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_tres_, three, _pes_, _pedis_, a foot.]

TRIPENNATE, tr[=i]-pen'[=a]t, _adj._ (_bot._) three-winged. [L. _tri_, _tris_, thrice, _penna_, a wing.]

TRIPERSONAL, tr[=i]-p[.e]r'sun-al, _adj._ consisting of three persons.--_ns._ TRIPER'SONALIST, a believer in the Trinity; TRIPERSONAL'ITY.

TRIPETALOUS, tr[=i]-pet'al-us, _adj._ (_bot._) having three petals or flower-leaves. [Gr. _treis_, three, _petalon_, a leaf.]

TRIPHANE, tr[=i]'f[=a]n, _n._ spodumene.

TRIPHTHONG, trif'thong, _n._ a combination of three vowels to form one sound.--_adj._ TRIPHTHONG'AL. [Gr. _treis_, three, _phthongos_, sound.]

TRIPHYLLOUS, tr[=i]-fil'us, _adj._ (_bot._) three-leaved. [Gr. _tri_, _tris_, thrice, _phyllon_, a leaf.]

TRIPHYSITE, trif'i-s[=i]t, _n._ one of a Spanish sect of the 7th century who maintained the existence of three natures in Christ--the human, the divine, and a third resulting from the union of the other two. [Gr.

_treis_, three, _physis_, nature.]

TRIPINNATE, tr[=i]-pin'[=a]t, _adj._ trebly pinnate.

TRIPITAKA, tri-pit'a-ka, _n._ the whole body of the northern Buddhist canonical writings, comprising the three divisions of _Sutras_, or discourses of the Buddha for the laity; _Vinaya_, or discipline for the order; and _Abhidharma_, or metaphysics. [Sans. _tri_, three, _pitaka_, basket.]

TRIPLE, trip'l, _adj._ consisting of three united: three times repeated: (_Shak._) third.--_v.t._ to treble.--_adjs._ TRIP'LE-CROWNED, having three crowns: wearing the triple crown, as the pope; TRIP'LE-HEAD'ED, having three heads.--_n._ TRIP'LET, three of a kind, or three united: three lines rhyming together: (_mus._) a group of three notes occupying the time of two, indicated by a slur and the figure 3: (_coll._) one of three children born at one birth.--_adj._ TRIP'LE-TURNED (_Shak._), three times faithless.--_n._ TR[=I]'PLEX, triple time in music.--_adj._ TRIP'LICATE, threefold: made thrice as much.--_n._ a third copy or thing corresponding to two others of the same kind.--_v.t._ to make threefold.--_ns._ TRIPLIC[=A]'TION, act of making threefold or adding three together; TRIPLIC'ITY, the state of being threefold: tripleness: (_Spens._) a triad: (_astrol._) the division of the signs according to the number of the elements.--_adv._ TRIP'LY.--TRIPLE ALLIANCE, the league of England, Sweden, and the Netherlands formed against France in 1668: the alliance of Britain, France, and Holland against Spain in 1717: the alliance between Germany, Austria, and Italy, formed in 1883, and directed to check French or Russian aggression; TRIPLE CROWN (_her._), see TIARA; TRIPLE TIME (_mus._), time or rhythm of three beats, or of three times three beats, in a bar.--THE TRIPLE EVENT, winning the Oaks, St Leger, and Derby. [Fr.,--L. _tri-plus_--_tri-_, _tres_, three, _-plus_, akin to Eng. _-fold_.]

TRIPOD, tr[=i]'pod, _n._ anything on three feet or legs, as a stool, &c.--_adj._ having three legs or supports.--_adj._ TRIP'ODAL. [Gr.

_tripous_, _tripodos_--_tri_, _treis_, three, _pous_, foot.]

TRIPOLI, trip'[=o]-li, _n._ a mineral substance employed in polishing metals, marble, glass, &c. [Orig. brought from _Tripoli_ in Africa.]

TRIPOS, tr[=i]'pos, _n._ a university examination for honours at Cambridge: the list of successful candidates in an honours examination at Cambridge: a tripod. [Prob. traceable to the custom by which a B.A., known as Mr _Tripos_, sat on a three-legged stool and disputed in the Philosophy School at Cambridge on Ash Wednesday, his speech being called the Tripos speech.]

TRIPPANT, trip'ant, _adj._ (_her._) represented as walking or trotting.

TRIPPING, trip'ing, _n._ the act of tripping: a light kind of dance.--_adv._ TRIPP'INGLY, in a tripping manner: with a light, quick step.--_n._ TRIPP'INGNESS.

TRIPSACUM, trip'sa-kum, _n._ a genus of American grasses, including the gama-grass.

TRIPSIS, trip'sis, _n._ pulverisation: the process of shampooing.

[Gr.,--_tribein_, to rub.]

TRIPTOTE, trip't[=o]t, _n._ a noun used in three cases only. [Fr.,--Gr.

_tript[=o]ton_--_treis_, three, _pt[=o]tos_, falling,--_piptein_, to fall.]

TRIPTYCH, trip'tik, _n._ a set of tablets consisting of three leaves, each painted with a distinct subject, but joined together by hinges, and capable of being folded so as to present a new face. [Gr. _tri_, thrice, _ptyx_, _ptychos_, a fold, a leaf--_ptyssein_, to fold.]

