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TENDER, ten'd[.e]r, _v.t._ to stretch out or offer for acceptance, esp. to offer to supply certain commodities for a certain period at rates specified.--_n._ an offer or proposal, esp. of some service, also the paper containing it: the thing offered, the actual production and formal offer of a sum due in legal money, or an offer of services to be performed, in order to save the consequences of non-payment or non-performance.

TENDER, ten'd[.e]r, _adj._ soft, delicate: easily impressed or injured: not hardy: fragile: weak and feeble: easily moved to pity, love, &c.: careful not to injure (with _of_): unwilling to cause pain: apt to cause pain: pathetic, expressive of the softer passions: compassionate, loving, affectionate: young and inexperienced: weakly in health: delicate, requiring careful handling: quick, keen: apt to lean over under sail.--_n._ TEN'DER-FOOT, one not yet hardened to life in the prairie, mining-camp, &c.: a new-comer.--_adj._ TEN'DER-HEART'ED, full of feeling.--_adv._ TEN'DER-HEART'EDLY.--_n._ TEN'DER-HEART'EDNESS.--_adj._ TEN'DER-HEFT'ED (_Shak._), having great tenderness.--_ns._ TEN'DERLING, one too much coddled, an effeminate fellow: one of the first horns of a deer; TEN'DER-LOIN, the tenderest part of the loin of beef, pork, &c., lying close to the ventral side of the lumbar vertebrae.--_adv._ TEN'DERLY.--_n._ TEN'DERNESS. [Fr. _tendre_--L. _tener_, allied to _tenuis_, thin.]

TENDON, ten'don, _n._ the white fibrous tissue reaching from the end of a muscle to bone or some other structure which is to serve as a fixed attachment for it, or which it is intended to move--_funicular_, as the long tendon of the biceps muscle of the arm; _fascicular_, as the short tendon of that muscle, and as most tendons generally; _aponeurotic_, tendinous expansions, as the tendons of the abdominal muscles--L.

TEN'DO:--_pl._ TEN'DINES.--_adj._ TEN'DINOUS, consisting of, containing, or resembling tendons: full of tendons: sinewy.--_ns._ TENOG'RAPHY, the description of tendons; TENOL'OGY, that part of anatomy which relates to tendons; TENOT'OMY, the surgical operation of dividing a tendon. [Fr.

_tendon_--L. _tend[)e]re_, to stretch; cf. Gr. _ten[=o]n_--_teinein_, to stretch.]

TENDRIL, ten'dril, _n._ a slender, spiral shoot of a plant by which it attaches itself for support.--_adj._ clasping or climbing.--_adj._ TEN'DRILLED. [O. Fr. _tendrillons_, _tendre_--L. _tener_, tender.]

TENEBROUS, ten'e-brus, _adj._ dark: gloomy--also TEN' TENEBRae (ten'e-br[=e]), an office held by Roman Catholics on Good Friday and the preceding two days, consisting of the matins and lauds of the following day. During it the church is gradually darkened by the putting out of all the candles but one, which for a time (as a symbol of our Lord's death and burial) is hidden at the Epistle corner of the altar.--_adj._ TENEBRIF'IC, producing darkness.--_ns._ T[=E]NEB'RIO, a genus of beetles, including the meal-worm; TENEBROS'ITY, darkness. [L.

_tenebrosus_--_tenebrae_, darkness.]

TENEMENT, ten'e-ment, _n._ anything held, or that may be held, by a tenant: a dwelling or habitation, or part of it, used by one family: one of a set of apartments in one building, each occupied by a separate family.--_adjs._ TENEMENT'AL; TENEMENT'ARY.

TENENDUM, t[=e]-nen'dum, _n._ that clause in a deed wherein the tenure of the land is defined and limited. [L., neut. of _tenendus_, ger. of _ten[=e]re_, to hold.]

TENESMUS, t[=e]-nes'mus, _n._ the term applied in medicine to a straining and painful effort to relieve the bowels when no faecal matter is present in the rectum, the effort being caused by some adjacent source of irritation.--_adj._ TENES'MIC.

TENET, ten'et, _n._ any opinion, principle, or doctrine which a person holds or maintains as true. [L. _tenet_, he holds--_ten[=e]re_, to hold.]

TENFOLD, ten'f[=o]ld, _adj._ ten times folded: ten times more.


TENNe, te-n[=a]', _n._ (_her._) an orange-brown tincture. [_Tawny_.]

TENNER, ten'[.e]r, _n._ (_slang_) a ten-pound note.

