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_redent_, a double notching--L. _re-_, again, _dens_, _dentis_, a tooth.]

REDESCEND, r[=e]-d[=e]-send', _v.i._ to descend again.--_n._ REDESCENT', a descending again.

REDESCRIBE, r[=e]-d[=e]-skr[=i]b', _v.t._ to describe again.

REDETERMINE, r[=e]-d[=e]-t[.e]r'min, _v.t._ to determine again.

REDEVELOP, r[=e]-d[=e]-vel'op, _v.t._ to intensify in photography by a second process.--_n._ REDEVEL'OPMENT.

REDHIBITION, red-hi-bish'un, _n._ (_law_) an action to oblige the seller to annul the sale because of a defect--also REHIBI'TION.--_adjs._ REDHIB'ITORY, REHIB'ITORY.

REDIA, r[=e]'di-a, _n._ a stage in some trematode worms immediately before _cercaria_:--_pl._ R[=E]'DIae. [From _Redi_, an Italian naturalist.]

REDIFFERENTIATE, r[=e]-dif-e-ren'shi-[=a]t, _v.i._ to differentiate a differential coefficient.--_n._ REDIFFERENTI[=A]'TION.

REDIGEST, r[=e]-di-jest', _v.t._ to reduce to form again.

REDINGOTE, red'ing-g[=o]t, _n._ a double-breasted outer coat with long full skirts, worn by men, also a similar outer garment for women.

REDINTEGRATE, r[=e]-din't[=e]-gr[=a]t, _v.t._ to restore to integrity again: to renew:--_pr.p._ redin'tegr[=a]ting; _pa.p._ redin'tegr[=a]ted.--_n._ REDINTEGR[=A]'TION, restoration to integrity or to a whole or sound state: renovation. [L. _redintegr[=a]re_, _-[=a]tum_--_re-_, again, _integr[=a]re_, to make whole--_integer_.]

REDIRECT, r[=e]-di-rekt', _v.t._ to direct anew.

REDISBURSE, r[=e]-dis-burs', _v.t._ to refund.

REDISCOVER, r[=e]-dis-kuv'[.e]r, _v.t._ to discover again.--_n._ REDISCOV'ERY.

REDISPOSE, r[=e]-dis-p[=o]z', _v.t._ to dispose or adjust again.--_n._ REDISPOSI'TION.

REDISSEIZE, r[=e]-dis-s[=e]z', _v.t._ to disseize anew.--_ns._ REDISSEIZ'IN (_law_), a writ to recover seizin of lands; REDISSEIZ'OR.

REDISSOLVE, r[=e]-di-zolv', _v.t._ to dissolve again.--_n._ REDISSOL[=U]'TION.

REDISTRIBUTE, r[=e]-dis-trib'[=u]t, _v.t._ to apportion anew.--_n._ REDISTRIB[=U]'TION, a second or renewed distribution.

REDISTRICT, r[=e]-dis'trikt, _v.t._ to divide again, as a state into districts.--_n._ REDIS'TRICTING (_U.S._).

REDITION, r[=e]-dish'un, _n._ the act of going back.

REDIVIDE, r[=e]-di-v[=i]d', _v.t._ to divide again or anew.

REDIVIVUS, red-i-v[=i]'vus, _adj._ alive again: restored.

REDOLENT, red'[=o]-lent, _adj._ diffusing odour or fragrance: scented.--_ns._ RED'OLENCE, RED'OLENCY.--_adv._ RED'OLENTLY. [Fr.,--L.

_redolens_, _-entis_--_red-_, _re-_, again, _ol[=e]re_, to emit an odour.]

REDONDILLA, red-on-d[=e]'lya, _n._ an early form of versification in which the 1st and 4th and the 2d and 3d lines of the stanza generally rhymed: in later Spanish use, a term applied to verses of 6 and 8 syllables in general, whether making perfect rhymes or assonances only. [Sp.,--L.

_rotundus_, round.]

REDORSE, r[=e]-dors', _n._ the reverse side of a dorsal or dorse.

REDOUBLE, r[=e]-dub'l, _v.t._ to double again or repeatedly: to increase greatly: to multiply.--_v.i._ to become greatly increased: to become twice as much.

REDOUBT, REDOUT, r[=e]-dowt', _n._ (_fort._) a field-work enclosed on all sides, its ditch not flanked from the parapet: a central or retired work within any other works, intended to afford the garrison a last retreat--also REDUIT'.--_adj._ (_her._) bent in many angles. [Fr.

_redoute_, _reduit_, a redoubt--It. _ridotto_--L. _reduc[)e]re_, _reductum_--to bring back.]

REDOUBT, r[=e]-dowt', _v.t._ (_arch._) to fear.--_adjs._ REDOUBT'ABLE, valiant; REDOUBT'ED (_Spens._).--_n._ REDOUBT'ING. [O. Fr. _redouter_, to fear greatly--L. _re-_, back, _dubit[=a]re_, to doubt.]

REDOUND, r[=e]-downd', _v.i._ to be sent back by reaction, to rebound: to result, turn out: (_Spens._, _Milt._) to overflow, to be in excess.--_n._ the coming back, as an effect or consequence, return.--_n._ REDOUND'ING.

