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PRECOURSE, pr[=e]-k[=o]rs', _v.t._ to announce beforehand.

PRECRITICAL, pr[=e]-krit'i-kal, _adj._ previous to the critical philosophy of Kant.

PRECULAR, prek'[=u]-lar, _n._ a beadsman.

PRECURRENT, pr[=e]-kur'ent, _adj._ running forward: antrorse--opp. to _Recurrent_.--_ns._ PRECURR'ER (_Shak._), a forerunner; PRECURSE'

(_Shak._), a prognostication.--_adj._ PRECUR'SIVE, anticipatory.--_n._ PRECUR'SOR, a forerunner: one who, or that which, indicates the approach of an event.--_adj._ PRECUR'SORY, forerunning: indicating something to follow.

[L.,--_prae_, before, _cursor_--_curr[)e]re_, to run.]

PREDACEOUS, pr[=e]-d[=a]'shus, _adj._ living by prey: predatory.--_adj._ PRED'ABLE, raptorial.--_n._ PRED[=A]'CEAN, a carnivorous animal.--_adj._ PR[=E]'DAL, pertaining to prey: plundering.--_n._ PRED[=A]'TION, the act of plundering.--_adv._ PRED'ATORILY, plunderingly.--_n._ PRED'ATORINESS, inclination to plunder.--_adj._ PRED'ATORY, plundering: characterised by plundering: living by plunder: ravenous. [L. _praeda_, booty.]

PREDATE, pr[=e]-d[=a]t', _v.t._ to date before the true date: to date by anticipation: to be earlier than.

PREDECEASE, pr[=e]-d[=e]-s[=e]s', _n._ decease or death before some one or something else.--_v.t._ to die before.

PREDECESSOR, pr[=e]-d[=e]-ses'or, _n._ one who has been before another in any office.--_v.t._ PREDECESS' (_rare_), to precede.--_adj._ PREDECES'SIVE.

[L. _prae_, before, _decessor_, a retiring officer, _deced[)e]re_, _decessum_, to withdraw--_de_, away, _ced[)e]re_.]

PREDECLARE, pr[=e]-d[=e]-kl[=a]r', _v.t._ to declare beforehand.

PREDEFINE, pr[=e]-d[=e]-f[=i]n', _v.t._ to define beforehand.--_n._ PREDEFINI'TION.

PREDELINEATION, pr[=e]-d[=e]-lin-[=e]-[=a]'shun, _n._ the old theory which supposed the whole body to be predelineated in little in the spermatozoon.

PREDELLA, pr[=e]-del'a, _n._ the gradino, the step or ledge sometimes seen at the back of an altar, also the frieze along the bottom of an altar-piece. [It.]

PREDESIGN, pr[=e]-d[=e]-z[=i]n', _v.t._ to design beforehand.--_v.t._ PREDES'IGNATE, to determine upon in advance.--_adj._ designated in advance: (_logic_) having the quantification of the predicate distinctly expressed (_Sir W. Hamilton_).--_n._ PREDESIGN[=A]'TION.--_adj._ PREDES'IGN[=A]TORY.

PREDESTINE, pr[=e]-des'tin, _v.t._ to destine or decree beforehand: to foreordain.--_adj._ PREDESTIN[=A]'RIAN, pertaining to predestination.--_n._ one who holds the doctrine of predestination.--_n._ PREDESTIN[=A]'RIANISM.--_v.t._ PREDES'TINATE, to determine beforehand: to preordain by an unchangeable purpose.--_adj._ fore-ordained: fated.--_n._ PREDESTIN[=A]'TION, act of predestinating: (_theol._) the doctrine that God has from all eternity unalterably fixed whatever is to happen, esp. the eternal happiness or misery of men.--_n._ PREDESTIN[=A]'TOR, one who predestinates or foreordains: a predestinarian.

PREDETERMINE, pr[=e]-d[=e]-t[.e]r'min, _v.t._ to determine or settle beforehand.--_adjs._ PREDETER'MINABLE, capable of being determined beforehand; PREDETER'MIN[=A]TE, determined beforehand.--_ns._ PREDETERMIN[=A]'TION, act of predetermining, or state of being predetermined; PREDETER'MINISM, determinism.

PREDEVOTE, pr[=e]-d[=e]-v[=o]t', _adj._ foreordained.

