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TROY-WEIGHT, troi'-w[=a]t, _n._ the system of weights used in England for gold, silver, and precious stones. The troy pound contains 5760 grains, and is to the avoirdupois pound as 144 to 175, while the troy ounce is to the avoirdupois ounce as 192 to 175. [From _Troyes_, in France, the pound weight of which was adopted in England in the 14th century.]

TRUANT, tr[=oo]'ant, _n._ an idler: a boy who, idly or without excuse, absents himself from school.--_adj._ wandering from duty: loitering: idle.--_v.i._ to play truant.--_ns._ TRU'ANCY, TRU'ANTSHIP.--PLAY TRUANT, to stay from school without leave. [O. Fr. _truand_--Celt.; W. _truan_, wretched, Bret. _truek_, a beggar.]

TRUCE, tr[=oo]s, _n._ a suspension of hostilities between two armies or states for a period specially agreed upon: cessation.--_n._ TRUCE'-BREAK'ER, one who violates a truce or engagement.--_adj._ TRUCE'LESS, without truce: relentless.--TRUCE OF GOD, in the 11th and 12th centuries, a cessation of private feuds observed in France, Italy, England, &c. from Wednesday evening to Monday morning in each week during Advent and Lent, and on certain of the principal saints' days and holy days of the Church.--FLAG OF TRUCE (see FLAG). [M. E. _trewes_, _treowes_, pl. of _trewe_, a truce; cf. _True_.]

TRUCK, truk, _v.t._ to exchange or barter.--_v.i._ to traffic by exchange.--_n._ exchange of goods: barter: (_coll._) small goods: rubbish.--_ns._ TRUCK'AGE, the practice of exchanging or bartering goods; TRUCK'ER; TRUCK'-FARMER (_U.S._), a market-gardener; TRUCK'-HOUSE, TRUCK'ING-HOUSE, a house for storing goods.--_v.i._ TRUCK'LE, to yield meanly to the demands of another.--_ns._ TRUCK'LER; TRUCK'LING.--_adj._ fawning, slavish.--_n._ TRUCK'-SYS'TEM, the practice of paying workmen in goods instead of money.--TRUCK ACT, a statute of 1831, extended in 1887, requiring workmen's wages to be paid in money instead of goods. [O. Fr.

_troquer_, to truck; Sp. _trocar_, to barter, It. _truccare_, to truck.]

TRUCK, truk, _n._ a wheel: a railway-wagon for heavy articles: a platform running on wheels: a small wooden cap at the top of a mast or flag-staff: a circular piece of wood or metal for moving ordnance.--_v.t._ to convey by truck.--_ns._ TRUCK'AGE, conveyance by trucks: charge for carrying articles on a truck; TRUCK'-BOL'STER, a beam in the middle of a railway-truck supporting the body of the car; TRUCK'LE, a small wheel or castor: a truckle-bed.--_v.t._ to move on rollers.--_v.i._ to sleep in a truckle-bed.--_n._ TRUCK'LE-BED, a low bed on wheels that may be pushed under another. [L. _trochus_, a wheel--Gr. _trochos_--_trechein_, to run.]

TRUCULENT, truk'[=u]-lent (tr[=oo]'k[=u]-lent, according to some), _adj._ very fierce: barbarous: cruel: inspiring terror.--_ns._ TRUC'ULENCE, TRUC'ULENCY.--_adv._ TRUC'ULENTLY. [L. _truculentus_--_trux_, wild, fierce.]

TRUDGE, truj, _v.i._ to travel on foot: to travel with labour or effort: to march heavily on.--_n._ a weary walk. [Skeat suggests that the word is orig. to walk in heavy shoes, from Sw. dial. _truga_, _trudja_, a snow-shoe, Norw. _truga_, Ice. _thruga_, a snow-shoe.]

