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PROFUSE, pr[=o]-f[=u]s', _adj._ liberal to excess: lavish: extravagant.--_adv._ PROF[=U]SE'LY.--_ns._ PROF[=U]SE'NESS, PROF[=U]'SION, state of being profuse: extravagance: prodigality. [L. _profusus_, pa.p. of _profund[)e]re_--_pro_, forth, _fund[)e]re_, to pour.]

PROG, prog, _v.t._ to thrust.--_v.i._ to go about, as if picking and plundering: to beg.--_n._ a pointed instrument: food got by begging. [Prob.

related to W. procio, to stab.]

PROGENERATE, pr[=o]-jen'e-r[=a]t, _v.t._ to beget.--_n._ PROGEN'ITOR, a forefather: an ancestor: a parent: the founder of a family:--_fem._ PROGEN'ITRESS, PROGEN'ITRIX.--_ns._ PR[=O]GEN'ITURE, a begetting; PROG'ENY, that which is brought forth: descendants: race: children.

[Fr.,--L.,--_pro_, before, _genitor_, a parent, _gign[)e]re_, _genitum_, to beget.]

PROGLOTTIS, pr[=o]-glot'is, _n._ a term applied to the detached segments of the body in the _Cestoidea_:--_pl._ PROGLOTT'ID[=E]S.--_adj._ PROGLOTT'IC.

[Gr.,--_pro_, before, _gl[=o]ssa_, _gl[=o]tta_, tongue.]

PROGNATHOUS, prog'n[=a]-thus, _adj._ having jaws projecting far forward--also PROGNATH'IC.--_n._ PROG'NATHISM. [Gr. _pro_, forward, _gnathos_, a jaw.]

PROGNOSIS, prog-n[=o]'sis, _n._ foreknowledge: (_med._) the act or art of foretelling the course of a disease from the symptoms: the opinion thus formed.--_n._ PROGNOS'TIC, a foreshowing: a foretelling: an indication: a presage.--_adj._ foreknowing: foreshowing: indicating what is to happen by signs or symptoms.--_v.t._ PROGNOS'TIC[=A]TE, to foreshow: to foretell: to indicate as future by signs.--_n._ PROGNOSTIC[=A]'TION, the act of prognosticating or foretelling something future by present signs: a foretoken or previous sign.--_adj._ PROGNOS'TIC[=A]TIVE.--_n._ PROGNOS'TIC[=A]TOR, a predictor of future events, esp. a weather prophet.

[Gr.,--_pro_, before, _gign[=o]skein_, to know.]

PROGRAMME, PROGRAM, pr[=o]'gram, _n._ a public notice in writing: an outline of subjects and the order in which they are to be taken up at a meeting, exhibition, concert, &c.: a preliminary outline.--_n._ PR[=O]'GRAMMER, one who makes up a programme.--PROGRAMME MUSIC, music meant to give the hearers, by means of instruments, without words, the impressions of scenes and incidents. [Fr.,--L.,--Gr. _programma_--_pro_, before, _graphein_, to write.]

PROGRESS, prog'res, _n._ a going forward or onward: advance: improvement of any kind: proficiency: course: passage from place to place: procession: a journey of state: a circuit.--_v.i._ PR[=O]GRESS', to go forward: to make progress: to grow better: to proceed: to advance: to improve.--_v.t._ (_Shak._) to move or push forward.--_n._ PR[=O]GRES'SION, motion onward: act or state of moving onward: progress: regular and gradual advance: increase or decrease of numbers or magnitudes according to a fixed law: (_mus._) a regular succession of chords or the movements of the parts in harmony.--_adj._ PR[=O]GRES'SIONAL.--_ns._ PR[=O]GRES'SIONIST, PROG'RESSIST, one who believes in the progress of society and its future perfection: one who believes in the development of animals and plants from one simple form.--_adj._ PR[=O]GRESS'IVE, progressing or moving forward: advancing gradually: improving.--_n._ one in favour of reform.--_adv._ PR[=O]GRESS'IVELY.--_n._ PR[=O]GRESS'IVENESS.--ARITHMETICAL PROGRESSION (see ARITHMETIC); GEOMETRICAL PROGRESSION, a series of numbers or quantities in which each succeeding one is produced by _multiplying_ or _dividing_ the preceding one by a fixed number or quantity, as 1, 4, 16, 64, &c., or 18, 6, 2; HARMONIC PROGRESSION (see HARMONIC); MUSICAL PROGRESSION, the regular succession of chords or the movement of the parts of a musical composition in harmony, where the key continues unchanged.

