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ROCHET, roch'et, _n._ a close-fitting fine linen or lawn vestment proper to bishops and abbots: a mantlet worn by the peers of England during ceremonies. [O. Fr., dim. of Low L. _roccus_--Old High Ger. _roch_ (A.S.

_rocc_, Ger. _rock_), a coat.]

ROCHES MOUTONNeES, rosh m[=oo]-to-n[=a], smooth, rounded, hummocky bosses and undulating surfaces of rock, common in regions overflowed by glacier-ice. [Fr., _roche_, a rock, _moutonnee_, masc. _moutonne_, rounded like a sheep's back.]

ROCK, rok, _n._ a large mass of stone: (_geol._) a natural deposit of sand, earth, or clay: that which has the firmness of a rock, foundation, support, defence: (_Scot._) a distaff: a hard sweetmeat.--_v.t._ to throw stones at.--_ns._ ROCK'-AL'UM, alum stone; ROCK'-AWAY, a four-wheeled North American pleasure-carriage; ROCK'-BAD'GER, a ground-squirrel of North America; ROCK'-B[=A]S'IN, a lacustrine hollow in a rock, excavated by glacier-ice; ROCK'-BASS, a centrarchoid fish, the goggle-eye; ROCK'-BIRD, a cock of the rock.--_adj._ ROCK'-BOUND, hemmed in by rocks.--_ns._ ROCK'-BREAK'ER, a machine for breaking stones for road-metal; ROCK'-BUTT'ER, an impure alum efflorescence of a butter-like consistency found oozing from some alum slates; ROCK'-CAN'DY, pure sugar in large crystals: candy-sugar; ROCK'-CIST, a plant of the genus _Helianthemum_; ROCK'-COOK, the small-mouthed wrasse; ROCK'-CORK, mountain cork, a variety of asbestos; ROCK'-CRAB, a crab found at rocky sea-bottoms.--_adj._ ROCK'-CROWNED, surmounted with rocks.--_ns._ ROCK'-CRYS'TAL, the finest and purest quartz, the name being generally applied, however, only to crystals in which the six-sided prism is well developed; ROCK'-DOL'PHIN, the sea-scorpion; ROCK'-DOVE, the rock-pigeon or blue-rock; ROCK'-DRILL, a machine-drill worked by steam, &c.; ROCK'-EEL, a fish of the family _Xiphidiontidae_; ROCK'-ELM, an American elm; ROCK'ER, the rock-dove; ROCK'ERY, ROCK'WORK, a mound made with pieces of rock, earth, &c. for the cultivation of ferns, &c.; ROCK'-F[=E]'VER, intermittent fever; ROCK'-FIRE, in pyrotechny, a composition of resin, sulphur, nitre, regulus of antimony, and turpentine, burning slowly; ROCK'-FISH, a name applied to various different varieties of wrasse, the striped bass, black goby, &c.; ROCK'-GOAT, an ibex; ROCK'-HAWK, the merlin; ROCK'-HEAD, bed-rock; ROCK'-HOP'PER, a curl-crested penguin; ROCK'IE (_Scot._), the rock-lintie or twite; ROCK'INESS; ROCK'-LEATH'ER, rock-cork; ROCK'-LIL'Y, a tropical American cryptogamous plant: a white-flowered Australian orchid; ROCK'-LIM'PET, a limpet which adheres to rocks; ROCK'LING, a genus of fishes of the cod family _Gadidae_, of which several species frequent the British seas; ROCK'-LIN'TIE (_Scot._), the twite: the ROCK'-LARK; ROCK'-MAN'IKIN, a rock-bird; ROCK'-MOSS, lichen which yields archil; ROCK'-OIL, petroleum; ROCK'-OU'SEL, the ring-ousel; ROCK'-OYS'TER, an oyster-like bivalve; ROCK'-PI'GEON, a pigeon inhabiting rocks and caves: the sand-pigeon; ROCK'-PIP'IT, the British ROCK'-PLANTS, a term applied in gardening to a very miscellaneous group of plants which by their habit of growth are adapted to adorn rockeries.--_ns._ ROCK'-PLOV'ER, the rock-snipe; ROCK'-RABB'IT, a hyrax; ROCK'-ROSE, a plant of either of the genera _Cistus_ and _Helianthemum_ of the rock-rose family (_Cistaceae_); ROCK'-RU'BY, a ruby-red garnet; ROCK'-SALM'ON, the coal-fish: an amber-fish; ROCK'-SALT, salt in solid form; ROCK'-SER'PENT, a venomous Indian serpent, allied to the cobra; ROCK'-SL[=A]T'ER, a wood-louse; ROCK'-SNAKE, a python or anaconda; ROCK'-SNIPE, the purple sandpiper; ROCK'-SOAP, a deep-black mineral used for crayons, consisting of silica, alumina, peroxide of iron, and water; ROCK'-SPARR'OW, a finch: the ring-sparrow; ROCK'-STAR'LING, the rock-ousel; ROCK'-SWIFT, the white-throated rock-swift of North America; ROCK'-TAR, petroleum; ROCK'-TEM'PLE, a temple hewn out of the solid rock; ROCK'-THRUSH, any bird of the genus _Monticola_ or _Petrocincla_; ROCK'-TRIPE, lichens of the genus _Umbilicaria_; ROCK'-TROUT, the common American brook-trout: sea-trout; ROCK'-V[=I]'OLET, an alga growing on moist rocks in the Alps; ROCK'-WAR'BLER, a small Australian bird; ROCK'-WIN'KLE, a periwinkle; ROCK'-WOOD, ligniform asbestos; ROCK'WORK (_archit._), masonry in imitation of masses of rock: a rockery; ROCK'-WREN, a wren which frequents rocks.--_adj._ ROCK'Y, full of rocks: resembling a rock: hard: unfeeling.

