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PANEGYRIC, pan-[=e]-jir'ik, _n._ an oration or eulogy in praise of some person or event: an encomium.--_adjs._ PAN[=E]GYR'IC, -AL.--_adv._ PAN[=E]GYR'ICALLY.--_n._ PAN[=E]GYR'ICON, in the Greek Church, a collection of sermons for festivals.--_v.t._ PAN'[=E]GYRISE, to write or pronounce a panegyric on: to praise highly.--_ns._ PAN'[=E]GYRIST; PAN'[=E]GYRY (_obs._). [L.,--Gr. _pan[=e]gyrikos_, fit for a national festival--_pas_, _pan_, all, _agyris_ (_agora_), an assembly.]

PANEITY, p[=a]-n[=e]'i-ti, _n._ the state of being bread. [L. _panis_, bread.]

PANEL, pan'el, _n._ a rectangular piece of any material: (_archit._) a flat surface with raised margins, or with a surrounding frame: a thin board on which a picture is painted: (_law_) a schedule containing the names of those summoned to serve as jurors: the jury: (_Scots law_) a prisoner at the bar: a frame for carrying a mortar: a rail in a post-and-rail fence.--_v.t._ to furnish with panels:--_pr.p._ pan'elling; _pa.p._ pan'elled.--Also PANN'EL.--_ns._ PAN'EL-GAME, the act of stealing articles by means of a sliding panel; PAN'ELLING, panel-work; PAN'EL-PIC'TURE, a picture painted on a panel; PAN'EL-PL[=A]N'ER, a machine for dressing panels and feathering their edges to fit them to the grooves in the stiles; PAN'EL-SAW, a saw for cutting very thin wood; PAN'EL-STRIP, a narrow piece of wood or metal for covering a joint between two panels; PAN'EL-WORK'ING, a method of working a coal-mine by dividing it into compartments. [O.

Fr.,--Low L. _pannellus_--L. _pannus_, a rag.]

PANEULOGISM, pan-[=u]'l[=o]-jizm, _n._ indiscriminate eulogy.

PANFUL, pan'fool, _n._ the quantity that a pan will hold:--_pl._ PAN'FULS.

PANG, pang, _v.t._ (_Scot._) to cram, stuff with food.

PANG, pang, _n._ a violent but not long-continued pain: a sudden and bitter feeling of sorrow: a throe.--_v.t._ to cause a pang, to torture.--_adj._ PANG'LESS, free from pain. [A form of _prong_, prob. modified by confusion with Fr. _poing_, a fist--L. _pugnus_, the fist.]

PANGENESIS, pan-jen'e-sis, _n._ the theory that every separate part of the whole organisation reproduces itself.--_adj._ PANGENET'IC. [Gr. _pas_, _pan_, all, _genesis_, production.]

PANGOLIN, pang'g[=o]-lin, _n._ the scaly ant-eater, a name given to the various species of the genus _Manis_ belonging to the mammalian order Edentata. [Malay.]

PANGRAMMATIST, pan-gram'a-tist, _n._ one who twists all the letters of the alphabet into sentences, as in the following example: 'John P. Brady, give me a black walnut box of quite a small size.'

PAN-HANDLE, pan'-han'dl, _n._ the handle of a pan: a long narrow strip projecting like this.

PANHARMONICON, pan-har-mon'i-kon, _n._ a mechanical musical instrument of the orchestrion class.--Also _Orpheus-harmonica_.

PANHELLENIC, pan-hel-en'ik, _adj._ pertaining to all Greece.--_ns._ PANHELL[=E]'NION, or PANHELL[=E]'NIUM, a council representing all the sections of the Greeks; PANHELL'ENISM, a scheme for forming all Greeks into one political body; PANHELL'ENIST, one who favours Panhellenism. [Gr.

_pas_, _pan_, all, _Hell[=e]nikos_, Greek--_Hellas_, Greece.]

PANIC, pan'ik, _n._ extreme or sudden fright: great terror without any visible ground or foundation: a state of terror about investments produced by some startling collapse in credit, impelling men to rush and sell what they possess.--_adj._ of the nature of a panic: extreme or sudden: imaginary.--_adj._ PAN'ICKY (_coll._), inclined to panic or sudden terror, affected by financial panic.--_n._ PAN'IC-MONG'ER, one who creates panics.--_adjs._ PAN'IC-STRICK'EN, PAN'IC-STRUCK, struck with a panic or sudden fear. [Orig. an adj.; Gr. _panikon_ (_deima_), 'panic' (fear), from _panikos_, belonging to Pan, god of the woods.]

PANICLE, pan'i-kl, _n._ (_bot._) a form of the arrangement of flowers on a stalk, in which the cluster is irregularly branched, as in oats.--_n._ PAN'IC, a grass of the genus _Panicum_.--_adjs._ PAN'ICLED (_bot._), furnished with panicles: arranged in or like panicles; PANIC'UL[=A]TE, -D, furnished with, arranged in, or like panicles.--_adv._ PANIC'UL[=A]TELY.--_n._ PAN'ICUM, a large genus of true grasses having the one or two-flowered spikelets in spikes, racemes, or panicles--including the common millet. [L. _panicula_, double dim. of _panus_, thread wound on a bobbin, akin to L. _pannus_ and Gr. _p[=e]nos_. See PANE.]

