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TEENY, t[=e]'ni, _adj._ very small, tiny.

TEENY, t[=e]'ni, _adj._ (_prov._) peevish.

TEER, t[=e]r, _v.t._ to stir, as a calico-printer's sieve.

TEE-TEE, TITI, t[=e]'t[=e], _n._ a South American squirrel-monkey.

TEETER, t[=e]'ter, _n._ (_U.S._) a see-saw.--_v.i._ to see-saw.


TEETHING, t[=e]th'ing, _n._ the first growth of teeth, or the process by which they make their way through the gums.--_v.i._ TEETHE, to grow or cut the teeth.

TEETOTALER, t[=e]-t[=o]'tal-[.e]r, _n._ one pledged to entire abstinence from intoxicating drinks.--_adj._ TEET[=O]'TAL.--_n._ TEET[=O]'TALISM.

[Prob. from a stammering pronunciation of the word _Total_ by Richard Turner of Preston in 1833.]

TEE-TOTUM, t[=e]-t[=o]'tum, _n._ a toy like a small top, twirled by the fingers.

TEFF, tef, _n._ an Abyssinian cereal-grass.

TEGMEN, teg'men, _n._ a covering: (_bot._) the endopleura or inner coat of the seed: (_anat._) the roof of the tympanic cavity of the ear: the covering of the posterior wing of some insects;--_pl._ TEG'MINA.--_adj._ TEG'MINAL. [L.]

TEGMENTUM, teg-men'tum, _n._ the scaly covering of the leaf-buds of deciduous trees.--_adj._ TEGMEN'TAL.

TEGULATED, teg-[=u]-l[=a]t'ed, _adj._ composed of plates overlapping like tiles.--_adj._ TEG'ULAR.--_adv._ TEG'U-LARLY. [L. _tegula_, a tile--_teg[)e]re_, to cover.]

TEGUMENT, teg'[=u]-ment, _n._ an integument.--_adjs._ TEGUMEN'TAL, TEGUMEN'TARY. [L. _tegumentum_--_teg[)e]re_, to cover.]

TEHEE, t[=e]'h[=e]', _n._ a laugh.--_v.i._ to titter. [Imit.]

TEIAN, TEAN, t[=e]'an, _adj._ pertaining to _Teos_ in ancient Ionia, or to the poet Anacreon, a native.

TE IGITUR, t[=e] ij'i-tur, _n._ the first paragraph of the eucharistic canon in the Roman liturgy.

TEIL, t[=e]l, _n._ the linden or lime tree: the terebinth. [O. Fr.

_teil_--L. _tilia_.]

TEINDS, t[=e]ndz, the name given in Scotland to tithes, or, strictly, to that part of the estates of the laity which is liable to be assessed for the stipend of the clergy of the established church.

TEINOSCOPE, t[=i]'n[=o]-sk[=o]p, _n._ an optical instrument consisting of two prisms so combined as to correct the chromatic aberration.

TEKNONYMY, tek-non'i-mi, _n._ the naming of the parent from the child.--_adj._ TEKNON'YMOUS. [Gr. _teknon_, a child, _onoma_, a name.]

TELA, t[=e]'la, _n._ a tissue:--_pl._ TELae (t[=e]'l[=e]).--_adjs._ T[=E]'LAR, pertaining to a tela, web, or tissue; TEL[=A]'RIAN, spinning a web.--_n._ a spinning spider.--_adj._ TEL'ARY, pertaining to a tela, woven, spun. [L.]

TELAMON, tel'a-mon, _n._ (_archit._) a man's figure bearing an entablature.

[Gr. _telam[=o]n_, bearer.]

TELANGIECTASIA, te-lan-ji-ek-t[=a]'si-a, _n._ a dilation of the small arteries or capillaries--also TELANGIEC'TASIS.--_adj._ TELANGIECTAT'IC.

[Gr. _telos_, the end, _angeion_, a vessel, _ektasis_, extension.]

TELAUTOGRAPH, te-law't[=o]-graf, _n._ a writing or copying telegraph, invented by Elisha Gray, for reproducing writings at a distance. [Gr.

_t[=e]le_, far, _autos_, self, _graphein_, to write.]

TELD, teld, (_Spens._) told.

TELEDU, tel'e-d[=oo], _n._ the stinking badger of Java.

TELEGA, t[=e]-l[=a]'ga, _n._ a Russian cart without springs.

TELEGRAM, tel'e-gram, _n._ a message sent by telegraph.--_adj._ TELEGRAM'MIC, pertaining to a telegram, brief, succinct. [Gr. _t[=e]le_, at a distance, _gramma_, that which is written--_graphein_, to write.]

TELEGRAPH, tel'e-graf, _n._ an apparatus for transmitting intelligible messages to a distance, esp. by means of electricity.--_v.t._ to convey or announce by telegraph.--_ns._ TEL'EGRAPH-C[=A]'BLE, a cable containing wires for transmitting telegraphic messages; TEL'EGRAPHER (or t[=e]-leg'-), TEL'EGRAPHIST (or t[=e]-leg'-), one who works a telegraph.--_adjs._ TELEGRAPH'IC, -AL, pertaining to, or communicated by, a telegraph.--_adv._ TELEGRAPH'ICALLY, in a telegraphic manner: by means of the telegraph.--_ns._ TEL'EGRAPH-PLANT, an Indian leguminous plant, the small lateral leaflets of whose trifoliate leaves have a strange, spontaneous motion, jerking up and down (sometimes 180 times in a minute), as if signalling, and also rotate on their axes; TEL'EGRAPHY (or t[=e]-leg'-), the science or art of constructing or using telegraphs. [Gr. _t[=e]le_ at a distance, _graphein_ to write.]

