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UNTEAM, un-t[=e]m', _v.t._ to unyoke a team from.

UNTELL, un-tel', _v.t._ to recall what has been told.

UNTEMPERING, un-tem'p[.e]r-ing, _adj._ (_Shak._) not softening.--_v.t._ UNTEM'PER, to remove the temper from, to soften.--_adj._ UNTEM'PERED, not tempered: not regulated.

UNTEMPTIBLE, un-temt'i-bl, _adj._ incapable of being tempted.--_adv._ UNTEMPT'IBLY.

UNTENABLE, un-ten'a-bl, _adj._ not tenable, not defensible.--_ns._ UNTENABIL'ITY, UNTEN'ABLENESS.

UNTENANT, un-ten'ant, _v.t._ to deprive of a tenant, to evict.--_adjs._ UNTEN'ANTABLE, not fit to be tenanted or inhabited; UNTEN'ANTED, not occupied.

UNTENDER, un-ten'd[.e]r, _adj._ not tender, not affectionate.--_adv._ UNTEN'DERLY.

UNTENDERED, un-ten'd[.e]rd, _adj._ not offered.

UNTENT, un-tent', _v.t._ to bring out of a tent.--_adj._ UNTEN'TED, having no tents.

UNTENTED, un-ten'ted, _adj._ (_Scot._) uncared for.--_adj._ UNTEN'TY, careless.

UNTERMINATED, un-ter'mi-n[=a]-ted, _adj._ without termination.

UNTETHER, un-te_th_'[.e]r, _v.t._ to release from a tether.

UNTHANKFUL, un-thank'fool, _adj._ not thankful.--_v.t._ UNTHANK' (_obs._), to take back one's thanks.--_adj._ UNTHANKED', not thanked.--_adv._ UNTHANK'FULLY.--_n._ UNTHANK'FULNESS.

UNTHINK, un-thingk', _v.t._ (_Shak._) to dismiss from the mind, as a thought.--_n._ UNTHINKABIL'ITY.--_adj._ UNTHINK'ABLE, that cannot be thought.--_n._ UNTHINK'ER, one who does not think.--_adj._ UNTHINK'ING, not thinking: thoughtless.--_adv._ UNTHINK'INGLY.--_n._ UNTHINK'INGNESS.

UNTHOUGHT, un-thawt', _adj._ not thought (with of).--_n._ UNTHOUGHT'FULNESS, thoughtlessness.

UNTHREAD, un-thred', _v.t._ to take a thread from: to loosen: to find one's way through.

UNTHRIFTY, un-thrif'ti, _adj._ not thrifty: without thriftiness.--_ns._ UNTHRIFT', UNTHRIF'TINESS--(_Spens._) UNTHRIF'TIHEAD.--_adv._ UNTHRIF'TILY.

UNTHRONE, un-thr[=o]n', _v.t._ to dethrone.

UNTIDY, un-t[=i]'di, _adj._ not tidy or neat.--_adv._ UNT[=I]'DILY.--_n._ UNT[=I]'DINESS.

UNTIE, un-t[=i]', _v.t._ to loose from being tied: to unbind: to loosen.--_adj._ UNTIED'.

UNTIL, un-til', _prep._ till: to: as far as (used mostly with respect to time).--_adv._ till: up to the time that.

UNTILE, un-t[=i]l', _v.t._ to take the tiles from.

UNTILLED, un-tild', _adj._ not tilled.--_adj._ UNTILL'ABLE, incapable of being tilled.

UNTIMBERED, un-tim'b[.e]rd, _adj._ not provided with timber.

UNTIMELY, un-t[=i]m'li, _adj._ not timely: before the time, premature: unseasonable, ill-timed.--_adv._ (_Shak._) before the time: prematurely, unseasonably.--_n._ UNTIME'LINESS.--_adj._ UNTIME'OUS, untimely, unseasonable.--_adv._ UNTIME'OUSLY.

UNTIN, un-tin', _v.t._ to take the tin from.

UNTINCTURED, un-tingk't[=u]rd, _adj._ not tinctured.

UNTINGED, un-tinjd', _adj._ not tinged, not infected.

UNTIRING, un-t[=i]r'ing, _adj._ unwearied.--_adjs._ UNTIR'ABLE, incapable of being wearied; UNTIRED', not tired.--_adv._ UNTIR'INGLY.

UNTITLED, un-t[=i]'tld, _adj._ having no title.

UNTO, un't[=oo], _prep._ to.

UNTOILING, un-toi'ling, _adj._ without toil.

UNTOLD, un-t[=o]ld', _adj._ not told or related: not counted or capable of being counted.

UNTOMB, un-t[=oo]m', _v.t._ to take out of the tomb.

UNTONGUE, un-tung', _v.t._ (_obs._) to silence.

UNTOOTH, un-t[=oo]th', _v.t._ to deprive of teeth.--_adj._ UNTOOTH'SOME, unpalatable.--_n._ UNTOOTH'SOMENESS.

UNTORMENTED, un-tor-men'ted, _adj._ not tormented.

UNTORN, un-torn', _adj._ not torn.

UNTOUCHED, un-tucht', _adj._ not touched, not mentioned, not moved or affected emotionally.--_adj._ UNTOUCH'ABLE, incapable of being touched.

UNTOWARD, un-t[=o]'ard, _adj._ not easily guided: froward: awkward: inconvenient--also UNT[=O]'WARDLY.--_n._ UNT[=O]'WARDLINESS.--_adv._ UNT[=O]'WARDLY.--_n._ UNT[=O]'WARDNESS.

UNTOWERED, un-tow'[.e]rd, _adj._ not having towers.

UNTRACE, un-tr[=a]s', _v.t._ to loose from traces.

UNTRACED, un-tr[=a]sd', _adj._ not traced or tracked.--_adj._ UNTRACE'ABLE, that cannot be traced.

UNTRACKED, un-trakt', _adj._ not tracked.

UNTRACTABLE, un-trak'ta-bl, _adj._ not tractable, difficult, rough.--_ns._ UNTRACTABIL'ITY, UNTRAC'TABLENESS.--_adv._ UNTRAC'TABLY.

UNTRADED, un-tr[=a]'ded, _adj._ (_Shak._) unused, uncommon, inexperienced.--_adj._ UNTR[=A]'DING, not accustomed.

UNTRAINED, un-tr[=a]nd', _adj._ not trained or disciplined.

UNTRAMMELLED, un-tram'eld, _adj._ not trammelled.

UNTRAMPLED, un-tramp'ld, _adj._ not trod upon.

UNTRANSFERABLE, un-trans-fer'a-bl, _adj._ that cannot be transferred.

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