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TICK, tik, _n._ the case or cover in which feathers, &c., are put for bedding.--_ns._ TICK'EN, TICK'ING, the cloth of which ticks are made. [L.

_theca_---Gr. _th[=e]k[=e]_, a case--_tith[=e]mi_, I put.]

TICK, tik, _v.i._ to make a small, quick noise: to beat, as a watch.--_ns._ TICK'ER, anything which ticks, a watch; TICK'-TACK, a noise like that made by a clock: (_Shak._) a game somewhat like backgammon--_adv._ with a recurring ticking sound. [Imit.; cf. Ger. _ticken_.]

TICK, tik, _v.i._ to get or give credit.--_n._ credit: trust.--_n._ TICK'-SHOP, a shop where goods are given on credit.--BUY ON TICK, to buy on credit. [_Ticket_.]

TICK, tik, _v.i._ to touch lightly.--_n._ a tap or light touch: a slight speck.--_adj._ TICKED, speckled.--_v.t._ TICK'LE, to touch lightly and cause to laugh: to please by slight gratification.--_v.i._ to feel titillation or tickling.--_ns._ TICK'LER; TICK'LING. [_Tickle_ is a dim. of _tick_, to touch lightly, M. E. _teck_, a touch; Dut. _tik_.]

TICKET, tik'et, _n._ a marked card: a token of any right or debt, as for admission, &c.: a list of candidates put forward by a party for election: (_obs._) a visiting-card.--_v.t._ to mark by a ticket.--_ns._ TICK'ET-DAY, the day before settling day on the Stock Exchange; TICK'ET-OF-LEAVE, a license to be at large, granted to a convict for good conduct; TICK'ET-POR'TER, a licensed porter wearing a badge or ticket; COU'PON-TICK'ET (see COUPON); STRAIGHT'-TICKET, a ticket bearing the names of the nominees of a political party, and them only.--SEASON TICKET, a ticket entitling the holder to admission to lectures, &c., or to travel between certain places on a line of railway, for a certain specified period; THE TICKET, the correct thing. [Short for O. Fr. _etiquet_, a label, from Teut.; Ger. _stecken_, to stick.]

TICKLE, tik'l, _adj._ (_Spens._) uncertain, insecure: (_Shak._) tottering, insecure, easily tickled, ticklish.--_n._ TICK'LER, something difficult, a puzzle: a banker's memorandum-book: a dram of spirits.--_adj._ TICK'LISH, easily tickled: easily affected: nice: critical.--_adv._ TICK'LISHLY.--_n._ TICK'LISHNESS.--_adj._ TICK'LY, ticklish.--_n._ TICKLY-BEND'ER, risky ice that bends under a skater: (_pl._) any game, as tag, played on such ice.

[M. E. _tikel_, unstable, _tikelen_, freq. of _tick_, to touch lightly.]

TID, tid, _n._ (_Scot._) fit time or condition.


TIDDLE, tid'l, _v.t._ to fondle--also TID'DER.--_v.i._ to potter, trifle.

TIDDLYWINK, tid'ly-wingk, _n._ (_prov._) an unlicensed pawn-shop or TIDD'LEDYWINKS, a parlour-game in which small discs of ivory, &c., are snapped from the level of the table into a cup in the centre of it--also TIDD'LY-WINKS.

TIDDY, tid'i, _n._ (_prov._) the European wren.

TIDE, t[=i]d, _n._ time: season: the regular flux and reflux or rhythmic ebb and flow of the sea: course: a tide, time, or season, a feast-day, festival, a certain time, a day of twelve hours: commotion: turning-point.--_v.t._ to drive with the stream.--_v.i._ to pour a tide or flood: to work in or out of a river or harbour with the tide.--_adj._ T[=I]'DAL, pertaining to tides: flowing and ebbing periodically.--_ns._ TIDE'-GATE, a gate through which the water flows into a basin or dock with the tide, and which is shut to keep it from flowing out again when the tide ebbs: a place where the tide runs with great velocity; TIDE'-GAUGE, an instrument for registering the state of the tide continuously.--_adj._ TIDE'LESS, having no tides.--_ns._ TIDE'-LOCK, a lock placed between an entrance-basin and a harbour, canal, or river, and furnished with double gates, so that vessels can pass either out or in at all times of the tide; TIDE'MILL, a mill moved by tide-water: a mill for clearing lands of tide-water; TIDES'-MAN, TIDE'-WAIT'ER, an officer who waits the arrival of vessels, to secure the payment of the duties: one who watches public opinion before declaring his own; TIDE'-T[=A]'BLE, a table giving the time of high-tide at any place; TIDE'-WA'TER, the water of the portion of a river affected by the tide, the seaboard; TIDE'-WAVE, the great wave which follows the apparent motion of the moon; TIDE'-WAY, the channel in which the tide sets; NEAP'-TIDE (see Neap); SPRING'-TIDE (see SPRING).--TIDE OVER, to surmount difficulties, for the time at least, by favourable accidents or by skill. [A.S. _tid_; Dut. _tijd_, Ger. _zeit_.]

