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REPARTITION, r[=e]-par-tish'un, _n._ a second partition: a division into smaller parts.

REPASS, r[=e]-pas', _v.t._ to pass again: to travel back.--_v.i._ to pass or move back.--_n._ REPASS'AGE, the process of passing a second coat of glue as a finish over unburnished surfaces.

REPASSION, r[=e]-pash'un, _n._ the reception of an effect from one body to another.

REPAST, r[=e]-past', _n._ a meal: the food taken: victuals: repose--(_obs._) REPAS'TURE.--_v.t._ to feed.--_v.i._ to take food.--_n._ REPAST'ER, one who takes repast. [O. Fr.,--Low L. _repastus_ (whence Fr.

_repas_)--L. _re-_, inten. _pastus_, food--_pasc[)e]re_, _pastum_, to feed.]

REPASTINATION, r[=e]-pas-tin-[=a]'shun, _n._ (_obs._) a second digging up, as of a garden.

REPATRIATE, r[=e]-p[=a]'tri-[=a]t, _v.t._ to restore to one's country.--_n._ REPATRI[=A]'TION.

REPAY, r[=e]-p[=a]', _v.t._ to pay back: to make return for: to recompense: to pay again or a second time.--_v.i._ to requite.--_adj._ REPAY'ABLE, that is to be repaid: due, as a bill due in thirty days.--_n._ REPAY'MENT, act of repaying: the money or thing repaid.

REPEAL, r[=e]-p[=e]l', _v.t._ to revoke by authority, as a law: to abrogate: to recall: to dismiss.--_n._ a revoking or annulling.--_ns._ REPEALABIL'ITY, REPEAL'ABLENESS.--_adj._ REPEAL'ABLE, that may be repealed.--_ns._ REPEAL'ER, one who repeals: one who seeks for a repeal, esp. of the union between Great Britain and Ireland; REPEAL'MENT, recall.--REPEAL AGITATION, a movement for the repeal of the legislative union between Great Britain and Ireland. [O. Fr. _rapeler_--_re-_, back, _apeler_--L. _appell[=a]re_, to call.]

REPEAT, r[=e]-p[=e]t', _v.t._ to do again: to speak again, to iterate: to quote from memory: to rehearse: (_Scots law_) to refund.--_v.i._ to strike the hours, as a watch: to recur: the act of repeating.--_n._ (_mus._) a part performed a second time: a mark directing a part to be repeated.--_adjs._ REPEAT'ABLE; REPEAT'ED, done again: frequent.--_adv._ REPEAT'EDLY, many times repeated: again and again: frequently.--_ns._ REPEAT'ER, one who, or that which, repeats: a decimal in which the same figure or figures are continually repeated: a watch that strikes again the previous hour at the touch of a spring: a frigate appointed to attend an admiral in a fleet, and to repeat any signal he makes: (_teleg._) an instrument for automatically retransmitting a message: in calico-printing, a figure repeated at equal intervals in a pattern; REPEAT'ING, the fraud of voting at an election for the same candidate more than once.--REPEATING FIREARM, a firearm that may be discharged many times in quick succession; REPEAT ONE'S SELF, to say again what one has said already; REPEAT SIGNALS, to repeat those of the senior officer: to make a signal again. [O. Fr.

_repeter_ (Fr. _repeter_)--L. _repet[)e]re_, _repetitum_--_re-_, again, _pet[)e]re_, to seek.]

REPEL, r[=e]-pel', _v.t._ to drive back: to repulse: to check the advance of, to resist.--_v.i._ to act with opposing force: (_med._) to check or drive inwards:--_pr.p._ repel'ling; _pa.t._ and _pa.p._ repelled'.--_ns._ REPEL'LENCE, REPEL'LENCY.--_adj._ REPEL'LENT, driving back: able or tending to repel.--_n._ that which repels.--_n._ REPEL'LER.--_adj._ REPEL'LESS. [O.

Fr.,--L. _repell[)e]re_--_re-_, back, _pell[)e]re_, to drive.]

REPENT, r[=e]-pent', _v.i._ to regret or sorrow for what one has done or left undone: to change from past evil: (_theol._) to feel such sorrow for sin as produces newness of life.--_v.t._ to remember with sorrow--often used impersonally, as 'it repenteth me.'--_adj._ REPENT'ABLE.--_n._ REPENT'ANCE, sorrow for what has been done or left undone: contrition for sin, producing newness of life.--_adj._ REPENT'ANT, repenting or sorry for past conduct: showing sorrow for sin.--_n._ a penitent.--_adv._ REPENT'ANTLY.--_n._ REPENT'ER.--_adv._ REPENT'INGLY.--_adj._ REPENT'LESS.