[Fr.,--L. _progressus_--_progredi_, to go forward--_pro_, forward, _gradi_, to go.]

PROGYMNASIUM, pr[=o]-jim-n[=a]'zi-um, _n._ in Germany, a classical school in which the higher classes are wanting: a school preparatory to a gymnasium.

PROHIBIT, pr[=o]-hib'it, _v.t._ to hinder: to check or repress: to prevent: to forbid: to interdict by authority.--_ns._ PROHIB'ITER; PROHIBI'TION, the act of prohibiting, forbidding, or interdicting: an interdict: the forbidding by law of the manufacture and sale of alcoholic drinks; PROHIB'ITIONISM; PROHIBI'TIONIST, one who favours prohibitory duties in commerce: one who advocates the forbidding by law of the manufacture and sale of alcoholic drinks.--_adj._ PROHIB'ITIVE.--_adv._ PROHIB'ITIVELY.--_adj._ PROHIB'ITORY, that prohibits or forbids: forbidding.--PROHIBITED DEGREES (see FORBIDDEN DEGREES, under DEGREE).--WRIT OF PROHIBITION (_law_), a writ from a superior tribunal staying proceedings in a lower court: (_Scots law_) a clause in a deed of entail forbidding the heir to sell the estate, contract debt, &c. [L.

_prohib[=e]re_, _prohibitum_--_pro_, before, _hab[=e]re_, to have.]

PROIN, proin, _v.t._ an obsolete form of _prune_.

PRO INDIVISO, pr[=o] in-di-v[=i]'so, (_law_) applied to rights which two or more persons hold in common.

PROJECT, pr[=o]j'ekt, _n._ a plan: a scheme: contrivance. [O. Fr. _project_ (Fr. _projet_)--L. _projectum_--_pro_, before, _jac[)e]re_, to throw.]

PROJECT, pr[=o]-jekt', _v.t._ to throw out or forward: to cast forward in the mind: to contrive or devise: to exhibit (as in a mirror): to draw straight lines from a fixed point through every point of any body or figure, and let these fall upon a surface so as to form the points of a new figure: to exhibit in relief.--_v.i._ to shoot forward: to jut out: to be prominent.--_adj._ PROJEC'TILE, projecting or throwing forward: impelling or impelled forward: that can be thrust forward.--_n._ a body projected by force, esp. through the air: a cannon or rifle ball.--_adj._ PROJEC'TING.--_n._ PROJEC'TION, the act of projecting: that which juts out: a plan or design: a delineation: a representation of any object on a plane, esp. (_geom._) the earth's surface: (_alch._) the act of throwing anything into a crucible, hence the act or result of transmutation of metals: the crisis of any process, esp. a culinary process.--_adj._ PROJEC'TIVE, produced by projection: (_geom._) capable, as two plane figures, of being derived from one another by a number of projections and sections.--_ns._ PROJECTIV'ITY; PROJECT'MENT (_rare_), design; PROJEC'TOR, one who projects or forms schemes: a parabolic mirror: a camera for throwing an image on a screen; PROJEC'TURE, a jutting out beyond the main line or surface.--MERCATOR'S PROJECTION, a map of the world with meridian lines which are straight and parallel, and with parallels of latitude at distances from each other, increasing towards the poles, invented by the Flemish cosmographer, _Mercator_, in 1550.

PROKER, pr[=o]'ker, _n._ (_prov._) a poker.

