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_tritos_, third, _agonist[=e]s_, an actor.]

TRITE, tr[=i]t, _adj._ worn out by use: used till its novelty and interest are lost: hackneyed.--_adv._ TRITE'LY.--_n._ TRITE'NESS. [It. _trito_--L.

_tritus_, rubbed, pa.p. of _ter[)e]re_, to rub.]

TRITERNATE, tr[=i]-ter'n[=a]t, _adj._ thrice ternate--of a ternate leaf in which each division is divided into three parts, and each of these into three leaflets, thus making twenty-seven, as in some _Umbelliferae_:--Also TRIP'LICATE-TER'NATE.

TRITHEISM, tr[=i]'th[=e]-izm, _n._ the doctrine of three Gods: the opinion that the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are actually different beings.--_n._ TR[=I]'THEIST, one who maintains the doctrine of tritheism.--_adjs._ TRITHEIS'TIC, -AL. [Gr. _treis_, three, _theos_, a god.]

TRITHIONIC, tr[=i]-th[=i]-on'ik, _adj._ containing three sulphur atoms.--_n._ TRITH[=I]'[=O]N[=A]TE, a salt of trithionic acid. [Gr.

_treis_, three, _theion_, sulphur.]

TRITICAL, trit'i-kal, _adj._ trite, common.--_adv._ TRIT'ICALLY.--_n._ TRIT'ICALNESS. [Formed from _trite_, in imitation of _critical_.]

TRITICUM, trit'i-kum, _n._ a genus of grasses including the varieties of wheat.--_adj._ TRITIC'EOUS. [L. 'wheat'--_ter[)e]re_, _tritum_, to rub.]

TRITOMA, tri-t[=o]'ma, _n._ a genus of tufted herbaceous plants belonging to the natural order _Liliaceae_.

TRITON, tr[=i]'ton, _n._ (_myth._) a marine demi-god, one of the trumpeters of Poseidon (Neptune), his trumpet being a wreathed univalve shell: a genus of molluscs with a wreathed univalve shell. [Gr. _Tr[=i]t[=o]n_.]

TRITONE, tr[=i]'t[=o]n, _n._ an interval in music composed of three whole steps or tones.

TRITORIUM, tr[=i]-t[=o]'ri-um, _n._ a vessel for separating liquids of different densities.--Also TRIT[=U]'RIUM.

TRITUBERCULAR, tr[=i]-t[=u]-ber'k[=u]-lar, _adj._ having three tubercles or cusps--also TRITUBER'CULATE.--_n._ TRITUBER'CULISM.

TRITURATE, trit'[=u]-r[=a]t, _v.t._ to rub or grind to a fine powder.--_adj._ TRIT'URABLE, that may be reduced to a fine powder by grinding.--_ns._ TRITUR[=A]'TION; TRITUR[=A]'TOR; TRIT'UR[=A]TURE. [Late L.

_tritur[=a]re, -[=a]tum_--L. _ter[)e]re_, to rub.]

TRIUMPH, tr[=i]'umf, _n._ in ancient Rome, a solemn procession in honour of a victorious general: joy for success: victory: (_Shak._) a trump card.--_v.i._ to celebrate a victory with pomp: to rejoice for victory: to obtain victory: to be prosperous: to boast, exult (with _over_): (_Shak._) to shine brightly.--_v.t._ (_Milt._) to boast over.--_adj._ TRIUM'PHAL, pertaining to triumph: used in celebrating victory.--_n._ (_Milt._) a token of victory.--_adj._ TRIUM'PHANT, celebrating or rejoicing for a triumph: expressing joy for success: victorious.--_adv._ TRIUM'PHANTLY.--_n._ TR[=I]'UMPHER.--_adv._ TR[=I]'UMPHINGLY, in a triumphing manner: with triumph or exultation.--TRIUMPHAL ARCH, an arch erected in connection with the triumph of a Roman general, any decorative arch in public rejoicings, &c.--CHURCH TRIUMPHANT (see CHURCH). [L. _triumphus_; akin to Gr.

_thriambos_, a hymn to Bacchus.]

TRIUMVIR, tr[=i]-um'vir, _n._ one of three men in the same office or government:--_pl._ TRIUM'VIR[=I], TRIUM'VIRS.--_adj._ TRIUM'VIRAL.--_n._ TRIUM'VIRATE (_Shak._ TRIUM'VIRY), an association of three men in office or government, or for any political ends--esp. that of Pompey, Crassus, and Caesar (60 B.C.), and that of Octavian (Augustus), Mark Antony, and Lepidus (43 B.C.): any trio or triad. [L. _trium-_, from _tres_, three, _vir_, a man.]

TRIUNE, tr[=i]'[=u]n, _adj._ being three in one.--_n._ TRI[=U]'NITY.

[Coined from L. _tri-_, root of _tres_, three, _unus_, one.]

TRIVALENT, tr[=i]'v[=a]-lent, or triv'-, _adj._ equivalent in combining or displacing power to three monad atoms.--_n._ TR[=I]'VALENCE (or triv'-).

[L. _tres_, three, _valens_, _-entis_, pr.p. of _val[)e]re_, to be strong.]

TRIVALVE, tr[=i]'valv, _adj._ having three valves.--Also TR[=I]'VALVED, TRIVAL'VULAR.

TRIVERTEBRAL, tr[=i]-ver't[=e]-bral, _adj._ composed of three vertebrae.

TRIVET, triv'et, _n._ a stool or other thing supported on three feet: a movable iron frame in a kitchen fire-grate for supporting kettles, &c.--RIGHT AS A TRIVET (_coll._), standing steadily like a tripod: perfectly right. [O. Fr. _trepied_--L. _tripes_, _tripedis_--_tres_, three, _pes_, a foot.]