[O. Fr. _repentir_--_re-_, and O. Fr. _pentir_--L. _poenit[=e]re_, to cause to repent.]

REPENT, r[=e]'pent, _adj._ (_bot._) creeping. [L. _rep[)e]re_, to creep.]

REPEOPLE, r[=e]-p[=e]'pl, _v.t._ to people anew.

REPERCEPT, r[=e]-p[.e]r-sept', _n._ a represented percept.--_n._ REPERCEP'TION.

REPERCOLATION, r[=e]-p[.e]r-ko-l[=a]'shun, _n._ in pharmacy, the successive application of the same menstruum to fresh parts of the substance to be percolated.

REPERCUSSION, r[=e]-p[.e]r-kush'un, _n._ a striking or driving back: reverberation: (_mus._) frequent repetition of the same sound.--_v.t._ REPERCUSS'.--_adj._ REPERCUSS'IVE, driving back: causing to reverberate.

[L. _repercussio_--_re-_, back, _percut[)e]re_--_per_, through, _quat[)e]re_, to strike.]

REPERTOIRE, rep'[.e]r-twor, _n._ the list of musical works which a performer is ready to perform.

REPERTOR, r[=e]-p[.e]r'tor, _n._ a finder.

REPERTORY, rep'[.e]r-t[=o]-ri, _n._ a place where things are kept to be brought forth again: a treasury: a magazine. [Fr.,--Low L.

_repertorium_--L. _reper[=i]re_, to find--_re-_, again, _par[)e]re_, to bring forth.]

REPERUSE, r[=e]-p[.e]r-[=u]z', _v.t._ to peruse again.--_n._ REPER[=U]S'AL.

REPET=L. _repetatur_, used in prescriptions=Let it be repeated.

REPETITION, rep-[=e]-tish'un, _n._ act of repeating: recital from memory.--_ns._ REP'ETEND, that part of a repeating decimal which recurs continually: the burden of a song; REPETENT', a tutor or private teacher in Germany.--_adjs._ REPETI'TIONAL, REPETI'TIONARY.--_n._ REPETI'TIONER.--_adj._ REPETI'TIOUS, using undue repetitions.--_n._ REPETI'TIOUSNESS.--_adj._ REPET'ITIVE.--_n._ REPET'ITOR, a repetent.

REPINE, r[=e]-p[=i]n', _v.i._ to fret one's self (with _at_ or _against_): to feel discontent: to murmur: to envy.--_n._ (_Shak._) a repining.--_ns._ REP[=I]'NER; REP[=I]'NING, the act of one who repines: (_Spens._) a failing, as of courage.--_adv._ REP[=I]'NINGLY.

REPIQUE, r[=e]-p[=e]k', _n._ at piquet, the winning of thirty points or more from combinations or in one's own hand, before playing begins.--_v.t._ to score a repique.

REPLACE, r[=e]-pl[=a]s', _v.t._ to place back: to put again in a former place, condition, &c.: to repay: to provide a substitute for: to take the place of.--_adj._ REPLACE'ABLE.--_ns._ REPLACE'MENT, act of replacing: the removal of an edge of crystal, by one plane or more; REPLAC'ER, a substitute; CAR'-REPLAC'ER, a device on American railways for replacing derailed wheels on the track.--REPLACING SWITCH, a pair of iron plates fitting over the rails, used as a bridge to replace on the track derailed railway stock.

REPLAIT, r[=e]-pl[=a]t', _v.t._ to plait or fold again.

REPLANT, r[=e]-plant', _v.t._ to plant anew: to reinstate.--_adj._ REPLANT'ABLE.--_n._ REPLANT[=A]'TION.

REPLEAD, r[=e]-pl[=e]d', _v.t._ and _v.i._ to plead again.--_n._ REPLEAD'ER, a second course allowed for the correction of mispleading.

REPLEDGE, r[=e]-plej', _v.t._ to pledge again: to demand judicially.--_n._ REPLED'GER.

REPLENISH, r[=e]-plen'ish, _v.t._ to fill again: to fill completely: to stock abundantly.--_p.adj._ REPLEN'ISHED (_Shak._), complete, consummate.--_ns._ REPLEN'ISHER, one who replenishes: (_electr._) a static induction machine used for maintaining the charge of a quadrant electrometer; REPLEN'ISHMENT. [O. Fr. _replenir_, from _replein_, full--_re-_, again, _plenus_, full.]

REPLETE, r[=e]-pl[=e]t', _adj._ full: completely filled, abounding.--_v.t._ to fill to repletion.--_ns._ REPLETE'NESS, REPL[=E]'TION, superabundant fullness: surfeit: (_med._) fullness of blood: plethora.--_adj._ REPL[=E]'TIVE.--_adv._ REPL[=E]'TIVELY.--_adj._ REPL[=E]'TORY. [O. Fr.,--L.

