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TRILABIATE, tr[=i]-l[=a]'bi-[=a]t, _adj._ three-lipped.

TRILAMINAR, tr[=i]-lam'i-nar, _adj._ having three laminae, lamellae, or layers.--Also TR[=I]LAM'INATE.

TRILATERAL, tr[=i]-lat'[.e]r-al, _adj._ having three sides.--_adv._ TRILAT'ERALLY.--_n._ TRILAT'ERALNESS. [L. _tres_, three, _latus_, side.]

TRILD, trild (_Spens._)=_Trilled_, flowed.

TRILEMMA, tr[=i]-lem'a, _n._ a dilemmatic syllogism with three alternative propositions.

TRILINEAR, tr[=i]-lin'[=e]-ar, _adj._ consisting of three lines.

TRILINGUAL, tr[=i]-ling'gwal, _adj._ consisting of three tongues or languages.--Also TRILING'UAR. [L. _tres_, three, _lingua_, tongue.]

TRILITERAL, tr[=i]-lit'[.e]r-al, _adj._ consisting of three letters.--_n._ TRILIT'ERALISM. [L. _tres_, three, _litera_, a letter.]

TRILITH, tr[=i]'lith, _n._ a form of megalithic monument consisting of two upright stones supporting another lying crosswise--also TR[=I]'LITHON.--_adj._ TRILITH'IC. [Gr. _treis_, three, _lithos_, stone.]

TRILL, tril, _v.t._ and _v.i._ to shake: to utter with a tremulous vibration, to quaver: to pronounce with a quick vibration of the tongue.--_n._ a quaver or tremulous vibration, warbling. [It. _trillare_, to shake; imit.]

TRILL, tril, _v.i._ to trickle: (_obs._) to twirl. [Scand., Sw. _trilla_, to roll.]

TRILLING, tril'ing, _n._ a compound threefold crystal: any one child of a triplet.

TRILLION, tril'yun, _n._ a million raised to the third power, or multiplied twice by itself: in France, a thousand multiplied by itself three times, a million million.--_adj._ TRILL'IONTH. [Fr.,--L. _tres_, three, Low L.

_millio_, a million.]

TRILLIUM, tril'i-um, _n._ a North American genus of low perennial herbs of the lily family--including _wake-robin_, _three-leaved nightshade_, &c.

TRILOBATE, -D, tr[=i]-l[=o]'b[=a]t, or tr[=i]'l[=o]-b[=a]t, -ed, _adj._ having three lobes.--Also TR[=I]'LOBED.

TRILOBITE, tr[=i]'l[=o]-b[=i]t, _n._ one of an order of fossil crustacea entirely confined to the Paleozoic rocks.--_adj._ TRILOBIT'IC.

TRILOCULAR, tr[=i]-lok'[=u]-lar, _adj._ three-celled.

TRILOGY, tril'[=o]-ji, _n._ the name given by the Greeks to a group of three tragedies, either connected by a common subject or each representing a distinct story--the _Oresteia_ of aeschylus, which embraces the _Agamemnon_, the _Choephoroe_, and the _Eumenides_. [Gr. _trilogia_--_tri_, _tris_, thrice, _logia_, speech--_legein_, to say.]

TRIM, trim, _adj._ in good order: nice.--_v.t._ to make trim: to put in due order: to dress: to decorate: to clip: to reduce to proper form: to arrange for sailing: to rebuke sharply, to thrash.--_v.i._ to balance or fluctuate between parties:--_pr.p._ trim'ming; _pa.t._ and _pa.p._ trimmed.--_n._ dress: ornaments: state of a ship as to sailing qualities: arrangement.--_adv._ TRIM'LY.--_ns._ TRIM'MER, one who trims: one who fluctuates between parties, a time-server: a scold: a small horizontal beam on a floor into which the ends of joists are framed: a float bearing a baited hook and line, used in fishing for pike; TRIM'MING, that which trims: ornamental parts, esp. of a garment, dish, &c.: (_pl._) fittings.--_adv._ TRIM'MINGLY.--_n._ TRIM'NESS. [A.S. _trymian_, to strengthen, set in order--_trum_, firm.]

TRIMEMBRAL, tr[=i]-mem'bral, _adj._ having three members.