TIDINGS, t[=i]'dingz, news: intelligence. [Ice. _tiindi_--_ti_, time; cf. Ger. _zeit-ung_, news, from _zeit_.]

TIDY, t[=i]'di, _adj._ neat: in good order: fairly large: (_coll._) comfortable.--_n._ a cover for chairs, &c.: a child's pinafore.--_v.t._ to make neat: to put in good order:--_pa.t._ and _pa.p._ t[=i]'died.--_adv._ T[=I]'DILY, in a tidy manner.--_n._ TI'DINESS, state or quality of being tidy: neatness.--TID'IVATE (_coll._) (see TITIVATE). [M. E. _tidy_, seasonable--_tid_, _tide_, time: Ger. _zeitig_.]

TIE, t[=i], _v.t._ to bind: to fasten with a cord: to unite: to constrain: (_mus._) to unite notes with a tie: to score equally with: to bind with a ligature.--_v.i._ to make an exactly equal number of points with:--_pr.p._ ty'ing; _pa.t._ and _pa.p._ tied (t[=i]d).--_n._ a knot, bow, &c.: a bond: something for tying: a necktie: a member fastening parts together, one of a set of timbers laid crosswise: an equality in numbers, as of votes, or of points in a game: (_mus._) a curved line drawn over two or more notes on the same degree of the stave, signifying that the second note is not to be sounded separately, but is to sustain the first.--_ns._ TIE'-BEAM, a beam resting on the walls and stretching across, keeping the rafters fast; T[=I]'ER, one who ties: a child's apron; TIE'-ROD, a rod serving as a tie between two pieces; TIE'-WIG, a court-wig tied with ribbon at the back.--PLAY OFF A TIE, to take part in a final contest to decide a tie in a game. [M. E. _teyen_--_teye_, a band--A.S. _teag_, _teah_, _tge_, a rope.]

TIER, t[=e]r, _n._ a row or rank, especially when several rows are placed one above another. [Fr. _tire_--_tirer_, to draw.]

TIERCE, t[=e]rs, _n._ a cask containing one-third of a pipe--that is, 42 gallons: a sequence of three cards of the same colour: (_mus._) a third: a thrust, in fencing: (_her._) a field tripartitely divided in three different tinctures: the third hour of the day, or the office of that hour, the terce.--_ns._ TIER'CERON (_archit._), in vaulting, a rib springing from the intersection of two other ribs; TIER'CET, a stanza of three rhymed verses, a triplet. [O. Fr. _tiers_, _tierce_--L. _tertia (pars)_, a third (part)--_tres_, three.]

TIERCEL, t[=e]rs'el, _n._ a male hawk.--Also TIERCE'LET. [O. Fr.

_tiercelet_--_tiers_, _tierce_, third.]

TIERS eTAT, ty[=a]rz [=a]-ta', _n._ the third estate of the realm, the common people in relation to political power. See ESTATE. [Fr.]

TIFF, tif, _v.t._ to sip, quaff.--_n._ a dram.

TIFF, tif, _v.t._ (_obs._) to dress, trick out. [O. Fr. _tiffer_, _atiffer_, to adorn; of Teut. origin.]

TIFF, tif, _v.i._ to be in a pet---n: a display of irritation, a pet, huff.--Also TIFT. [Orig. a _sniff_. Norw. _tev_, a drawing in of the breath, _teva_, to sniff.]

TIFFANY, tif'a-ni, _n._ a silk-like gauze.--_adj._ made of tiffany, transparent. [_Tiff_, to adorn.]

TIFFIN, tif'in, _n._ the East Indian name for luncheon.--_v.i._ TIFF, to take lunch--TIFF'IN is less correct. [From Prov. Eng. _tiff_, a draught of beer.]

TIG, tig, _n._ a game in which one tries to tag or touch another.

TIG, tig, _n._ an old four-handed drinking-cup.

TIGE, t[=i]zh, _n._ a stalk: the shaft of a column. [Fr.--L. _tibia_, a pipe.]

TIGELLUS, tij-el'us, _n._ the internode of a stem. [Fr.]

TIGER, t[=i]'g[.e]r, _n._ a fierce and rapacious feline quadruped, nearly as large as a lion: the jaguar: a servant in livery who rides with his master: a swaggering bully, a low ruffian: (_U.S._) one more cheer after a round of cheers: a tiger-beetle:--_fem._ T[=I]'GRESS.--_ns._ TI'GER-BEE'TLE, a cicindela; T[=I]'GER-CAT, a wild-cat: the margay, ocelot, and serval; T[=I]'GER-FLOW'ER, a Mexican plant cultivated in flower-gardens for its streaked flowers.--_adjs._ T[=I]'GER-FOOT'ED (_Shak._), hastening to devour, fierce and rapacious; T[=I]'GERISH, like a tiger in disposition.--_ns._ T[=I]'GERISM; T[=I]'GER-LIL'Y, a species of lily with spotted flowers; T[=I]'GER-MOTH, any one of the _Arctiidae_, whose larvae are called woolly bears; T[=I]'GER-WOLF, a name given to the spotted hyena and to the Thylacine.--_adj._ T[=I]'GRINE, like a tiger. [Fr. _tigre_--L.

