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UNGENUINE, un-jen'[=u]-in, _adj._ not genuine.--_n._ UNGEN'UINENESS.

UNGET, un-get', _v.t._ to treat one as if he had not been begotten, to disinherit.

UNGIFTED, un-gif'ted, _adj._ not gifted, not having received a gift.

UNGILD, un-gild', _v.t._ to deprive of gilding.--_adjs._ UNGIL'DED, UNGILT', not gilt.--_n._ UNGIL'DING, the act of taking off gilding or any decoration.

UNGILL, un-gil', _v.t._ to remove from a gill-net, as fish.

UNGIRD, un-g[.e]rd', _v.t._ to free from a girdle or band: to unbind.

UNGIVING, un-giv'ing, _adj._ not bringing gifts.

UNGLADDEN, un-glad'n, _v.t._ to take the gladness from.

UNGLAZE, un-gl[=a]z', _v.t._ to take the glass from.--_adj._ UNGLAZED', not provided with glass: not coated over with a vitreous substance, as earthenware.

UNGLOOMED, un-gl[=oo]md', _adj._ not darkened over.

UNGLORIFIED, un-gl[=o]'ri-f[=i]d, _adj._ not glorified or honoured.--_v.t._ UNGL[=O]'RIFY, to deprive of glory.--_adj._ UNGL[=O]'RIOUS, inglorious.

UNGLOVE, un-gluv', _v.t._ to take the glove from.

UNGLUE, un-gl[=oo]', _v.t._ to separate anything glued, cemented, or fixed in any way.

UNGLUTTED, un-glut'ed, _adj._ not glutted or satiated.

UNGODLY, un-god'li, _adj._ not godly, neglecting God: sinful, polluted by sin: (_slang_) outrageous, vexatious.--_v.t._ UNGOD', to divest of divinity: to make godless.--_adv._ UNGOD'LILY, in an ungodly manner.--_n._ UNGOD'LINESS, the quality of being ungodly: disregard of God and His commands: wickedness: an act of disobedience or irreverence.

UNGORED, un-g[=o]rd', _adj._ not stained with gore.

UNGORED, un-g[=o]rd', _adj._ not gored or wounded.

UNGORGED, un-gorjd', _adj._ not gorged or sated.

UNGORGEOUS, un-gor'jus, _adj._ not gorgeous or splendid.

UNGOTTEN, un-got'n, _adj._ not gained--also UNGOT': (_Shak._) not begotten.

UNGOVERNABLE, un-guv'[.e]r-na-bl, _adj._ that cannot be governed, refractory, unruly.--_n._ UNGOV'ERNABLENESS.--_adv._ UNGOV'ERNABLY.--_adj._ UNGOV'ERNED, without government: unbridled.

UNGOWN, un-gown', _v.t._ to degrade from the position of priest.

UNGRACIOUS, un-gr[=a]'shus, _adj._ without graciousness of manner, rude: (_obs._) wicked, hateful.--_adjs._ UNGRACED', not graced or honoured; UNGRACE'FUL, not graceful.--_adv._ UNGRACE'FULLY.--_n._ UNGRACE'FULNESS.--_adv._ UNGR[=A]'CIOUSLY.--_n._ UNGR[=A]'CIOUSNESS.

UNGRAMMATICAL, un-gra-mat'i-kal, _adj._ not according to the rules of grammar.--_adv._ UNGRAMMAT'ICALLY.

UNGRATEFUL, un-gr[=a]t'f[=oo]l, _adj._ not feeling or manifesting gratitude: disagreeable, irksome: not repaying one's labour, thankless.--_n._ UNGRATE', an ungrateful person.--_adj._ ungrateful.--_adv._ UNGRATE'FULLY.--_n._ UNGRATE'FULNESS.

UNGRATIFIED, un-grat'i-f[=i]d, _adj._ not gratified.

UNGROUNDED, un-grown'ded, _adj._ without ground or basis, unreal, false.--_adv._ UNGROUN'DEDLY.--_n._ UNGROUN'DEDNESS.

UNGRUDGING, un-gruj'ing, _adj._ not grudging, liberal.--_adj._ UNGRUDGED'.--_adv._ UNGRUDG'INGLY.

