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NESCIENCE, nesh'ens, _n._ want of knowledge.--_adj._ NESC'IENT. [L.

_nescientia_--_nesc[=i]re_, to be ignorant--_ne_, not, _sc[=i]re_, to know.]

NESH, nesh, _adj._ (_prov._) soft, crumbly: tender.--_v.t._ NESH'EN, to make tender.

NESHAMAH, nesh'a-ma, _n._ the highest degree of the soul in the cabbalistic system.

NESIOTE, n[=e]'si-[=o]t, _adj._ insular. [Gr. _n[=e]sos_, an island.]

NESKI, nes'ki, _n._ the cursive hand generally used in Arabic.--Also NESH'KI. [Ar.]

NESOGaeAN, n[=e]-s[=o]-j[=e]'an, _adj._ pertaining to Nesogaea--Polynesia or Oceania, New Zealand excepted, with regard to the distribution of its animals. [Gr. _n[=e]sos_, an island, _gaia_, the earth.]

NESS, nes, _n._ a promontory or headland. [A.S. _naess_; a doublet of _naze_, prob. conn. with _nose_.]

NEST, nest, _n._ the bed formed by a bird for hatching her young: the place in which the eggs of any animal are laid and hatched: a comfortable residence: a number of persons haunting one place for a bad purpose: the place itself: a number of baskets or boxes each fitting inside the next larger.--_v.t._ to form a nest for.--_v.i._ to build and occupy a nest.--_n._ NEST'-EGG, an egg left in the nest to keep the hen from forsaking it: something laid up as the beginning of an accumulation.--FEATHER ONE'S NEST, to provide for one's self, esp. from other people's property of which one has had charge. [A.S. _nest_; Ger.

_nest_, L. _n[=i]dus_.]

NESTLE, nes'l, _v.i._ to lie close or snug as in a nest: to settle comfortably.--_v.t._ to cherish, as a bird does her young.--_adj._ NEST'LING, being in the nest, newly hatched.--_n._ act of making a nest: a young bird in the nest--also NEST'LER. [A.S. _nestlian_--_nest_.]

NESTOR, nes'tor, _n._ a Greek hero at Troy, remarkable for eloquence and wisdom gained through long life and varied experience: any one who possesses those qualities, a counsellor, adviser.--_adj._ NEST[=O]'RIAN.

NESTORIAN, nes-t[=o]'ri-an, _adj._ pertaining to the Christological doctrine of _Nestorius_, patriarch of Constantinople from 428 to his condemnation and deposition at the general council of Ephesus in 431; he held the true divinity and humanity of Christ, but denied their union in a single self-conscious personality, that union being merely moral or sympathetic--thus the personality was broken up into a duality.--_n._ a follower of Nestorius.--_n._ NEST[=O]'RIANISM.

NET, net, _n._ an open fabric of twine, &c., knotted into meshes for catching birds, fishes, &c.: anything like a net for keeping out insects, &c.: a meshed bag for holding a woman's hair: machine-made lace of various kinds: a snare: a difficulty.--_adj._ made of netting or resembling it, reticulate: caught in a net.--_v.t._ to form into network: to take with a net: to protect with a net, to veil.--_v.i._ to form network:--_pr.p._ net'ting; _pa.t._ and _pa.p._ net'ted.--_ns._ NET'-FISH, any fish, like the herring, caught in nets--opp. to _Trawl-fish_ and _Line-fish_; NET'-FISH'ERY, a place for net-fishing, the business of such fishing; NET'-FISH'ING, the method or the industry of fishing with nets.--_p.adj._ NET'TED, made into a net, reticulated: caught in a net.--_ns._ NET'TING, act or process of forming network: a piece of network: any network of ropes or wire, esp. for use on shipboard; NET'TING-NEED'LE, a kind of shuttle used in netting.--_adjs._ NET'TY, like a net; NET'-VEINED, in entomology, having a great number of veins or nervures like a network on the surface, as in the wings of many Orthoptera; NET'-WINGED, having net-veined wings.--_n._ NET'WORK, any work showing cross lines or open spaces like the meshes of a net. [A.S. _net_, _nett_; Dut. _net_, Ger. _netz_.]

NET, NETT, net, _adj._ clear of all charges or deductions--opp. to _Gross_: lowest, subject to no further deductions.--_v.t._ to produce as clear profit:--_pr.p._ net'ting; _pa.t._ and _pa.p._ net'ted. [_Neat._]

NETHELESSE, neth'les, _adv._=NATHLESS.

NETHER, ne_th_'[.e]r, _adj._ beneath another, lower: infernal.--_n._ NETH'ERLANDER, an inhabitant of Holland.--_adj._ NETH'ERLANDISH, NETH'ERLINGS, stockings.--_adjs._ NETH'ERMORE, lower; NETH'ERMOST, NETH'ERSTOCKS (_Shak._), short stockings or half-hose for the leg, as distinguished from trunk hose for the thigh.--_advs._ NETH'ERWARD, -S, downward. [A.S. _neothera_, a comp. adj.

due to adv. _nither_, downward; Ger. _nieder_, low.]