PREDIAL, pr[=e]'di-al, _adj._ consisting of land or farms: connected with land: growing from land. [Fr. _predial_--L. _praedium_, an estate.]

PREDICABLE, pred'i-ka-bl, _adj._ that may be predicated or affirmed of something: attributable.--_n._ anything that can be predicated of another, or esp. of many others: one of the five attributes--genus, species, difference, property, and accident.--_n._ PREDICABIL'ITY, quality of being predicable.

PREDICAMENT, pr[=e]-dik'a-ment, _n._ (_logic_) one of the classes or categories which include all predicables: condition: an unfortunate or trying position.--_adj._ PREDICAMEN'TAL. [Low L. _predicamentum_, something predicated or asserted.]

PREDICANT, pred'i-kant, _adj._ predicating: preaching.--_n._ one who affirms anything: a preacher, esp. a preaching-friar.

PREDICATE, pred'i-k[=a]t, _v.t._ to affirm one thing of another: to assert: to base on certain grounds.--_n._ (_logic_ and _gram._) that which is stated of the subject.--_n._ PREDIC[=A]'TION, act of predicating: assertion: affirmation.--_adj._ PREDIC[=A]'TIVE, expressing predication or affirmation: affirming: asserting.--_adv._ PRED'IC[=A]TIVELY.--_adj._ PRED'IC[=A]TORY, affirmative. [L. _praedic[=a]re_, _-[=a]tum_, to proclaim.]

PREDICT, pr[=e]-dikt', _v.t._ to declare or tell beforehand: to prophesy.--_adj._ PREDIC'TABLE.--_n._ PREDIC'TION, act of predicting: that which is predicted or foretold: prophecy.--_adj._ PREDIC'TIVE, foretelling: prophetic.--_n._ PREDIC'TOR. [L. _praedictus_, pa.p. of _praedic[)e]re_--_prae_, before, _dic[)e]re_, to say.]

PREDIGEST, pr[=e]-di-jest', _v.t._ to digest artificially before introducing into the body.--_n._ PREDIGES'TION.

PREDILECTION, pr[=e]-di-lek'shun, _n._ a choosing beforehand: favourable prepossession of mind: partiality.--_v.t._ PREDILECT', to prefer. [L.

_prae_, before, _dilectio_, _-onis_, choice--_dilig[)e]re_, _dilectum_, to love--_dis_, apart, _leg[)e]re_, to choose.]

PREDISCOVER, pr[=e]-dis-kuv'[.e]r, _v.t._ to discover beforehand.--_n._ PREDISCOV'ERY.

PREDISPOSE, pr[=e]-dis-p[=o]z', _v.t._ to dispose or incline beforehand: to render favourable.--_adj._ PREDISP[=O]'SING, inclining beforehand: making liable.--_n._ PREDISPOSI'TION, state of being predisposed or previously inclined: a state of body in which disease is easily excited.--_adj._ PREDISPOSI'TIONAL.

PREDOMINATE, pr[=e]-dom'in-[=a]t, _v.t._ to dominate or rule over.--_v.i._ to be dominant over: to surpass in strength or authority: to prevail.--_ns._ PREDOM'INANCE, PREDOM'INANCY, condition of being predominant: superior influence: superiority: ascendency.--_adj._ PREDOM'INANT, ruling: having superior power: ascendant.--_adv._ PREDOM'INANTLY.--_n._ PREDOMIN[=A]'TION, ascendency.--PREDOMINANT PARTNER, the partner who has a larger stake in any business than the others--applied by Lord Rosebery (1894) to England as a member of the United Kingdom.

PREDONE, pr[=e]-dun', _adj._ worn out, exhausted.

PREDOOM, pr[=e]-d[=oo]m', _v.t._ to doom in anticipation or beforehand.

PREDORSAL, pr[=e]-dor'sal, _adj._ situated before the dorsal region of the spine: cervical.

PREDY, pr[=e]'di, _adj._ (_naut._) cleared for action.

PREE, pr[=e], _v.t._ (_Scot._) to prove, esp. to taste.

PRE-ELECT, pr[=e]-e-lekt', _v.t._ to elect or choose beforehand.--_n._ PR[=E]-ELEC'TION, choice or election made by previous decision.

