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UNCIAL, un'shal, _adj._ applied to that variety of majuscule writing, with large round characters, used in ancient MSS.--_n._ an uncial letter, uncial writing: a MS. written in uncials.--_v.t._ UN'CIALISE, to shape like uncials. [Lit. 'an inch long'--L., from _uncia_, a twelfth part, an inch.]

UNCIATIM, un-si-[=a]'tim, _adv._ ounce by ounce. [L., 'by twelfths.']

UNCIFORM, un'si-form, _adj._ hook-shaped.--_adjs._ UNCIF'EROUS, having a hook, as an ovipositor; UN'CINAL, UN'CINATE, hooked at the UNCIN[=A]'TA, a division of marine chaetopod worms--serpulas and other tubicolous worms.--_ns._ UNCIN[=A]'TUM, the unciform bone of the carpus; UNC[=I]'NUS, a hooklet, hamulus, one of the uncial teeth of the radula:--_pl._ UNC[=I]'NI ([=i]).--_adj._ UNCIROS'TR[=A]TE, having a hooked beak. [L. _uncus_, a hook.]

UNCIRCUMCISION, un-s[.e]r-kum-sizh'un, _n._ want of circumcision: (_B._) those who are not circumcised.--_adj._ UNCIR'CUMCISED, not circumcised.

UNCIRCUMSCRIBED, un-s[.e]r-kum-skr[=i]bd', _adj._ not shut in.

UNCIVIL, un-siv'il, _adj._ not civil or courteous, rude: (_Spens._) not civilised, wild.--_adj._ UNCIV'ILISED, barbarous.--_adv._ UNCIV'ILLY, not civilly or politely.

UNCLAD, un-klad', _adj._ not clothed.

UNCLAIMED, un-kl[=a]md', _adj._ not claimed.

UNCLASP, un-klasp', _v.t._ to loose the clasp of.

UNCLASSABLE, un-klas'a-bl, _adj._ incapable of being classed or classified.

UNCLE, ung'kl, _n._ the brother of one's father or mother: an old man generally: a pawnbroker.--_n._ UN'CLESHIP, the state of being an uncle.--UNCLE SAM, the United States or its people.--TALK LIKE A DUTCH UNCLE (see DUTCH). [O. Fr. (Fr. _oncle_)--L. _avunculus_, extension of _avus_, a grandfather.]

UNCLEAN, un-kl[=e]n', _adj._ not clean: foul: (_B._) ceremonially impure: sinful: lewd.--_n._ UNCLEAN'LINESS.--_adj._ UNCLEAN'LY.--_n._ UNCLEAN'NESS, the state or quality of being unclean: dirtiness: (_B._) want of ceremonial purity: moral impurity: sinfulness.

UNCLEAR, un-kl[=e]r', _adj._ not clear.

UNCLERICAL, un-kl[.e]r'i-kal, _adj._ not befitting the clerical character.

UNCLEW, un-kl[=oo]', _v.t._ to unwind, unfold, undo.

UNCLINCH, un-klinsh', _v.t._ to cause to be no longer clinched: to open or set straight, as the closed hand.--Also UNCLENCH'.

UNCLING, un-kling', _v.i._ to cease from clinging.

UNCLOAK, un-kl[=o]k', _v.t._ to take the cloak off any one.--_v.i._ to take the cloak off.

UNCLOG, un-klog', _v.t._ to remove a clog from: to free.

UNCLOISTER, un-kloi'st[.e]r, _v.t._ to free from the cloister.

UNCLOSE, un-kl[=o]z', _v.t._ to make not close, to open.--_adjs._ UNCLOSE (un-kl[=o]s'), open, babbling; UNCLOSED (un-kl[=o]zd'), open, unenclosed.

UNCLOTHE, un-kl[=o]th', _v.t._ to take the clothes off: to make naked.--_adj._ UNCLOTHED'.