NETHINIM, neth'in-im, (_B._) servants of the old Jewish temple, set apart to assist the Levites. [Heb.]

NETSUKE, net'su-k[=a], _n._ a small toggle or button, carved or inlaid, on Japanese pipe-cases, pouches, &c.

NETTLE, net'l, _n._ a common plant covered with hairs which sting sharply.--_v.t._ to fret, as a nettle does the skin: to irritate.--_ns._ NETT'LE-CLOTH, thick japanned cotton cloth used for leather; NETT'LE-FISH, a jelly-fish, sea-nettle; NETT'LERASH, a kind of fever characterised by a rash or eruption on the skin; NETT'LE-TREE, a genus of trees, with simple and generally serrated leaves, the fruit a fleshy, globose, one-celled drupe; NETT'LE-WORT, any plant of the nettle family. [A.S. _netele_; Ger.


NETTLING, net'ling, _n._ the joining of two ropes, end to end, without seam: the tying in pairs of yarns in a ropewalk to prevent tangling.


NEUME, n[=u]m, _n._ a succession of notes to be sung to one syllable, a sequence: an old sign for a tone or a phrase. [O. Fr.,--Gr. _pneuma_, breath.]

NEURAL, n[=u]'ral, _adj._ pertaining to the nerves--also NEUR'IC.--_ns._ NEURIC'ITY, nerve-force; NEURIL'ITY, the function of the nervous system--that of conducting stimuli.--NEURAL ARCH, the arch of a vertebra protecting the spinal cord. [Gr. _neuron_, a nerve.]

NEURALGIA, n[=u]-ral'ji-a, _n._ pain of a purely nervous character, occurring in paroxysms, usually unaccompanied by inflammation, fever, or any appreciable change of structure in the affected part--(_obs._) NEURAL'GY.--_adjs._ NEURAL'GIC, NEURAL'GIFORM. [Gr. _neuron_, nerve, _algos_, pain.]

NEURASTHENIA, n[=u]-ras-the-n[=i]'a, _n._ nervous debility.--_adj._ NEURASTHEN'IC--also _n._ one suffering from this. [Gr. _neuron_, a nerve, _astheneia_, weakness.]

NEURATION, n[=u]-r[=a]'shun, _n._ Same as NERVATION.

NEURILEMMA, n[=u]-ri-lem'a, _n._ the external sheath of a nerve-fibre.

NEURITIS, n[=u]-r[=i]'tis, _n._ inflammation of a nerve.

NEUROHYPNOLOGY, n[=u]-r[=o]-hip-nol'o-ji, _n._ the study of hypnotism: the means employed for inducing the hypnotic state.--_ns._ NEUROHYPNOL'OGIST; NEUROHYP'NOTISM, hypnotism. [Gr. _neuron_, nerve, _hypnos_, sleep, _logia_, discourse.]

NEUROLOGY, n[=u]-rol'o-ji, _n._ the science of the nerves.--_adj._ NEUROLOG'ICAL.--_n._ NEUROL'OGIST, a writer on neurology. [Gr. _neuron_, nerve, _logia_, science.]

NEURON, n[=u]'ron, _n._ the cerebro-spinal axis in its entirety: a nervure of an insect's wing.

NEUROPATH, n[=u]'ro-path, _n._ one who takes nervous conditions solely or mostly into account in his pathology.--_adjs._ NEUROPATH'IC, -AL.--_adv._ NEUROPATH'ICALLY.--_ns._ NEUROPATHOL'OGY, the sum of knowledge of the diseases of the nervous system; NEUROP'ATHY, nervous disease generally.

[Gr. _neuron_, nerve, _pathos_, suffering.]

NEUROPTERA, n[=u]-rop't[.e]r-a, an order of insects which have generally four wings marked with a network of many nerves:--_sing._ NEUROP'TERON; also NEUROP'TER, NEUROP'TERAN.--_adjs._ NEUROP'TERAL, NEUROP'TEROUS, nerve-winged. [Gr. _neuron_, nerve, _ptera_, pl. of _pteron_, a wing.]

NEUROSE, n[=u]'r[=o]s, _adj._ nerved: having many nervures or veins, of an insect's wing, &c.

NEUROTIC, n[=u]-rot'ik, _adj._ relating to, or seated in, the nerves.--_n._ a disease of the nerves: a medicine useful for diseases of the nerves.--_adj._ NEUR[=O]'SAL.--_n._ NEUR[=O]'SIS, a nervous disease, esp.

without lesion of parts, as epilepsy, &c.

NEUROTOMY, n[=u]-rot'om-i, _n._ the cutting or dissection of a nerve.--_adj._ NEUROTOM'ICAL. [Gr. _neuron_, a nerve, _tom[=e]_, cutting.]

NEUROTONIC, n[=u]-ro-ton'ik, _n._ a medicine intended to strengthen the nervous system.