TRUE, tr[=oo], _adj._ agreeing with fact: worthy of belief or confidence: certain: trusty: genuine: normal: (_anat._) complete: exact: straight: right: rightful: honest.--_v.t._ to make straight in position, &c.--_n._ (_obs._) truth, a pledge: a truce.--_n._ TRUE'-BLUE, a faithful partisan.--_adjs._ TRUE'-BORN, of true or genuine birth: having a right by birth; TRUE'-BRED, of a true or genuine birth: of good breeding or manners; TRUE'-DERIVED' (_Shak._), legitimate; TRUE'-DEVOT'ED (_Shak._), full of honest zeal; TRUE'-DISPOS'ING (_Shak._), just; TRUE'-HEART'ED, sincere.--_ns._ TRUE'-HEART'EDNESS; TRUE'-LOVE, one truly or really beloved: a sweetheart: the herb-Paris (see HERB).--_adj._ affectionate.--_ns._ TRUE'-LOVE'-KNOT, TRUE'-LOV'ER'S-KNOT, lines interwoven with many involutions, fancifully held as an emblem of interwoven affection; TRUE'NESS; TRUE'-PENN'Y (_Shak._), an honest fellow.--_adv._ TRU'LY.--TRUE BILL, a bill of indictment endorsed, after investigation, by a grand jury, as containing a well-founded charge; TRUE RIB, a rib attached to spine and sternum--opp. to _Floating rib_. [A.S.

_treowe_; Ice. _tryggr_, Ger. _treu_.]

TRUFFLE, truf'l, _n._ a globose underground edible fungus, used for its agreeable flavour in the preparation of many dishes.--_adj._ TRUFF'LED, cooked with truffles. [O. Fr. _truffle_ (Fr. _truffe_), prob. from L.


TRUG, trug, _n._ (_prov._) a gardener's wooden basket.

TRUISM, tr[=oo]'izm, _n._ a plain or self-evident truth.--_adj._ TRUISMAT'IC.

TRUITE, trw[=e]-t[=a]', _adj._ having a delicately crackled surface, of porcelain, &c. [Fr.]

TRULL, trul, _n._ a drab: a vagrant woman of loose habits. [Allied to Ger.


TRULLAN, trul'an, _adj._ pertaining to the _trullus_ or dome-roofed hall in the imperial palace at Constantinople, and esp. to the Quinisext Council held therein in 691. [Low L. _trullus_, a dome--L. _trulla_, a ladle.]

TRUMEAU, tr[=oo]-m[=o]', _n._ any piece of wall between two openings:--_pl._ TRUMEAUX' (-m[=o]z'). [Fr.]

TRUMP, trump, _v.t._ to deceive; to introduce unfairly.--_adj._ TRUMPED'-UP, forged, worthless.--_n._ TRUM'PERY, something showy but worthless: rubbish: nonsense, idle talk.--_adj._ showy and worthless.--TRUMP UP, to forge: collect from any quarter. [Fr. _tromper_, to deceive, orig. to play on the trump.]

TRUMP, trump, _n._ a trumpet: a Jew's-harp. [O. Fr. _trompe_ (It.

_tromba_); cf. Old High Ger. _trumba_, Ger. _tromme_, Eng. _drum_, which is thus a doublet of _trump_.]

TRUMP, trump, _n._ a card of the leading suit that triumphs or wins: one of the suit of cards which takes any other: an old game of cards: (_coll._) a good, trusty fellow.--_v.i._ to play a trump card.--_v.t._ to play a trump card upon.--CALL, SIGNAL, FOR TRUMPS, in whist, a conventional signal indicating that the player wishes his partner to lead trumps. [From _triumph_, confused with _trump_, to deceive.]