PROLAPSE, pr[=o]-laps', _n._ (_med._) a falling down, or out, of some part of the body from the position which it usually occupies--also PROLAP'SUS.--_v.i._ to fall down: to protrude. [L. _prolabi_, _prolapsus_, to fall forward--_pro_, forward, _labi_, to fall.]

PROLATE, pr[=o]'l[=a]t, _adj._ extended lengthwise: having the diameter between the poles longer than at right angles to it, as a spheroid.--_ns._ PROL[=A]TE'NESS, PROL[=A]'TION, a bringing forth: pronunciation: delay: (_mus._) a division. [L. _prolatus_, pa.p. of _proferre_, to bring forward--_pro_, forth, _ferre_, to bear.]

PROLEG, pr[=o]'leg, _n._ one of the abdominal limbs of the larvae of insects.

PROLEGOMENA, pr[=o]-leg-om'en-a, an introduction to a treatise:--_sing._ PROLEGOM'ENON.--_adjs._ PROLEGOM'ENARY, PROLEGOM'ENOUS, prefatory: prolix. [Gr.,--_pro_, before, _legein_, to say.]

PROLEPSIS, pr[=o]-lep'sis, _n._ (_rhet._) a figure by which objections are anticipated and answered: the dating of an event before its proper time:--_pl._ PROLEP'S[=E]S.--_adjs._ PROLEP'TIC, -AL.--_adv._ PROLEP'TICALLY. [Gr.,--_pro_, before, _lambanein_, to take.]

PROLETARIAN, pr[=o]-le-t[=a]'ri-an, _adj._ belonging to the poorest labouring class: having little or no property: plebeian: vulgar.--_n._ a member of the poorest class--also PROLETAIRE', PR[=O]'LETARY.--_adj._ PROLET[=A]'NEOUS, having numerous offspring.--_ns._ PROLET[=A]'RIANISM, the condition of the poorest classes; PROLET[=A]'RIAT, -E, the lowest class.

[L. _proletarius_ (in ancient Rome), a citizen of the sixth and lowest class, who served the state not with his property, but with his children--_proles_, offspring.]

PROLICIDE, pr[=o]'li-s[=i]d, _n._ infanticide.

PROLIFERATE, pr[=o]-lif'e-r[=a]t, _v.i._ to grow by multiplication of elementary parts: (_zool._) to reproduce by proliferation.--_v.t._ to bear by reproduction.--_n._ PROLIFER[=A]'TION, the birth and growth of generative zooids.--_adjs._ PROLIF'ER[=A]TIVE, PROLIF'EROUS.--_adv._ PROLIF'EROUSLY. [L. _proles_, progeny, _ferre_, to bear.]

PROLIFIC, -AL, pr[=o]-lif'ik, -al, _adj._ bringing forth offspring: producing young or fruit: productive: bringing about results: (_bot._) applied to a flower from which another is produced.--_ns._ PROLIF'ICACY, PROLIF'ICNESS.--_adv._ PROLIF'ICALLY.--_n._ PROLIFIC[=A]'TION, the generation of young animals or plants: (_bot._) development of a shoot from an organ normally ultimate. [Fr. _prolifique_--L. _proles_ (for _pro-oles_), offspring, _fac[)e]re_, to make.]

PROLIX, pr[=o]'liks, _adj._ tedious: long and wordy: dwelling too long on particulars: (_obs._) long.--_adj._ PROLIX'IOUS (_Shak._), dilatory, tedious.--_ns._ PROLIX'ITY, PROLIX'NESS.--_adv._ PROLIX'LY. [Fr.

_prolixe_--L. _prolixus_--_pro_, forward, _liqui_, to flow.]

PROLL, pr[=o]l, _v.i._ (_Spens._) to prowl, rob. [_Prowl._]

PROLOCUTOR, pr[=o]-lok'[=u]-tor, _n._ the chairman of a convocation, or meeting of clergy: (_rare_) a spokesman:--_fem._ PR[=O]LOC'UTRIX.--_n._ PR[=O]LOC'UTORSHIP. [L., _pro_, before, _loqui_, _locutus_, to speak.]

