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UNHARDENED, un-har'dnd, _adj._ not hardened.

UNHARDY, un-har'di, _adj._ not hardy or capable of enduring hardship, not resolute.

UNHARMED, un-harmd', _adj._ not harmed.--_adj._ UNHARM'FUL, harmless.--_adv._ UNHARM'FULLY.

UNHARMONIOUS, un-har-m[=o]'ni-us, _adj._ inharmonious.

UNHARNESS, un-har'nes, _v.t._ to take the harness off: to disarm.

UNHASP, un-hasp', _v.t._ to loose from a hasp.

UNHASTY, un-h[=a]s'ti, _adj._ (_Spens._) not hasty, slow.

UNHAT, un-hat', _v.t._ to remove the hat from.--_v.i._ to take off the hat from respect.--_n._ UNHAT'TING.

UNHATCHED, un-hacht', _adj._ not hatched, undisclosed.

UNHAUNTED, un-hawn'ted, _adj._ not haunted, unvisited.

UNHAZARDED, un-haz'ar-ded, _adj._ not exposed to any risk.--_adj._ UNHAZ'ARDOUS, not hazardous or risky.

UNHEAD, un-hed', _v.t._ to take the head from.


UNHEALTHY, un-hel'thi, _adj._ not healthy: wanting health or soundness of body: unfavourable to health: not indicating health.--_n._ UNHEALTH', unhealthiness.--_adj._ UNHEALTH'FUL.--_adv._ UNHEALTH'FULLY.--_n._ UNHEALTH'FULNESS.--_adv._ UNHEAL'THILY.--_n._ UNHEAL'THINESS, state or quality of being unhealthy or unfavourable to health: unsoundness.

UNHEARD, un-herd', _adj._ not heard: not granted a hearing: not known, obscure (often with _of_).

UNHEART, un-hart', _v.t._ (_Shak._) to discourage.

UNHEAVENLY, un-hev'n-li, _adj._ not heavenly.

UNHEDGED, un-hejd', _adj._ not hedged.

UNHEEDED, un-h[=e]'ded, _adj._ not heeded, unnoticed.--_adv._ UNHEED'EDLY.--_adj._ UNHEED'FUL, not heedful, rash.--_advs._ UNHEED'FULLY, UNHEED'ILY (_Spens._).--_adj._ UNHEED'ING, heedless, careless.--_adv._ UNHEED'INGLY.--_adj._ UNHEED'Y, careless: precipitate.

UNHEIRED, un-[=a]rd', _adj._ without an heir.

UNHELE, UNHEAL, un-h[=e]l', _v.t._ (_Spens._) to uncover.

UNHELM, un-helm', _v.t._ to deprive of a helmet.

UNHEPPEN, un-hep'en, _adj._ (_prov._) clumsy.

UNHEROISM, un-her'[=o]-izm, _n._ unheroic conduct.--_adj._ UNHER[=O]'IC.

UNHESITATING, un-hez'i-t[=a]-ting, _adj._ not hesitating or doubting: prompt: ready.--_adv._ UNHES'ITATINGLY, without hesitation.

UNHINGE, un-hinj', _v.t._ to take from the hinges: to render unstable, to unsettle: to deprive of support.--_n._ UNHINGE'MENT.

UNHIRED, un-h[=i]rd', _adj._ not hired.

UNHISTORIC, -AL, un-his-tor'ik, -al, _adj._ not historic, not mentioned in history: not in accordance with history.

UNHITCH, un-hich', _v.t._ to unfasten.

UNHIVE, un-h[=i]v', _v.t._ to drive from a hive or from any shelter.

UNHOARD, un-h[=o]rd', _v.t._ to dissipate what has been hoarded up.

UNHOLD, un-h[=o]ld', _v.t._ to let go the hold of.

UNHOLY, un-h[=o]'li, _adj._ not sacred or hallowed, wicked, sinful.--_adv._ UNH[=O]'LILY.--_n._ UNH[=O]'LINESS.

UNHOMOGENEOUS, un-h[=o]-m[=o]-j[=e]'n[=e]-us, _adj._ not homogeneous.--_n._ UNHOMOG[=E]'NEOUSNESS.

UNHONEST, un-on'est, _adj._ (_obs._) dishonest, unchaste.--_n._ UNHON'ESTY.

UNHONOURED, un-on'urd, _adj._ not honoured.

UNHOODED, un-hood'ed, _adj._ not having a hood.

UNHOOK, un-hook', _v.t._ to loose from a hook.

UNHOOP, un-h[=oo]p', _v.t._ to remove the hoops of, as a barrel: to remove the stiff hoops of, as a woman.

UNHOPED, un-h[=o]pt', _adj._ not hoped for or expected.--_adj._ UNHOPE'FUL.--_adv._ UNHOPE'FULLY.

UNHORSE, un-hors', _v.t._ to cause to come off or to throw from a horse.

UNHOSPITABLE, un-hos'pi-ta-bl, _adj._ inhospitable.

UNHOSTILE, un-hos'til, _adj._ not hostile: not caused by an enemy.

UNHOUSE, un-howz', _v.t._ to deprive of or drive from a house or shelter.--_adj._ UNHOUSED', unsheltered, deprived of shelter.

UNHOUSELED, un-howz'ld, _adj._ (_Shak._) not having received the sacrament.

UNHUMAN, un-h[=u]'man, _adj._ not having the qualities of a human being.--_v.t._ UNH[=U]'MANISE.

UNHUNG, un-hung', _adj._ Same as UNHANGED.

UNHURT, un-hurt', _adj._ not hurt.--_adj._ UNHURT'FUL.--_adv._ UNHURT'FULLY.--_n._ UNHURT'FULNESS.

UNHUSBANDED, un-huz'ban-ded, _adj._ unprovided with a husband: widowed.

UNHUSK, un-husk', _v.t._ to strip the husk from.

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