TRIPUDIUM, tr[=i]-p[=u]'di-um, _n._ among the Romans, a religious dance, also a mode of divination based on observation of the action of birds feeding.--_adj._ TRIP[=U]'DIARY.--_n._ TRIPUDI[=A]'TION, dancing. [L., prob. from _tres_, three, _pes_, _pedis_, foot.]

TRIQUETROUS, tr[=i]-kwet'rus, _adj._ three-sided: triangular--also TRIQUET'RAL.--_n._ TRIQUET'RA, an ornament consisting of three interlaced arcs, common in early art in northern Europe.--_adv._ TRIQUET'ROUSLY.--_n._ TRIQUET'RUM, one of the triangular Wormian bones in the lambdoid suture of the skull. [L. _tres_, three, _-quetrus_, prob. a mere formative.]

TRIRADIATE, tr[=i]-r[=a]'di-[=a]t, _adj._ radiating in three directions.--_adv._ TRIR[=A]'DIALLY.

TRIREME, tr[=i]'r[=e]m, _n._ an ancient galley--esp. a war-galley--having three banks or rows of oars. [Fr.,--L. _triremis_--_tri_, _tres_, three, _remus_, an oar.]

TRISAGION, tri-s[=a]'gi-on, _n._ a hymn used in the early and Oriental Churches, and in the Greek Church, consisting of the words 'O Holy God, holy and mighty, holy and immortal, have mercy on us.' The name is often applied erroneously to the Tersanctus. [Gr. _tris_, thrice, _hagios_, holy.]

TRISECT, tr[=i]-sekt', _v.t._ to cut or divide into three equal parts.--_n._ TRISEC'TION, the division of anything, as an angle, into three equal parts. [L. _tri_, thrice, _sec[=a]re_, _sectum_, to cut.]

TRISEME, tr[=i]'s[=e]m, _adj._ and _n._ consisting of three semeia, equal to three short syllables, as the tribrach, iambic, and trochee.--Also TRIS[=E]'MIC. [Gr. _treis_, three, _s[=e]ma_, a sign.]

TRISEPALOUS, tr[=i]-sep'al-us, _adj._ (_bot._) having three sepals.

TRISERIAL, tr[=i]-s[=e]'ri-al, _adj._ in three rows or series--also TRIS[=E]'RIATE.--_advs._ TRIS[=E]'RIALLY, in three series; TRISERI[=A]'TIM, in three rows, triserially.

TRISETUM, tr[=i]-s[=e]'tum, _n._ a genus of grasses, of the tribe _Aveneae_, mostly perennial tufted grasses with flat leaves and shining spikelets. [L.

_tres_, three, _setum_, a bristle.]

TRISINUATE, tr[=i]-sin'[=u]-[=a]t, _adj._ having three sinuses, as a margin.

TRISKELE, tris'k[=e]l, _n._ a three-armed cross, the fylfot. [Gr. _treis_, three, _skelos_, a leg.]

TRISMEGISTUS, tris-me-gis'tus, _adj._ thrice greatest, an epithet used only in 'Hermes Trismegistus,' the Greek name of the Egyptian god Thoth, originator of Egyptian culture, the god of writing, of religion, and of the arts and sciences.

TRISMUS, tris'mus, _n._ tetanic spasm of the muscles of mastication, lockjaw. [Gr.,--_trizein_, to gnash.]

TRISOCTAHEDRON, tris-ok'ta-h[=e]-dron, _n._ a solid bounded by twenty-four equal faces, three corresponding to each face of an octahedron.

TRISPERMOUS, tr[=i]-sper'mus, _adj._ three-seeded.--_n._ TRISPER'MUM, a poultice made of the crushed seeds of cummin, bay, and smallage.

TRISPLANCHNIC, tr[=i]-splangk'nik, _adj._ pertaining to the viscera of the three great cavities of the body, the cranial, thoracic, and abdominal.

[Gr. _treis_, three, _splangchna_, viscera.]

TRISPORIC, tr[=i]-spor'ik, _adj._ having three spores.--Also TRISP[=O]'ROUS.

TRISTESSE, tris-tes', _n._ (_arch._) sadness.--_adjs._ TRIST, TRIST'FUL.

(_Shak._), sad, sorrowful, gloomy.--_adv._ TRIST'FULLY. [Fr. _triste_--L.

_tristis_, sad.]

TRISTICHOUS, tris'ti-kus, _adj._ (_bot._) grouped in three rows. [Gr.

_treis_, three, _stichos_, a row.]

TRISTIGMATIC, tr[=i]-stig-mat'ik, _adj._ having three stigmas.--Also TRISTIG'MAT[=O]SE.

TRISTYLOUS, tr[=i]-st[=i]'lus, _adj._ (_bot._) having three styles.

TRISULA, tri-s[=oo]'la, _n._ the trident of Siva.--Also TRISUL'.

TRISULCATE, tr[=i]-sul'k[=a]t, _adj._ having three forks or prongs: (_bot._) having three furrows. [L. _trisulcus_--_tri_, _tris_, thrice, _sulcus_, a furrow.]

TRISYLLABLE, tr[=i]-, or tri-sil'a-bl, _n._ a word of three syllables.--_adjs._ TRISYLLAB'IC, -AL, pertaining to a trisyllable: consisting of three syllables.--_adv._ TRISYLLAB'ICALLY. [Gr. _treis_, three, _syllab[=e]_, syllable.]

TRITAGONIST, tri-tag'on-ist, _n._ the third actor in the Greek drama. [Gr.

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