TENNIS, ten'is, _n._ an ancient game for two to four persons, played with ball and rackets within a building specially constructed for the purpose: lawn-tennis (q.v.), a modern imitation of the former.--_ns._ TENN'IS-BALL, a ball used in the game of tennis; TENN'IS-COURT, a place or court for playing at tennis. [Skeat suggests O. Fr. _tenies_, pl. of _tenie_, a fillet--L. _taenia_.]

TENON, ten'un, _n._ a projection at the end of a piece of wood inserted into the socket or mortise of another, to hold the two together.--_v.t._ to fit with tenons.--_ns._ TEN'ONER, a machine for forming tenons; TEN'ON-SAW, a thin back-saw for tenons, &c. [Fr. _tenon_--_tenir_, to hold--L.


TENOR, ten'ur, _n._ continuity of state: general run or currency: purport: the higher of the two kinds of voices usually belonging to adult males: the part next above the bass in a vocal quartet: one who sings tenor.--_adj._ pertaining to the tenor in music.--_ns._ TEN'OR-CLEF, the C clef, placed on the fourth line; TEN'ORIST. [L. _tenor_--_ten[=e]re_, to hold.]

TENPENNY, ten'pen-i, _adj._ worth or sold at tenpence.

TENPINS, ten'pinz, _n._ a game played in a bowling-alley, the aim being to bowl down ten pins set up at the far end.

TENREC, ten'rek, _n._ a genus of _Insectivora_, of one species, 12 to 16 inches long, with squat body and hardly any tail, found in Madagascar and Mauritius.--Also TAN'REC. [Malagasy.]

TENSE, tens, _n._ time in grammar, the form of a verb to indicate the time of the action. [O. Fr. _tens_ (Fr. _temps_)--L. _tempus_, time.]

TENSE, tens, _adj._ strained to stiffness: rigid.--_adv._ TENSE'LY.--_ns._ TENSE'NESS, state of being tense; TENSIBIL'ITY, TENSIL'ITY, quality of being tensile.--_adjs._ TEN'SIBLE, TEN'SILE, capable of being stretched.--_ns._ TEN'SION, act of stretching: state of being stretched or strained: strain: effort: strain in the direction of the length, or the degree of it: mental strain, excited feeling: a strained state of any kind; TEN'SION-ROD, a rod in a structure holding together different parts; TEN'SITY, tenseness: state of being tense.--_adj._ TEN'SIVE, giving the sensation of tenseness or stiffness.--_n._ TEN'SOR, a muscle that tightens a part. [L. _tensus_, pa.p. of _tend[)e]re_, to stretch.]

TENSON, ten'son, _n._ a competition in verse between two troubadours before a tribunal of love, also a subdivision of the chanson composed at such.--Also TEN'ZON. [Fr.,--L. _tensio_, a struggle.]

TENT, tent, _n._ a portable lodge or shelter, generally of canvas stretched on poles: a plug or roll of lint used to dilate a wound or opening in the flesh--_v.t._ to probe: to keep open with a tent.--_ns._ TENT'-BED, a bed having a canopy hanging from a central point overhead; TENT'-CLOTH, canvas, duck, &c. suitable for tents.--_adj._ TEN'TED, covered with tents.--_ns._ TEN'TER, one who lives in a tent; TENT'-FLY, an external piece of canvas stretched above the ridge-pole of a tent, shading from sun or shielding from rain; TENT'FUL, as many as a tent will hold; TENT'-GUY, an additional rope for securing a tent against a storm.--_adjs._ TEN'TIFORM, shaped like a tent; TEN'TING (_Keats_), having the form of a tent.--_ns._ TENT'-MAK'ER, one who makes tents; TENT'-PEG, -PIN, a strong peg of notched wood, or of iron, driven into the ground to fasten one of the ropes of a tent to; TENT'-PEG'GING, a favourite cavalry exercise in India, in which the competitor, riding at full speed, tries to bear off a tent-peg on the point of a lance; TENT'-POLE, one of the poles used in pitching a tent; TENT'-ROPE, one of the ropes by which a tent is secured to the tent-pins, generally one for each breadth of the canvas; TENT'-STITCH, in worsted and embroidery, a series of parallel diagonal stitches--also _Petit point_; TENT'-WORK, work produced by embroidering with tent-stitch. [Fr.

_tente_--Low L. _tenta_--L. _tend[)e]re_, to stretch.]

TENT, tent, _n._ a Spanish wine of a deep-red colour. [Sp. _tinto_, deep-coloured--L. _tinctus_, pa.p. of _ting[)e]re_, to dye.]

