOUSLY (_obs._), in an upright or just manner; UP'RIGHTLY, in an upright manner: honestly.--_n._ UP'RIGHTNESS.

UPRISE, up-r[=i]z', _v.i._ to rise up.--_ns._ UP'RISE (_Shak._), the act of rising: appearance above the horizon; UPR[=I]'SING, the act of rising up, ascent: any strong outburst of popular excitement, insurrection: (_Shak._) an ascent, a steep UPRIST' (_Coleridge_), uprose.

UPROAR, up'r[=o]r, _n._ noise and tumult: bustle and clamour.--_v.t._ UPROAR' (_Shak._), to throw into uproar or confusion.--_v.i._ to make an uproar.--_adj._ UPROAR'IOUS, making or accompanied by great uproar.--_adv._ UPROAR'IOUSLY.--_n._ UPROAR'IOUSNESS, the state of being uproarious, noisy, or riotous. [Dut. _oproer_, from _op_, up, and _roeren_ (Ger. _ruhren_, A.S. _hreran_), to stir; the form due to confusion with _roar_.]

UPROLL, up-r[=o]l', _v.t._ to roll up.

UPROOT, up-r[=oo]t', _v.t._ to tear up by the roots.--_n._ UPROOT'AL, act of uprooting.

UPROSE, up-r[=o]z', _pa.t._ of _uprise_.

UPROUSE, up-rowz', _v.t._ to rouse up.

UPRUN, up-run', _v.t._ to run up, ascend.

UPRUSH., up-rush', _v.i._ to rush upward.--_n._ UP'RUSH, a rush upward.

UPSEE, up's[=e], _adv._ after the manner of, as 'to drink upsee Dutch'--(Scott) UP'SEES. [Dut, _op zijn Duitsch_, in the Dutch, i.e.

German, fashion.]

UPSEEK, up-s[=e]k', _v.i._ to seek upward.

UPSEND, up-send', _v.t._ to send or throw up.

UPSET, up-set', _v.t._ to turn upside down: to overthrow.--_v.i._ to be upset.--_n._ UP'SET, an overturn.--_adj._ relating to what is set up for sale, in phrase UPSET PRICE, the sum at which anything is started at a public sale.--_ns._ UPSET'MENT; UPSET'TER.--_adj._ UPSET'TING discomposing: (_Scot._) conceited, assuming.

UPSHOOT, up-sh[=oo]t', _v.t._ (_Spens._) to shoot upward.

UPSHOT, up'shot, _n._ final issue: end.

UPSIDE, up's[=i]d, _n._ the upper side.--_adv._ on the upper side.--_adv._ UP'SIDE-DOWN, with the upper part undermost: in complete confusion.--BE UPSIDES WITH (_coll._), to be even with, to be revenged upon.

UPSITTING, up'sit-ing, _n._ (_obs._) the sitting up of a woman after confinement, the feast held on such occasion.

UPSNATCH, up-snach', _v.t._ to snatch up.

UPSOAR, up-s[=o]r', _v.i._ to soar upward.

UPSPEAR, up-sp[=e]r', _v.i._ to shoot up straight like a spear.

UPSPRING, up'spring, _n._ (_Shak._) an upstart.--_v.i._ UPSPRING', to spring up, rise:--_pa.t._ upsprung'.

UPSTAIRS, up-st[=a]rz', _adv._ in or toward the upper story.--_adj._ UP'STAIRS, pertaining to an upper story or flat.--_n._ an upper story.

UPSTAND, up-stand', _v.i._ (_Milt._) to stand up:--_pa.t._ upstood'.

UPSTARE, up-st[=a]r', _v.i._ (_Spens._) to stare upward, to stand up erect.

UPSTART, up'start, _adj._ (_Milt._) suddenly raised to prominence or consequence, characteristic of such, pretentious and vulgar.--_n._ one who has suddenly risen from poverty or obscurity to wealth or power.--_v.i._ UPSTART', to start up suddenly.

UPSTAY, up-st[=a]', _v.t._ to stay, sustain, support.

UPSTREAM, up'str[=e]m, _adv._ towards the upper part of a stream.--_v.i._ UPSTREAM', to stream up.

UP-STROKE, up'-str[=o]k, _n._ an upward line made by the pen in writing.

UPSURGE, up-surj', _v.i._ to surge up.

UPSWARM, up-swawrm', _v.t._ (_Shak._) to raise in a swarm.

UPSWAY, up-sw[=a]', _v.t._ to swing up.

UPSWEEP, up-sw[=e]p', _n._ a sweeping upward.

UPSWELL, up-swel', _v.i._ to swell or surge up.

UPTAKE, up't[=a]k, _n._ the act of lifting up: (_prov._) mental apprehension: the upcast pipe from the smoke-box of a steam-boiler towards the chimney.--_v.t._ UPTAKE', to take up.

UPTEAR, up-t[=a]r', _v.t._ to tear up.

UPTHROW, up-thr[=o]', _v.t._ to throw up.--_n._ UP'THROW, an upheaval, an uplift.

UPTHRUST, up'thrust, _n._ a thrust upward, an upheaval of a mass of rock.

UPTHUNDER, up-thun'd[.e]r, _v.i._ to send up a noise like thunder.

UPTIE, up-t[=i]', _v.t._ to tie up: (_Spens._) to twist.

UPTILT, up-tilt', _v.t._ to tilt up.--_adj._ UPTILT'ED.

UPTOSS, up-tos', _v.t._ to toss up.--_adj._ UPTOSSED', tossed upward, greatly agitated.

UPTOWN, up'town, _adj._ situated in the upper part of a town.--_adv._ to or in the upper part of a town.

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