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TROLL, tr[=o]l, _n._ in Scandinavian mythology, a supernatural being of small size, dwelling in a cave, hill, &c. [Ice. _troll_ (Ger. _droll_). Cf.


TROLL, tr[=o]l, _v.t._ to move circularly: to sing the parts of in succession, as of a catch or round: to angle or fish for in a certain way: to fish for.--_v.i._ to roll: to move or run about: to sing a catch: to stroll, ramble: to fish, esp. for pike, with rod and line, using revolving lure, artificial or natural, such as spoon-bait, minnow, &c.--_n._ a moving round, repetition: a round song.--_ns._ TROLL'ER; TROLL'EY, TROLL'Y, a costermonger's cart: a metallic roller or pulley used in many electric street-railways in connection with an overhead electric conductor: a small truck running in a furnace, or in mines: lace whose pattern is outlined with a thicker thread or a flat border made up of several such threads; TROLL'ING; TROLL'ING-BAIT, -SPOON, a metallic revolving lure used in trolling. [O. Fr. _troller_, _trauler_ (Fr. _troler_), to stroll; Old High Ger. _trollen_, to run.]

TROLL-MY-DAME, trol'-mi-d[=a]m, _n._ (_Shak._) an old game.--Also _Nine-holes_, _Pigeon-holes_, and _Trunks_.

TROLLOL, trol'lol', _v.t._ and _v.i._ to sing, to troll.

TROLLOP, trol'op, _n._ (_Scot._) a loitering, slatternly woman: a woman negligently dressed: a draggle-tail: a strumpet.--_v.i._ to draggle: to work in a slovenly way.--_adjs._ TROLL'OPING, TROLL'OPISH, TROLL'OPY. [From troll, in the sense of running about.]

TROMBONE, trom'b[=o]n, _n._ a deep-toned brass musical wind instrument of the trumpet kind, consisting of a tube bent twice on itself.--_n._ TROM'BONIST. [It.; augm. of _tromba_, a trumpet.]

TROMMEL, trom'el, _n._ a revolving cylindrical sieve for cleaning or sizing ore. [Ger. _trommel_, a drum.]

TROMOMETER, tr[=o]-mom'e-t[.e]r, _n._ an instrument for measuring slight earthquake shocks.--_adj._ TROMOMET'RIC. [Gr. _tromos_, a trembling, _metron_, a measure.]

TROMPE, tromp, _n._ the apparatus by which the blast is produced in the Catalan forge.--Also TROMP.

TRON, tron, or tr[=o]n, _n._ the most ancient system of weight used in Scotland, the _Tron_ or _Trone_ being a heavy beam or balance set up in the market-place, and employed for the weighing of heavy wares.--_n._ TRON'AGE, a royal tax on wool. [O. Fr. _trone_--L. _trutina_, a pair of scales.]

TRONA, tr[=o]'na, _n._ the native soda of Egypt, a grayish hydrous sodium carbonate. [_Natron_.]

TRONCHEON, tron'shun, _n._ (_Spens._) a headless spear.--_adj._ TRONcONNeE (_her._), shivered, as a tilting-spear, dismembered. [_Truncheon_.]

TRONE, tr[=o]n, _n._ (_prov._) a small drain.

TROOP, tr[=oo]p, _n._ a crowd or collection of people: a company: soldiers taken collectively, an army, usually in _pl._: a small body of cavalry, forming the unit of formation, consisting usually of sixty men, corresponding to a company of infantry: the command of a troop of horse.--_v.i._ to collect in numbers: to march in a company, or in haste.--_ns._ TROOP'ER, a private cavalry soldier: a cavalry horse: a troop'-ship; TROOP'-HORSE, a cavalry horse; TROOP'-SHIP, a vessel for conveying soldiers.--TROOPING THE COLOURS, a ceremony performed at the public mounting of garrison guards.--HOUSEHOLD TROOPS (see HOUSE). [Fr.

_troupe_, prob. through Low L. forms, from L. _turba_, a crowd.]

TROPaeOLUM, tr[=o]-p[=e]'[=o]-lum, _n._ a genus of plants, natives of South America, annual or perennial herbs of trailing or climbing habits--Nasturtium, &c. [Gr. _tropaios_, pertaining to turning.]

TROPARION, tr[=o]-p[=a]'ri-on, _n._ in the offices of the Greek Church, a short hymn or a stanza of a hymn:--_pl._ TROP[=A]'RIA. [Gr. _tropos_, a musical mode.]

