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UNDURABLE, un-d[=u]'ra-bl, _adj._ not durable.--_adv._ UND[=U]'RABLY.

UNDUTIFUL, un-d[=u]'ti-f[=oo]l, _adj._ not dutiful--also UND[=U]'TEOUS.--_adv._ UND[=U]'TIFULLY.--_n._ UND[=U]'TIFULNESS.

UNDYING, un-d[=i]'ing, _adj._ not dying, unceasing.--_adv._ UNDY'INGLY.--_n._ UNDY'INGNESS.

UNEARED, un-[=e]rd', _adj._ (_Shak._) not eared, untilled.

UNEARNED, un-ernd', _adj._ not gained by labour.--UNEARNED INCREMENT (see INCREMENT).

UNEARTH, un-[.e]rth', _v.t._ to take out of, drive, or draw from the earth or a burrow, as a fox or badger: to uncover, to disclose.--_n._ UNEARTH'LINESS, quality of being unearthly.--_adj._ UNEARTH'LY, supernatural.

UNEASY, un-[=e]'zi, _adj._ not at ease: restless: feeling pain: constrained: not easy to be done.--_ns._ UNEASE' (_arch._), UNEAS'INESS, state of being uneasy or not at ease: want of ease: disquiet.--_adv._ UNEAS'ILY.

UNEATABLE, un-[=e]'ta-bl, _adj._ not fit to be eaten.--_n._ UNEAT'ABLENESS.--_adj._ UNEAT'EN, not eaten.

UNEATH, un-[=e]th', _adv._ (_Spens._) not easily, hardly. [A.S.

_uneathe_--_un-_, not, _eathe_, easy.]

UNEATH, un-[=e]th', _adv._ (_Spens._) underneath, beneath, below.


UNEBRIATE, un-[=e]'bri-[=a]t, _adj._ not intoxicating.

UNEDGE, un-ej', _v.t._ to deprive of the edge, to blunt.

UNEDIBLE, un-ed'i-bl, _adj._ inedible.

UNEDIFYING, un-ed'i-f[=i]-ing, _adj._ not edifying.

UNEDUCATED, un-ed'[=u]-k[=a]t-ed, _adj._ not educated.--_v.t._ UNED'UCATE, to deprive of the results of education.

UNEFFECTUAL, un-e-fek't[=u]-al, _adj._ ineffectual.

UNELASTIC, un-[=e]-las'tik, _adj._ inelastic.

UNELECTED, un-[=e]-lek'ted, _adj._ not elected.

UNELEGANT, un-el'e-gant, _adj._ inelegant.--_adv._ UNEL'EGANTLY.

UNEMBARRASSED, un-em-bar'ast, _adj._ not embarrassed.

UNEMBODIED, un-em-bod'id, _adj._ disembodied, incorporate: not collected into a body.

UNEMOTIONAL, un-[=e]-m[=o]'shun-al, _adj._ not emotional, not readily giving way to feeling or causing emotion.--_adv._ UNEM[=O]'TIONALLY.--_adj._ UNEM[=O]'TIONED, impassive.

UNEMPLOYED, un-em-ploid', _adj._ out of work: not put to use or profit.--_n._ UNEMPLOY'MENT.

UNEMPTIABLE, un-emp'ti-a-bl, _adj._ not able to be emptied.

UNENCHANTED, un-en-chan'ted, _adj._ not enchanted.

UNENCLOSED, un-en-kl[=o]zd', _adj._ not enclosed.--Also UNINCLOSED'.

UNENCUMBERED, UNINCUMBERED, un-en-, un-in-kum'b[.e]rd, _adj._ not encumbered, esp. in law, free from encumbrance by lien, claim, lease, or charge of any kind.--_v.t._ UNENCUM'BER, to disencumber.--_n._ UNENCUM'BEREDNESS.

UNENDEARED, un-en-d[=e]rd', _adj._ without endearments.

UNENDING, un-en'ding, _adj._ having no end, everlasting, eternal.--_adj._ UNEN'DED, infinite.--_adv._ UNEN'DINGLY.--_n._ UNEN'DINGNESS.

UNENDOWED, un-en-dowd', _adj._ not endowed.

UNENDURABLE, un-en-d[=u]r'a-bl, _adj._ intolerable.--_adv._ UNEND[=U]R'ABLY.

UNENFRANCHISED, un-en-fran'chizd, _adj._ not having the franchise.

UNENGAGED, un-en-g[=a]jd', _adj._ not engaged.

UN-ENGLISH, un-ing'glish, _adj._ not English in character.--_adj._ UN-ENG'LISHED, not translated into English.

UNENLIGHTENED, un-en-l[=i]t'nd, _adj._ not enlightened.

UNENTANGLE, un-en-tang'gl, _v.t._ to disentangle.--_adj._ UNENTANG'LED.

UNENTERING, un-en't[.e]r-ing, _adj._ not entering.

UNENTERPRISING, un-en't[.e]r-pr[=i]-zing, _adj._ not enterprising.

UNENTERTAINING, un-en-t[.e]r-t[=a]'ning, _adj._ not entertaining or amusing.--_n._ UNENTERTAIN'INGNESS.

UNENTHRALLED, un-en-thrawld', _adj._ not reduced to slavery.

UNENTOMBED, un-en-t[=oo]md', _adj._ not buried.

UNENTRANCED, un-en-transt', _adj._ not entranced.

UNENVIABLE, un-en'vi-a-bl, _adj._ not to be envied.--_adv._ UNEN'VIABLY.--_adjs._ UNEN'VIED, not envied; UNEN'VIOUS, not envious.

UNEQUABLE, un-[=e]'kwa-bl, _adj._ not equable.

UNEQUAL, un-[=e]'kwal, _adj._ not equal or alike in any quality, extent, duration, &c.: insufficient: varying, not uniform.--_adj._ UN[=E]'QUALLED, not to be equalled.--_adv._ UN[=E]'QUALLY.--_n._ UN[=E]'QUALNESS.

UNEQUITABLE, un-ek'wi-ta-bl, _adj._ inequitable.--_adv._ UNEQ'UITABLY.

UNEQUIVOCAL, un-[=e]-kwiv'[=o]-kal, _adj._ not equivocal.--_adv._ UNEQUIV'OCALLY.--_n._ UNEQUIV'OCALNESS.

UNERRING, un-er'ing, making no error, infallible: not missing the mark.--_adv._ UNERR'INGLY.--_n._ UNERR'INGNESS.

UNESCAPABLE, un-es-k[=a]'pa-bl, _adj._ that cannot be escaped.

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