TRUMPET, trum'pet, _n._ the most ancient of wind instruments, formed of a long, narrow, straight tube, bent twice on itself, the last fifteen inches tapering into a bell, and sounded by means of a cupped mouthpiece--much used in military signalling: in organs, a powerful reed-stop having a trumpet-like sound: a cry resembling a trumpet-sound: (_fig._) one who praises.--_v.t._ to publish by trumpet: to proclaim: to sound the praises of.--_v.i._ to sound a trumpet.--_ns._ TRUM'PET-CALL, a call or summons on the trumpet, any call to action; TRUM'PETER, one who sounds on the trumpet the regimental calls and signals: one who proclaims, praises, or denounces: a genus of crane-like birds of British Guiana, &c.: one of the whistling swans: a kind of domestic pigeon: a large New Zealand food-fish; TRUM'PET-FISH, also _Snipe-fish_, a sea-fish so named from its trumpet-like or tubular muzzle; TRUM'PET-FLOW'ER, the popular name of various plants which produce large trumpet-shaped flowers--as the genera Bignonia and Tecoma (_Bignoniaceae_), and Solandra (_Solonaceae_); TRUM'PET-M[=A]'JOR, a head-trumpeter in a band or regiment.--_adj._ TRUM'PET-SHAPED, formed like a trumpet.--_ns._ TRUM'PET-SHELL, a shell of the genus _Triton_; TRUM'PET-TONE, the sound of a trumpet: a loud voice.--_adj._ TRUM'PET-TONGUED, having a voice or tongue loud as a trumpet.--_n._ SPEAK'ING-TRUM'PET (see SPEAK).--BLOW ONE'S OWN TRUMPET, to sound one's own praises; FEAST OF TRUMPETS, a Jewish feast in which trumpets played an important part; FLOURISH OF TRUMPETS (see FLOURISH). [O. Fr. _trompette_, dim. of _trompe_.]


TRUNCATE, trung'k[=a]t, _v.t._ to cut off: to lop: to maim.--_adjs._ TRUNC'ATE, -D, appearing as if cut off at the tip: ending in a transverse line.--_adv._ TRUN'CATELY.--_n._ TRUNC[=A]'TION.--TRUNCATED CONE, PYRAMID, a cone, pyramid, having the vertex cut off by a line parallel to the base.

[L. _trunc[=a]re_, _-[=a]tum_--_truncus_.]

TRUNCHEON, trun'shun, _n._ a short staff: a cudgel: a baton or staff of authority.--_v.t._ to beat with a truncheon: to cudgel.--_adj._ TRUN'CHEONED, furnished with a truncheon: armed with a lance.--_ns._ TRUN'CHEONEER, TRUN'CHEONER, one armed with a truncheon. [O. Fr.


TRUNDLE, trun'dl, _n._ anything round: a wheel: a truck: a trundle-bed: (_her._) a. spool of golden thread.--v.t to roll, as on wheels.--_v.i._ to roll: twirl: bowl along.--_ns._ TRUN'DLE-BED, a bed moving on trundles or low wheels: a truckle-bed; TRUN'DLE-TAIL (_Shak._), a round tail, a dog with a tail curled up. [A.S. _trendel_, a circle, wheel.]

TRUNK, trungk, _n._ the stem of a tree: the body of an animal apart from the limbs: the main body of anything: anything long and hollow: the proboscis of an elephant: the shaft of a column, the dado or body of a pedestal: a water-course of planks leading from the race to the water-wheel: a large hollow piston in which a connecting-rod plays: a portable box or chest for clothes, &c., esp. on a journey: a flume, penstock.--_adjs._ TRUNC'AL, pertaining to the trunk, principal; TRUNKED, having a trunk: (_Spens._) beheaded.--_ns._ TRUNK'-FISH, the coffer-fish; TRUNK'FUL, as much as will fill a trunk; TRUNK'-HOSE, -BREECH'ES, large hose or breeches formerly worn over the lower part of the body and the upper part of the legs; TRUNK'-LINE, the main-line of a railway, canal, &c.; TRUNK'-ROAD, a main-road; TRUNK'-SLEEVE (_Shak._), a sleeve with the upper part puffed; TRUNK'-WORK, work involving secrecy as by means of a trunk. [O. Fr. _tronc_--L. _truncus_, a stock--_truncus_, maimed.]

TRUNNION, trun'yun, _n._ one of the knobs on each side of a gun, on which it rests on the carriage: in steam-engines, a hollow gudgeon on each side of an oscillating cylinder, serving as a support to it.--_adj._ TRUNN'IONED, provided with trunnions.--_n._ TRUNN'ION-PLATE, a raised rim forming a shoulder around the trunnion of a gun. [Fr. _trognon_, a stalk--_tronc_, a stump--L. _truncus_.]

