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OCCAMY, ok'a-mi, _n._ a silvery alloy. [_Alchemy._]

OCCASION, o-k[=a]'zhun, _n._ a case of something happening: a special time or season: a chance of bringing about something desired: an event which, although not the cause, determines the time at which another happens: a reason or excuse: opportunity: requirement, business: a special ceremony.--_v.t._ to cause indirectly: to influence.--_adj._ OCC[=A]'SIONAL, falling in the way or happening: occurring only at times: resulting from accident: produced on some special event.--_ns._ OCC[=A]'SIONALISM, the philosophical system of the Cartesian school for explaining the action of mind upon matter, or the combined action of both by the direct intervention of God, who on the occasion of certain modifications in our minds, excites the corresponding movements of body, and on the occasion of certain changes in our body, awakens the corresponding feelings in the mind; OCC[=A]'SIONALIST; OCCASIONAL'ITY.--_adv._ OCC[=A]'SIONALLY.--_n._ OCC[=A]'SIONER.--ON OCCASION, in case of need: as opportunity offers, from time to time; TAKE OCCASION, to take advantage of an opportunity. [Fr.,--L.

_occasion-em_--_occid[)e]re_--_ob_, in the way of, _cad[)e]re_, _casum_, to fall.]

OCCIDENT, ok'si-dent, _n._ the western quarter of the sky where the sun goes down or sets: the west generally.--_adj._ OCCIDEN'TAL, noting the quarter where the sun goes down or sets: western: relatively less precious, as a gem.--_n._ a native of some occidental country--opp. to _Oriental_.--_v.t._ OCCIDEN'TALISE, to cause to conform to western ideas or customs.--_ns._ OCCIDEN'TALISM, habits, &c., of occidental peoples; OCCIDEN'TALIST, a student of occidental languages--opp. to _Orientalist_: an individual belonging to an oriental country who favours western ideas, customs, &c.--_adv._ OCCIDEN'TALLY. [Fr.,--L. _occidens_, _-entis_, pr.p.

of _occid[)e]re_, to fall down.]

OCCIPUT, ok'si-put, _n._ the back part of the head or skull.--_adj._ OCCIP'ITAL, pertaining to the occiput or back part of the head.--_n._ the occipital bone.--_adv._ OCCIP'ITALLY.--_adjs._ OCCIP'ITO-AX'IAL, of or pertaining to the occipital bone and to the axis or second cervical vertebra; OCCIP'ITO-FRONT'AL, pertaining to the occiput and to the forehead; OCCIP'ITO-TEM'PORAL, pertaining to the occipital and temporal regions. [L.,--_ob_, over against, _caput_, head.]

OCCLUDE, o-kl[=oo]d', _v.t._ to absorb, as a gas by a metal.--_adj._ OCCLU'DENT, serving to close.--_n._ OCCLU'SION, a closing of an opening, passage, or cavity: the act of occluding or absorbing.--_adj._ OCCLU'SIVE, serving to close.--_n._ OCCLU'SOR, that which closes, esp. an organ for closing an opening in a body. [L. _occlud[)e]re_,--_ob_, before, _claud[)e]re_, to shut.]

OCCULT, ok-kult', _adj._ covered over: escaping observation: hidden: not discovered without test or experiment: secret, unknown, transcending the bounds of natural knowledge.--_n._ OCCULT[=A]'TION, a concealing, esp. of one of the heavenly bodies by another: state of being hid.--_adj._ OCCULT'ED (_Shak._), hidden, secret: (_astron._) concealed, as by a body coming between.--_ns._ OCCULT'ISM, the doctrine or study of things hidden or mysterious--theosophy, &c.; OCCULT'IST, one who believes in occult things.--_adv._ OCCULT'LY.--_n._ OCCULT'NESS.--OCCULT SCIENCES, alchemy, astrology, magic, &c. [Fr.,--L. _occul[)e]re_, _occultum_, to hide.]

OCCUPY, ok'[=u]-p[=i], _v.t._ to take or hold possession of: to take up, as room, &c.: to fill, as an office: to employ: (_B._) to use: to trade with: (_Shak._) to possess, enjoy.--_v.i._ to hold possession: (_B._) to trade:--_pa.t._ and _pa.p._ occ'[=u]pied.--_ns._ OCC'UPANCY, the act of occupying, or of taking or holding possession: possession: the time during which one occupies; OCC'UPANT, one who takes or has possession.--_v.t._ OCC'UP[=A]TE (_Bacon_), to hold: to possess:--_pr.p._ occ'[=u]p[=a]ting; _pa.p._ occ'[=u]p[=a]ted.--_n._ OCCUP[=A]'TION, the act of occupying or taking possession: possession: state of being employed or occupied: that which occupies or takes up one's attention: employment.--_adj._ OCCUP[=A]'TIVE.--_n._ OCC'UPIER, one who takes or holds possession of: an occupant: (_B._) a trader. [Fr.,--L. _occup[=a]re_, _-[=a]tum_--_ob_, to, on, _cap[)e]re_, to take.]