UNGUAL, ung'gwal, _adj._ relating to, like, or having a nail, claw, or hoof.--_adj._ UNG'UICAL.--_n._ UNG'UICORN, the horny nail at the tip of a bird's mandible.--_adj._ UNGUIC'[=U]LAR, relating to a nail or UNGUIC[=U]L[=A]'TA, a superordinal division of mammals with claws.--_adjs._ UNGUIC'[=U]LATE, -D, having claws: furnished with a claw or narrow base, as the petal in some flowers.--_n._ UNGUIC'[=U]LUS, a diminutive claw or similar appendage at the end of an insect's foot.--_adjs._ UNGUIF'EROUS, bearing an unguis of one kind or other; UNG'UIFORM, shaped like a claw; UNG'UINAL, pertaining to the unguis or nail; UNGUIROS'TRAL, with a nail at the end of the bill.--_ns._ UNG'UIS, a nail, claw, hoof, or any structure resembling such: the narrow part of the base of a petal, acting as a footstalk: a measure equal to the length of the nail of the little finger, -inch; UNGULA (ung'g[=u]-la), a surgical instrument for use in removing a dead foetus: a hoof-shaped section of a cylinder, cone, or other solid of revolution, cut off by a plane oblique to the base.--_adj._ UNGULAR (ung'g[=u]-lar), like an ungula, UNGULATA (ung-g[=u]-l[=a]'ta), an order of mammals, including (1) the _Artiodactyla_ (with an even number of toes)--e.g. pig, hippopotamus, peccary, camel, and ruminants like cattle, sheep, and deer; (2) the _Perissodactyla_ (with an odd number of toes)--e.g. tapir, rhinoceros, and horse.--_adj._ UNGULATE (ung'g[=u]-l[=a]t), hoof-shaped: hoofed, having the digits enclosed in hoofs. [L. _unguis_, a nail.]

UNGUARDED, un-gar'ded, _adj._ without guard or protection: careless.--_adv._ UNGUAR'DEDLY.--_n._ UNGUAR'DEDNESS.

UNGUENT, ung'gwent, _n._ ointment.--_n._ UNGUENT[=A]'RIUM, a vessel for holding unguents.--_adjs._ UNG'UENTARY, pertaining to unguents; UNGUEN'TOUS, of the nature of an unguent; UNG'UINOUS, oily, unctuous. [L.

_unguentum_--_ungu[)e]re_, to anoint.]

UNGUESSED, un-gest', _adj._ not guessed at or suspected.

UNGUIDED, un-g[=i]'ded, _adj._ not guided.--_adj._ UNGUID'ABLE, incapable of being guided.--_adv._ UNGUID'ABLY.

UNGUILTY, un-gil'ti, _adj._ (_Spens._) not conscious of guilt.--_adv._ UNGUIL'TILY.--_n._ UNGUIL'TINESS.

UNGUM, un-gum', _v.t._ to remove gum from.

UNGYVE, un-j[=i]v', _v.t._ to free from handcuffs, &c.

UNHABITABLE, un-hab'i-ta-bl, _adj._ uninhabitable.

UNHABLE, un-h[=a]'bl, _adj._ (_Spens._) not able, incapable.

UNHACKED, un-hakt', _adj._ not hacked.

UNHACKNEYED, un-hak'nid, _adj._ not hackneyed, stale, or trite.

UNHAIR, un-h[=a]r', _v.t._ to deprive of hair.--_v.i._ to become free from hair.

UNHALLOWED, un-hal'[=o]d, _adj._ unholy: profane: very wicked.--_n._ UNHALL'OWING.

UNHAMPERED, un-ham'p[.e]rd, _adj._ not hampered or hindered.

UNHAND, un-hand', _v.t._ to take the hands off: to let go.--_adv._ UNHAND'ILY, awkwardly.--_n._ UNHAND'INESS.--_adjs._ UNHAN'DLED, not handled or managed: not broken-in; UNHAND'Y, not handy: awkward: not convenient.

UNHANDSELED, un-hand'seld, _adj._ not hitherto used, untilled.

UNHANDSOME, un-han'sum, _adj._ not handsome, ill-made: unbecoming in action, ungracious: clumsy, inconvenient.--_adv._ UNHAND'SOMELY.--_n._ UNHAND'SOMENESS.

UNHANG, un-hang', _v.t._ to remove from a hanging position, from its hinges, &c.--_adjs._ UNHANGED', UNHUNG', not hanged, not put to death by hanging.

UNHAPPY, un-hap'i, _adj._ not happy or fortunate: miserable: marked by evil: (_Shak._) mischievous, wicked.--_adj._ UNHAPP'IED (_Shak._), made unhappy.--_adv._ UNHAPP'ILY, in an unhappy or unfortunate manner: (_Shak._) censoriously.--_n._ UNHAPP'INESS, the state of being unhappy: misfortune: misery: (_Shak._) a mischievous prank.

UNHARBOUR, un-har'bur, _v.t._ to drive out of shelter, to dislodge.

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