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TOFORE, t[=oo]-f[=o]r', _adv._, _prep._ (_Shak._) before: formerly. [A.S.


TOFT, toft, _n._ a hillock: a messuage with right of common.--_ns._ TOFT'MAN; TOFT'STEAD. [Ice.]

TOG, tog, _n._ (_slang_) a garment--generally in _pl._--_v.t._ to dress.--_n._ TOG'GERY, Long'-togs (_naut._), shore clothes. [Prob. through Fr. from L. _toga_, a robe.]

TOGA, t[=o]'ga, _n._ the mantle or outer garment of a Roman citizen.--_adjs._ TOG[=A]'TED, T[=O]'GED, dressed in a toga or gown.--_n._ TOGE (_Shak._), a robe.--TOGA PRaeTEXTA, the purple-hemmed toga worn by curule magistrates and censors, and by freeborn boys till fourteen; TOGA VIRILIS, the garb of manhood, put on by boys at fourteen.

[L.,--_teg[)e]re_, to cover.]

TOGETHER, t[=oo]-geth'[.e]r, _adv._ gathered to one place: in the same place, time, or company: in or into union: in concert. [A.S.

_togaedere_--_to_, to, _geador_, together.]


TOGGLE, tog'l, _n._ (_naut._) a short bar of wood, tapering from the middle towards each end, placed in an eye at the end of a rope, to keep the end from passing through a loop or knot: an appliance for transmitting force at right angles to its direction.--_v.t._ to fix like a toggle-iron: to fix fast.--_ns._ TOGG'LE-[=I]'RON, a whaler's harpoon with movable blade instead of barbs; TOGG'LE-JOINT, an elbow or knee joint. [Conn. with _tug_ and _tow_.]

TOGUE, t[=o]g, _n._ the mackinaw or great lake-trout.

TOHO, t[=o]-h[=o]', _interj._ a call to pointers to stop.

TOHU BOHU, t[=o]'h[=oo] b[=o]'h[=oo], _n._ chaos. [From the Heb. words in Gen. i. 2, 'without form' and 'void.']

TOIL, toil, _n._ a net or snare. [O. Fr. _toile_, cloth--L. _tela_, from _tex[)e]re_, to weave.]

TOIL, toil, _v.i._ to labour: to work with fatigue.--_n._ labour, esp. of a fatiguing kind.--_n._ TOIL'ER.--_adjs._ TOIL'FUL, TOIL'SOME, full of fatigue: wearisome; TOIL'LESS.--_adv._ TOIL'SOMELY.--_n._ TOIL'SOMENESS.--_adj._ TOIL'-WORN, worn out with toil. [O. Fr. _touiller_, to entangle; of dubious origin--prob., acc. to Skeat, from a freq. form of Old High Ger. _zucchen_ (Ger. _zucken_), to twitch; cf. Old High Ger.

_zocchon_, to pull, _zogon_, to tear; all derivatives from Old High Ger.

_zihan_ (Ger. _ziehen_), to pull.]

TOILE, twol, _n._ cloth.--_n._ TOILINET', -TE', a fabric with silk and cotton chain and woollen filling: a kind of German quilting. [Fr.]

TOILET, TOILETTE, toil'et, _n._ a dressing-table with a mirror: also a cover for such a table: the whole articles used in dressing: mode or operation of dressing: the whole dress and appearance of a person, any particular costume.--_ns._ TOIL'ET-CLOTH, -COV'ER, a cover for a dressing-table.--_adj._ TOIL'ETED, dressed.--_ns._ TOIL'ET-GLASS, a mirror set on the dressing-table; TOIL'ET-SET, -SERV'ICE, the utensils collectively used in dressing; TOIL'ET-SOAP, a fine kind of soap made up in cakes; TOIL'ET-T[=A]'BLE, a dressing-table.--MAKE ONE'S TOILET, to dress.

[Fr. _toilette_, dim. of _toile_, cloth; cf. _Toil_ (1).]

TOISE, toiz, _n._ an old French lineal measure=6.395 Eng. feet. [Fr.,--L.

_tend[)e]re_, _tensum_, to stretch.]

TOISON, toi'zon, _n._ the fleece of a sheep.--TOISON D'OR, the golden fleece. [Fr.,--Low L. _tonsion-em_--L. _tond[=e]re_, to shear.]

TOIT, toit, _n._ (_prov._) a cushion.

TOKAY, t[=o]-k[=a]', _n._ a sweetish and heavy wine with an aromatic flavour, produced at _Tokay_ in Hungary: a variety of grape.

TOKEN, t[=o]'kn, _n._ a mark: something representing another thing or event: a sign: a memorial of friendship: a coin issued by a private person or civic authority redeemable in current money: in old Presbyterian use, a voucher of lead or tin, inscribed with the name of the church or parish, admitting a qualified communicant to the celebration of the Lord's Supper: a measure of press-work, 250 impressions on one form: a thin bed of coal showing the vicinity of a thicker seam.--_v.t._ (_obs._) to set a mark upon.--BY THE SAME TOKEN, further in corroboration; MORE BY TOKEN (see MORE). [A.S. _tacen_; Ger. _zeichen_, a mark.]

TOLA, t[=o]'la, _n._ the Indian unit of weight=180 grains troy. [Hind.]

TOLD, t[=o]ld, _pa.t._ and _pa.p._ of _tell_.

TOLE, TOLL, t[=o]l, _v.t._ to draw as with a lure, to attract, entice.--_ns._ T[=O]'LING, T[=O]'LLING, the use of toll-bait to allure fish: a method of decoying ducks. [See _Toll_ (1).]

TOLEDO, t[=o]-l[=e]'d[=o], _n._ a sword-blade made at _Toledo_ in Spain.--_adj._ TOL'LETAN, of Toledo. [L. _Toletum_.]

