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UNIMPORTANCE, un-im-p[=o]r'tans, _n._ want of importance.--_adj._ UNIMPOR'TANT, not important, trivial.

UNIMPOSED, un-im-p[=o]zd', _adj._ not imposed or exacted.--_adj._ UNIMP[=O]'SING, not imposing or commanding respect: voluntary.

UNIMPRESSIBLE, un-im-pres'i-bl, _adj._ not capable of being impressed, not readily impressed.--_n._ UNIMPRESSIBIL'ITY.

UNIMPRISON, un-im-priz'n, _v.t._ to set free from prison.

UNIMPROVED, un-im-pr[=oo]vd', _adj._ not improved, made better, or cultivated, cleared, or built upon: not used, unemployed, inactive.

UNIMPUGNABLE, un-im-p[=u]'na-bl, _adj._ that cannot be impugned.

UNINCENSED, un-in-senst', _adj._ not incensed or provoked.

UNINCIDENTAL, un-in-si-den'tal, _adj._ unmarked by incidents, uneventful.

UNINCLOSED, un-in-kl[=o]zd', UNENCLOSED, un-en-, _adj._ not inclosed.

UNINCORPORATED, un-in-kor'p[=o]-r[=a]-ted, _adj._ not incorporated.

UNINDENTED, un-in-den'ted, _adj._ not indented.

UNINDIVIDUALISED, un-in-di-vid'[=u]-al-[=i]zd, _adj._ not separated into individual parts--of certain eruptive rocks.

UNINFLAMMABLE, un-in-flam'a-bl, _adj._ incapable of being set on fire.--_n._ UNINFLAMMABIL'ITY.

UNINFLUENCED, un-in'fl[=oo]-enst, _adj._ not subject to, or acted upon by, influence: not biassed or prejudiced.

UNINFORMED, un-in-formd', _adj._ not having received information, untaught: not imbued with life or activity.

UNINGENIOUS, un-in-j[=e]'ni-us, _adj._ not ingenious, stupid.

UNINGENUOUS, un-in-jen'[=u]-us, _adj._ not ingenuous, disingenuous.--_n._ UNINGEN'UOUSNESS.

UNINHABITABLE, un-in-hab'i-ta-bl, _adj._ not inhabitable.--_ns._ UNINHABITABIL'ITY, UNINHAB'ITABLENESS.--_adj._ UNINHAB'ITED, not inhabited.

UNINJURED, un-in'j[=oo]rd, _adj._ not injured.

UNINOMINAL, [=u]-ni-nom'i-nal, _adj._ consisting of a single word or term in a scientific nomenclature.--Also UNIN[=O]'MIAL.

UNINQUISITIVE, un-in-kwiz'i-tiv, _adj._ not inquisitive or curious.

UNINSCRIBED, un-in-skr[=i]bd', _adj._ without inscription.

UNINSPIRED, un-in-sp[=i]rd', _adj._ not inspired.

UNINSTRUCTED, un-in-struk'ted, _adj._ not instructed or taught.--_adj._ UNINSTRUC'TIVE, not serving to instruct.--_adv._ UNINSTRUC'TIVELY.

UNINTEGRATED, un-in't[=e]-gr[=a]-ted, _adj._ not integrated.

UNINTELLIGENT, un-in-tel'i-jent, _adj._ not intelligent.--_n._ UNINTELL'IGENCE.--_adv._ UNINTELL'IGENTLY.--_n._ UNINTELLIGIBIL'ITY.--_adj._ UNINTELL'IGIBLE, not capable of being understood.--_n._ UNINTELL'IGIBLENESS.--_adv._ UNINTELL'IGIBLY.

UNINTENTIONAL, un-in-ten'shun-al, _adj._ done or happening without intention or design, involuntary.--_n._ UNINTENTIONAL'ITY.--_adv._ UNINTEN'TIONALLY.

UNINTERESTED, un-in't[.e]r-es-ted, _adj._ not interested or personally concerned in, not engaging the attention of.--_adj._ UNIN'TERESTING, not interesting.--_adv._ UNIN'TERESTINGLY.--_n._ UNIN'TERESTINGNESS.

UNINTERMITTED, un-in-t[.e]r-mit'ed, _adj._ not intermitted or interrupted.--_adv._ UNINTERMITT'EDLY.--_adj._ UNINTERMITT'ING, not intermitting.--_adv._ UNINTERMITT'INGLY.

