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TAR-WATER, tar'-waw'ter, _n._ cold infusion of tar in water, once used as a medicine for chest complaints.

TASCAL, tas'kal, _n._ a reward for information about cattle-stealing.--Also TAS'CALL. [Gael, _taisgeal_.]

TASEOMETER, tas-[=e]-om'e-ter, _n._ an instrument for measuring strains in a structure. [Gr. _tasis_, a stretching, _metron_, measure.]

TASH, tash, _n._ an Oriental silk fabric, with gold or silver thread.--Also TASS. [Hind, _t[=a]sh_, _t[=a]s_.]

TASIMETER, ta-sim'e-t[.e]r, _n._ an apparatus for detecting changes in pressure by the variations in the electrical conductivity of carbon.--_adj._ TASIMET'RIC.--_n._ TASIM'ETRY. [Gr. _tasis_--_teinein_, stretch.]

TASK, task, _n._ a set amount of work, esp. of study, given by another: work: drudgery.--_v.t._ to impose a task on: to burden with severe work.--_ns._ TASK'ER, one who imposes a task, or who performs it; TASK'ING, task-work; TASK'MASTER, a master who imposes a task: an overseer:--_fem._ TASK'MISTRESS; TASK'WORK, work done as a task, or by the job.--TAKE TO TASK, to reprove. [O. Fr. _tasque_ (Fr. _tache_)--Low L. _tasca_, _taxa_--L. _tax[=a]re_, to rate.]

TASLET, tas'let, _n._ a tass or piece of armour for the thigh--prob. the same as TASSET.

TASMANIAN, tas-m[=a]'ni-an, _adj._ of or belonging to _Tasmania_ or Van Diemen's Land.--_n._ a native of Tasmania.--TASMANIAN DEVIL, or Dasyure (see DEVIL); TASMANIAN WOLF, a nocturnal carnivorous marsupial of Tasmania.

[From Abel Jans _Tasman_ (c. 1602-59), the discoverer.]

TASS, tas, _n._ (_prov._) a hay-mow, a heap. [O. Fr. _tas_, a heap, most prob. Teut.]

TASS, tas, _n._ (_obs._) a pouch. [_Tasset_.]

TASS, tas, _n._ a drinking-cup or its contents. [Fr. _tasse_--Ar. _t[=a]s_, a cup.]

TASS, tas, _n._ a piece of armour for the thigh. [_Tasset_.]

TASSEL, tas'el, _n._ a hanging ornament consisting of a bunch of silk or other material: anything like a tassel: the silk or ribbon-marker of a book: a thin plate of gold on the back of a bishop's gloves.--_v.t._ to attach a tassel to, to ornament with tassels.--_adj._ TASS'ELLED, adorned with tassels. [O. Fr. _tassel_, an ornament of a square shape, attached to the dress--L. _taxillus_, dim. of _talus_, a die.]

TASSEL-GENTLE, tas'el-jen'tl, _n._ (_Shak._) the tiercel or male goshawk--also TASS'EL-GENT--properly TIER'CEL-GEN'TLE.

TASSET, tas'et, _n._ an overlapping plate from the cuirass protecting the thigh. [O. Fr. _tassette_--_tasse_, n pouch--Teut., Old High Ger. _tasca_, a pouch.]

TASSIE, tas'i, _n._ (_Scot._) a drinking-cup. [See _Tass_ (3).]

TASTE, t[=a]st, _v.t._ to try or perceive by the touch of the tongue or palate: to try by eating a little: to eat a little of: to partake of: to relish, enjoy: to experience: (_Shak._) to enjoy carnally.--_v.i._ to try or perceive by the mouth: to have a flavour of.--_n._ the act or sense of tasting: the particular sensation caused by a substance on the tongue: the sense by which we perceive the flavour of a thing: the quality or flavour of anything: a small portion: intellectual relish or discernment: the faculty by which the mind perceives the beautiful: nice perception: choice, predilection.--_adjs._ T[=A]ST'ABLE, that may be tasted; TASTE'FUL, full of taste: having a high relish: showing good taste.--_adv._ TASTE'FULLY.--_n._ TASTE'FULNESS.--_adj._ TASTE'LESS, without taste: insipid.--_adv._ TASTE'LESSLY.--_ns._ TASTE'LESSNESS; T[=A]ST'ER, one skilful in distinguishing flavours by the taste: one whose duty it is to test the quality of food by tasting it before serving it to his master.--_adv._ T[=A]ST'ILY, with good taste, neatly.--_n._ T[=A]ST'ING, the act or sense of tasting.--_adj._ T[=A]ST'Y, having a good taste: possessing nice perception of excellence: in conformity with good taste.--TO ONE'S TASTE, to one's liking, agreeable. [O. Fr. _taster_ (Fr. _tater_), as if from Low L. _taxit[=a]re_--L. _tax[=a]re_, to touch repeatedly, to estimate--_tang[)e]re_, to touch.]

