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UNFATHOMABLE, un-fath'om-a-bl, _adj._ that cannot be fathomed, too deep to be measured or to be understood.--_n._ UNFATH'OMABLENESS.--_adv._ UNFATH'OMABLY.--_adj._ UNFATH'OMED, not sounded.

UNFAULTY, un-fawl'ti, _adj._ without fault.

UNFAVOURABLE, un-f[=a]'vur-a-bl, _adj._ not favourable or propitious.--_n._ UNF[=A]'VOURABLENESS.--_adv._ UNF[=A]'VOURABLY.

UNFEARED, un-f[=e]rd', _adj._ not feared.--_adj._ UNFEAR'FUL, not fearful.--_adv._ UNFEAR'FULLY.

UNFEASIBLE, un-f[=e]'zi-bl, _adj._ not feasible or practicable.

UNFEATHER, un-feth'[.e]r, _v.t._ to strip of feathers.--_adj._ UNFEATH'ERED.

UNFEATURED, un-f[=e]'t[=u]rd, _adj._ without regular features, shapeless.

UNFED, un-fed', _adj._ not fed.

UNFEED, un-f[=e]d', _adj._ not feed or paid.

UNFEELING, un-f[=e]'ling, _adj._ without feeling: without kind feelings: hard-hearted.--_adv._ UNFEEL'INGLY.--_n._ UNFEEL'INGNESS.

UNFEIGNED, un-f[=a]nd', _adj._ not feigned: real: sincere.--_adv._ UNFEIGN'EDLY.--_n._ UNFEIGN'EDNESS.--_adj._ UNFEIGN'ING.

UNFELLOW, un-fel'[=o], _v.t._ to separate as fellows, to dissociate.--_adj._ UNFELL'OWED, unmatched.

UNFELT, un-felt', _adj._ not felt.

UNFEMININE, un-fem'in-[=i]n, _adj._ not feminine.

UNFENCED, un-fenst', _adj._ not fenced round, defenceless.--_v.t._ UNFENCE', to deprive of a fence.

UNFERMENTED, un-f[.e]r-ment'ed, _adj._ not having undergone fermentation: not leavened.

UNFETTER, un-fet'[.e]r, _v.t._ to take the fetters from: to set at liberty.--_adj._ UNFETT'ERED, unrestrained.

UNFEUDALISE, un-f[=u]'dal-[=i]z, _v.t._ to free from feudal rights or character.

UNFIGURED, un-fig'[=u]rd, _adj._ not figured, not marked with figures of any kind: literal.

UNFILE, un-f[=i]l', _v.t._ to remove from a file or record.

UNFILED, un-f[=i]ld', _adj._ not rubbed with a file.

UNFILED, un-f[=i]ld', _adj._ not soiled or polluted.

UNFILIAL, un-fil'yal, _adj._ not filial or becoming a child: undutiful.--_adv._ UNFIL'IALLY.

UNFILLETED, un-fil'et-ed, _adj._ not bound up with, or as with, a fillet.

UNFINE, un-f[=i]n', _adj._ not fine, shabby.

UNFINISHED, un-fin'isht, _adj._ not finished.--_n._ UNFIN'ISH, lack of finish.--_adj._ UNFIN'ISHABLE, that cannot be finished.--_n._ UNFIN'ISHING, the act of leaving unfinished.

UNFIRM, un-f[.e]rm', _adj._ infirm.--_n._ UNFIRM'NESS.

UNFIRMAMENTED, un-f[.e]r'ma-men-ted, _adj._ not having a bounding firmament, limitless.

UNFIST, un-fist', _v.t._ to release.

UNFIT, un-fit', _adj._ unsuitable, improper.--_v.t._ to disqualify.--_adv._ UNFIT'LY.--_n._ UNFIT'NESS.--_adj._ UNFIT'TING, unsuitable.--_adv._ UNFIT'TINGLY.

UNFIX, un-fiks', _v.t._ to make not fixed: to loose the fixing of: to unsettle.--_adj._ UNFIXED'.--_ns._ UNFIX'EDNESS; UNFIX'ITY.

UNFLAGGING, un-flag'ing, _adj._ not flagging or drooping: maintaining strength or spirit.

UNFLAME, un-fl[=a]m', _v.t._ to cool.

UNFLATED, un-fl[=a]'ted, _adj._ not blown.

UNFLATTERING, un-flat'[.e]r-ing, _adj._ not flattering.--_adv._ UNFLATT'ERINGLY.

UNFLEDGED, un-flejd', _adj._ not yet fledged, immature.

UNFLESH, un-flesh', _v.t._ to remove the flesh from.--_adjs._ UNFLESHED', deprived of flesh, reduced to a skeleton: not having tasted blood; UNFLESH'LY, ethereal, spiritual; UNFLESH'Y, fleshless.

UNFLINCHING, un-flin'shing, _adj._ doing without flinching or shrinking, brave, steadfast.--_adv._ UNFLIN'CHINGLY.--_n._ UNFLIN'CHINGNESS.

UNFLOWER, un-flow'[.e]r, _v.t._ to strip of flowers.

UNFLUENT, un-fl[=oo]'ent, _adj._ not fluent.

UNFLUSH, un-flush', _v.t._ to lose a flush of colour.

UNFOILED, un-foild', _adj._ not foiled or baffled.

UNFOLD, un-f[=o]ld', _v.t._ to open the folds of: to release from a fold: to spread out: to tell.--_v.i._ to spread open, expand, develop.--_ns._ UNFOLD'ER; UNFOLD'ING; UNFOLD'MENT.

UNFOLIATED, un-f[=o]'li-[=a]-ted, _adj._ not foliated.

UNFOOL, un-f[=oo]l', _v.t._ (_Shak._) to restore from folly, or from being a fool.

UNFOOTED, un-f[=oo]t'ed, _adj._ not trodden by the foot of man.

UNFORBIDDEN, un-for-bid'n, _adj._ not forbidden, permitted.--_n._ UNFORBIDD'ENNESS.

UNFORCED, un-f[=o]rst', _adj._ not forced.--_adv._ UNFOR'CEDLY.--_adj._ UNFOR'CIBLE, without strength.

UNFOREBODING, un-f[=o]r-b[=o]'ding, _adj._ not foretelling, giving no omen.

UNFOREKNOWN, un-f[=o]r-n[=o]n', _adj._ not previously known or foreseen.--_adj._ UNFOREKNOW'ABLE, incapable of being known beforehand.

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