[Fr. _redonder_--L. _redund[=a]re_--_re-_, back, _und[=a]re_, to surge--_unda_, a wave.]

REDOWA, red'[=o]-a, _n._ a Bohemian round dance, one form resembling the waltz, the other the polka: the music for such a dance, usually in quick triple time. [Fr.,--Bohem. _rejdowak_.]

REDRAFT, r[=e]-draft', _n._ a second draft or copy: a new bill of exchange which the holder of a protested bill draws on the drawer or endorsers, for the amount of the bill, with costs and charges.

REDRAW, r[=e]-draw', _v.t._ to draw again: to draw a second copy: to draw a new bill: to meet another bill of the same amount.

REDRESS, r[=e]-dres', _v.t._ to set right: to relieve from: to make amends to: to compensate: to dress again.--_n._ relief: reparation.--_n._ REDRESS'ER, one who gives redress.--_adjs._ REDRESS'IBLE, that may be redressed; REDRESS'IVE, affording redress; REDRESS'LESS, without relief.--_n._ REDRESS'MENT, the act of redressing.

REDRIVE, r[=e]-dr[=i]v', _v.t._ to drive back.

RED-TAPE, red'-t[=a]p, _n._ the red tape used in public, and esp.

government, offices for tying up documents, &c.: applied satirically to the intricate system of routine in vogue there: official formality.--_adj._ pertaining to official formality.--_ns._ RED'-T[=A]'PISM, the system of routine in government and other public offices; RED'-T[=A]'PIST, a great stickler for routine.

REDUB, r[=e]-dub', _v.t._ (_obs._) to make amends for.--_n._ REDUB'BER, one who buys stolen cloth and so alters it as not to be recognised.

REDUCE, r[=e]-d[=u]s', _v.t._ to bring into a lower state, as to reduce the ores of silver: to lessen: to impoverish: to subdue: to arrange: (_arith._ and _alg._) to change numbers or quantities from one denomination into another: to reduce to its proper form, as to reduce a fracture: to bring into a new form, as to reduce Latin to English: to weaken: to bring into a class: (_Scots law_) to annul by legal means: (_mil._) to strike off the pay-roll.--_ns._ REDUC'ER, one who reduces: a joint-piece for connecting pipes of varying diameter; REDUCIBIL'ITY, REDUC'IBLENESS, the quality of being reducible.--_adj._ REDUC'IBLE, that may be reduced.--_ns._ REDUC'ING-SCALE, a scale used by surveyors for reducing chains and links to acres and roods; REDUC'TION, act of reducing or state of being reduced: diminution: subjugation: a rule for changing numbers or quantities from one denomination to another.--_adj._ REDUC'TIVE, having the power to reduce.--REDUCE TO THE RANKS, to degrade, for misconduct, to the condition of a private soldier; REDUCTIO AD ABSURDUM, the proof of a proposition by proving the falsity of its contradictory opposite; REDUCTION WORKS, smelting works. [L. _reduc[)e]re_, _reductum_--_re-_, back, _duc[)e]re_, to lead.]


REDUNDANCE, r[=e]-dun'dans, _n._ quality of being superfluous: superabundance--also REDUN'DANCY.--_adj._ REDUN'DANT, superfluous, as in words or images: (_Milt._) flowing back, as a wave.--_adv._ REDUN'DANTLY.

[Fr.,--L. _redund-ans_, _-antis_, pr.p. of _redund[=a]re_, to redound.]

REDUPLICATE, r[=e]-d[=u]'pli-k[=a]t, _v.t._ to double again: to multiply: to repeat.--_adj._ doubled.--_n._ REDUPLIC[=A]'TION, the act of redoubling: the repetition of a syllable, or of the initial part, in inflection and word-formation, as in L. _fefelli_, perf. of _fallo_, Gr. _tetupha_, perf.

of _tupt[=o]_: (_anat._) a folding or doubling of a part or organ.--_adj._ RED[=U]'PLIC[=A]TIVE.

REDUVIIDae, red-[=u]-v[=i]'i-d[=e], a family of predacious bugs.--_adj._ RED[=U]'VIOID.--_n._ RED[=U]'VIUS, a genus embracing about fifty species, mostly African--the _Fly-bug_ is European.

REDUX, r[=e]'duks, _adj._ led back, as from captivity, &c., as in Dryden's poem on the Restoration entitled _Astraea Redux_: (_med._) noting the reappearance of certain physical signs after interruption in consequence of disease.

REE, r[=e], (_prov._) _v.t._ to riddle.

REE, r[=e], _adj._ (_prov._) wild, tipsy.

REEBOK, r[=e]'bok, _n._ a South African antelope.

RE-ECHO, r[=e]-ek'[=o], _v.t._ to echo back.--_v.i._ to give back echoes: to resound.--_n._ an echo repeated.

REECHY, r[=e]ch'i, _adj._ (_Shak._) smoky, sooty, tanned.--_n._ REECH, smoke--the Scotch _reek_ (q.v.).

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