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REQUIRE, r[=e]-kw[=i]r', _v.t._ to ask: to demand: to need: to exact: to direct.--_adj._ REQUIR'ABLE, that may be required: fit or proper to be required.--_ns._ REQUIRE'MENT, act of requiring: claim: demand; REQUIR'ER; REQUIR'ING. [Fr.,--L. _requir[)e]re_.]

REQUISITE, rek'wi-zit, _adj._ required: needful: indispensable.--_n._ that which is required: anything necessary or indispensable.--_adv._ REQ'UISITELY.--_ns._ REQ'UISITENESS, state of being requisite; REQUISI'TION, the act of requiring: an application--for a public meeting, for a person to become a candidate for Parliament, &c.: a demand, as for necessaries for a military force: a written request or invitation.--_v.t._ to make a requisition or demand upon, to seize.--_n._ REQUISI'TIONIST, one who makes a requisition.--_adj._ REQUIS'ITIVE.--_n._ REQUIS'ITOR.--_adj._ REQUIS'ITORY.--_n._ REQUIS'ITUM, that which a problem asks for.

REQUITE, r[=e]-kw[=i]t', _v.t._ to repay: to retaliate.--_adjs._ REQUIT'

(_Spens._), requited, returned; REQU[=I]'TABLE.--_ns._ REQU[=I]'TAL, the act of requiting: payment in return: recompense: reward; REQUITE', requital.--_adjs._ REQUITE'FUL; REQUITE'LESS, without requital: free.--_ns._ REQUITE'MENT; REQU[=I]'TER.

RERAIL, r[=e]-r[=a]l', _v.t._ to replace on the rails.

REREAD, r[=e]-r[=e]d', _v.t._ to read again.

REREBRACE, r[=e]r'br[=a]s, _n._ the armour of the upper arm from shoulder to elbow.--Also _Arriere-bras_.

REREBRAKE, r[=e]r-br[=a]k', _n._ an appurtenance of a mounted warrior in the fifteenth century.

REREDOS, r[=e]r'dos, _n._ the wall or screen at the back of an altar, usually in the form of a screen detached from the east wall, adorned with niches, statues, &c., or with paintings or tapestry: the back of an open fire-hearth, in medieval halls. [O. Fr., _rere_, rear, _dos_--L. _dorsum_, back.]

REREFIEF, r[=e]r'f[=e]f, _n._ (_Scot._) an under-fief.

RE-REITERATED, r[=e]-r[=e]-it'[.e]r-[=a]t-ed, _p.adj._ (_Tenn._) reiterated or repeated again and again.

REREMOUSE, r[=e]r'mows, _n._ a bat. [A.S. _hreremus_--_hreran_, to move, _mus_, a mouse.]

RERESUPPER, r[=e]r'sup-[.e]r, _n._ a late supper.


RES, r[=e]z, _n._ a thing, a point.--RES ANGUSTA DOMI, straitened circumstances; RES GESTae, things done; RES JUDIC[=A]TA, a matter decided.

RESAIL, r[=e]-s[=a]l', _v.i._ to sail back.

RESALE, r[=e]-s[=a]l', _n._ a second sale.

RESALUTE, r[=e]-sa-l[=u]t', _v.t._ to salute anew or in return.

RESAW, r[=e]-saw', _v.t._ to saw into still thinner pieces.

RESCIND, r[=e]-sind', _v.t._ to cut away or off: to annul: to repeal: to reverse.--_adj._ RESCIND'ABLE.--_ns._ RESCIND'MENT; RESCIS'SION, the act of rescinding: the act of annulling or repealing.--_adj._ RESCIS'SORY.--RESCISSORY ACTIONS (_law_), those actions whereby deeds are declared void. [Fr.,--L. _rescind[)e]re_, _rescissum_--_re-_, back, _scind[)e]re_, to cut.]

RESCORE, r[=e]-sk[=o]r', _v.t._ to rearrange music for voices and instruments.