TELEKINESIS, tel-[=e]-ki-n[=e]'sis, _n._ the production of motion without contact, through supra-physical causes, beyond the range of the senses.--_adj._ TELEKINET'IC. [Gr. _t[=e]le_, far, _kin[=e]sis_, movement.]

TELEMETER, t[=e]-lem'e-t[.e]r, _n._ an instrument for fixing distances in surveying, &c.--_adj._ TELEMET'RIC.--_n._ TELEM'ETRY. [Gr. _t[=e]le_, far, _metron_, measure.]

TELEOLOGY, tel-e-ol'[=o]-ji, _n._ the doctrine of the final causes of things.--_adjs._ TELEOLOG'IC, -AL.--_adv._ TELEOLOG'ICALLY.--_ns._ TELEOL'OGISM; TELEOL'OGIST. [Gr. _telos_, issue, _logos_, a discourse.]

TELEOSAURUS, t[=e]-l[=e]-[=o]-sawr'us, _n._ a genus of fossil saurians belonging to the Oolitic period.--_adj._ and _n._ TELEOSAU'RIAN. [Gr.

_teleios_, perfect, _sauros_, a lizard.]

TELEOST, tel'[=e]-ost, _adj._ osseous.--_n._ an osseous fish--also TELEOS'TEAN. [Gr. _teleios_, complete, _osteon_, bone.]

TELEPATHY, tel'[=e]-path-i, or t[=e]-lep'a-thi, _n._ the supposed fact that communication is possible between mind and mind otherwise than through the known channels of the senses, as at a distance without external means.--_adj._ TELEPATH'IC.--_adv._ TELEPATH'ICALLY.--_v.t._ TEL'EPATHISE, to affect or act upon through telepathy.--_v.i._ to practise telepathy.--_n._ TEL'EPATHIST (or te-lep'-), one who believes in telepathy.

[Gr. _t[=e]le_, far, _pathos_, feeling.]

TELEPHEME, tel'[=e]-f[=e]m, _n._ a telephonic message. [Gr. _t[=e]le_, far, _ph[=e]m[=e]_, a saying.]

TELEPHONE, tel'e-f[=o]n, _n._ an instrument for reproducing sound at a distance over a conducting wire or cord, esp. by means of electricity.--_v.t._ and _v.i._ to communicate by telephone.--_n._ TEL'EPH[=O]NER, one who uses a telephone.--_adj._ TELEPHON'IC.--_adv._ TELEPHON'ICALLY.--_ns._ TEL'EPH[=O]NIST, one who uses the telephone, one skilled in its use; TELEPH[=O]'NOGRAPH, an apparatus for recording a telephone message.--_adj._ TELEPHONOGRAPH'IC.--_n._ TEL'EPHONY, the art of telephoning. [Gr. _t[=e]le_, far, _ph[=o]n[=e]_, a sound.]

TELEPHOTE, tel'[=e]-f[=o]t, _n._ an instrument for reproducing images of objects at a distance by means of electricity.--_ns._ TELEPH[=O]'TOGRAPH, a picture so produced; TELEPHOTOG'RAPHY, the art of producing such--still a dream of the future. [Gr. _t[=e]le_, far, _ph[=o]s_, _ph[=o]tos_, light.]

TELEPLASTIC, tel-[=e]-plas'tik, _adj._ pertaining to the materialisation of spiritualistic phenomena.--Also TELESOMAT'IC. [Gr. _t[=e]le_, far, _plassein_, to form.]

TELERPETON, t[=e]-l[.e]r'pe-ton, _n._ a remarkable genus of fossil reptiles of the Mesozoic period. [Gr. _t[=e]le_, far, _herpeton_, a reptile.]

TELESCOPE, tel'e-sk[=o]p, _n._ an optical instrument for viewing objects at a distance.--_v.t._ to drive together so that one thing, as a railway-carriage in a collision, slides into another like the movable joints of a spyglass.--_v.i._ to be forced into each other in such a way.--_adjs._ TELESCOP'IC, -AL, pertaining to, performed by, or like a telescope: seen only by a telescope.--_adv._ TELESCOP'ICALLY.--_adj._ TEL'ESCOPIFORM.--_ns._ TEL'ESCOPIST, one who uses the telescope; TEL'ESCOPY (or t[=e]-les'-), the art of constructing or of using the telescope.

[Fr.,--Gr. _t[=e]le_, at a distance, _skopein_, to see.]

TELESEME, tel'[=e]-s[=e]m, _n._ a system of electric signalling for the automatic transmission of different signals, in use in large hotels, for police alarms, &c. [Gr. _t[=e]le_, far, _s[=e]ma_, a sign.]

TELESIA, t[=e]-l[=e]'si-a, _n._ the sapphire. [Gr. _telesios_, finishing--_telos_, the end.]

TELESPECTROSCOPE, tel-[=e]-spek'tr[=o]-sk[=o]p, _n._ a combined astronomical telescope and spectroscope.

TELESTEREOSCOPE, tel-[=e]-ster'[=e]-[=o]-sk[=o]p, _n._ an optical instrument presenting distant objects in relief.

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