[O. Fr. _roke_, roche; prob. Celt., as in Gael. _roc_, W. _rhwg_, a projection.]

ROCK, rok, _n._ a distaff.--_n._ ROCK'ING, an evening party in the country.

[Ice. _rokkr_; Ger. _rocken_.]

ROCK, rok, _v.t._ to move backward and forward: to lull or quiet.--_v.i._ to be moved backward and forward, to reel.--_ns._ ROCK'ER, the curved support on which a cradle or rocking-chair rocks: a rocking-horse or chair: a mining cradle; ROCK'-CAM, a cam keyed to a rock-shaft; ROCK'ING, a swaying backward and forward: the abrading of a copper plate with a rocker, preparatory to mezzo-tinting: the motion by which the design on a steel mill is transferred to a copper cylinder; ROCK'ING-BEAM, an oscillating beam in an automatic transmitter; ROCK'ING-CHAIR, a chair mounted on rockers; ROCK'ING-HORSE, the figure of a horse, of wood or other material, mounted on rockers for children: a hobby-horse; ROCK'ING-PIER, a pier fastened by a movable joint so as to allow it to rock slightly; ROCK'ING-STONE, a logan, or large mass of rock so finely poised as to move backward and forward with the slightest impulse; ROCK'ING-TREE, in weaving, the axle from which the lay of a loom is suspended; ROCK'-SHAFT, in steam-engines, a shaft that oscillates instead of revolving.--_adj._ ROCK'Y, disposed to rock: tipsy. [A.S. _roccian_; cf. Dan. _rokke_, to rock, Ger. _rucken_, to pull.]

ROCKEL, rok'el, _n._ (prov.) a woman's cloak.

ROCKET, rok'et, _n._ a firework which is projected through the air, used for making signals in war, and for saving life at sea by conveying a line over a stranded vessel.--_v.i._ to fly straight up rapidly when flushed.--_ns._ ROCK'ET-CASE, a case for holding the materials of a rocket; ROCK'ETER. [Old It. _rocchetto_; of Teut. origin. Cf. _Rock_, a distaff.]

ROCKET, rok'et, _n._ any one of several ornamental Old World herbs of the genus Hesperis, of the mustard family. [O. Fr. _roquette_--L. _eruca_, cole-wort.]

ROCOCO, r[=o]-k[=o]'k[=o], _n._ a debased style of architecture and decoration in the 18th century, marked by endless multiplication of ornamental details. [Fr., prob. from Fr. _rocaille_, rockwork.]

ROCTA, rok'ta, _n._ a medieval musical instrument, resembling the violin.

ROD, rod, _n._ a long twig: a slender stick: anything long and slender, as a magic rod, a lightning-rod, a fishing-rod, &c.: an instrument of correction: an emblem of power or authority: a pole or perch (5 yards, or 16 feet)--the square rod, generally called rood, is employed in estimating masonry-work, and contains 16 16, or 272 sq. feet: (_fig._) punishment: authority: oppression: (_B._) race or tribe: one of the layers of rods composing the retina of the eye: any bar connecting parts of a machine.--_v.t._ to furnish with rods, esp. lightning-rods.--_ns._ ROD'-FISH'ER; ROD'-FISH'ING, fly-fishing: angling; ROD'-LINE, a fishing-line not wound on a reel; ROD'-MACHINE', in wood-working, a machine for cutting cylindrical sticks such as broom-handles; ROD'-RING, one of the rings along a fishing-rod through which the line runs; ROD'STER, an angler.--NAPIER'S RODS (see NAPIERIAN). [A.S. _rod_; Dut. _roede_, Ger.