TENT, tent, _v.t._ (_Scot._) to take heed.--_v.i._ to be careful.--_n._ care, watchfulness. [Same as _Intent_.]

TENTACLE, ten'ta-kl, _n._ a thread-like organ of certain insects for feeling or motion.--_adjs._ TEN'TACLED; TENTAC'[=U]LAR; TENTAC'[=U]LATE; TENTACULIF'EROUS.--_n._ TENTAC'[=U]LITE, a genus of annulated tapering shells, found abundantly in Silurian and Devonian strata. [Fr.

_tentacule_--L. _tent[=a]re_, to feel--_tend[)e]re_, to stretch.]

TENTATION, ten-t[=a]'shun, _n._ old form of _temptation_.

TENTATIVE, ten'ta-tiv, _adj._ trying: experimental.--_n._ any attempt, conjecture.--_adv._ TEN'TATIVELY. [Fr.,--Late L.,--L. _tent[=a]re_, to try--_tend[)e]re_, to stretch.]

TENTER, ten't[.e]r, _n._ a machine for extending or stretching cloth on by hooks.--_v.t._ to stretch on hooks.--_n._ TEN'TER-HOOK, a sharp, hooked nail, anything that gives torture.--BE ON TENTER-HOOKS, to be on the stretch: to be in suspense or anxiety. [Fr. _tenture_--L.

_tentura_--_tend[)e]re_, to stretch.]

TENTER, ten't[.e]r, _n._ one who has charge of something.--_adj._ TEN'TY, attentive.

TENTH, tenth, _adj._ the last of ten: next in order after the ninth.--_n._ one of ten equal parts.--_adv._ TENTH'LY, in the tenth place.

TENTIGO, ten-t[=i]'g[=o], _n._ morbid lasciviousness.--_adj._ TENTIG'INOUS.

TENTORIUM, ten-t[=o]'ri-um, _n._ a sheet of the dura mater stretched between the cerebrum and the cerebellum.--_adj._ TENT[=O]'RIAL. [L., 'a tent'--_tend[)e]re_, to stretch.]

TENTURE, ten't[=u]r, _n._ hangings for walls.

TENUITY, te-n[=u]'i-ti, _n._ thinness: smallness of diameter: slenderness: rarity.--_v.t._ TEN'[=U]ATE, to make tenuous.--_adj._ TEN[=U]IROS'TRAL, slender-billed, as a bird of the TEN[=U]IROS'TRES, a large division of passerine birds including humming-birds, nuthatches, &c.--_adj._ TEN'[=U]OUS, thin, slender. [L. _tenuitas_--_tenuis_, thin, slender; cf.

_tend[)e]re_, to stretch.]

TENURE, ten'[=u]r, _n._ a general name for the conditions on which land is held by the persons who occupy and use it. [Fr. _tenure_--Low L.

_tenura_--L. _ten[=e]re_, to hold.]

TENUTO, te-n[=oo]'t[=o], _adj._ (_mus._) sustained--opp. to _Staccato_.


TEOCALLI, te-[=o]-kal'li, _n._ one of the temples of the aborigines of Central America, which were erected on the top of a four-sided pyramid, and the remains of which are chiefly found in Mexico.

TEPEFY, tep'[=e]-f[=i], _v.t._ to make tepid or moderately warm:--_pa.t._ and _pa.p._ tep'ef[=i]ed.--_n._ TEPEFAC'TION, act of making tepid or lukewarm. [L. _tepefac[)e]re_--_tep[=e]re_, to be warm, _fac[)e]re_, to make.]

TEPHRITE, tef'r[=i]t, _n._ a name applied to certain modern volcanic rocks.--_adj._ TEPHRIT'IC.--_ns._ TEPH'RITOID, a variety of tephrite; TEPHI'ROITE, a reddish silicate of manganese.

TEPHROMANCY, tef'r[=o]-man-si, _n._ divination from the inspection of the ashes of a sacrifice.--Also TEPH'RAMANCY. [Gr. _tephra_, ashes, _manteia_, divination.]

TEPID, tep'id, _adj._ moderately warm: lukewarm.--_ns._ TEPID[=A]'RIUM, an intermediate chamber in a Roman series of bathrooms, moderately hot: a boiler in which the water was heated: any room containing a warm bath; TEPID'ITY, TEP'IDNESS, lukewarmness; TEP'OR, gentle heat. [L.

_tepidus_--_tep[=e]re_, to be warm.]

TER, t[.e]r, _adv._ thrice. [L.]

TERAMORPHOUS, ter-a-mor'fus, _adj._ monstrous in form or nature. [Gr.

_teras_, a monster, _morph[=e]_, form.]

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