_tigris_--Gr. _tigris_--Zend. _tighri_, an arrow, whence the river Tigris.]

TIGHT, t[=i]t, _adj._ close: compact: rigid: hampered from want of money: snug, trim: not leaky: fitting closely, also too closely: scarce, not easily obtainable: (_coll._) unwilling to part with money: tipsy: not loose or free in treatment.--_v.t._ TIGHT'EN, to make tight or tighter: to straiten.--_v.i._ to grow tight or tighter.--_n._ TIGHT'ENER, one who, or that which, tightens: (_anat._) a tensor: (_slang_) a heavy meal.--_adv._ TIGHT'LY.--_ns._ TIGHT'NESS; TIGHT'ROPE, a tightly-stretched rope on which rope-dancers TIGHTS, a garment often of silk, closely fitting the body, or at least the legs, worn by acrobats, dancers, &c.

[Scand., Ice. _eitr_; cf. Dan. _taet_, Dut. _digt_, Ger. _dicht_.]

TIGHT, t[=i]t (_Spens._), _pa.t._ and _pa.p._ of _tie_.

TIKE, t[=i]k, _n._ (_Shak._) a dog, a cur, a boor: an uncouth fellow: a Yorkshireman. [Ice. _tik_, a bitch.]

TILBURY, til'ber-i, _n._ a kind of gig for two. [Said to be so named from its first maker.]

TILDE, til'd[=e], _n._ the diacritical sign over _n_ in Spanish--thus _n_.

[Sp.,--L. _titulus_, a title.]

TILE, t[=i]l, _n._ a piece of baked clay used for covering roofs, floors, &c.: a tube or pipe of baked clay used in drains: (_slang_) a tall cylindrical silk hat.--_v.t._ to cover with tiles: to drain by means of tiles: to secure against the intrusion of unauthorised persons by placing a person at the door of a lodge or close meeting.--_ns._ T[=I]'LER, one who makes or who lays tiles: the keeper of the door in a Freemasons'

lodge--also TY'LER; TILE'-RED, a brownish-red, the colour of baked tiles; T[=I]'LERY, a place where tiles are made; TILE'-STONE, a tile: (_pl._, _geol._) the uppermost group of the Silurian period, consisting of a reddish, thin-bedded, slightly micaceous sandstone; T[=I]'LING, a roof of tiles: tiles in general.--DUTCH TILES, enamelled earthenware tiles, usually blue, with scriptural subjects, for chimney pieces, &c. [A.S. _tigele_--L.

_tegula_--_teg[)e]re_, to cover.]

TILIACEae, til-i-[=a]'se-[=e], a natural order of exogenous trees and shrubs, mostly native to the tropics--the linden family. [L. _tilia_, a lime-tree.]

TILKA, til'ka, _n._ the caste-mark on the forehead of Hindus. [Sans.]

TILL, til, _n._ a money-box or drawer in a desk, counter, or trunk. [M. E.

_tillen_, to draw out--A.S. _tyllan_, in _for-tyllan_, to draw aside.]

TILL, til, _prep._ to the time of.--_adv._ to the time when: to the degree that. [Old Northumbrian _til_--Scand., Ice. _til_.]

TILL, til, _v.t._ to cultivate.--_adj._ TILL'ABLE, arable.--_ns._ TILL'AGE, act or practice of tilling: husbandry: a place tilled; TILL'ER; TILL'ING.

[A.S. _tilian_, to till--_til_, good, a limit; Ger. _zielen_, to arrange.]

TILL, til, _n._ the usual name in Scotland for _Boulder-clay_, a widely-distributed stony clay, usually tough and hard, unquestionably the result of glaciation, probably being merely the bottom-moraine or ground-moraine of extinct glaciers.

TILLANDSIA, ti-land'zi-a, _n._ a genus of mainly epiphytic plants of the pine-apple family (_Bromeliaceae_). [From the Swedish botanist, _Tillands_.]

TILLER, til'[.e]r, _n._ the handle or lever for turning a rudder.--_ns._ TILL'ER-CHAIN, -ROPE, the chain or rope uniting the fore-end of the tiller with the steering-wheel. [M. E. _tillen_, to draw out--A.S. _tyllan_. Cf.

_Till_ (1).]

TILLY-VALLY, til'i-val'i, _n._ (_Shak._) an expression of contempt at what has been said.--Also TILL'IE-VALL'IE.

TILT, tilt, _n._ the canvas covering of a cart or wagon: an awning in a boat.--_v.t._ to cover with an awning. [A.S. _teld_--_teldan_, to cover; cog. with Ger. _zelt_.]

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