_ruthe_; L. _rudis_.]

RODDIN, rod'in, _n._ (_Scot._) rowan-tree.

RODE, r[=o]d, _pa.t._ of ride.

RODE, r[=o]d, _n._ (_Spens._) a raid, an incursion: also, a roadstead.


RODENT, r[=o]'dent, _adj._ gnawing: belonging to the _Rodentia_.--_n._ a rodent RODEN'TIA, an order of mammals including squirrels, beavers, rats, rabbits, &c. [L. _rod[)e]re_, to gnaw.]

RODEO, r[=o]-d[=a]'[=o], _n._ a gathering of cattle to be branded. [Sp., _rodar_, to go round--L. _rot[=a]re_, to wheel.]

RODGE, roj, _n._ (prov.) the gray duck.--Also RADGE.

RODOMEL, rod'[=o]-mel, _n._ the juice of roses mixed with honey. [Gr.

_rhodon_, rose, _meli_, honey.]

RODOMONTADE, rod-[=o]-mon-t[=a]d', _n._ vain boasting, like that of _Rodomonte_ in the _Orlando Furioso_ of Ariosto (earlier ROD'OMONT).--_v.i._ to bluster or brag.--_ns._ RODOMONT[=A]'DIST, RODOMONT[=A]'DO (_obs._).

ROE, r[=o], _n._ the eggs or spawn of fishes: a mottled appearance in wood, esp. mahogany.--_adj._ ROED, containing roe. [Ice. _hrogn_; Ger. _rogen_.]

ROE, r[=o], _n._ a species of deer, smaller than the fallow-deer: also the female of the hart.--_ns._ ROE'BUCK, the male of the roe, having usually one front antler and two hinder ones; ROE'BUCK-BERR'Y, the stone-bramble; ROE'-DEER, a roebuck or roe. [A.S. _rah_; Ger. _reh_, Dut. _ree_.]

ROE-STONE, r[=o]'-st[=o]n, _n._ the same as _Oolite_ (q.v.).

ROG, rog, _v.t._ (_obs._) to shake.

ROGATION, r[=o]-g[=a]'shun, _n._ an asking: ROG[=A]'TION-DAYS, the three days before the festival of Ascension, the Litany being anciently recited in procession then.--_ns._ ROG[=A]'TION-FLOW'ER, the milk-wort; ROG[=A]'TION-SUN'DAY, that before Ascension-day; ROG[=A]'TION-WEEK, the week in which the rogation-days occur.--_adj._ ROG'ATORY. [L.,--_rog[=a]re_, to ask.]

ROGER, roj'[.e]r, _n._ (prov.) ram: a rogue.--(SIR) ROGER-DE-COVERLEY, an English country-dance.

ROGGAN, rog'an, _n._ (_prov._) a rocking-stone.

ROGGENSTEIN, rog'en-st[=i]n, _n._ a kind of oolite in which the grains are cemented by argillaceous matter. [Ger., _roggen_, rye, _stein_, stone.]

ROGGLE, rog'l, _v.i._ (_prov._) to shake.

ROGUE, r[=o]g, _n._ a dishonest person: a knave: a mischievous or frolicsome person: a vagrant, a sturdy beggar: a wag: a playful person: a plant that falls short of a standard.--_v.i._ to play the rogue.--_v.t._ to cheat.--_ns._ ROGUE'-EL'EPHANT, one which lives solitarily, and is of dangerous temper; ROGUE'-HOUSE, a lock-up; ROGUE'-MON'EY, an assessment formerly levied in every county in Scotland for the expenses of catching and prosecuting criminals; ROG'UERY, knavish tricks: fraud: mischievousness: waggery; ROGUE'SHIP; ROGUE'S'-MARCH, music played when drumming a soldier from a regiment, or driving any one away in disgrace.--_adj._ ROG'UISH, knavish: mischievous: waggish.--_adv._ ROG'UISHLY.--_n._ ROG'UISHNESS.--_adj._ R[=O]'GUY (_obs._).--ROGUES'

GALLERY, a collection of photographs of criminals kept at police headquarters. [O. Fr. _rogue_, proud; either from Bret. _rok_, proud, or acc. to Diez, from Ice. _hrok-r_, proud.]

