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TUZA, t[=oo]'za, _n._ Same as _Tucan_ (q.v.).

TUZZ, tuz, _n._ (_prov._) a tuft of wool, &c.--_n._ TUZ'ZI-MUZZY, a posy: the feather hyacinth.--_adj._ shaggy.--_n._ TUZ'ZY (_dim._), a tuft, cluster. [_Tussock_.]

TWADDLE, twod'l, _v.i._ to talk in a silly manner.--_n._ silly talk: a senseless talker.--_ns._ TWADD'LER; TWADD'LING, twaddle or silly talk.--_adj._ TWADD'LY, consisting of twaddle. [Earlier form _twattle_, a variant of _tattle_.]

TWAIN, tw[=a]n, _n._ two, a couple, pair.--IN TWAIN, asunder. [A.S.

_twegen_ (masc.), two.]

TWAL, twal, a Scotch form of _twelve_.

TWA-LOFTED, twa'-lof'ted, _adj._ (_Scot._) having two lofts or stories.

TWANG, twang, _n._ (_prov._) a sharp flavour, an aftertaste. [Tang.]

TWANG, twang, _n._ (_Scot._) a twinge.

TWANG, twang, _n._ a sharp, quick sound, as of a tight string when pulled and let go: a nasal tone of voice.--_v.i._ to sound as a tight string pulled and let go: to sound with a quick, sharp noise: to have a nasal sound.--_v.t._ to make to sound with a twang.--_v.i._ TWANG'LE, to twang frequently.--_v.t._ to cause to twangle. [_Tang_.]

TWANK, twangk, _v.i._ to emit a twang.

'TWAS, twoz, contraction of _it was_.

TWAT, twot, _n._ pudendum muliebre.

TWATTLE, twot'l, _v.i._ to twaddle.--_v.t._ to repeat idly.--_n._ chatter: a dwarf.--_ns._ TWATT'LER, a chatterer; TWATT'LING, a chattering.--_adj._ gabbling: trifling. [Prob. related to Ice. _thwaetta_, chatter.]

TWAY, tw[=a], _adj._ and _n._ (_Spens._) twain, two.

TWAYBLADE, tw[=a]'bl[=a]d, _n._ a European orchid, a plant a foot high bearing a raceme of green flowers and a pair of broad ovate leaves--hence the name.

TWEAK, tw[=e]k, _v.t._ to twitch, to pull: to pull with sudden jerks.--_n._ a sharp pinch or twitch: any perplexity. [A by-form of _twitch_.]

TWEED, tw[=e]d, _n._ a kind of woollen twilled cloth of various patterns, much used for men's suits.--_adj._ made of tweed. [From a mistaken reading of '_tweels_' upon an invoice; not, as supposed, from the _Tweed_ valley.]

TWEEDLE, tw[=e]'dl, _v.t._ to handle lightly: (_obs._) to wheedle.--_v.i._ to wriggle.--_n._ a sound such as is made by a fiddle--hence the humorous formations TWEEDLEDUM, TWEEDLEDEE, used to indicate distinctions that are the slightest possible. [Perh. a variant of _twiddle_; also confused with _wheedle_.]

TWEEL, Scotch variant of _twill_.

'TWEEN, a contraction of _between_.--_adj._ 'TWEEN'-DECK, lodging between decks.--_n._ and _adv._ 'TWEEN'-DECKS.

TWEEZERS, tw[=e]z'[.e]rz, _n.sing._ nippers: small pincers for pulling out hairs, &c.--_n._ TWEEZ'ER-CASE, a case for carrying tweezers. [Perh.

traceable to A.S. _twisel_, a fork; some confusion is possible with obs.

_tweeze_, a surgeon's case of instruments.]

TWELFTH, twelfth, _adj._ the last of twelve.--_n._ one of twelve equal parts: (_mus._) a tone twelve diatonic degrees above or below a given tone.--_ns._ TWELFTH'-CAKE, an ornamental cake partaken of on Twelfth-night; TWELFTH'-DAY, -TIDE, the twelfth day after Christmas, the Epiphany; TWELFTH'-NIGHT, the eve of Twelfth-day or evening before Epiphany. [A.S. _twelfta_--_twelf_.]