UNCLOUD, un-klowd', _v.t._ to free from clouds.--_adj._ UNCLOUD'ED, free from clouds, clear.--_n._ UNCLOUD'EDNESS.--_adj._ UNCLOUD'Y.

UNCLUBABLE, un-klub'a-bl, _adj._ not clubable, unsocial.

UNCLUTCH, un-kluch', _v.t._ to force open anything shut.

UNCO, ung'k[=o], _adj._ (_Scot._) strange, unusual.--_n._ any strange person or thing: (_pl._) news.--_adv._ remarkably, very. [_Uncouth_.]

UNCOCK, un-kok', _v.t._ to release and let down the hammer of a firearm without exploding the charge: to open up a hay-cock, &c., spreading the hay out.

UNCOFFINED, un-kof'ind, _adj._ not put into a coffin.

UNCOGITABLE, un-koj'i-ta-bl, _adj._ not capable of being thought.

UNCOIF, un-koif', _v.t._ to take the head-covering from.--_adj._ UNCOIFED', without a coif.

UNCOIL, un-koil', _v.t._ to open out from being coiled: to unwind.

UNCOIN, un-koin', _v.t._ to deprive metallic money of its character as coin.--_adj._ UNCOINED', not coined: (_Shak._) unalloyed, unfeigned.

UNCOLLECTED, un-kol-ek'ted, _adj._ not collected or gathered: absent in mind, not having one's thoughts collected.

UNCOLOURED, un-kul'urd, _adj._ not coloured, undyed, white: truthful, not exaggerated.

UNCOLT, un-k[=o]lt', _v.t._ (_Shak._) to unhorse, to deprive of a colt or horse.

UNCOMBINE, un-kom-b[=i]n', _v.t._ to separate.--_v.i._ to become separated.

UNCOMEATABLE, un-kum-at'a-bl, _adj._ not accessible, out of one's reach.

UNCOMELY, un-kum'li, _adj._ not comely: indecent.--_n._ UNCOME'LINESS, want of comeliness: unseemliness.

UNCOMFORTABLE, un-kum'fur-ta-bl, _adj._ not comfortable, causing discomfort or disquiet: awkwardly situated.--_n._ UNCOM'FORTABLENESS.--_adv._ UNCOM'FORTABLY.

UNCOMMENDABLE, un-kom-en'da-bl, _adj._ not to be commended.

UNCOMMERCIABLE, un-kom-er'shi-a-bl, _adj._ not capable of being made material for commerce.--_adj._ UNCOMMER'CIAL, not engaged in commerce: not in the spirit of commerce.

UNCOMMITTED, un-ko-mit'ed, _adj._ not committed or done: not entrusted: not bound by any pledge or promise: not referred to a committee.

UNCOMMON, un-kom'un, _adj._ not common, strange.--_adv._ (_coll._) very.--_adv._ UNCOMM'ONLY.--_n._ UNCOMM'ONNESS.

UNCOMMUNICATIVE, un-ko-m[=u]'ni-k[=a]-tiv, _adj._ not communicative, reserved.--_adjs._ UNCOMM[=U]'NICABLE; UNCOMM[=U]'NICATED.--_n._ UNCOMM[=U]'NICATIVENESS.

UNCOMPACT, un-kom-pakt', _adj._ incompact.--_adj._ UNCOMPACT'ED, not compact or firm.

UNCOMPANIED, un-kum'pa-nid, _adj._ unaccompanied.--_adjs._ UNCOMPAN'IONABLE, not companionable or sociable; UNCOMPAN'IONED, without a companion, or an equal, alone.

UNCOMPASSIONATE, un-kom-pash'un-[=a]t, _adj._ not compassionate.

UNCOMPELLABLE, un-kom-pel'a-bl, _adj._ that cannot be compelled.

UNCOMPLAINING, un-kom-pl[=a]'ning, _adj._ not complaining.--_adv._ UNCOMPLAIN'INGLY.

UNCOMPLAISANT, un-kom'pl[=a]-zant, _adj._ not complaisant or civil.--_adv._ UNCOM'PLAISANTLY.

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