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from the actual tenant.--_n._ UN'DERTENANCY.

UNDERTIDE, un'd[.e]r-t[=i]d, UNDERTIME, un'd[.e]r-t[=i]m, _n._ (_Spens._) the after-part of the day.--_adj._ UN'DERTIMED, under-exposed--of a photograph.

UNDERTINT, un'd[.e]r-tint, _n._ a subdued tint.

UNDERTONE, un'd[.e]r-t[=o]n, _n._ a low tone: a low state of the physical faculties: a low, subdued colour.--_adj._ UN'DERT[=O]NED.

UNDERTOOK, un-d[.e]r-t[=oo]k', _pa.t._ of undertake.

UNDERTOW, un'd[.e]r-t[=o], _n._ an undercurrent in a different direction from that at the surface--seen esp. at the mouths of great rivers, or where tide and half-tides prevail.

UNDERVALUE, un-d[.e]r-val'[=u], _v.t._ to value below the real worth: to esteem lightly.--_n._ a value or price under the real worth: low rate or price.--_ns._ UNDERVALU[=A]'TION, an undervaluing: rate below the worth; UNDERVAL'UER.

UNDERVERSE, un'd[.e]r-v[.e]rs, _n._ (_Spens._) the following or second verse.

UNDERVEST, un'd[.e]r-vest, _n._ an undershirt.

UNDERVIEWER, un'd[.e]r-v[=u]-[.e]r, _n._ the person who has charge of the underground workings of a coal-mine.

UNDERWEAR, un'd[.e]r-w[=a]r, _n._ garments worn under others, underclothing.

UNDERWENT, un-d[.e]r-went', _pa.t._ of _undergo_.

UNDERWING, un'd[.e]r-wing, _n._ a moth with conspicuous underwings, esp.

one of genus _Catocala_.--_adj._ UN'DERWINGED.

UNDERWOOD, un'd[.e]r-w[=oo]d, _n._ low wood or trees growing under large ones: coppice.

UNDERWORK, un-d[.e]r-wurk', _v.t._ to work for a less price than: to undermine or destroy clandestinely.--_v.i._ to do less work than is requisite.--_n._ UN'DERWORK, subordinate work.--_ns._ UN'DERWORKER; UN'DER-WORKMAN.

UNDER-WORLD, un'd[.e]r-wurld, _n._ the lower or inferior world, HADES, the place of departed souls: the portion of the world below the horizon: the opposite side of the world.

UNDERWRITE, un-d[.e]r-r[=i]t', _v.t._ to write under something else: to subscribe: to subscribe one's name to for insurance: (_Shak._) to submit to.--_v.i._ to practise insuring.--_ns._ UN'DERWRITER, one who insures, as shipping, so called because he underwrites his name for a certain amount to the conditions of the policy; UN'DERWRITING.

UNDERWROUGHT, un-d[.e]r-rawt', _pa.t._ and _pa.p._ of _underwork_.

UNDESCENDIBLE, un-d[=e]-sen'di-bl, _adj._ not descendible, unfathomable: not capable of descending to heirs.--Also UNDESCEN'DABLE.

UNDESCRIBABLE, un-des-kr[=i]'ba-bl, _adj._ indescribable.--_adj._ UNDESCRIBED', not described.

UNDESCRIED, un-des-kr[=i]d', _adj._ not descried.

UNDESERVER, un-de-z[.e]r'v[.e]r, _n._ (_Shak._) one who is not deserving or worthy.--_adj._ UNDESERVED', not deserved.--_adv._ UNDESER'VEDLY.--_n._ UNDESER'VEDNESS.--_adj._ UNDESER'VING.--_adv._ UNDESER'VINGLY.

UNDESIGNING, un-de-z[=i]'ning, _adj._ not designing: artless: straightforward: sincere.--_adj._ UNDESIGNED'.--_adv._ UNDESIGN'EDLY.--_n._ UNDESIGN'EDNESS.

UNDESIRABLE, un-d[=e]-z[=i]'ra-bl, _adj._ not to be wished for.--_ns._ UNDESIRABIL'ITY; UNDESIR'ABLENESS.--_adv._ UNDESIR'ABLY.--_adjs._ UNDESIRED'; UNDESIR'ING; UNDESIR'OUS.

UNDESPAIRING, un-des-p[=a]r'-ing, _adj._ not yielding to despair.--_adv._ UNDESPAIR'INGLY.

UNDESPONDENT, un-des-pon'dent, _adj._ not despondent.--_adv._ UNDESPOND'ENTLY.

UNDESTINED, un-des'tind, _adj._ not destined.

UNDETERMINED, un-de-t[.e]r'mind, _adj._ not determined or settled: not defined.--_adjs._ UNDETER'MINABLE, indeterminable; UNDETER'MINATE, indeterminate.--_ns._ UNDETER'MINATENESS; UNDETERMIN[=A]'TION.

UNDETESTING, un-d[=e]-tes'ting, _adj._ not detesting.

UNDEVELOPED, un-d[=e]-vel'opt, _adj._ not developed.

UNDEVIATING, un-d[=e]'vi-[=a]-ting, _adj._ not deviating: steady: regular.--_adv._ UND[=E]'VIATINGLY.

UNDEVOUT, un-d[=e]-vowt', _adj._ not devout.--_adv._ UNDEVOUT'LY.--_n._ UNDEVOUT'NESS.

UNDIADEMED, un-d[=i]'a-demd, _adj._ not wearing a diadem or crown.

UNDIAPHANOUS, un-d[=i]-af'a-nus, _adj._ not diaphanous.

UNDID, un-did', _pa.t._ of undo.

UNDIFFERENCING, un-dif'e-ren-sing, _adj._ not making any difference.

UNDIFFERENTIATED, un-dif-e-ren'shi-[=a]-ted, _adj._ not differentiated.

UNDIGENOUS, un-dij'e-nus, _adj._ originated by water. [L. _unda_, a wave, _gign[)e]re_, to produce.]

UNDIGESTED, un-di-jes'ted, _adj._ not digested--_adj._ UNDIGES'TIBLE, indigestible.

UNDIGHT, un-d[=i]t', _v.t._ (_Spens._) to put off, as ornaments or apparel.

UNDIGNIFIED, un-dig'ni-f[=i]d, _adj._ not dignified, not consistent with dignity.--_v.t._ UNDIG'NIFY, to make undignified.

UNDILUTION, un-dil-[=u]'shun, _n._ the quality of being undiluted.--_adj._ UNDIL[=U]'TED.

UNDIMINISHED, un-di-min'isht, _adj._ not lessened.

UNDINE, un-d[=e]n', _n._ a spirit of the waters, a water-nymph, without a soul--they marry readily with men, and an undine herself receives a soul on bearing a child. [L. _unda_, a wave.]

UNDINTED, un-din'ted, _adj._ not bearing the marks of blows.

UNDIOCESED, un-d[=i]'[=o]-s[=e]st, _adj._ not having a diocese.

UNDISCERNIBLE, un-di-zer'ni-bl, _adj._ indiscernible--also UNDISCER'NABLE.--_adv._ UNDISCER'NEDLY.--_n._ UNDISCER'NIBLENESS.--_adv._ UNDISCER'NIBLY.--_adj._ UNDISCER'NING.

UNDISCHARGED, un-dis-charjd', _adj._ not discharged: not carried out.

UNDISCIPLINED, un-dis'i-plind, _adj._ not disciplined, not properly trained and exercised.--_adj._ UNDIS'CIPLINABLE.

UNDISCOMFITED, un-dis-kum'fi-ted, _adj._ not discomfited.

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