PRE-EMINENCE, pr[=e]-em'i-nens, _n._ state of being pre-eminent: superiority in excellence: (_Shak._) prerogative.--_adj._ PR[=E]-EM'INENT, eminent above others: surpassing others in good or bad qualities: outstanding: extreme.--_adv._ PR[=E]-EM'INENTLY.

PRE-EMPLOY, pr[=e]-em-ploi', _v.t._ to employ beforehand.

PRE-EMPTION, pr[=e]-em'shun, _n._ act or right of purchasing before others.--_v.t._ PR[=E]-EMPT' (_U.S._), to secure, as land, by the right of pre-emption.--_adjs._ PR[=E]-EMPT'IBLE; PR[=E]-EMPT'IVE.--_n._ PR[=E]-EMPT'OR. [L. _prae_, before, _emptio_, a buying--_em[)e]re_, to buy.]

PREEN, pr[=e]n, _v.t._ to compose and arrange as birds do their feathers.

[_Prune_ (v.).]

PREEN, pr[=e]n, _n._ (_Scot._) a pin.--_v.t._ to fasten. [A.S. _preon_, a pin.]

PRE-ENGAGE, pr[=e]-en-g[=a]j', _v.t._ to establish beforehand.--_n._ PR[=E]-ENGAGE'MENT.

PRE-ESTABLISH, pr[=e]-es-tab'lish, _v.t._ to establish beforehand.--_n._ PR[=E]-ESTAB'LISHMENT.--PRE-ESTABLISHED HARMONY (see HARMONY).

PREEVE, pr[=e]v, _n._ and _v.t._ obs. form of _proof_ and _prove_.

PRE-EXAMINATION, pr[=e]-egz-am-i-n[=a]'shun, _n._ previous examination.--_v.t._ PR[=E]-EXAM'INE.

PRE-EXILIC, pr[=e]-eg-zil'ik, _adj._ before the exile--of O.T. writings prior to the Jewish exile (_c._ 586-537 B.C.).

PRE-EXIST, pr[=e]-egz-ist', _v.i._ to exist beforehand.--_n._ PR[=E]-EXIST'ENCE, the existence of the soul in a previous state, before the generation of the body with which it is united in this world.--_adj._ PR[=E]-EXIST'ENT, existent or existing beforehand.

PREFACE, pref'[=a]s, _n._ something usually of an explanatory kind, spoken before: the introduction to a book, &c.: the ascription of glory, &c., in the liturgy of consecration of the eucharist: a title or epithet.--_v.t._ to introduce with a preface.--_adj._ PREFAT[=O]'RIAL, serving as a preface or introduction.--_adv._ PREF'ATORILY.--_adj._ PREF'ATORY, pertaining to a preface: serving as an introduction: introductory. [Fr. _preface_--L.

_praefatio_--_prae_, before, _f[=a]ri_, _fatus_, to speak.]

PREFECT, pr[=e]'fekt, _n._ one placed in authority over others: a commander: the administrative head of a modern French department.--_ns._ PR[=E]'FECTSHIP, his office or jurisdiction; PR[=E]'FECTURE, the office or district of a prefect: the house occupied by a prefect. [Fr. _prefet_--L.

_praefectus_, pa.p. of _praefic[)e]re_--_prae_, over, _fac[)e]re_, to make.]

PREFER, pr[=e]-f[.e]r', _v.t._ to esteem above another: to regard or hold in higher estimation: to choose or select before others: to promote: to exalt: to offer or present, as a request: to bring forward for consideration: to place in advance:--_pr.p._ prefer'ring; _pa.t._ and _pa.p._ preferred'.--_ns._ PREFERABIL'ITY, PREF'ERABLENESS.--_adj._ PREF'ERABLE, worthy to be preferred or chosen: more desirable or excellent: of better quality.--_adv._ PREF'ERABLY, by choice: in preference.--_n._ PREF'ERENCE, the act of preferring: estimation above another: the state of being preferred: that which is preferred: choice.--_adj._ PREFERENTIAL (pref-[.e]r-en'shal), having a preference.--_adv._ PREFEREN'TIALLY.--_ns._ PREFER'MENT, the act of preferring: the state of being preferred or advanced: advancement to a higher position: promotion: superior place, esp.

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