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UNLEAVENED, un-lev'nd, _adj._ not leavened.

UNLECTURED, un-lek't[=u]rd, _adj._ not taught in lectures, not subjected to instruction or admonition in lectures.

UNLED, un-led', _adj._ not led, without guidance.

UNLEISURED, un-l[=e]'zh[=oo]rd, _adj._ not having leisure.--_n._ UNLEI'SUREDNESS.

UNLESS, un-les', _conj._ at or for less: if not: supposing that not: save, except. [Formerly _on les_, _on lesse_, in phrase _on lesse that_, in less than.]

UNLESSONED, un-les'nd, _adj._ not instructed, not taught.

UNLETTERED, un-let'[.e]rd, _adj._ unlearned, illiterate.--_n._ UNLETT'EREDNESS.

UNLEVEL, un-lev'l, _adj._ not level, uneven.--_v.t._ to make uneven.

UNLICENSED, un-l[=i]'senst, _adj._ having no license, done without a license.

UNLICH, un-lik', _adj._ (_Spens._) unlike.

UNLICKED, un-likt', _adj._ not licked into shape, shapeless, not smooth--from the old notion that the she-bear licks her cubs into shape, hence ungainly, awkward.

UNLIKE, un-l[=i]k', _adj._ not like or similar: having no resemblance.--_adv._ in another manner to.--_ns._ UNLIKE'LIHOOD, UNLIKE'LINESS, improbability.--_adj._ UNLIKE'LY, not likely: improbable: likely to fail.--_adv._ in an unlikely manner, improbably.--_n._ UNLIKE'NESS, want of resemblance.

UNLIMBER, un-lim'b[.e]r, _v.t._ to remove the limbers from, to take off the limbers of.--_v.i._ to detach the limbers from the guns.

UNLIMBER, un-lim'b[.e]r, _adj._ (_obs._) not flexible.

UNLIME, un-l[=i]m', _v.t._ to remove the lime from.

UNLIMITED, un-lim'i-ted, _adj._ not limited, bounded, defined, or restrained.--_adj._ UNLIM'ITABLE (_obs._), illimitable.--_adv._ UNLIM'ITEDLY.--_n._ UNLIM'ITEDNESS.

UNLINE, un-l[=i]n', _v.t._ to remove the lining from, to empty.

UNLINEAL, un-lin'[=e]-al, _adj._ not lineal.

UNLINK, un-lingk', _v.t._ to separate the links of, to untwist.--_adj._ UNLINKED', not joined by links.

UNLIQUEFIED, un-lik'w[=e]-f[=i]d, _adj._ unmelted.

UNLIQUIDATED, un-lik'wi-d[=a]-ted, _adj._ not determined, settled, or adjusted.

UNLIQUORED, un-lik'urd, _adj._ not moistened with liquor: not in liquor, sober.

UNLISTENING, un-lis'ning, _adj._ not listening or giving heed to.

UNLITURGISE, un-lit'ur-j[=i]z, _v.t._ to deprive of a liturgy.

UNLIVE, un-liv', _v.t._ to undo by living: (_obs._) to deprive of life.--_adj._ UNLIVED' (_Shak._), bereft of life.--_n._ UNL[=I]VE'LINESS, want of liveliness.

UNLOAD, un-l[=o]d', _v.t._ to take the load from: to discharge: to disburden: (_U.S. slang_) to sell in great quantity, as risky stock, &c.--_v.i._ to discharge freight.--_ns._ UNLOAD'ER; UNLOAD'ING.

UNLOCATED, un-l[=o]-k[=a]'ted, _adj._ not located: (_U.S._) not surveyed or marked off.

UNLOCK, un-lok', _v.t._ to unfasten what is locked: to open.

UNLODGE, un-loj', _v.t._ to dislodge.

UNLOGICAL, un-loj'i-kal, _adj._ illogical.

UNLOOKED, un-l[=oo]kt', _adj._ not anticipated (generally with _for_).

UNLOOSE, un-l[=oo]s', _v.t._ to make loose: to set free.--_v.t._ UNLOOS'EN, to unloose.

UNLORD, un-lord', _v.t._ to strip of the dignity of a lord.--_adjs._ UNLORD'ED, not raised to the rank of lord; UNLORD'LY, not lordly.

UNLOSABLE, un-l[=oo]'za-bl, _adj._ that cannot be lost.--_adj._ UNLOST', not lost.

UNLOVE, un-luv', _v.t._ to cease to love.--_n._ the absence of love.--_adjs._ UNLOV'ABLE, not deserving to be loved, unlikely to be loved; UNLOVED', not loved.--_n._ UNLOVE'LINESS, want of loveliness, amiability, or beauty.--_adjs._ UNLOVE'LY, not lovely; UNLOV'ING, not loving.--_adv._ UNLOV'INGLY.--_n._ UNLOV'INGNESS.

UNLUCKY, un-luk'i, _adj._ not lucky or fortunate: ill-omened.--_adv._ UNLUCK'ILY, in an unlucky or unfortunate manner.--_n._ UNLUCK'INESS, the state or quality of being unlucky or unfortunate.

UNLUSTROUS, un-lus'trus, _adj._ not lustrous.

UNLUTE, un-l[=oo]t', _v.t._ to separate the lute or clay from.

UNMAGISTRATE, un-maj'is-tr[=a]t, _v.t._ to degrade from the position of magistrate.

UNMAIDENLY, un-m[=a]'dn-li, _adj._ unbecoming a maiden.--_v.t._ UNMAID'EN, to deflower.

UNMAILABLE, un-m[=a]'la-bl, _adj._ incapable of being mailed or sent to its proper destination by post.

UNMAIMED, un-m[=a]md', _adj._ not maimed, entire.

UNMAKE, un-m[=a]k', _v.t._ to destroy the make or form and qualities of.--_adjs._ UNMADE', not made: reduced to its original form; UNM[=A]'KABLE, that cannot be made.--_n._ UNM[=A]'KING, act of destroying.--UNMADE UP, not worked up into form.

UNMALLEABLE, un-mal'[=e]-a-bl, _adj._ that cannot be hammered, stubborn, unyielding.--_n._ UNMALLEABIL'ITY.

UNMAN, un-man', _v.t._ to deprive of the powers of a man, as courage, virility, &c.: to deprive of men.--_adj._ UNMAN'LIKE, not manlike.--_n._ UNMAN'LINESS, effeminacy.--_adjs._ UNMAN'LY, not becoming a man: unworthy of a noble mind: base: cowardly; UNMANNED', not manned or furnished with men: (_Shak._) not tamed or made subject to man, maiden, virgin.

UNMANACLE, un-man'a-kl, _adj._ to release from manacles, to set free.

UNMANAGEABLE, un-man'[=a]j-a-bl, _adj._ not manageable, not easily controlled or directed.--_n._ UNMAN'AGEABLENESS.--_adv._ UNMAN'AGEABLY.--_adj._ UNMAN'AGED, not controlled: not broken in.

UNMANNERLY, un-man'[.e]r-li, _adj._ not mannerly: ill-bred.--_adv._ in an unmannerly manner.--_adj._ UNMANN'ERED, wanting in good manners: uncivil: rude.--_n._ UNMANN'ERLINESS, state or quality of being unmannerly: want of good manners: rudeness.

UNMANTLE, un-man'tl, _v.t._ to divest of a mantle.

UNMANUFACTURED, un-man-[=u]-fak't[=u]rd, _adj._ not manufactured or worked up from its natural state: not simulated or put on.

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