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OVEREARNEST, [=o]'v[.e]r-[.e]r'nest, _adj._ too earnest.

OVEREAT, [=o]-v[.e]r-[=e]t', _v.t._ to surfeit with eating (generally reflexive): (_Shak._) to eat over again.

OVERENTREAT, [=o]-v[.e]r-en-tr[=e]t', _v.t._ to entreat to excess.

OVERESTIMATE, [=o]-v[.e]r-es'tim-[=a]t, _v.t._ to estimate too highly.--_n._ an excessive estimate.--_n._ OVERESTIM[=A]'TION.

OVEREXCITE, [=o]'v[.e]r-ek-s[=i]t', _v.t._ to excite unduly.--_n._ OVEREXCITE'MENT.

OVER-EXERTION, [=o]'v[.e]r-eg-z[.e]r'shun, _n._ too great exertion.

OVER-EXPOSURE, [=o]'v[.e]r-eks-p[=o]'zh[=u]r, _n._ excessive exposure: (_photography_) the exposure to light for too long a time of the sensitive plate.--_v.t._ OVER-EXPOSE'.

OVER-EXQUISITE, [=o]'v[.e]r-eks'kwi-zit, _adj._ excessively exquisite: over exact or nice: too careful.

OVEREYE, [=o]-v[=e]r-[=i]', _v.t._ (_Shak._) to overlook or superintend: (_Shak._) to observe or remark.

OVERFALL, [=o]'v[.e]r-fawl, _n._ a rippling or race in the sea, where, by the peculiarities of bottom, the water is propelled with immense force, esp. when the wind and tide, or current, set strongly together.

OVERFAR, [=o]-v[.e]r-far', _adv._ (_Shak._) to too great an extent.

OVERFAST, [=o]-v[.e]r-fast', _adj._ too fast: at too great speed.

OVERFEED, [=o]-v[.e]r-f[=e]d', _v.t._ and _v.i._ to feed to excess.

OVERFILL, [=o]-v[.e]r-fil', _v.t._ to fill to excess.

OVERFINENESS, [=o]'v[.e]r-f[=i]n'nes, _n._ excessive fineness.

OVERFIRED, [=o]-v[.e]r-f[=i]rd', _adj._ overheated in firing.

OVERFISH, [=o]-v[.e]r-fish', _v.t._ to fish to excess: to diminish unduly the stock of fish.

OVERFLOURISH, [=o]'v[.e]r-flur'ish, _v.t._ to make excessive flourish of: to decorate superficially.

OVERFLOW, [=o]-v[.e]r-fl[=o]', _v.t._ to flow over: to flood: to overwhelm: to cover, as with numbers.--_v.i._ to run over: to abound.--_n._ O'VERFLOW, a flowing over: that which flows over: a pipe or channel for spare water, &c.: an inundation: superabundance: abundance: copiousness.--_adj._ flowing over: over full: abundant.--_adj._ OVERFLOW'ING, exuberant, very abundant.--_adv._ OVERFLOW'INGLY.--OVERFLOW MEETING, a supplementary meeting of those unable to find room in the main meeting.

OVERFLY, [=o]'v[.e]r-fl[=i]', _v.t._ to soar beyond.

OVERFOLD, [=o]'v[.e]r-f[=o]ld, _n._ (_geol._) a reflexed or inverted fold in strata.

OVERFOND, [=o]-v[.e]r-fond', _adj._ fond to excess.--_adv._ OVERFOND'LY.

OVERFORWARD, [=o]-v[.e]r-for'ward, _adj._ too forward or officious.--_n._ OVERFOR'WARDNESS.

OVERFREIGHT, [=o]-v[.e]r-fr[=a]t', _v.t._ to overload.

OVERFULL, [=o]-v[.e]r-fool', _adj._ (_Shak._) too full.--_n._ OVERFULL'NESS.

OVERGAZE, [=o]-v[.e]r-g[=a]z', _v.t._ to gaze or look over.