TAT, tat, _v.t._ to make by hand, as an edging with a shuttle by knotting and looping thread.--_v.i._ to make tatting.--_n._ TAT'TING, a kind of lace edging woven or knit from common sewing-thread. [Prob. Scand., Ice. _taeta_, to tease, _taeta_, shreds.]

TAT, tat, _n._ East Indian matting, gunny-cloth.

TAT, tat, _n._ a native-bred pony. [Anglo-Ind.]

TA-TA, ta-ta, _interj._ (_coll._) good-bye.

TATAR, ta'tar, _n._ a name originally applied to a native of certain Tungustic tribes in Chinese Tartary, but extended to the Mongol, Turkish, and other warriors, who swept over Asia under Genghis Khan. The term _Tatars_ is used loosely for tribes of mixed origin in Tartary, Siberia, and the Russian steppes, including Kazan Tartars, Crim Tartars, Kipchaks, Kalmucks, &c. In the classification of languages TARTAR'IC is used of the Turkish group.--_adjs._ TAT[=A]'RIAN, TATAR'IC. [The Turkish and Persian _Tatar_ became _Tartar_, because they were supposed to be like fiends from hell--Gr. _tartoros_.]

TATE, t[=a]t, _n._ (_Scot._) a small portion of anything fibrous.--Also TAIT.

TATER, t[=a]'t[.e]r, _n._ a vulgar form of _potato_.--Also T[=A]'TIE.

TATH, tath, _n._ (_prov._) the dung of cattle.--_v.t._ to manure.

TATTER, tat'[.e]r, _n._ a torn piece: a loose hanging rag.--_v.t._ and _v.i._ to tear to tatters: to fall into tatters.--_n._ TATTERDEM[=A]'LION, a ragged fellow.--_p.adj._ TATT'ERED, in tatters or rags: torn.--_adj._ TATT'ERY, very ragged. [Ice. _toturr_ (pl. _totrar_), rags, a torn garment.]

TATTERSALLS, tat'[.e]r-salz, _n._ a famous mart in London for the sale of racing and other high-class horses, and one of the principal haunts of racing men--so called from Richard _Tattersall_ (1724-95).

TATTLE, tat'l, _n._ trifling talk or chat.--_v.i._ to talk idly or triflingly: to tell tales or secrets.--_n._ idle talk.--_ns._ TATT'LER, one given to tattling; TATT'LERY, idle talk.--_p.adj._ TATT'LING, given to tattling or telling tales.--_n._ (_Shak._) the act of tale-telling.--_adv._ TATT'LINGLY. [M. E. _tatelen_; Low Ger. _tateln_, to gabble; an imit.


TATTOO, tat-t[=oo]', _n._ a beat of drum and a bugle-call to call soldiers to quarters, originally to shut the taps or drinking-houses against them.--THE DEVIL'S TATTOO, the act of drumming with the fingers on a table, &c.; in absence of mind or impatience. [Dut. _taptoe_--_tap_, a tap, and _toe_, which is the prep., Eng. _to_. Ger. _zu_, in the sense of 'shut.']

TATTOO, tat-t[=oo]', _v.t._ to mark permanently (as the skin) with figures, by pricking in colouring-matter.--_n._ marks or figures made by pricking colouring-matter into the skin.--_ns._ TATTOO'[=A]GE; TATTOO'ER; TATTOO'ING. [Tahitian _tatu_.]

TATTY, tat'i, _n._ an East Indian screen or mat made of the roots of the fragrant cuscus-grass, with which door or window openings are filled up in the season of hot winds. [Hind. _t[=a]t[=i]_.]