TRUSS, trus, _n._ a bundle: timbers fastened together for binding a beam or supporting a roof: in ships, the rope or iron for keeping the lower yard to the mast: a tuft of flowers at the top of the main stalk or stem: a bandage or apparatus used in hernia to retain reduced parts, or to hinder protusion.--_v.t._ to bind up: to pack close: to furnish with a truss: to draw tight and tie: to skewer in cooking.--_n._ TRUSS'-BEAM, a wooden beam strengthened by a tie-rod.--_adj._ TRUSSED.--_n._ TRUSS'ING, in ship-building, diagonal timbers or iron plates crossing the ribs internally, and consolidating the whole together. [O. Fr. _trosser_, orig.

_torser_, to bind together--L. _tortus_, pa.p. of _torqu[=e]re_, to twist.]

TRUST, trust, _n._ trustworthiness: confidence in the truth of anything: confident expectation: a resting on the integrity, friendship, &c. of another: faith: hope: credit (esp. sale on credit or on promise to pay): he who, or that which, is the ground of confidence: that which is given or received in confidence: charge: an arrangement by which property is handed to or vested in a person, in the trust or confidence that he will use and dispose of it for the benefit of another, also the estate so managed for another: in modern commerce, an arrangement for the control of several companies under one direction, to cheapen expenses, regulate production, beat down competition, and so obtain a maximum return.--_adj._ held in trust.--_v.t._ to place trust in: to believe: to give credit to: to sell upon credit: to commit to the care of: to expect confidently.--_v.i._ to be confident or confiding.--_ns._ TRUST'-DEED, a deed conveying property to a trustee; TRUSTEE', one to whom anything is entrusted: one to whom the management of a property is committed in trust for the benefit of others; TRUSTEE'SHIP; TRUST'ER; TRUST-ESTATE', an estate held by trustees.--_adj._ TRUST'FUL, trusting: worthy of trust.--_adv._ TRUST'FULLY.--_n._ TRUST'FULNESS.--_adv._ TRUST'ILY.--_n._ TRUST'INESS.--_adj._ TRUST'ING, confiding.--_adv._ TRUST'INGLY.--_adj._ TRUST'LESS, treacherous, unfaithful.--_ns._ TRUST'LESSNESS; TRUST'WORTHINESS.--_adjs._ TRUST'WORTHY, worthy of trust or confidence: trusty; TRUST'Y (_comp._ TRUST'IER, _superl._ TRUST'IEST), that may be trusted: deserving confidence: honest: strong: firm: (_Shak._) involving trust.--ACTIVE, or SPECIAL, TRUST, a trust in which the trustee's power of management depends upon his having the right of actual possession; BREACH OF TRUST, a violation of duty by a trustee, executor, &c.; IN TRUST, as a charge, for safe-keeping; ON TRUST, on credit. [Scand., Ice. _traust_, trust; Ger. _trost_, consolation.]

TRUTH, tr[=oo]th, _n._ that which is true or according to the facts of the case: agreement with reality: true state of things, or facts: practice of speaking or disposition to speak the truth: fidelity: genuineness: righteous conduct: a true statement: an established principle: in the fine arts, a faithful adherence to nature.--_adj._ TRUTH'FUL, full of truth: according to, or adhering to, truth: reliable.--_adv._ TRUTH'FULLY.--_ns._ TRUTH'FULNESS; TRUTH'INESS.--_adj._ TRUTH'LESS.--_ns._ TRUTH'LESSNESS; TRUTH'-LOV'ER; TRUTH'-TELL'ER, one who speaks the truth.--_adjs._ TRUTH'-WRIT, truthfully written; TRUTH'Y, truthful.--GOD'S TRUTH, a thing or statement absolutely true; IN TRUTH, truly, in fact; OF A TRUTH (_B._), truly. [A.S. _treowthu_--_treowe_, true.]

TRUTINATE, tr[=oo]'ti-n[=a]t, _v.t._ (_obs._) to weigh.--_n._ TRUTIN[=A]'TION. [L. _trutin[=a]ri_--Gr. _trytan[=e]_, a balance.]

