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RHINOTHECA, r[=i]-n[=o]-th[=e]'ka, _n._ the integument of a bird's upper mandible. [Gr. _rhis_, _rhinos_, nose, _th[=e]k[=e]_, a sheath.]

RHIPICERA, r[=i]-pis'e-ra, _n._ a genus of serricorn beetles native to South America and Australia. [Gr. _rhipis_, a fan, _keras_, horn.]

RHIPIDATE, rip'i-d[=a]t, _adj._ fan-shaped.--_n._ RH[=I]PID'ION, in the Greek Church, the eucharistic fan or flabellum. [Gr. _rhipis_, _rhipidos_, a fan.]

RHIPIDISTIA, rip-i-dis'ti-a, _n._ an order of rhipidopterygian fishes.--_adj._ RHIPIDIS'TIOUS. [Gr. _rhipis_, a fan, _histion_, a sail.]

RHIPIDOGLOSSA, rip-i-d[=o]-glos'a, _n._ a group of prosobranchiate gasteropods. [Gr. _rhipis_, _rhipidos_, a fan, _gl[=o]ssa_, the tongue.]

RHIPIDOGORGIA, rip-i-d[=o]-gor'ji-a, _n._ a genus of alcyonarian polyps of fan-like shape. [Gr. _rhipis_, _rhipidos_, a fan, _gorgos_, fierce.]

RHIPIDOPTERA, rip-i-dop'te-ra, fan-winged insects--a group of the coleoptera.--_adj._ RHIPIDOP'TEROUS. [Gr. _rhipis_, _rhipidos_, a fan, _pteron_, a wing.]

RHIPIDOPTERYGIA, rip-i-dop-te-rij'i-a, a superorder of teleostomous fishes.--_adj._ RHIPIDOPTERYG'IAN. [Gr. _rhipis_, a fan, _pteryx_, a wing.]

RHIPIDURA, rip-i-d[=u]'ra, _n._ the posterior pair of pleopods of a crustacean: the fan-tailed fly-catcher. [Gr. _rhipis_, _rhipidos_, a fan, _oura_, a tail.]

RHIPIPHORUS, r[=i]-pif'o-rus, _n._ a genus of heteromerous beetles. [Gr.

_rhipis_, a fan, _pherein_, to carry.]

RHIPIPTERA, r[=i]-pip'te-ra, an order of insects.--_n._ RHIPIP'TERAN, a rhipipter.--_adj._ RHIPIP'TEROUS. [_Rhipidoptera_.]

RHIPSALIS, rip'sa-lis, _n._ a genus of Cacti. [Gr. _rhips_, a mat.]

RHIPTOGLOSSA, rip-t[=o]-glos'a, _n._ a sub-order of lizards.--_adj._ RHIPTOGLOSS'ATE. [Gr. _rhiptein_, to throw, _gl[=o]ssa_, the tongue.]

RHIZANTH, r[=i]'zanth, _n._ a plant that seems to flower from the RHIZANTHEae (r[=i]-zan'th[=e]-[=e]), one of the five classes into which Lindley divides the vegetable kingdom.

RHIZIC, r[=i]'zik, _adj._ pertaining to the root of an equation. [Gr.

_rhizikos_--_rhiza_, a root.]

RHIZINA, ri-z[=i]'na, _n._ a rhizoid.--Also RH[=I]'ZINE.

RHIZOCARPIC, r[=i]-z[=o]-kar'pik, _adj._ with annual stem and perennial root--also RHIZOCAR' RHIZOCAR'PEae, a group of cryptogams.--_adj._ RHIZOCAR'P[=E]AN. [Gr. _rhiza_, root, _karpos_, fruit.]

RHIZOCAUL, r[=i]'z[=o]-kawl, _n._ the root-stock of a polyp. [Gr. _rhiza_, root, _kaulos_, stalk.]

RHIZOCEPHALA, r[=i]-z[=o]-sef'a-la, _n._ a group of small parasitic crustaceans.--_adj._ RHIZOCEPH'ALOUS. [Gr. _rhiza_, root, _kephal[=e]_, head.]

RHIZOCRINUS, r[=i]-zok'ri-nus, _n._ a genus of crinoids.--_n._ RHIZOC'RINOID, a crinoid of this genus. [Gr. _rhiza_, root, _krinon_, lily.]

RHIZODONT, r[=i]'z[=o]-dont, _n._ having teeth rooted or ankylosed to the jaw in sockets, as crocodiles. [Gr. _rhiza_, root, _odous_, _odontos_, a tooth.]

RHIZOFLAGELLATA, r[=i]-z[=o]-flaj-e-l[=a]'ta, _n._ an order of flagellate infusoria.--_adj._ RHIZOFLAG'ELLATE. [Gr. _rhiza_, root, and Eng.


RHIZOGEN, r[=i]'z[=o]-jen, _n._ a parasitic plant growing on the root of another plant.--_adjs._ RHIZOGEN'IC, RHIZOG'ENOUS. [Gr. _rhiza_, root, _gen[=e]s_, producing.]

RHIZOID, r[=i]'zoid, _adj._ root-like.--_n._ a filamentous organ like a root developed on all kinds of thalli, and on moss-stems.--_adjs._ RHIZOI'DAL, RHIZOI'D[=E]OUS. [Gr. _rhiz[=o]-d[=e]s_, root-like--_rhiza_, a root.]