TWELVE, twelv, _adj._ ten and two.--_n._ the number next after eleven: the figures representing twelve: (_pl._) same as duodecimo.--_ns._ TWELVE'-MO, same as duodecimo, written 12mo; TWELVE'-MONTH, twelve months: a year.--_adjs._ TWELVE'-PENN'Y, worth a shilling: trifling, insignificant; TWELVE'SCORE, twelve times twenty, or two hundred and forty.--_n._ twelvescore yards, a common range in archery, used also in measurements.--TWELVE-DAY WRIT, a writ in actions on bills, &c., warning defendant to appear within twelve days, otherwise judgment would go against him; TWELVE TABLES, the name given to the earliest code of Roman law, civil, criminal, and religious, made by the decemvirs in 451-449 B.C.--TESTAMENTS OF THE TWELVE PATRIARCHS, a work of the 2d century after Christ, in which, on the model of Jacob's blessing of the tribes in Genesis xlix., discourses and prophecies of Christ are put into the mouths of the fathers of Israel; THE TWELVE, the twelve apostles. [A.S. _twelf_ (Ger.

_zwolf_, and Goth. _twa-lif_), that is 'two and ten' (for _twa-_, cf.

_Two_; and for _-lif_, cf. _Eleven_).]

TWENTY, twen'ti, _adj._ twice ten: nineteen and one: an indefinite number.--_n._ the number next after nineteen: the figures representing twenty: an old English division of infantry.--_adj._ TWEN'TIETH, next after the nineteenth.--_n._ one of twenty equal parts of anything.--_adv._ TWEN'TYFOLD, twenty times as many.--_adj._ TWEN'TY-FOUR, twenty and four.--_n._ the number made up of four and twenty: (_pl._, _print._) a form of composed type or plates containing twenty-four leaves or forty-eight pages, properly arranged for printing and folding: a book made up of sections of twenty-four pages.--_n._ TWEN'TY-FOUR'-MO, written 24mo, a leaf from a sheet of paper folded for a book in twenty-four equal parts: a book made up of leaves folded in twenty-four equal parts. [A.S. _twentig_, from _twen_=_twegen_, twain, two--_tig_ (Goth. _tigjus_), ten; Ger. _zwanzig_.]

'TWERE, contraction of _it were_.

TWIBILL, tw[=i]'bil, _n._ a double-headed battle-axe. [A.S. _twi-_, two, _bill_, a bill.]

TWICE, tw[=i]s, _adv._ two times: once and again: doubly.--_n._ TW[=I]'CER, one who is both compositor and pressman.--_adj._ TWICE'-TOLD, told twice: hackneyed.--AT TWICE, at two distinct times. [A.S.

_twiges_--_twiwa_--_twa_, two.]

TWIDDLE, twid'l, _v.t._ to twirl idly, to play with.--_v.i._ to revolve: to trifle with something.--_n._ a twirl of the fingers.--_ns._ TWIDD'LER; TWIDD'LING-LINE, formerly a piece of small rope for steadying the steering-wheel: a string attached to a compass-gimbal, by which the compass-card may be started so as to play freely.--TWIDDLE ONE'S FINGERS, to be idle. [Ety. dub.]

TWIFOLD, tw[=i]'f[=o]ld, _adj._ (_Spens._) twofold.

TWIG, twig, _n._ a small shoot or branch of a tree: a divining-rod.--_v.i._ to be active.--_adjs._ TWIG'GEN (_Shak._), covered with osier; TWIG'GY, abounding in twigs or shoots; TWIG'SOME, full of twigs. [A.S.

_twig_--_twi-_, double; Ger. _zweig_.]

TWIG, twig, _v.t._ (_slang_) to observe narrowly: to understand.--_v.i._ to understand, see. [Prob. Ir. _tuigim_, discern; cf. Gael. _tuig_, understand.]