TROPE, tr[=o]p, _n._ (_rhet._) a word or expression changed from its proper sense for emphasis, a figure of speech---metaphor, metonymy, synecdoche, and irony: a short cadence peculiar to Gregorian melodies--also _Differentia_ and _Distinctio_: formerly, a phrase occasionally interpolated in different parts of the mass: (_geom._) the reciprocal of a node.--_adj._ TR[=O]'PICAL, figurative.--_adv._ TR[=O]'PICALLY.--_n._ TR[=O]'PIST, one who uses tropes or who explains Scripture by them.--_adjs._ TR[=O]POLOG'IC, -AL, expressed or varied by tropes or figures.--_adv._ TR[=O]POLOG'ICALLY.--_v.t._ TROPOL'OGISE, to use as a trope.--_n._ TR[=O]POL'OGY, a tropical or figurative mode of speech: a treatise on tropes: that interpretation of Scripture which reads moral meanings into any and every passage. [Fr.,--L. _tropus_--Gr.

_tropos_--_trepein_, to turn.]

TROPHIC, -AL, trof'ik, -al, _adj._ pertaining to nutrition and its processes.--_adj._ TROPH[=E]'SIAL.--_n._ TROPH'ESY, deranged nutrition owing to disorder of the motor nerve force pertaining to the nutritive TR[=O]'PHI, the mouth-parts of an insect--labium, labrum, maxillae, mandibles, lingua: the teeth of the pharynx of a rotifer.

[Gr. _troph[=e]_, food.]

TROPHONIAN, tr[=o]-f[=o]'ni-an, _adj._ pertaining to _Trophonius_, the mythical builder of the temple of Apollo at Delphi and the treasury of King Hyrieus in Boeotia.

TROPHOTROPISM, trof'[=o]-tr[=o]-pizm, _n._ the movements of the organs in a growing plant, as towards nutrient substances, induced by the chemical nature of its surroundings.--_adj._ TROPHOTROP'IC. [Gr. _troph[=e]_, food, _trepein_, to turn.]

TROPHY, tr[=o]'fi, _n._ a memorial of a victory, consisting of a pile of arms erected on the field of battle: anything taken from an enemy and preserved as a memorial of victory: something that is evidence of victory: an ornamental group of weapons, flags, memorials of the chase, &c.--_v.t._ to adorn with trophies.--_adj._ TR[=O]'PHIED, adorned with trophies. [Fr.

_trophee_--L. _tropaeum_--Gr. _tropaion_--_trop[=e]_, a turning--_trepein_, to turn.]

TROPIC, trop'ik, _n._ one of the two circles on the celestial sphere, 23 28' on each side of the equator, where the sun turns, as it were, after reaching its greatest declination north or south: one of two circles on the terrestrial globe corresponding to these: (_pl._) the regions lying between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn.--_adjs._ TROP'IC, -AL, pertaining to the tropics: being within or near the tropics.--_adv._ TROP'ICALLY.--_n._ TROP'IC-BIRD, a genus of bird the family _Phaethontidae_, usually seen in tropical regions. [Through L. _tropicus_, from Gr. _tropikos_, relating to a turning--_tropos_, a turning.]

TROPPO, trop'p[=o], _adj._ (_mus._) too much: excessively. [It.; cf. Fr.

_trop_, too much.]

TROSSERS, tros'[.e]rz, _n._ (_Shak._) a form of _trousers_.

TROT, trot, _v.i._ to go, lifting the feet quicker and higher than in walking: to walk or move fast: to run.--_v.t._ to ride at a trot:--_pr.p._ trot'ting; _pa.t._ and _pa.p._ trot'ted.--_n._ the pace of a horse or other quadruped when trotting: a toddling child: (_slang_) a crib, translation.--_ns._ TROT'TER, one that trots: a trotting-horse: the foot of an animal, as a sheep: (_slang_) the human foot; TROTTOIR (trot-wor'), a footway at the side of a street.--TROT OUT, to exhibit the paces of: to show. [O. Fr. _trotter_, _troter_--Low L. _trot[=a]re_, to go; prob. from Old High Ger. _trott[=o]n_, freq. of _tretan_, to tread.]

TROT, trot, _n._ (_Shak._) an old woman.

TROT-COSY, trot'-k[=o]'zi, _n._ (_Scot._) a covering to keep the neck and head warm in travelling, drawn over the head and hat, and buttoned beneath the chin.

TROTH, troth, or tr[=o]th, _n._ truth, confidence: faith: fidelity.--_v.t._ to plight.--_adj._ TROTH'-PLIGHT (_Shak._), betrothed, affianced.--_n._ betrothal.--_n._ TROTH'-RING, a betrothal ring. [A.S. _treowth_.]