OVERGET, [=o]-v[.e]r-get', _v.t._ (_obs._) to reach, overtake: to get over.

OVERGIVE, [=o]-v[.e]r-giv', _v.t._ (_Spens._) to give over or surrender.--_v.i._ to give too lavishly.

OVERGLANCE, [=o]-v[.e]r-glans', _v.t._ (_Shak._) to look hastily over.

OVERGLAZE, [=o]-v[.e]r-gl[=a]z', _v.t._ to glaze over: decorate superficially.--_adj._ suitable for painting on glazed articles.--_n._ O'VERGLAZE, an additional glaze given to porcelain, &c.

OVERGLOOM, [=o]-v[.e]r-gl[=oo]m', _v.t._ to cover with gloom.

OVERGO, [=o]-v[.e]r-g[=o]', _v.t._ to exceed: excel: to go over: to cover.--_v.i._ to go over: to pass away.

OVERGORGE, [=o]-v[.e]r-gorj', _v.t._ (_Shak._) to gorge to excess.

OVERGRAIN, [=o]-v[.e]r-gr[=a]n', _v.t._ and _v.i._ to grain over a surface already grained.--_n._ OVERGRAIN'ER, a long-bristled brush used in graining wood.

OVERGRASSED, [=o]-v[.e]r-grast', _adj._ (_Spens._) overstocked or overgrown with grass.

OVERGREEDY, [=o]-v[.e]r-gr[=e]d'i, _adj._ excessively greedy.

OVERGREEN, [=o]-v[.e]r-gr[=e]n', _v.t._ (_Shak._) to cover over so as to hide blemishes.

OVERGROUND, [=o]'v[.e]r-grownd, _adj._ being above ground.

OVERGROW, [=o]-v[.e]r-gr[=o]', _v.t._ to grow beyond: to rise above: to cover with growth.--_v.i._ to grow beyond the proper size.--_adj._ OVERGROWN', grown beyond the natural size.--_n._ O'VERGROWTH.

OVERHAIL, [=o]-v[.e]r-h[=a]l', _v.t._ Same as OVERHAUL.

OVERHAIR, [=o]'v[.e]r-h[=a]r, _n._ the long hair overlying the fur of many animals.

OVERHAND, [=o]'v[.e]r-hand, _adj._ having the hand raised above the elbow or over the ball at cricket (also O'VERHANDED): above the shoulder at baseball: (_min._) done from below upward.--_adv._ with the hand over the object.--_v.t._ to sew over and over.

OVERHANDLE, [=o]-v[.e]r-han'dl, _v.t._ (_Shak._) to handle or mention too often.

OVERHANG, [=o]-v[.e]r-hang', _v.t._ to hang over: to project over: to impend: to overlade with ornamentation.--_v.i._ to hang over.--_n._ O'VERHANG, a projecting part, the degree of projection, of roofs, &c.--_adj._ OVERHUNG', covered over, adorned with hangings.

OVERHAPPY, [=o]-v[.e]r-hap'i, _adj._ excessively or too happy.

OVERHASTY, [=o]-v[.e]r-h[=a]s'ti, _adj._ too hasty or rash.--_adv._ OVERHAS'TILY.--_n._ OVERHAS'TINESS.

OVERHAUL, [=o]-v[.e]r-hawl', _v.t._ to haul or draw over: to turn over for examination: to examine: to re-examine: (_naut._) to overtake in a chase.--_n._ O'VERHAUL, a hauling over: examination: repair.--OVERHAUL A SHIP, to overtake a ship: to search her for contraband goods.

OVERHEAD, [=o]'v[.e]r-hed, _adv._ over the head: aloft: in the zenith: per head.--_adj._ situated above.

OVERHEAR, [=o]-v[.e]r-h[=e]r', _v.t._ to hear what was not intended to be heard: to hear by accident: (_Shak._) to hear over again.

OVERHEAT, [=o]-v[.e]r-h[=e]t', _v.t._ to heat to excess.--_n._ O'VERHEAT, extreme heat.

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