OCCUR, o-kur', _v.i._ to come or be presented to the mind: to happen: to appear: to be found here and there: to coincide in time:--_pr.p._ occur'ring; _pa.p._ occurred'.--_ns._ OCCUR'RENCE, anything that occurs: an event, esp. one unlooked for or unplanned: occasional presentation; OCCUR'RENT, one who comes to meet another: (_B._) an occurrence or chance.--_adj._ (_B._) coming in the way. [Fr.,--L. _occurr[)e]re_--_ob_, towards, _curr[)e]re_, to run.]

OCEAN, [=o]'shan, _n._ the vast expanse of salt water that covers the greater part of the surface of the globe: one of its five great divisions (Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic, Antarctic): any immense expanse or vast quantity.--_adj._ pertaining to the great sea.--_n._ O'CEAN-B[=A]'SIN, the depression of the earth's surface in which the waters of an ocean are contained.--_adjs._ OCEAN'IAN, pertaining to _Oceania_, which includes Polynesia, Micronesia, Melanesia, Australasia, and Malaysia; OCEAN'IC, pertaining to the ocean: found or formed in the ocean or high seas, pelagic: wide like the OCEAN'IC-IS'LANDS, islands far from the mainland, situated in the midst of the ocean; OCEAN'IDES, marine molluscs or sea-shells.--_ns._ O'CEAN-LANE (see LANE); OCEANOG'RAPHER, one versed in oceanography.--_adj._ OCEANOGRAPH'IC.--_ns._ OCEANOG'RAPHY, the scientific description of the ocean; OCEANOL'OGY, the science of the ocean: a treatise on the ocean. [Fr.,--L. _oceanus_--Gr. _[=o]keanos_, perh. from _[=o]kys_, swift.]

OCELLATE, -D, [=o]'sel-l[=a]t, -ed, _adj._ resembling an eye: marked with spots resembling eyes, as the feathers of a peacock.--_adjs._ OCEL'LAR, OC'ELLARY, ocellate, pertaining to ocelli; OCELLIF'EROUS, OCELLIG'EROUS, bearing spots like small eyes.--_n._ OCEL'LUS, a little eye, an eye-spot: one of the round spots of varied colour in the tail of a peacock, &c.:--_pl._ OCEL'L[=I]. [L. _ocellatus_--_ocellus_, dim. of _oculus_, an eye.]

OCELOT, [=o]'se-lot, _n._ the name of several species of animals in tropical America allied to the leopard, but much smaller.--_adj._ O'CELOID.



OCH HONE, oh h[=o]n, an exclamation of lamentation. [Ir.]

OCHIDORE, ok'i-d[=o]r, _n._ a shore-crab.

OCHLESIS, ok-l[=e]'sis, _n._ an unhealthy condition due to overcrowding.--_adj._ OCHLET'IC. [Gr. _ochlos_, a crowd.]

OCHLOCRACY, ok-lok'ra-si, _n._ mob-rule: government by the populace.--_adjs._ OCHLOCRAT'IC, -AL.--_adv._ OCHLOCRAT'ICALLY. [Gr.

_ochlokratia_--_ochlos_, the mob, _kratia_, rule.]

OCHRE, [=o]'k[.e]r, _n._ a fine clay, mostly pale yellow, used for colouring walls, &c.: (_slang_) money, esp. gold.--_adjs._ O'CHEROUS, OCHR[=A]'CEOUS, O'CHREOUS, O'CHROID, O'CHRY, consisting of, containing, or resembling ochre. [Fr.,--L. _ochra_--Gr. _[=o]chra_--_[=o]chros_, pale yellow.]

OCREA, [=o]'kre-a, _n._ (_bot._) a sheath formed of two stipules united round a stem:--_pl._ O'CHREae, O'CREae.--_adj._ O'CHRE[=A]TE. [L. _ochrea_, a legging.]

OCTACHORD, ok'ta-kord, _n._ a musical instrument with eight strings: a diatonic series of eight tones.

OCTAGON, ok'ta-gon, _n._ a plane figure of eight sides and eight angles.--_adj._ OCTAG'ONAL. [Gr. _okt[=o]_, eight, _g[=o]nia_, an angle.]

OCTAHEDRON, ok-ta-h[=e]'dron, _n._ a solid bounded by eight faces.--_adj._ OCTAH[=E]'DRAL. [Gr. _okt[=o]_, eight, _hedra_, a base.]