TWIGHT, tw[=i]t, _v.t._ (_Spens._) to twit.

TWILIGHT, tw[=i]'l[=i]t, _n._ the faint light after sunset and before sunrise: an uncertain view: partial darkness.--_adj._ of twilight: faintly illuminated: obscure.--_v.t._ to illuminate faintly.--TWILIGHT OF THE GODS, the same as _Ragnarok_ (q.v.). [Lit. '_'tween light_,' A.S. _twi-_, from _twa_, two, and _light_.]

'TWILL, contraction of _it will_.

TWILL, twil, or TWEEL, tw[=e]l, _n._ a woven fabric, in which the warp is raised one thread, and depressed two or more threads for the passage of the weft--thus giving a curious appearance of diagonal lines: a fabric with a twill.--_v.t._ to weave with a twill. [Low Ger. _twillen_, to make double, _twill_, a forked branch; cf. Sw. _tvilling_, twin, Ger. _zwillich_, twill.]

TWILLED, twild, _adj._ (_Shak._, _Tempest_, iv. 64) a dubious word, either 'hedged,' from _twill_, to weave with a twill, or more probably 'covered with reeds or sedges,' from obsolete _twill_, a reed.

TWILLY, twil'i, _n._ a cotton-cleaning machine: willowing-machine.


TWILT, twilt, _n._ (_Scot._) a quilt.

TWIN, twin, _v.i._ (_obs._) to be parted in twain.--_v.t._ to part in twain: to deprive. [See next word.]

TWIN, twin, _n._ a pair: one of two born at a birth: one very like another: a union of two similar crystals, or of two halves of one crystal holding a reversed position to each other, as if one had been turned half round about an axis (the _twinning axis_), perpendicular to a plane (the _twinning plane_), which is not for either a plane of symmetry.--_adj._ twofold, double: being one of two born at a birth: very like another: consisting of two parts nearly alike.--_v.t._ to couple, mate.--_v.i._ to be born at the same birth: to bring forth two at once: to be paired or suited:--_pr.p._ twin'ning; _pa.p._ twinned.--_adj._ TWIN'-BORN, born at the same birth.--_ns._ TWIN'-BROTH'ER, one of two brothers who are twins; TWIN'-FLOWER, a slender, creeping evergreen--_Linnaea borealis_; TWIN'LING.--_adj._ TWINNED, produced at one birth: united.--_ns._ TWIN'NING; TWIN'-SCREW, a steam-vessel with two propellers on separate shafts; TWIN'SHIP; TWIN'-SIS'TER, one of two sisters who are twins.--THE TWINS, the constellation Gemini. [A.S. _getwinn_, _twinn_, double--_twi_, two.]

TWINE, tw[=i]n, _n._ a cord composed of two or more threads twisted together: a twist: an intertwining.--_v.t._ to wind, as two threads together: to twist together: to wind about: to encircle: to blend, intermingle.--_v.i._ to unite closely: to bend: to make turns: to ascend spirally round a support.--_ns._ TWINE'-HOLD'ER, a case for holding a ball of twine to be unwinded as required; TW[=I]'NER, one who, or that which, twines.--_adj._ TW[=I]'NING, twisting, winding.--_adv._ TW[=I]'NINGLY.

[A.S. _twin_, double-thread (Dut. _twijn_)--_twi-_, double.]

TWINE, tw[=i]n, a variant of _twin_, to separate.

TWINGE, twinj, _v.t._ to twitch or pinch: to affect with a sharp, sudden pain.--_v.i._ to have or suffer a sudden, sharp pain, like a twitch.--_n._ a twitch, a pinch: a sudden, sharp pain. [M. E. _twingen_, cog. with Ger.

_zwingen_, to constrain; also with Ger. _zwangen_, to press.]

TWINK, twingk, _n._ (_Shak._) a twinkle, a wink.

TWINK, twingk, _v.t._ to twitter, chirp.

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