_repletus_, pa.p. of _repl[=e]re_--_re-_, again, _pl[=e]re_, to fill.]

REPLEVY, r[=e]-plev'i, _v.t._ (_law_) to recover goods distrained upon giving a pledge or security to try the right to them at law.--_n._ replevin.--_adjs._ REPLEV'IABLE, REPLEV'ISABLE.--_ns._ REPLEV'IN, an action for replevying; REPLEV'ISOR, a plaintiff in replevin. [O. Fr.

_replevir_--_re-_, back, _plevir_, to pledge.]

REPLICA, rep'li-ka, _n._ (_paint._) a copy of a picture done by the same hand that did the original: (_mus._) the same as repeat. [It.,--L.

_replic[=a]re_, to repeat.]

REPLICANT, rep'li-kant, _n._ one who makes a reply.

REPLICATE, rep'li-k[=a]t, _adj._ folded: (_bot._) folded outward as in vernation, inward as in aestivation: (_mus._) a tone one or more octaves from a given tone.--_adj._ REP'LIC[=A]TILE.--_n._ REPLIC[=A]'TION.--_adj._ REP'LIC[=A]TIVE.

REPLIER, r[=e]-pl[=i]'[.e]r, _n._ a respondent.

REPLUM, rep'lum, _n._ (_bot._) the frame-like placenta across which the septum stretches.

REPLUME, r[=e]-pl[=oo]m', _v.t._ to preen, as feathers.

REPLUNGE, r[=e]-plunj', _v.t._ to immerse anew.

REPLY, r[=e]-pl[=i]', _v.t._ to fold back: to answer.--_v.i._ to make response: to meet an attack, as to reply to the enemy's fire--(_law_) to a defendant's plea.--_n._ an answer: the power of answering: a counter-attack: (_mus._) the answer of a figure.--_ns._ REP'LICANT; REPLIC[=A]'TION, a reply: repetition: (_law_) the plaintiff's answer to a plea.--_adj._ REPLIC[=A]'TIVE. [O. Fr. _replier_--L. _replic[=a]re_, _re-_, back, _plic[=a]re_, to fold.]

REPOLISH, r[=e]-pol'ish, _v.t._ to polish again.

REPONE, r[=e]-p[=o]n', _v.t._ to replace: to reply. [O. Fr.,--L.

_repon[)e]re_, _re-_, back, _pon[)e]re_, to put.]

REPOPULATE, r[=e]-pop'[=u]-l[=a]t, _v.t._ to repeople.--_n._ REPOPUL[=A]'TION.

REPORT, r[=e]-p[=o]rt', _v.t._ to bring back, as an answer or account of anything: to give an account of: to relate: to circulate publicly: to write down or take notes of, esp. for a newspaper: to lay a charge against: to echo back.--_v.i._ to make a statement: to write an account of occurrences.--_n._ a statement of facts: description: a formal or official statement, esp. of a judicial opinion or decision: rumour: sound: noise: (_B._) repute: hearsay: reputation.--_adj._ REPORT'ABLE, fit to be reported on.--_ns._ REPORT'AGE, report; REPORT'ER, one who reports, esp. for a newspaper; REPORT'ERISM, the business of reporting; REPORT'ING, the act of drawing up reports--newspaper reporting.--_adv._ REPORT'INGLY (_Shak._), by common report.--_adj._ REPORT[=O]'RIAL.--REPORT ONE'S SELF, to give information about one's self, one's whereabouts, &c.--BE REPORTED OF, to be spoken well or ill of. [O. Fr.,--L. _report[=a]re_--_re-_, back, _port[=a]re_, to carry.]

REPOSE, r[=e]-p[=o]z', _v.t._ to lay at rest: to compose: to place in trust (with _on_ or _in_): to deposit: to tranquillise.--_v.i._ to rest: to sleep: to rest in confidence (with _on_ or _upon_): to lie.--_n._ a lying at rest: sleep: quiet: rest of mind: (_fine art_) that harmony which gives rest to the eye.--_n._ REP[=O]'SAL (_Shak._), the act of reposing: that on which one reposes.--_adj._ REP[=O]SED', calm: settled.--_adv._ REP[=O]'SEDLY.--_n._ REP[=O]'SEDNESS.--_adj._ REP[=O]SE'FUL.--_n._ REP[=O]'SER.--_v.t._ REPOS'IT, to lodge, as for safety--also _n._--_ns._ REP[=O]SI'TION, reduction; REPOS'ITOR, an instrument for restoring a displaced organ; REPOS'ITORY, a place where anything is laid up for safe keeping: a place where things are kept for sale: a shop. [Fr.

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