TAU, taw, _n._ the toad-fish: a tau-cross.--_ns._ TAU'-BONE, a [Greek: T]-shaped bone, as the interclavicle of a monotreme; TAU'-CROSS, a cross in the form of a [Greek: T]--also _Cross-tau_ and _Cross of St Anthony_; TAU'-STAFF, a staff with a cross-piece at the top like a crutch.--_adj._ TAU'-TOPPED, having a handle like a tau-cross. [See T.]

TAUGHT, tawt, _pa.t._ and _pa.p._ of _teach_.

TAUNT, tawnt, _v.t._ to reproach or upbraid with severe or insulting words: to censure sarcastically.--_n._ upbraiding, sarcastic, or insulting words: a bitter reproach.--_n._ TAUNT'ER.--_adj._ TAUNT'ING.--_adv._ TAUNT'INGLY.

[O. Fr. _tanter_--L. _tent[=a]re_, to tempt.]

TAUPIE, TAWPIE, taw'pi, _n._ (_Scot._) a thoughtless girl. [Ice. _topi_, a fool.]

TAURUS, taw'rus, _n._ the Bull, one of the signs of the zodiac.--_adjs._ TAU'RIAN, pertaining to a bull; TAU'RIFORM, having the form of a bull; TAU'R[=I]NE, bull-like.--_ns._ TAUROB[=O]'LIUM, the slaughter of a bull in the Mithraic rites, or an artistic representation of the same; TAUROM'ACHY, bull-fighting.--_adj._ TAUROMOR'PHOUS, bull-shaped. [L.,--Gr.]

TAUT, TAUGHT, tawt, _adj._ tightly drawn: in good condition.--_v.t._ TAUT'EN, to make tight.--_n._ TAUT'NESS. [A form of _tight_.]

TAUTED, taw'ted, _adj._ (_Scot._) matted.--Also TAW'TIE, TAU'TIE, TAT'TY.

[See TAT (1).]

TAUTOCHRONOUS, taw-tok'r[=o]-nus, _adj._ isochronous.--_n._ TAU'TOCHRONE.

TAUTOG, taw-tog', _n._ a labroid fish of the United States Atlantic coast.

TAUTOLOGY, taw-tol'[=o]-ji, _n._ needless repetition of the same thing in different words.--_adjs._ TAUTOLOG'IC, -AL, containing tautology.--_adv._ TAUTOLOG'ICALLY.--_v.i._ TAUTOL'OGISE, to use tautology: to repeat the same thing in different words.--_ns._ TAUTOL'OGISM; TAUTOL'OGIST.--_adjs._ TAUTOL'OGOUS, tautological; TAUTOPHON'ICAL.--_n._ TAUTOPH'ONY, repetition of the same sound. [Gr. _tautologia_--_tauto_, the same, _legein_, to speak.]

TAVERN, tav'[.e]rn, _n._ a licensed house for the sale of liquors, with accommodation for travellers: an inn.--_ns._ TAV'ERNER, an innkeeper; TAV'ERNING. [Fr. _taverne_--L. _taberna_, from root of _tabula_, a board.]

TAVERS, TAIVERS, t[=a]'vers, (_Scot._) tatters.

TAVERT, TAIVERT, t[=a]'vert, _adj._ (_Scot._) muddled: fuddled.

TAW, taw, _n._ a marble chosen to be played with, a game at marbles, also the line from which to play.

TAW, taw, _v.t._ to prepare and dress, as skins into white leather.--_ns._ TAW'ER, a maker of white leather; TAW'ERY, a place where skins are dressed; TAW'ING. [A.S. _tawian_, to prepare; Old High Ger. _zoujan_, make, Dut.

_touwen_, curry.]

TAWDRY, taw'dri, _adj._ showy without taste: gaudily dressed.--_adj._ TAW'DERED, tawdrily dressed.--_adv._ TAW'DRILY.--_n._ TAW' TAW'DRUMS, finery. [Said to be corr. from _St Awdrey_=_St Ethelreda_, at whose fair (17th October) laces and gay toys were sold.]

TAWIE, taw'i, _adj._ (_Scot._) tame.

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