TRIMENSUAL, tr[=i]-men's[=u]-al, _adj._ happening every three months--also TRIMES'TRAL, TRIMES'TRIAL.--_n._ TRIMES'TER, a period of three months.

TRIMERA, trim'e-ra, a division of beetles with tarsi three-jointed.--_adj._ TRIM'EROUS. [Gr. _treis_, three, _meros_, part.]

TRIMETER, trim'e-t[.e]r, _n._ a division of a verse consisting of three measures.--_adjs._ TRIM'ETER, TRIMET'RIC, -AL, consisting of three measures, esp. iambic. [Gr. _trimetros_--_treis_, three, _metron_, measure.]

TRIMETHYL, tr[=i]-meth'il, _adj._ containing three methyl radicals in combination.--_n._ TRIMETH'YLAMINE, an organic base resembling ammonia in some of its properties, and having a strong herring-brine odour--incorrectly called _propylamine_.

TRIMONTHLY, tr[=i]'munth-li, _adj._ every three months.

TRIMORPHISM, tr[=i]-mor'fizm, _n._ (_biol._) the existence of an organism in three distinct forms, as in certain butterflies, in the common flower _Lythrum salicaria_, &c.--_adjs._ TRIMOR'PHIC, TRIMOR'PHOUS.

TRIMURTI, tri-m[=oo]r'ti, _n._ the name of the Hindu triad, or the gods Brahma, Vishnu, and Siva when thought of as an inseparable unity, though three in form.

TRINAL, tr[=i]'nal, _adj._ threefold.--_adjs._ TR[=I]'NARY, ternary; TRINE, threefold: of three.--_n._ a triad: the aspect of two planets, as seen from the earth, distant from each other one-third of the zodiac or 120. [L.

_trinus_--_tres_, _tria_, three.]

TRINDLE, trin'dl, _n._ a piece of wood, &c., laid between the cords and boards of a book to flatten before cutting: a wheel of a barrow.--_v.i._ to roll, to trot.--_v.t._ to trundle. [A variant of _trendle_.]

TRINERVATE, tr[=i]-n[.e]r'v[=a]t, _adj._ three-nerved.--Also TR[=I]'NERVED.

TRINGA, tring'ga, _n._ a genus of sandpipers, of family _Scolopacidae_--containing the knot, &c.--_adjs._ TRIN'GINE, TRIN'GOID.

TRINGLE, tring'gl, _n._ a rod on which the rings of a curtain run: a small moulding of rectangular cross-section, in a Doric triglyph, &c.: a strip of wood at the edge of a gun-platform to turn the recoil of the truck. [Fr.]

TRINITY, trin'i-ti, _n._ the union of three in one Godhead: the persons of the Godhead: any symbolical representation of the persons of the Trinity.--_adj._ TRINIT[=A]'RIAN, pertaining to the Trinity, or to the doctrine of the Trinity.--_n._ one who holds the doctrine of the Trinity: a member of the Trinitarian order.--_n._ TRINIT[=A]'RIANISM, the tenets of TRINIT[=A]'RIANS, a religious order founded at Rome in 1198 to redeem Christian captives from the infidels--also _Mathurins_ and _Redemptionists_.--_ns._ TRIN'ITY-HOUSE, a corporation entrusted with the regulation and management of the lighthouses and buoys of the shores and rivers of England, and with the licensing and appointing of pilots for the English coast, founded at Deptford in 1518; TRIN'ITY-SUN'DAY, the Sunday next after Whitsunday, the Festival of the Holy Trinity; TRIN'ITY-TERM, formerly one of the fixed terms of the English law-courts that commenced on Friday next after Trinity Sunday. [L. _trinitas_, three--_trini_, three each--_tres_, three.]

TRINKET, tring'ket, _n._ a small ornament for the person: anything of little value.--_v.i._ to deal in a mean and underhand way: to intrigue.--_ns._ TRINK'ETER, a mean intriguer; TRINK'ETRY, trinkets collectively. [Skeat suggests that M. E. _trenket_, _trynket_, may be from an O. Fr. _trenquer_, to cut, a by-form of _trencher_, to cut.]

TRINKET, tring'ket, _n._ a vessel to drink out of. [Prob. conn. somehow with preceding.]