TROUBADOUR, tr[=oo]'ba-d[=oo]r, _n._ one of a class of poets of chivalric love, who first appeared in Provence, and flourished from the 11th to the 13th century (see LANGUE D'OC). [Fr., from Prov. _trobador_--_trobar_ (Fr.

_trouver_), to find--L. _turb[=a]re_, to move.]

TROUBLE, trub'l, _v.t._ to put into a confused state: to agitate: to disturb: to annoy: to busy or engage overmuch: to put to inconvenience.--_v.i._ to take pains.--_n._ disturbance: affliction: disease: uneasiness: that which disturbs or afflicts.--_ns._ TROUB'LE-MIRTH, a kill-joy; TROUB'LER.--_adj._ TROUB'LESOME, causing or giving trouble or inconvenience: vexatious: importunate: troublous.--_adv._ TROUB'LESOMELY.--_n._ TROUB'LESOMENESS.--_adj._ TROUB'LOUS, full of trouble or disorder: agitated: tumultuous: disturbing.--CAST OIL ON TROUBLED WATERS (_fig._), to appease, calm, quieten. [O. Fr. _tourbler_--Low L.

_turbul[=a]re_--L. _turb[=a]re_, to disturb--_turba_, a crowd.]

TROUGH, trof, _n._ a long, hollow vessel for water or other liquid: a long tray: a long narrow channel: a concavity or hollow. [A.S. _trog_; Ger.


TROUNCE, trowns, _v.t._ to punish or beat severely. [O. Fr. _troncer_, to cut--L. _truncus_, a trunk.]

TROUPE, tr[=oo]p, _n._ a company, esp. of actors, dancers, or acrobats.

[Fr. See TROOP.]

TROUPIAL, TROOPIAL, tr[=oo]'pi-al, _n._ a bird of the family _Icteridae_, the Hang-nests, famed for its exquisite song. [From their going in flocks, Fr. _troupe_, a troop.]

TROUS-DE-LOUP, tr[=oo]-de-l[=oo], conical pits dug in the ground, each with a vertical stake in the middle--a defence against cavalry. [Fr.]

TROUSERS, trow'z[.e]rz, long breeches: a garment worn by males on the lower limbs and trussed or fastened up at the waist by braces or belt.--_adj._ TROU'SERED, wearing trousers.--_n._ TROU'SERING, material for making trousers. [O. Fr. _trousses_, breeches worn by pages.]

TROUSSE, tr[=oo]s, _n._ a collection of small implements in a case, esp. of surgical instruments. [Fr.]

TROUSSEAU, tr[=oo]-s[=o]', _n._ the lighter articles of a bride's outfit: (_rare_) a bundle:--_pl._ TROUSSEAUX (-s[=o]z'). [Fr., a dim. of _trousse_, a bundle.]

TROUT, trowt, _n._ a common name for fresh-water fish of the genus _Salmo_: the _Salmo Fario_, _Trutta_, or Common Trout, much sought after by anglers.--_n._ TROUT'-BAS'KET, an osier or willow creel for carrying trout.--_adj._ TROUT'-COL'OURED, speckled like a trout: white, with spots of black, bay, or sorrel.--_ns._ TROUT'-FARM, a place where trout are reared artificially; TROUT'LET, TROUT'LING, a little trout; TROUT'-ROD, a fishing-rod for trout; TROUT'-SPOON, a small revolving spoon used as a lure for trout; TROUT'-STREAM, a stream in which trout are caught. [A.S.

_truht_--L. _tructa_, _tructus_--Gr. _tr[=o]kt[=e]s_, a sea-fish with sharp teeth--_tr[=o]gein_, to gnaw.]

TROUVeRE, tr[=oo]-v[=a]r', _n._ one of the medieval narrative or epic poets of northern France. For their language, the _langue d'oui_, see under LANGUE D'OC.

TROVER, tr[=o]'v[.e]r, _n._ the gaining possession of goods: an action brought to recover goods from a person to whom they do not belong, but who has in some way obtained possession of them. [O. Fr. _trover_, to find (Fr.

_trouver_)--Low L. _trop[=a]re_, to compose.]

TROW, tr[=o], _v.i._ to hold as true: (_B._) to trust: to believe: to think. [A.S. _treow-ian_, to trust; cf. Ice. _trua_, Ger. _trauen_.]

TROWEL, trow'el, _n._ a tool used in spreading mortar, paint, &c., and in gardening.--_v.t._ to dress with a trowel.-LAY ON WITH A TROWEL, to spread thickly: to flatter grossly. [O. Fr. _truelle_--L. _trulla_, dim. of _trua_, a ladle.]


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