TRUTTACEOUS, tru-t[=a]'shi-us, _adj._ pertaining to, or like, a trout.


TRY, tr[=i], _v.t._ to put to the test or proof: to sift: to prove by experiment: to purify: to examine judiciously: to determine, settle: to examine carefully or experimentally: to experience: to attempt: to use as means: to put to severe trial, cause suffering to: to bring to a decision, to settle.--_v.i._ to endeavour: to make an effort: (_Shak._) to prove by experience: (_obs._) to keep a ship's bows to the sea during a gale:--_pa.t._ and _pa.p._ tried (tr[=i]d).--_n._ a trial: effort: in Rugby football, the score of three points gained by a player who succeeds in placing the ball with his hand over the enemy's line.--_adj._ TRIED, proved, experienced.--_n._ TR[=I]'ER.--_adjs._ TRY'ABLE, TR[=I]'ABLE, capable of being tried; TRYE (_Spens._), proved excellent.--_n._ TRY'-HOUSE, a place in which oil is extracted from blubber, &c.--_adj._ TRY'ING, making trial or proof of: adapted to try: searching: severe.--TRY ON, to put on for trial, as a garment: to attempt; TRY BACK, to revert, hark back. [O. Fr. _trier_, to pick out, to cull (the grain from the straw), from an assumed L. _tritare_--_ter[)e]re_, _tritum_, to rub.]

TRYGON, tr[=i]'gon, _n._ a genus of cartilaginous fishes, of the order of Rays and family _Trygonidae_--the sting-ray. [Gr. _tryg[=o]n_, a sting-ray.]

TRYMA, tr[=i]'ma, _n._ a drupe with fleshy exocarp, dehiscent. [Gr.

_tryma_, a hole.]

TRYPETA, tr[=i]-p[=e]'ta, _n._ a genus of flies, family _Trypetidae_, of greenish-yellow colour, forming gall-like deformations in the flower-heads of composite plants. [Gr. _tryp[=e]t[=e]s_, a borer--_trypan_, to bore.]

TRYPOGRAPHIC, trip-[=o]-graf'ik, _adj._ pertaining to a method of printing by the use of paper stencils. [Gr. _trypan_, to bore, _graphein_, to write.]

TRYPSIN, trip'sin, _n._ a ferment which occurs in the secretion of the pancreas, and may be isolated from the pancreatic juice, as pepsin from the gastric.--_adj._ TRYP'TIC.--_n._ TRYP'T[=O]NE, a substance formed from proteids by pancreatic juice. [Gr., from _tribein_, to rub, the substance having been first found on rubbing down the pancreas with glycerine.]

TRYSAIL, tr[=i]'s[=a]l, or tr[=i]'sl, _n._ a reduced sail used by small craft, instead of their mainsail, in a storm: a small fore-and-aft sail set with a boom and gaff.

TRYST, tr[=i]st, _n._ an appointment to meet: appointed place of meeting: a market.--_v.t._ to make an appointment with.--_v.i._ to agree to meet.--_ns._ TRYS'TER; TRYS'TING-DAY, a fixed day of meeting; TRYS'TING-PLACE, an arranged meeting-place.--BIDE TRYST, to wait for a person at the appointed place and time. [A variant of _trust_.]


TSAMBA, tsam'ba, _n._ ground black barley, the chief food of Tibet.

TSAR, tsar, _n._ better form of _Czar_.

TSETSE, tset's[=e], _n._ a dipterous insect of South Africa (_Glossina morsitans_), not much larger than the common house-fly, brownish, with four yellow bars across the abdomen, strangely limited within sharply defined areas or 'fly-belts.' Its bite is fatal to the ox, horse, and dog.

TSUBA, ts[=oo]'ba, _n._ the guard of a Japanese sword.

TSUN, tsun, _n._ a Chinese inch, 1/10th of the _chih_.

TSUNG-TUH, tsung'-tu', _n._ a Chinese viceroy, the highest provincial governor.

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