TRINKET, tring'ket, _n._ a topsail. [O. Fr. _trinquet_--L. _triquetrus_, three-cornered.]

TRINKLE, tringk'l, a Scotch form of _trickle_: also a form of _tinkle_.

TRINOCTIAL, tr[=i]-nok'shal, _adj._ comprising three nights.

TRINODAL, tr[=i]-n[=o]'dal, _adj._ having three nodes or joints.

TRINOMIAL, tr[=i]-n[=o]'mi-al, _adj._ (_math._) consisting of three names or terms connected by the sign plus or minus.--_n._ a trinomial quantity.--_ns._ TRIN[=O]'MIALISM; TRIN[=O]'MIALIST; TRINOMIAL'ITY.--_adj._ TRIN[=O]'MIALLY. [L. _tres_, three, _nomen_, name.]

TRIO, tr[=e]'o, or tr[=i]'o, _n._ three united: (_mus._) a composition for three performers. [It.,--L. _tres_, three.]

TRIODION, tr[=i]-[=o]'di-on, _n._ a book of Greek offices for the services from the Sunday before Septuagesima to Easter. [Gr. _treis_, three, _hodos_, a way.]

TRIOLET, tr[=e]'[=o]-let, _n._ a stanza of eight lines on two rhymes--the 1st, 3d, 4th, and 5th lines rhyming, as also the 2d and 6th. Again, the words of the 1st, 4th, and 7th lines are the same, while the 7th and 8th repeat the first two. [Fr.]

TRIONES, tr[=i]-[=o]'n[=e]z, a name applied to the seven principal stars in the constellation Ursa Major. [L.]

TRIONYM, tr[=i]'[=o]-nim, _n._ a name consisting of three terms.--_adj._ TRION'YMAL.

TRIP, trip, _v.i._ to move with short, light steps: to stumble and fall: to err, to go wrong, to make a slip in chastity: to fail.--_v.t._ to cause to stumble by striking one's feet from under him (with _up_): to overthrow by taking away support: to catch: to catch in a fault: to loosen, as an anchor, from the bottom, by a long rope: to turn, as a yard, from a horizontal to a vertical position: to fold in the middle, as a deep stage-drop: to strike against:--_pr.p._ trip'ping; _pa.t._ and _pa.p._ tripped.--_n._ a light, short step: a catch by which an antagonist is thrown: one of the points in coursing, when the hare is thrown off its legs: a false step: a mistake: a short voyage or journey, a jaunt.--_ns._ TRIP'-BOOK, a book in which the records and accounts of the trip of a fishing-boat are made up and kept: TRIP'-HAMM'ER, a large hammer used in forges, a tilt-hammer; TRIP'PER, a cheap excursionist, a tourist doing a certain round: one who stumbles or who makes another stumble; TRIP'-SLIP (_U.S._), a strip of paper on which a car-conductor must punch a hole when a fare is taken. [M. E. _trippen_; cog. with Dut. _trippen_, _trappen_, to tread upon, _trippelen_, to trip, Sw. _trippa_, to trip.]

TRIPARTITE, trip'ar-t[=i]t, or tr[=i]-par't[=i]t, _adj._ divided into three parts: having three corresponding parts: relating to three parties.--_adv._ TRIP'ARTITELY.--_n._ TRIPARTI'TION, a division into three. [L. _ter_, thrice, _partitus_, pa.p. of _part[=i]ri_, to divide--_pars_, a part.]

TRIPE, tr[=i]p, _n._ entrails: parts of the compound stomach of a ruminant, esp. of sheep or horned cattle, prepared as food--the parts used being the paunch or rumen (yielding _plain tripe_), and the smaller reticulum (yielding _honeycomb tripe_).--_ns._ TRIPE'MAN, one who prepares tripe or who hawks it about; TR[=I]'PERY, a place for the preparation or sale of tripe.--TRIPE DE ROCHE, a name originally given to various species of lichens of the genera _Gyrophora_ and _Umbilicaria_, nutritious though bitter, nauseous, and purgative. [Celt.; Ir., _triopas_, W. _tripa_.]

TRIPEDAL, trip'e-dal, or tr[=i]'ped-al, _adj._ having three feet. [L.

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