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UNSIZED, un-s[=i]zd', _adj._ not sized or stiffened.

UNSKILFUL, un-skil'fool, _adj._ not skilful: wanting skill or experience: awkward.--_adv._ UNSKIL'FULLY, in an unskilful or awkward manner.--_n._ UNSKIL'FULNESS, want of skill or experience: awkwardness.--_adj._ UNSKILLED', without special skill, untrained, unacquainted with.

UNSLAIN, un-sl[=a]n', _adj._ not slain.

UNSLAKED, un-sl[=a]kt', _adj._ not slaked.

UNSLEEPING, un-sl[=e]'ping; _adj._ not sleeping.

UNSLING, un-sling', _v.t._ to release from slings, to take the slings off.

UNSLIPPING, un-slip'ing, _adj._ not slipping.

UNSLUICE, un-sl[=oo]s', _v.t._ to open the sluice of.

UNSLUMBERING, un-slum'b[.e]r-ing, _adj._ not slumbering.--_adj._ UNSLUM'BROUS, not slumbrous.

UMSMIRCHED, un-smircht', _adj._ not smirched or stained, clean.

UNSMITTEN, un-smit'n, _adj._ not smitten.

UNSMOOTH, un-sm[=oo]th', _adj._ not smooth, rough.

UNSMOTE, un-sm[=o]t', _adj._ unsmitten.

UNSMOTHERABLE, un-smuth'[.e]r-a-bl, _adj._ unable to be smothered.

UNSNARE, un-sn[=a]r', _v.t._ to set free from a snare.

UNSNARL, un-snarl', _v.t._ to disentangle.

UNSNECK, un-snek', _v.t._ to draw the sneck or bar of a door.

UNSOAPED, un-s[=o]pt', _adj._ not soaped, unwashed.

UNSOCIABLE, un-s[=o]'sha-bl, _adj._ not sociable or inclined to society: reserved.--_ns._ UNSOCIABIL'ITY; UNS[=O]'CIABLENESS.--_adv._ UNS[=O]'CIABLY.--_adj._ UNS[=O]'CIAL, not social.--_ns._ UNS[=O]'CIALISM, UNSOCIAL'ITY.

UNSOFT, un-soft', _adv._ (_Spens._) not softly.

UNSOLDER, un-sod'[.e]r, _v.t._ to separate, as what has been soldered, to sunder.

UNSOLDIERLIKE, un-s[=o]l'j[.e]r-l[=i]k, _adj._ not characteristic of or becoming a soldier.

UNSOLEMN, un-sol'em, _adj._ not solemn, sacred, or formal.--_v.t._ UNSOL'EMNISE, to strip of solemnity.

UNSOLICITED, un-s[=o]-lis'it-ed, _adj._ not solicited.--_adj._ UNSOLIC'ITOUS, not solicitous.

UNSOLID, un-sol'id, _adj._ not solid, not sound, empty.--_n._ UNSOLID'ITY.

UNSOLVED, un-solvd', _adj._ not solved.

UNSON, un-sun', _v.t._ to make unworthy of sonship.

UNSONSIE, UNSONCIE, un-son'si, _adj._ (_Scot._) unlucky.

UNSOOT, un-s[=oo]t', _adj._ (_Spens._) unsweet.

UNSOPHISTICATED, un-s[=o]-fis'ti-k[=a]-ted, _adj._ genuine, unadulterated: free from artificiality, simple, inexperienced--also UNSOPHIS'TICATE.--_ns._ UNSOPHIS'TICATEDNESS; UNSOPHISTIC[=A]'TION.

UNSORROWED, un-sor'[=o]d, _adj._ not sorrowed or regretted.

UNSORTED, un-sor'ted, _adj._ not sorted or arranged: ill-chosen.

UNSOUGHT, un-sawt', _adj._ not sought or solicited.

UNSOUL, un-s[=o]l', _v.t._ to deprive of soul or spirit.

UNSOUND, un-sownd', _adj._ not sound or perfect: not honest: erroneous: defective: (_Spens._) not substantial, not to be depended upon.--_adv._ UNSOUND'LY.--_n._ UNSOUND'NESS.

UNSOUNDABLE, un-sown'da-bl, _adj._ that cannot be sounded or fathomed.

UNSPAR, un-spar', _v.t._ to take the spars or bars from.

UNSPARING, un-sp[=a]r'ing, _adj._ not sparing, liberal, profuse: unmerciful.--_adj._ UNSPARED', not spared: not saved from ruin.--_adv._ UNSPAR'INGLY.--_n._ UNSPAR'INGNESS.

UNSPATIAL, un-sp[=a]'shal, _adj._ not extending into space.--_n._ UNSPATIAL'ITY.

UNSPEAKABLE, un-sp[=e]'ka-bl, _adj._ incapable of being spoken, uttered, or described.--_v.t._ UNSPEAK' (_Shak._), to retract, as what has been spoken.--_adv._ UNSPEA'KABLY, in an unspeakable or inexpressible manner.--_adj._ UNSPEA'KING, not being able to speak.

UNSPECIALISED, un-spesh'a-l[=i]zd, _adj._ not specialised in the biological sense: generalised.

UNSPECIFIED, un-spes'i-f[=i]d, _adj._ not specified.

UNSPED, un-sped', _adj._ not performed.

UNSPEEDY, un-sp[=e]'di, _adj._ not speedy.

UNSPELL, un-spel', _v.t._ to free from the power of a spell.

UNSPENT, un-spent', _adj._ not spent or exhausted: not having lost its force of motion.

UNSPHERE, un-sf[=e]r', _v.t._ to take out of its sphere.

UNSPIED, un-sp[=i]d', _adj._ (_Spens._) not spied, unseen.

UNSPIKE, un-sp[=i]k', _v.t._ to remove a spike from.

UNSPILT, un-spilt', _adj._ not spilt or shed.--Also UNSPILLED'.

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