RESCRIBE, r[=e]-skr[=i]b', _v.t._ to write again.--_n._ RESCRIB'END[=A]RY, a papal official who determines what documents are to be copied and registered, &c.

RESCRIPT, r[=e]'skript, _n._ the official answer of a pope or an emperor to any legal question: an edict or decree.--_n._ RESCRIP'TION, the answering of a letter.--_adj._ RESCRIP'TIVE.--_adv._ RESCRIP'TIVELY. [Fr.,--L.

_rescriptum_--_re-_, back, _scrib[)e]re_, _scriptum_, to write.]

RESCUE, res'k[=u], _v.t._ to free from danger or violence: to deliver: to liberate:--_pr.p._ res'c[=u]ing; _pa.t._ and _pa.p._ res'c[=u]ed.--_n._ the act of rescuing: deliverance from violence or danger: forcible release from arrest or imprisonment.--_adj._ RES'CUABLE.--_ns._ RES'CUER; RESC[=U]SS[=EE]', the party rescued; RESCUS'SOR, one who makes an unlawful rescue. [M. E. _rescous_, a rescue--O. Fr. _rescousse_--_rescourre_--L.

_re-_, away, _excut[)e]re_, to shake out--_ex_, out, _quat[)e]re_, to shake.]

RESCUE-GRASS, res'k[=u]-gras, _n._ a species of brome-grass, native to South America.

RESEARCH, r[=e]-s[.e]rch', _n._ a careful search: diligent examination or investigation: scrutiny.--_v.i._ to examine anew.--_n._ RESEARCH'ER.--_adj._ RESEARCH'FUL, inquisitive, prone to investigation.

RESEAT, r[=e]-s[=e]t', _v.t._ to furnish with new seats.

ReSEAU, r[=a]-z[=o]', _n._ a fine meshed ground for lace-work.

RESECTION, r[=e]-sek'shun, _n._ act of cutting off: removal of a bone's articular extremity.--_v.t._ RESECT', to cut off. [L. _resec[=a]re_, _re-_, again, _sec[=a]re_, to cut.]

RESEDA, r[=e]-s[=e]'da, _n._ a genus of polypetalous plants, the mignonette family.

RESEEK, r[=e]-s[=e]k', _v.t._ and _v.i._ to seek again.

RESEIZE, r[=e]-s[=e]z', _v.t._ (_Spens._) to seize again: to reinstate.--_ns._ RESEIZ'ER; RESEIZ'[=U]RE.

RESELL, r[=e]-sel', _v.t._ to sell again.

RESEMBLE, r[=e]-zem'bl, _v.t._ to be similar to: to have the likeness of: to possess similar qualities or appearance: to compare: to make like.--_adj._ RESEMBLABLE, admitting of being compared.--_n._ RESEM'BLANCE, the state of resembling: similitude: likeness: similarity: that which is similar.--_adj._ RESEM'BLANT.--_n._ RESEM'BLER.--_adj._ RESEM'BLING.--_adv._ RESEM'BLINGLY. [O. Fr. _resembler_ (Fr.

_ressembler_)--re-, again, _sembler_, to seem--L. _simul[=a]re_, to make like--_similis_, like.]

RESEMINATE, r[=e]-sem'i-n[=a]t, _v.t._ to propagate again.

RESEND, r[=e]-send', _v.t._ to send again or back.

RESENT, r[=e]-zent', _v.t._ to take ill: to consider as an injury or affront: to be indignant at: to express indignation: to have a strong perception of: to perceive by the sense of smell--_v.i._ to be indignant.--_n._ RESENT'ER.--_adj._ RESENT'FUL, full of, or prone to, resentment.--_advs._ RESENT'FULLY; RESENT'INGLY.--_adj._ RESENT'IVE.--_n._ RESENT'MENT, the act of resenting: displeasure: anger. [O. Fr. _resentir_, _ressentir_--L. _re-_, in return, _sent[=i]re_, to feel.]