ROHAN, r[=o]'han, _n._ an East Indian timber-tree--called also _Red-wood_ and _East Indian mahogany_.

ROIL, roil, _v.t._ to render turbid: to vex: to rile: to salt fish with a machine called a ROIL'ER--also ROYLE.--_adj._ ROIL'Y, muddy. [O. Fr.

_roeler_, _roler_, to disturb, cog. with _roll_; or O. Fr. _roille_--L.

_robigo_, rust.]

ROINISH, roi'nish, _adj._ (_Shak._) mangy, mean.--Also ROI'NOUS. [O. Fr.

_roigneux_--L. _robiginosus_, rusty--_robigo_, rust.]

ROIST, roist, ROISTER, rois't[.e]r, _v.i._ to bluster, swagger, bully.--_ns._ ROIS'TER (_arch._), ROIS'TERER.--_adj._ ROIS'TEROUS.--_p.adj.

_ ROIS'TING (_Shak._), blustering, bullying. [O. Fr. _rustre_, a rough, rude fellow--O. Fr. _ruste_--L. _rusticus_, rustic.]

ROITELET, roi'te-let, _n._ a petty king: (_ornith._) a kinglet or gold-crest.

ROKE, r[=o]k, _n._ (_prov_.) mist: smoke.--_adj._ R[=O]'KY, misty, foggy.

ROKEAGE, r[=o]'k[=a]j, _n._ parched and sweetened Indian corn--also R[=O]'KEE.--Also called _Pinole_.

ROKELAY, rok'e-l[=a], _n._ Same as ROQUELAURE.

ROKER, r[=o]k'[.e]r, _n._ the thornback ray.

ROLAND, r[=o]'land, _n._ a chivalrous hero, from _Roland_ in the Charlemagne legend, slain by the Gascons at Roncesvalles in 778.--A ROLAND FOR AN OLIVER, a blow for a blow, anything done or said to match something else.

RoLE, r[=o]l, _n._ the part performed by an actor in a play: any important part played in public life. [Fr.]

ROLE, r[=o]l, _n._ an ancient unit of quantity, seventy-two sheets of parchment.

ROLL, r[=o]l, _v.i._ to turn like a wheel: to turn on an axis: to be formed into a roll or cylinder: to move, as waves: to be tossed about: to move tumultuously: to be hurled: to rock, or move from side to side: to wallow: to spread under a roller: to sound as a drum beaten rapidly: to move onward.--_v.t._ to cause to roll: to turn on an axis: to wrap round on itself: to enwrap: to drive forward: to move upon wheels: to press or smooth with rollers: to beat rapidly, as a drum.--_n._ act of rolling: that which rolls: a revolving cylinder making sheets, plates, &c.: a roller: that which is rolled up--hence parchment, paper, &c. wound into a circular form: a document: a register: a kind of fancy bread: the continued sound of a drum, of thunder, &c.: a swagger or rolling gait.--_adj._ ROLL'-ABOUT', podgy.--_ns._ ROLL'-CALL, the calling of the roll or list of names, as in the army; ROLL'-C[=U]'M[=U]LUS, a form of strato-cumulus cloud; ROLL'ER, that which rolls: a cylinder used for rolling, grinding, &c.: one of a family of Picarian birds: a long, broad bandage: (_pl._) long heavy waves; ROLL'ER-SKATE, a skate mounted on wheels or rollers for use on asphalt or some other smooth surface.--_adj._ ROLL'ING, modulating: moving on wheels: making a continuous sound.--_ns._ ROLL'ING-MILL, a place in which metal is made into sheets, bars, rails, or rods, by working it between pairs of rolls: a machine for rolling metal, &c., into any required form, or for crushing materials between rollers; ROLL'ING-PIN, a cylindrical piece of wood for rolling dough, paste, &c. to any required thickness; ROLL'ING-PRESS, a press of two cylinders for rolling or calendering cloth; ROLL'ING-STOCK, the stock or store of locomotive-engines, carriages, &c. of a railway; ROLL'WAY, an incline: a shoot.--MASTER OF THE ROLLS, the head of the Record-office. [O. Fr. _roler_, _roeler_ (Fr. _rouler_)--Low L.

_rotul[=a]re_--L. _rotula_, a little wheel--_rota_, a wheel.]

ROLLICK, rol'lik, _v.i._ to move or act with a careless, swaggering, frolicsome air:--_pr.p._ rol'licking; _pa.p._ rol'licked.--_adj._ ROL'LICKING, careless, swaggering. [Prob. _roll_, with dim. suffix.]

ROLLOCK. See _Rowlock_.

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