OCTANDROUS, ok-tan'drus, _adj._ (_bot._) having eight OCTAN'DRIA.--_adj._ OCTAN'DRIAN. [Gr. _okt[=o]_, eight, _an[=e]r_, _andros_, a man.]

OCTANGULAR, ok-tang'g[=u]-lar, _adj._ having eight angles.

OCTANT, ok'tant, _n._ the eighth part of a circle: an instrument for measuring angles: the aspect of two planets when 45, or one-eighth of a circle, apart.--Also OC'TILE. [L. _octans_, _octantis_--_octo_, eight.]

OCTAPLA, ok'ta-pla, _n._ something eightfold: a Bible in eight languages.

[Gr. _oktaplous_, eightfold.]

OCTAPODY, ok-tap'[=o]-di, _n._ (_pros._) a metre or verse of eight feet.--_adj._ OCTAPOD'IC.--_n._ OC'TASTICH, a strophe of eight verses or lines--also OCTAS'TICHON.--_adj._ OCTASTROPH'IC, consisting of eight strophes.


OCTAVE, ok't[=a]v, _adj._ eight: consisting of eight.--_n._ an eighth: that which consists of eight: the eighth day after a church festival, counting the feast-day itself as the first: the period between a festival and its octave: (_mus._) an eighth, or an interval of twelve semitones: the eighth part of a pipe of wine. [Fr.,--L. _octavus_, eighth--_octo_, eight.]

OCTAVO, ok-t[=a]'v[=o], _adj._ having eight leaves to the sheet.--_n._ a book printed on sheets folded into eight leaves, contracted 8vo--usually meaning a medium octavo, 69 inches. Smaller octavos are--post 8vo, 58 in.; demy 8vo, 58 in.; crown 8vo, 57 in.; cap 8vo, 47 in. Larger octavos are--royal 8vo, 610 in.; super-royal 8vo, 711 in.; imperial 8vo, 811 in.:--_pl._ OCT[=A]'VOS.

OCTENNIAL, ok-ten'i-al, _adj._ happening every eighth year: lasting eight years.--_adv._ OCTENN'IALLY.--_n._ OCTOCEN'TENARY, the 800th anniversary of an event. [L. _octennis_--_octo_, eight, _annus_, a year.]

OCTILLION, ok-til'yun, _n._ the number produced by raising a million to the eighth power, expressed by a unit with forty-eight ciphers: in France and the United States, one thousand raised to the ninth power, expressed by a unit with twenty-seven ciphers. [L. _octo_, eight, _million_.]

OCTOBER, ok-t[=o]'b[.e]r, _n._ the eighth month of the Roman year, which began in March: the tenth month in our calendar. [L. _octo_, eight.]

OCTOBRACHIATE, ok-t[=o]-br[=a]'ki-[=a]t, _adj._ having eight brachia, arms, or rays.

OCTOCEROUS, ok-tos'e-rus, _adj._ having eight arms or rays.

OCTODECIMO, ok-t[=o]-des'i-m[=o], _adj._ having eighteen leaves to the sheet, contracted 18mo.--_adj._ OCTODEC'IMAL (_crystal._), having eighteen faces. [L. _octodecim_, eighteen--_octo_, eight, _decem_, ten.]

OCTODENTATE, ok-t[=o]-den't[=a]t, _adj._ having eight teeth.

OCTOFID, ok't[=o]-fid, _adj._ (_bot._) cleft into eight segments.

OCTOGENARIAN, ok-t[=o]-je-n[=a]'ri-an, _n._ and _adj._ one who is eighty years old, or between eighty and ninety.--_adj._ OCTOG'ENARY.

OCTOGYNOUS, ok-toj'i-nus, _adj._ (_bot._) having eight pistils or styles.

[Gr. _okt[=o]_, eight, _gyn[=e]_, wife.]


OCTOLATERAL, ok-t[=o]-lat'e-ral, _adj._ having eight sides.

OCTONARY, ok't[=o]-n[=a]-ri, _adj._ consisting of eight.

OCTONOCULAR, ok-t[=o]-nok'[=u]-lar, _adj._ having eight eyes.

OCTOPEDE, ok't[=o]-p[=e]d, _n._ an eight-footed animal.

OCTOPETALOUS, ok-t[=o]-pet'a-lus, _adj._ having eight petals.

OCTOPOD, ok't[=o]-pod, _adj._ eight-footed or eight-armed--also OCTOP'ODOUS.--_n._ an octopus.

OCTOPUS, ok't[=o]-pus, _n._ a widely distributed genus of eight-armed cuttle-fishes, covered with suckers, a devil-fish. [Gr. _okt[=o]_, eight, _pous_, _podos_, foot.]

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