RESERVE, r[=e]-z[.e]rv', _v.t._ to keep back: to keep for future or other use: to retain, except: to keep safe.--_n._ that which is reserved: that which is kept for future use: a part of an army or a fleet reserved to assist those engaged in action: that which is kept back in the mind: mental concealment: absence of freedom in words or action: caution: that part of capital which is retained to meet average liabilities.--_n._ RESERV[=A]'TION, the act of reserving or keeping back: the withholding from a statement of a word or clause necessary to convey its real meaning: something withheld: safe keeping: a clause, proviso, or limitation by which something is reserved: (_U.S._) a tract of public land reserved for some special purpose, as for Indians, schools, &c.: the practice of reserving part of the consecrated bread of the eucharist for the communion of the sick: the act of the pope to reserve to himself the right to nominate to certain benefices.--_adj._ RESERV'ATIVE.--_n._ RESERV' RESERVES', the reserve forces of a country, the men composing such.--_n._ RESER'VIST, a soldier who belongs to the reserves.--MENTAL RESERVATION, the act of reserving or holding back some word or clause which is necessary to convey fully the meaning really intended by the speaker--distinct from equivocation (L. _equivocatio_ or _amphibolia_).--WITHOUT RESERVE, a phrase implying that a property will be sold absolutely, neither the vendor nor any one acting for him bidding it in. [O. Fr. _reserver_--L.

_reserv[=a]re_--_re-_, back, _serv[=a]re_, to save.]

RESERVED, r[=e]-z[.e]rvd', _adj._ characterised by reserve: not free or frank in words or behaviour: shy: cold.--_adv._ RESER'VEDLY.--_ns._ RESER'VEDNESS; RESER'VER.--RESERVED CASE, a sin, the power to absolve from which is reserved to the pope, or his legate, &c.; RESERVED LIST, formerly a list of officers on half-pay, who might be called upon in an emergency; RESERVED POWER, a reservation made in deeds, &c.; RESERVED POWERS (_U.S._), powers pertaining to sovereignty, but not delegated to a representative body.

RESERVOIR, rez'[.e]r-vwor, _n._ a place where anything is kept in store: a place where water and other liquids are stored for use.--Also _v.t._ [Fr.]

RESET, r[=e]-set', _v.t._ and _v.i._ to set again.--_n._ printed matter set over again.--_adj._ RESET'TABLE (_Tenn._), that may be reset.

RESET, re-set', _v.t._ (_Scot._) to receive and hide, as stolen goods, or a criminal.--_n._ RESET'TER, one who receives and hides stolen goods. [Perh.


RESETTLE, r[=e]-set'l, v.t, and _v.i._ to settle again.--_n._ RESETT'LEMENT.

RESHAPE, r[=e]-sh[=a]p', _v.t._ to give a new shape to.

RESHIP, r[=e]-ship', _v.t._ to ship again.--_n._ RESHIP'MENT, the act of reshipping: things reshipped.

RESIANT, rez'i-ant, _adj._ (_obs._) resident, always residing in a place.--_n._ RES'IANCE. [Doublet of _resident_.]

RESIDE, r[=e]-z[=i]d', _v.i._ to remain sitting: to dwell permanently: to abide: to live: to inhere.--_ns._ RES'IDENCE, act of dwelling in a place: place where one resides, a domicile: that in which anything permanently inheres: the settling of liquors; RES'IDENCY, residence: the official dwelling of a government officer in India.--_adj._ RES'IDENT, dwelling in a place for some time: residing on one's own estate: residing in the place of one's duties: not migratory.--_n._ one who resides: a public minister at a foreign court.--_n._ RES'IDENTER (_Scot._).--_adjs._ RESIDEN'TIAL, residing: having actual residence--(_rare_) RESIDENT'AL; RESIDEN'TIARY, residing, esp. of one bound to reside for a certain time every year at a cathedral church.--_n._ one who keeps a certain residence, esp. an ecclesiastic.--_ns._ RESIDEN'TIARYSHIP; RES'IDENTSHIP; RES[=I]'DER. [O.

Fr.,--L. _resid[=e]re_--_re-_, back, _sed[=e]re_, to sit.]

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