PANIDROSIS, pan-i-dr[=o]'sis, _n._ a perspiration over the whole body. [Gr.

_pas_, _pan_, all, _hidr[=o]s_, perspiration.]

PANIFICATION, pan-i-fi-k[=a]'shun, _n._ a conversion into bread.--_adj._ PANIV'OROUS, eating bread.

PANIONIC, pan-[=i]-on'ik, _adj._ pertaining to all the _Ionian_ peoples.

PANISC, pan'isk, _n._ the god _Pan_, represented as a satyr.

PANISLAMIC, pan-is-lam'ik, _adj._ relating to all _Islam_, or all the Mohammedan races.--_n._ PANIS'LAMISM, the idea of union amongst the Mohammedan races.

PANJANDRUM, pan-jan'drum, _n._ an imaginary figure of great power and importance, a burlesque potentate.--Also PANJAN'DARUM. [A gibberish word.]

PANLOGISM, pan'l[=o]-jizm, _n._ the theory that the universe is an outward manifestation of the Logos.

PANMELODION, pan-m[=e]-l[=o]'di-on, _n._ a keyboard musical instrument whose tone is produced by wheels rubbing on metal bars.

PANMIXIA, pan-mik'si-a, _n._ (_biol._) cessation of natural selection, as on a useless organ.

PANNADE, pa-n[=a]d', _n._ the curvet of a horse.

PANNAGE, pan'[=a]j, _n._ food picked up by swine in the woods, mast; also the right to this.


PANNICULUS, pa-nik'[=u]-lus, _n._ a thin, sheet-like investment. [L., dim.

of _pannus_, a cloth.]

PANNIER, pan'y[.e]r, or pan'i-[.e]r, _n._ a bread-basket: one of two baskets thrown across a horse's back, for carrying light produce to market: (_archit._) a corbel: a contrivance for puffing out a woman's dress at the hips: a piece of basket-work for protecting archers, or, when filled with gravel or sand, for forming and protecting dikes, embankments, &c.--_adj._ PANN'IERED, loaded with panniers. [Fr. _panier_--L. _panarium_, a bread-basket--_panis_, bread.]

PANNIKEL, pan'i-kl, _n._ the brain-pan: (_Spens._) the skull. [Dim. of _pan_.]

PANNIKIN, pan'i-kin, _n._ a small pan or saucer.

PANNOSE, pan'[=o]s, _adj._ (_bot._) like felt in texture. [L.

_pannosus_--_pannus_, cloth.]

PANNUS, pan'us, _n._ an opaque vascular membrane over the cornea: a tent for a wound: a birth-mark on the skin. [L., 'cloth.']

PANNUSCORIUM, pan-us-k[=o]'ri-um, _n._ a leather-cloth for boots. [L.

_pannus_, cloth, _corium_, leather.]

PANOCHA, pa-n[=o]'cha, _n._ a Mexican coarse sugar.

PANOCHIA, pa-n[=o]'chi-a, _n._ bubo in the groin or armpit. [Gr. _cheia_, a hole.]

PANOISTIC, pan-[=o]-is'tik, _adj._ producing ova only--opp. to _Meroistic_.

[Gr. _[=o]on_, an egg.]

PANOPHOBIA, pan-[=o]-f[=o]'bi-a, _n._ a morbid fear of everything. [Gr.

_pas_, _pan_, all, _phobos_, fear.]

PANOPHTHALMITIS, pan-of-thal-m[=i]'tis, _n._ suppurative inflammation of the whole eye.

PANOPLY, pan'[=o]-pli, _n._ complete armour: a full suit of armour.--_adj._ PAN'OPLIED, dressed in panoply: completely armed.--_n._ PAN'OPLIST, one so armed. [Gr. _panoplia_--_pas_, _pan_, all, _hopla_ (pl.), arms.]

PANOPTICON, pan-op'ti-kon, _n._ a prison so constructed that all the prisoners can be watched from one point: an exhibition room. [Gr. _pas_, _pan_, all, _horaein_, fut. _opsesthai_, to see.]

PANORAMA, pan-[=o]-ra'ma, _n._ a wide or complete view: a picture giving views of objects in all directions: a picture representing a number of scenes unrolled and made to pass before the spectator.--_adj._ PANORA'MIC.

[Gr. _pan_, all, _horama_, a view, from _horaein_, to see.]

PANOTITIS, pan-[=o]-t[=i]'tis, _n._ inflammation in both the middle and internal ear.

PANOTYPE, pan'[=o]-t[=i]p, _n._ a picture made by the collodion process.

PANPHARMACON, pan-far'ma-kon, _n._ a universal remedy.

PAN-PRESBYTERIAN, pan-pres-bi-t[=e]'ri-an, _adj._ of or pertaining to the whole body of Presbyterians.--PAN-PRESBYTERIAN COUNCIL, a council representing all the Presbyterian churches throughout the world.

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