RHIZOMANIA, r[=i]-z[=o]-m[=a]'ni-a, _n._ an abnormal development of adventitious roots, as in the ivy, fig, &c. [Gr. _rhiza_, root, _mania_, madness.]

RHIZOME, r[=i]'z[=o]m, _n._ a root-stock, an underground stem when its shape is cylindrical, ending in a bud and bearing leaves or scales.--Also RHIZ[=O]'MA. [Gr. _rhiz[=o]ma_--_rhiza_, root.]

RHIZOMORPH, r[=i]'z[=o]-morf, _n._ (_bot._) a term for the peculiar mycelial growths by which certain fungi attach themselves to higher plants.--_adjs._ RHIZOMOR'PHOID, RHIZOMOR'PHOUS. [Gr. _rhiza_, root, _morph[=e]_, form.]

RHIZOMYS, r[=i]'z[=o]-mis, _n._ a genus of mole-rats, including the Asian bay bamboo-rat. [Gr. _rhiza_, root, _mys_, mouse.]

RHIZONYCHIUM, r[=i]-z[=o]-nik'i-um, _n._ a claw-joint.--_adj._ RHIZONYCH'IAL. [Gr. _rhiza_, root, _onyx_, a claw.]

RHIZOPHAGOUS, r[=i]-zof'a-gus, _adj._ root-eating: pertaining to the Rhizophaga.--_n._ RHIZOPH'AGA, a class of marsupials, as the wombat. [Gr.

_rhiza_, root, _phagein_, to eat.]

RHIZOPHORA, r[=i]-zof'[=o]-ra, _n._ a small genus of trees, the mangroves.

RHIZOPHORE, r[=i]'z[=o]-f[=o]r, _n._ the structure bearing the true roots in certain species of _Selaginella_.--_adj._ RHIZOPH'OROUS. [Gr. _rhiza_, root, _pherein_, to bear.]

RHIZOPHYDIUM, r[=i]-z[=o]-fid'i-um, _n._ a genus of unicellular fungi.--_adj._ RHIZOPHYD'IAL. [Gr. _rhiza_, root, _pheidos_, sparing.]

RHIZOPOD, r[=i]'z[=o]-pod, _n._ one of the RHIZOP'ODA, a division of the _Protozoa_, esp. a class with pseudopodia for locomotion and the ingestion of food.--_adjs._ RHIZOP'ODAL, RHIZOP'ODOUS. [Gr. _rhiza_, a root, _pous_, _podos_, a foot.]

RHIZORISTIC, r[=i]-z[=o]-ris'tik, _adj._ (_math._) pertaining to the separation of the roots of an equation. [Gr. _rhiza_, root, _horizein_, to limit.]

RHIZOSTOMATA, r[=i]-z[=o]-st[=o]'ma-ta, an order of discomedusans:--_sing._ RHIZOS'TOMA.--_adjs._ RHIZOST[=O]'MATOUS, RHIZOST[=O]'MEAN. [Gr. _rhiza_, root, _stoma_, _stomatos_, mouth.]

RHIZOTA, r[=i]-z[=o]'ta, _n._ an order of _Rotifera_.--_adj._ RH[=I]'ZOTE, rooted. [Gr. _rhiza_, root.]

RHIZOTAXIS, r[=i]-z[=o]-tak'sis, _n._ the arrangement of roots.--Also RH[=I]'ZOTAXY. [Gr. _rhiza_, root, _taxis_, order.]

RHIZOTROGUS, r[=i]-z[=o]-tr[=o]'gus, _n._ a genus of melolonthine beetles.

[Gr. _rhiza_, root, _tr[=o]gein_, to gnaw.]

RHODANIC, r[=o]-dan'ik, _adj._ (_chem._) producing a rose-red colour. [Gr.

_rhodon_, a rose.]

RHODEINA, r[=o]-d[=e]-[=i]'na, _n._ a group of cyprinoid fishes--its typical genus, RH[=O]'D[=E]US. [Gr. _rhodon_, rose.]

RHODEORETIN, r[=o]-d[=e]-or'e-tin, _n._ one of the elements of resin of jalap.--_adj._ RHODEORETIN'IC. [Gr. _rhodon_, rose, _rh[=e]tin[=e]_, resin.]

RHODIAN, r[=o]'di-an, _adj._ pertaining to _Rhodes._--RHODIAN LAWS, the earliest system of marine law; RHODIAN SCHOOL, a school of Hellenistic sculpture, of which the Laocoon is the greatest product.

RHODITES, r[=o]-d[=i]'t[=e]z, _n._ a genus of gallflies infesting the rose.

[Gr. _rhodit[=e]s_, rosy--_rhodon_, a rose.]

RHODIUM, r[=o]'di-um, _n._ a white, very hard metal, resembling aluminium, extracted from the ore of platinum, and so called from the rose-colour of its salts. [Gr. _rhodon_, a rose.]

RHODIUM-WOOD, r[=o]'di-um-w[=oo]d, _n._ a sweet-scented wood.

RHODOCRINUS, r[=o]-dok'ri-nus, _n._ a genus of paleozoic encrinites. [Gr.

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