PROLOGUE, pr[=o]'log, _n._ a preface: the introductory verses before a play: (_Shak._) the speaker of a prologue.--_v.t._ to introduce with a prologue or preface.--_v.i._ PR[=O]'LOGISE, -UISE, to deliver a prologue.

[Fr.,--L.,--Gr. _prologos_--_pro_, before, _logos_, speech.]

PROLONG, pr[=o]-long', _v.t._ to lengthen out: (_Shak._) to put off to another time: to continue.--_v.i._ to lengthen out.--_v.t._ PROLONG'[=A]TE, to lengthen.--_ns._ PROLONG[=A]'TION, act of prolonging in space or time: the additional length made by prolonging; PROLONG'ER. [Fr. _prolonger_--L.

_prolong[=a]re_--_pro_, forward, _longus_, long.]

PROLONGE, pr[=o]-lonj', _n._ a hemp rope consisting of three pieces joined by two open rings, and having a hook at one end and a toggle at the other.


PROLUSION, pr[=o]-l[=u]'zhun, _n._ a prelude, introduction: an essay preparatory to a more solid treatise. [L.,--_pro_, before, _lud[)e]re_, _lusum_, to play.]

PROMACHOS, prom'a-kos, _n._ a deity who fights in front of, or champions, some person or state. [Gr.]

PROMENADE, prom-e-nad', or -n[=a]d', _n._ a walk for pleasure, show, or exercise: a place for walking.--_v.i._ to walk for amusement, show, or exercise.--_n._ PROMENa'DER.--PROMENADE CONCERT, an entertainment in which the audience promenades or dances during the music. [Fr.,--from (_se_) _promener_, to walk--L. _promin[=a]re_, to drive forwards--_pro_, forward, _min[=a]re_, to drive.]

PROMETHEAN, pr[=o]-m[=e]'th[=e]-an, _adj._ pertaining to _Prometheus_, who stole fire from heaven, for which Zeus chained him to a rock, to be tortured by a vulture.--_n._ a glass tube containing sulphuric acid and an inflammable mixture: a kind of lucifer-match.--_n._ PROM[=E]'THEUS, a large silk-spinning moth. [Gr., lit. 'forethinker;' or Sans. _pramantha_, a fire-stick.]

PROMINENT, prom'i-nent, _adj._ standing out beyond the line or surface of something: projecting: most easily seen: conspicuous: principal: eminent: distinguished.--_ns._ PROM'INENCE, PROM'INENCY, state or quality of being prominent: conspicuousness: distinction.--_adv._ PROM'INENTLY. [Fr.,--L.

_promin[=e]re_, to jut forth--_pro_, forth, _min[=e]re_, to jut.]

PROMISCUOUS, pr[=o]-mis'k[=u]-us, _adj._ mixed: confused: collected together without order: indiscriminate: not restricted to one individual: (_prov._) casual, accidental.--_n._ PROMISC[=U]'ITY, mixture without order or distinction: promiscuous sexual intercourse.--_adv._ PROMIS'CUOUSLY.--_n._ PROMIS'CUOUSNESS. [L. _promiscuus_--_pro_, inten., _misc[=e]re_, to mix.]