UNINTERPRETABLE, un-in-t[.e]r'pre-ta-bl, _adj._ incapable of being interpreted.

UNINTERRUPTED, un-in-t[.e]r-rup'ted, _adj._ not interrupted, incessant.--_adv._ UNINTERRUP'TEDLY.

UNINTRODUCED, un-in-tr[=o]-d[=u]st', _adj._ not introduced.

UNINUCLEAR, [=u]-ni-n[=u]'kl[=e]-ar, _adj._ with a single nucleus.--Also UNIN[=U]'CLEATE.

UNINVENTED, un-in-ven'ted, _adj._ not invented.--_adj._ UNINVEN'TIVE, not inventive or apt at inventing.--_adv._ UNINVEN'TIVELY.

UNINVITE, un-in-v[=i]t', _v.t._ to cancel the invitation of.

UNIOLA, [=u]-n[=i]'[=o]-la, _n._ a genus of perennial American grasses with creeping root-stocks, broad leaves, and large compressed spikelets in an open or spiked panicle--_Spike-grass_, _Union-grass_, _Seaside oat_.

UNION, [=u]n'yun, _n._ a uniting: that which is united or made one: something formed by the combination of parts or individual things or persons: concord: harmony in colour: agreement between parts: the state of wedlock: a device emblematic of union borne in the canton of a flag, the canton used separately as a flag, the union-jack: a combination as among workmen for class protection: several parishes united for joint support and management of their poor, also the workhouse for such: (_pl._) textile fabrics made up of more than one kind of fibre, as of wool and cotton.--_adj._ [=U]N'IONED, showing evidence of [=U]NION'IDae, a family of lamellibranchiate molluscs represented in Britain by two genera, [=U]'NIO and _Anodonta_.--_ns._ [=U]NIONIST, one who advocates or supports union, esp. an upholder of the Union and opponent of secession before the American Civil War, also one opposed to granting Home Rule to Ireland, whether a natural Conservative or one of the Liberals who fell away from Mr Gladstone on this question in 1886; [=U]NION-JACK, the national flag adopted by Great Britain and Ireland, consisting of a union of the crosses of St GEORGE, St ANDREW, and St PATRICK.--THE UNION, the legislative incorporation of England and Scotland in 1707, or of Ireland with both in 1801. [Fr. _union_--L. _unio_, _-onis_--_unus_, one.]

UNIPAROUS, [=u]-nip'a-rus, _adj._ producing one at a birth: (_bot._) having but one axis or stem. [L. _unus_, one, _par[)e]re_, to bring forth.]

UNIPARTITE, [=u]-ni-par't[=i]t, _adj._ not divided into parts.

UNIPED, [=u]'ni-ped, _adj._ having only one foot.--_n._ one having but one foot.

UNIPELTATE, [=u]-ni-pel't[=a]t, _adj._ with a carapace of one piece, as a crustacean.--_n._ one of the UNIPELT[=A]'TA, the adult _Squillidae_, as a division of stomatopods.

UNIPERSONAL, [=u]-ni-p[.e]r'son-al, _adj._ existing as only one person: (_gram._) used in only one person.--_ns._ UNIPER'SONALIST; UNIPERSONAL'ITY.

UNIPETALOUS, [=u]-ni-pet'a-lus, _adj._ having but one petal.

UNIPHONOUS, [=u]'ni-f[=o]-nus, _adj._ giving out only one sound.

UNIPLANAR, [=u]-ni-pl[=a]'nar, _adj._ lying in one plane.

UNIPLICATE, [=u]-nip'li-k[=a]t, _adj._ once folded.

UNIPOLAR, [=u]-ni-p[=o]'lar, _adj._ (_elect._) showing only one kind of polarity: (_biol._) having one process only.--_n._ UNIPOLAR'ITY.

UNIQUE, [=u]-n[=e]k', _adj._ single or alone in any quality: without a like or equal.--_adv._ UNIQUE'LY.--_ns._ UNIQUE'NESS; UNIQ'UITY. [Fr.,--L.


UNIRADIATE, -D, [=u]'ni-r[=a]'di-[=a]t, -ed, _adj._ having only one ray.

UNIRAMOUS, [=u]-ni-r[=a]'mus, _adj._ one-branched.

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