NEUTER, n[=u]'t[.e]r, _adj._ neither: taking no part with either side: (_gram._) neither masculine nor feminine: neither active nor passive: (_bot._) without stamens or pistils: (_zool._) without sex.--_n._ one taking no part in a contest: (_bot._) a plant having neither stamens nor pistils: (_zool._) a sexless animal, esp. the working bee. [L., 'neither'--_ne_, not, _uter_, either.]

NEUTRAL, n[=u]'tral, _adj._ being neuter, indifferent: taking no part on either side: unbiassed: neither very good nor very bad, of no decided character: having no decided colour, bluish or grayish: (_chem._) neither acid nor alkaline.--_n._ a person or nation that takes no part in a contest.--_n._ NEUTRALIS[=A]'TION.--_v.t._ NEU'TRALISE, to declare by convention any nation permanently neutral or neutral during certain hostilities: to make inert: to render of no effect.--_ns._ NEU'TRALISER; NEUTRAL'ITY, state of taking no part on either of two sides: those who are neutral.--_adv._ NEU'TRALLY.--NEUTRAL TINT, a dull grayish colour; NEUTRAL VOWEL, the vowel-sound heard in _but_, _firm_, _her_, &c., and commonly in unaccented syllables.--ARMED NEUTRALITY, the condition of a neutral power ready to repel aggression from either belligerent. [L.

_neutralis_--_neuter_, neither.]

NeVe, n[=a]-v[=a]', _n._ the same as _firn_ or _glacier snow_. [Fr.,--L.

_nix_, _nivis_, snow.]

NEVEL, nev'el, _v.t._ (_Scot._) to beat with the fists.

NEVER, nev'[.e]r, _adv._ not ever: at no time: in no degree: not.--_adv._ NEV'ERMORE, at no future time.--_conj._ NEVERTHELESS', notwithstanding: in spite of that (earlier _Natheless_).--_adv._ NEVERTHEMORE' (_Spens._), none the more. [A.S. _n['ae]fre_--_ne_, not, _['ae]fre_, ever.]

NEW, n[=u], _adj._ lately made: having happened lately: recent, modern: not before seen or known: strange, different: recently commenced: changed for the better: not of an ancient family: as at first: unaccustomed: fresh from anything: uncultivated or only recently cultivated.--_adjs._ NEW'BORN (_Shak._), recently born; NEW'COME, recently arrived.--_n._ NEW'-COM'ER, one who has lately come.--_v.t._ NEW'-CREATE' (_Shak._), to create for the first time.--_adjs._ NEW'-FASH'IONED, made in a new way or fashion: lately come into fashion; NEW'-FLEDGED, having just got feathers; NEW'ISH, somewhat new: nearly new.--_adv._ NEW'LY.--_adj._ NEW'-MADE (_Shak._), recently made.--_v.t._ NEW'-MOD'EL, to model or form anew.--_n._ the Parliamentary army as remodelled by Cromwell after the second battle of Newbury, which gained a conclusive victory at Naseby (1645).--_n._ NEW'NESS.--_adj._ NEW'-SAD (_Shak._), recently made sad.--NEW BIRTH (see REGENERATION); NEW CHUM, a new arrival from the old country in Australia; NEW CHURCH, NEW JERUSALEM CHURCH, the Swedenborgian Church; NEW COVENANT (see COVENANT); NEW DEPARTURE (see DEPARTURE); NEW ENGLANDER, a native or resident in any of the New England states; NEW JERUSALEM, the heavenly city; NEW LEARNING (see RENAISSANCE); NEW LIGHT, a member of a relatively more advanced religious school--applied esp. to the party within the 18th-century Scottish Secession Church which adopted Voluntary views of the relations of Church and State, also sometimes to the Socinianising party in the Church of Scotland in the 18th century, &c.; NEW RED SANDSTONE (_geol._), the name formerly given to the great series of red sandstones which occur between the Carboniferous and Jurassic systems; NEW STYLE (see STYLE); NEW WOMAN, a name humorously applied to such modern women as rebel against the conventional restrictions of their sex, and ape men in their freedom, education, pursuits, amusements, clothing, manners, and sometimes morals; NEW WORLD, North and South America; NEW-YEAR'S DAY, the first day of the new year. [A.S. _niwe_, _neowe_; Ger. _neu_, Ir. _nuadh_, L.

_novus_, Gr. _neos_.]

NEWEL, n[=u]'el, _n._ (_archit._) the upright column about which the steps of a circular staircase wind. [O. Fr. _nual_ (Fr. _noyau_), stone of fruit--Low L. _nucalis_, like a nut--L. _nux_, _nucis_, a nut.]

NEWEL, n[=u]'el, _n._ (_Spens._) a new thing: a novelty.

NEWFANGLED, n[=u]-fang'gld, _adj._ fond of new things: newly devised, novel.--_adv._ NEWFANG'LEDLY.--_ns._ NEWFANG'LEDNESS, NEWFANG'LENESS.

[Corr. from M. E. _newefangel_--_newe_ (A.S. _niwe_), new, _fangel_ (A.S.

_fangen_--_fon_), ready to catch.]

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