TRIVIAL, triv'i-al, _adj._ that may be found anywhere, of little importance; trifling: common, vernacular.--_v.i._ TRIV'IALISE, to render paltry.--_ns._ TRIV'IALISM, a trivial matter or remark; TRIVIAL'ITY, the state or quality of being trivial: that which is trivial, a trifle.--_adv._ TRIV'IALLY.--_ns._ TRIV'IALNESS; TRIV'IUM, in medieval schools the name given to the first three liberal arts--viz. grammar, rhetoric, and logic.

[L. _trivialis_, (lit.) 'at the cross-roads or public streets'--_trivium_, a place where three ways meet--_tres_, three, _via_, a way.]

TRI-WEEKLY, tr[=i]'-w[=e]k'li, _adj._ once every three weeks: three times a week.

TROAD, tr[=o]d, _n._ (_Spens._). Same as TRODE.

TROCAR, tr[=o]'kar, _n._ a surgical instrument used for withdrawing superfluous fluid from the body. [Fr.,--_trois_, three, _carre_, side.]

TROCHANTER, tr[=o]-kan't[.e]r, _n._ a rough eminence on the outer aspect of the upper part of the thigh-bone for the insertion of various muscles which rotate the thigh outwards: the second joint of an insect's leg.--_adjs._ TROCHANT[=E]'RIAN, TROCHANTER'IC.--_n._ TROCHAN'TIN, the lesser trochanter of the femur.--_adj._ TROCHANTIN'IAN. [Gr.,--_trechein_, to run.]

TROCHE, tr[=o]'k[=e] (better tr[=o]ch or tr[=o]k), _n._ a lozenge, usually round, of some medicinal ingredients mixed into a paste with sugar and mucilage.--Also TROCHISK (tr[=o]'kisk), TROCHIS'CUS. [Gr. _trochos_, a pill.]

TROCHEE, tr[=o]'k[=e], _n._ a metrical foot of two syllables, so called from its tripping or joyous character: in Latin verse, consisting of a long and a short, as _n[=u]m[)e]n_; in English verse, of an accented and unaccented syllable, as _tri'pod_.--_n._ TROCH[=A]'IC, a trochaic verse or measure.--_adjs._ TROCH[=A]'IC, -AL, consisting of trochees. [Gr., _trochaios_ (_pous_, foot), running, tripping--_trochos_, a running--_trechein_, to run.]

TROCHIDae, trok'i-d[=e], a genus of gasteropodous molluscs, the top-shells--the typical genus TR[=O]'CHUS.--_adj._ TR[=O]'CHIFORM.

TROCHILIC, tr[=o]-kil'ik, _adj._ pertaining to rotary motion.

TROCHILUS, trok'i-lus, _n._ a genus of humming-birds. [Gr. _trochilos_.]

TROCHITE, tr[=o]'k[=i]t, _n._ one of the wheel-like joints of the stem of an encrinite.--_adj._ TROCHIT'IC.

TROCHITER, trok'i-t[.e]r, _n._ the greater tuberosity of the humerus, admitting several of the muscles of the shoulders.--_adj._ TROCHIT[=E]'RIAN.

TROCHLEA, trok'l[=e]-a, _n._ a pulley-like cartilage through which the superior oblique muscle of the eye-ball passes: in the elbow-joint, the articular surface of the lower extremity of the humerus, grasped by the greater sigmoid cavity of the ulna.--_adjs._ TROCH'L[=E]AR, shaped like a pulley; TROCH'L[=E]ARY, relating to the trochlea. [L. _trochlea_--Gr.

_trochalia_, a pulley.]

TROCHOID, tr[=o]'koid, _n._ the curve traced by a fixed point in a wheel which rolls in a right line.--_adjs._ TR[=O]'CHOID, -AL. [Gr.

_trochaeid[=e]s_, round like a wheel--_trochos_, wheel, _eidos_, form.]

TROCTOLITE, trok't[=o]-l[=i]t, _n._ a variety of Gabbro composed of white feldspar and dark olivine.

TROD, trod, _n._ (_obs._) tramp, track.--HOT TROD (_Scott_), the pursuit of moss-troopers. [_Tread_.]

TROD, TROD'DEN, _pa.t._ and _pa.p._ of _tread_.

TRODE, tr[=o]d, _n._ (_Spens._) tread, footing. [_Tread_.]

TROGGS, trogz, (_Scot._) clothes.--_n._ TROG'GIN, peddlers' goods.

TROGLODYTE, trog'l[=o]-d[=i]t, _n._ a cave-dweller.--_adjs._ TROG'LODYTE, TROGLODYT'IC, -AL, cave-dwelling.--_n._ TROG'LODYTISM. [Fr.,--Gr.

_tr[=o]glodyt[=e]s_--_tr[=o]gl[=e]_, a cave, _dyein_, to enter.]

TROGON, tr[=o]'gon, _n._ one of a family of tropical and esp. South American birds of the order _Picariae_, with brilliant plumage--the most celebrated species the Quetzal or Resplendent Trogon of Guatemala.--_adj._ TR[=O]'GONOID.

TROIC, tr[=o]'ik, _adj._ Trojan.

TROIKA, troi'ka, _n._ a Russian vehicle having three horses abreast. [Russ.

_troe_, _troi_, three.]

TROJAN, tr[=o]'jan, _adj._ pertaining to ancient _Troy_.--_n._ an inhabitant of ancient Troy: (_coll._) a plucky fellow: (_Shak._) a boon companion.

TROKE, tr[=o]k, _n._ (_Scot._) exchange: small wares: familiar intercourse.--_v.i._ to exchange, deal.--_n._ TR[=O]'KING, dealing, making petty bargains, familiar intercourse with. [_Truck_.]

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