PROMISE, prom'is, _n._ an engagement made by a person either verbally or in writing to do or keep from doing something: expectation or that which causes expectation: a ground for hope of future excellence: (_rare_) fulfilment of what is promised.--_v.t._ to make an engagement to do or not to do something: to afford reason to expect: to assure: to engage to bestow.--_v.i._ to assure one by a promise: to afford hopes or expectations: (_rare_) to stand sponsor.--_ns._ PROM'ISE-BREACH (_Shak._), violation of promise; PROM'ISE-BREAK'ER (_Shak._), a violator of promises.--_adj._ PROM'ISE-CRAMMED (_Shak._), crammed or filled with promises.--_ns._ PROMIS[=EE]', the person to whom a promise is made; PROM'ISER, PROM'ISOR.--_adj._ PROM'ISING, affording ground for hope or expectation: likely to turn out well.--_advs._ PROM'ISINGLY; PROM'ISSORILY.--_adj._ PROM'ISSORY, containing a promise of some engagement to be fulfilled.--_n._ PROM'ISSORY-NOTE, a note by one person promising to pay a sum of money to another, or to bearer, at a certain date, or at sight, or on demand.--PROMISED LAND, the land promised by God to Abraham and his seed: Canaan: heaven.--BE PROMISED (_rare_), to have an engagement; BREACH OF PROMISE (see BREACH); CONDITIONAL PROMISE, a promise of which the obligation depends on certain conditions--opp. to _Absolute promise_; EXPRESS PROMISE, a promise expressed orally or in writing; THE PROMISE, the assurance of God to Abraham that his descendants should become the chosen people. [Fr. _promesse_--L. _promissa_, _promitt[)e]re_, to send forward--_pro_, forward, _mitt[)e]re_, to send.]

PROMONTORY, prom'on-tor-i, _n._ a headland or high cape jutting out into the sea: (_anat._) a projection on the sacrum: a rounded elevation in the tympanum of the ear. [L. _promontorium_--_pro_, forward, _mons_, _montis_, a mountain.]

PROMOTE, pr[=o]-m[=o]t', _v.t._ to move forward: to help on the growth or improvement of anything: to advance: to further: to encourage: to raise to a higher position: to elevate.--_ns._ PROM[=O]'TER; PROM[=O]'TION, the act of promoting: advancement in rank or in honour: encouragement: preferment.--_adj._ PROM[=O]'TIVE.--BE ON ONE'S PROMOTION, to have right or hope of promotion: to be on good behaviour with a view to chances of promotion. [L. _promotus_, pa.p. of _promov[=e]re_--_pro_, forward, _mov[=e]re_, to move.]

PROMPT, promt, _adj._ prepared: ready and willing: acting with alacrity: cheerful: unhesitating: (_obs._) inclined, disposed.--_v.t._ to incite: to move to action: to assist a speaker when at a loss for words: to suggest to the mind.--_n._ a limit of time given for payment for merchandise purchased, the limit being stated on the _prompt-note_, the note of reminder.--_ns._ PROMPT'-BOOK, a copy of a play arranged for the prompter's use; PROMPT'ER; PROMPT'ING, the act of prompting or suggesting: that which is prompted or suggested; PROMPT'IT[=U]DE, promptness: readiness: willingness: quickness of decision and action.--_adv._ PROMPT'LY.--_ns._ PROMPT'NESS; PROMPT'[=U]ARY, a magazine, repository, a handbook; PROMPT'[=U]RE (_Shak._), suggestion: instigation. [Fr.,--L.

_promptus_--_pr[=o]m[)e]re_, to bring forward--_pro_, forth, _em[)e]re_, to bring.]

PROMULGATE, pr[=o]-mul'g[=a]t, _v.t._ to publish: to proclaim: to make widely known--(_arch._) PROMULGE'.--_ns._ PROMULG[=A]'TION, act of promulgating: publication: open declaration: (_law_) the first official publication of a new law; PROM'ULG[=A]TOR. [L. _promulg[=a]re_, _-[=a]tum_.]

PROMUSCIS, pr[=o]-mus'is, _n._ a proboscis, esp. of hemipters.--_adj._ PROMUS'CID[=A]TE, like or having a promuscis.

PRONAOS, pr[=o]-n[=a]'os, _n._ the open porch in front of a temple. [Gr., _pro_, before, _naos_, a temple.]

PRONATION, pr[=o]-n[=a]'shun, _n._ the act of turning the palm of the hand downwards--opp. to _Supination_.--_v.t._ PR[=O]'NATE, to turn the palm downwards effected by means of the pronator muscle.--_n._ PRON[=A]'TOR, a muscle of the forearm by which pronation is effected. [L. _pron[=a]re_, _-[=a]tum_, to lead forward--_pronus_.]

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