TOLERABLE, tol'[.e]r-a-bl, _adj._ that may be tolerated or endured: moderately good or agreeable: not contemptible.--_ns._ TOLERABIL'ITY, TOL'ERABLENESS.--_adv._ TOL'ERABLY.--_n._ TOL'ERANCE, the tolerating or enduring of offensive persons or opinions, charity, patience, indulgence.--_adj._ TOL'ERANT, tolerating: enduring: indulgent: favouring toleration.--_adv._ TOL'ERANTLY.--_v.t._ TOL'ER[=A]TE, to bear: to endure: to allow by not hindering.--_ns._ TOLER[=A]'TION, act of tolerating: allowance of what is not approved: liberty given to a minority to hold and express their own political or religious opinions, and to be admitted to the same civil privileges as the majority; TOLER[=A]'TIONIST; TOL'ERATOR.

[L. _toler[=a]re_, _-[=a]tum_, from _toll[)e]re_, to lift up.]

TOLL, t[=o]l, _n._ a tax for the liberty of passing over a bridge or road, selling goods in a market, &c.: a portion of grain taken by a miller for grinding.--_v.t._ (_Shak._) to exact as a tribute.--_adj._ TOLL'ABLE, subject to toll.--_ns._ TOLL'AGE, payment of toll: the amount paid as toll; TOLL'BAR, a movable bar across a road, &c., to stop passengers liable to toll; TOLL'BOOTH, a booth where tolls are collected; TOLL'BRIDGE, a bridge where toll is taken; TOLL'DISH, a dish for measuring the toll in mills; TOLL'ER, TOLL'-GATH'ERER; TOLL'GATE, a gate where toll is taken; TOLL'HOUSE, the house of a toll-gatherer; TOLL'MAN, the man who collects toll: a toll-gatherer; TOL'SEY (_obs._), a tollbooth: an exchange. [A.S.

_tol_, _toll_; cf. Dut. _tol_, Ger. _zoll_; and _tell_, to count.]

TOLL, t[=o]l, _v.i._ to sound, as a large bell, esp. with a measured sound, as a funeral bell.--_v.t._ to cause to sound, as a bell: to strike, or signal by striking.--_n._ the sound of a bell when tolling.--_n._ TOLL'ER.

[M. E. _tollen_, to pull--A.S. _tyllan_, in _for-tyllan_, to allure.]

TOLL, t[=o]l, _v.t._ (_law_) to take, annul. [L. _toll[)e]re_, to take away.]

TOL-LOL, tol-lol', _adj._ (_slang_) pretty good.--_adj._ TOL-LOL'ISH, tolerable.

TOLT, t[=o]lt, _n._ an old English writ removing a court-baron cause to a county-court. [O. Fr. _tolte_--Low L. _tolta_--L. _toll[)e]re_, to take away.]

TOLTEC, tol'tek, _n._ a member of the earlier race who occupied Mexico, their power passing later into the hands of the Aztecs.--_adj._ TOL'TECAN.

TOLTER, tol't[.e]r, _v.i._ (_prov._) to flounder about.

TOLU, t[=o]'l[=u], _n._ Tolu balsam, yielded by _Myroxylon Toluifera_, a native of Venezuela, Ecuador, and Brazil, employed in medicine and perfumery.--_n._ TOL'[=U][=E]NE, methyl benzene.--_adj._ TOL'[=U]IC. [From Santiago de _Tolu_ in Columbia.]

TOM, tom, _n._ a dim. of _Thomas_--used generically for man in 'tomfool,'

&c.: a male, esp. a male cat: (_prov._) a close-stool.--_ns._ TOM'-AND-JER'RY, a drink of hot rum and eggs, spiced and sweetened; TOM'-TROT, a toffee made with treacle, sugar, and butter.--TOM, DICK, AND HARRY, any persons taken at random.--LONG TOM, a long gun, as distinguished from a carronade, a gun carried amidships on a swivel-carriage.

TOMAHAWK, tom'a-hawk, _n._ a light war-hatchet of the North American Indians, either wielded or thrown.--_v.t._ to cut or kill with a tomahawk.

[The Indian name.]

TOMALLEY, to-mal'i, _n._ the so-called liver of the lobster.--Also TOMALL'Y. [Prob. _tourmalin_, from the greenish colour.]

TOMAN, t[=o]-man', _n._ a Persian gold coin worth 7s. 2d.--Also TOMAUN'.


TOMATO, t[=o]-ma't[=o], or t[=o]-m[=a]'t[=o], _n._ the pulpy edible fruit of a plant of the Nightshade family (_Solanaceae_), or the plant itself, native to South America, but now much cultivated in Europe--earlier called the 'love-apple':--_pl._ TOMA'TOES. [Sp. _tomate_--Mex. _tomate_.]

TOMB, t[=oo]m, _n._ a pit or vault in the earth, in which a dead body is placed: a tombstone.--_adjs._ TOMB'IC; TOMB'LESS, without a tomb.--_n._ TOMB'STONE, a stone erected over a tomb to preserve the memory of the dead.

[Fr. _tombe_--L. _tumba_--Gr. _tymbos_.]

TOMBAC, tom'bak, _n._ a name given to an alloy of copper and zinc like Prince's metal, or to an alloy of copper and arsenic.--Also TOM'BAK. [Malay _t[=a]mbaga_, copper.]

TOMBOC, tom'bok, _n._ a Javanese long-handled weapon.

TOMBOLA, tom'b[=o]-la, _n._ a kind of lottery game played in France and the southern United States. [It.,--_tombolare_, to tumble.]

TOMBOY, tom'boi, _n._ a wild romping girl, a hoyden: (_Shak._) a strumpet.

[_Tom_ and _boy_.]

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