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NOVUS HOMO, nov'us hom'o, _n._ a new man: one who has risen from a low position to a high dignity.

NOW, now, _adv._ at the present time: at this time or a little before.--_conj._ but: after this: things being so.--_n._ the present time.--_advs._ NOW'ADAYS, in days now present.--NOW--NOW, at one time--at another time. [A.S. _nu_; Ger. _nun_, L. _nunc_, Gr. _nun_.]

NOWEL, NOeL, n[=o]'el, _n._ Christmas: a joyous shout or song at Christmas: a Christmas carol. [O. Fr. _nowel_, _noel_ (mod. Fr. _noel_; cf. Sp.

_natal_, It. _natale_)--L. _natalis_, belonging to one's birthday.]

NOWHERE, n[=o]'hw[=a]r, _adv._ in no where or place: at no time.--_adv._ N[=O]'WHITHER, not any whither: to no place: in no direction: nowhere.

NOWL, nowl, _n._ (_Shak._). Same as NOUL.

NOWT, nowt, _n._ (_Scot._) cattle.--Also NOUT. [_Neat._]

NOWY, now'i, _adj._ (_her._) having a convex curvature near the middle.--Also NOWED. [O. Fr. _noue_--L. _nudatus_, knotted.]

NOXIOUS, nok'shus, _adj._ hurtful: unwholesome: injurious: destructive: poisonous.--_adj._ NOX'AL, relating to wrongful injury.--_adv._ NOX'IOUSLY.--_n._ NOX'IOUSNESS. [L. _noxius_--_noxa_, hurt--_noc[=e]re_, to hurt.]

NOY, noi, _v.t._ (_Spens._). Same as ANNOY.

NOYADE, nwa-yad', _n._ an infamous mode of drowning by means of a boat with movable bottom, practised by Carrier at Nantes, 1793-94. [Fr.,--_noyer_, to drown.]

NOYANCE, noi'ans, _n._ Same as ANNOYANCE.

NOYAU, nwo-y[=o]', _n._ a liqueur flavoured with kernels of bitter almonds or of peach-stones. [Fr., the stone of a fruit--L. _nucalis_, like a nut--_nux_, _nucis_, a nut.]

NOYOUS, noi'us, _adj._ (_Spens._) serving to annoy: troublesome: hurtful.


NOYSOME, noi'sum, _adj._ (_Spens._) noisome (q.v.).

NOZZLE, noz'l, _n._ a little nose: the snout: the extremity of anything: the open end of a pipe or tube, as of a bellows, &c. [Dim. of _nose_.]

NUANCE, n[=u]-ans', _n._ a delicate degree or shade of difference perceived by any of the senses, or by the intellect. [Fr.,--L. _nubes_, a cloud.]

NUB, nub, _v.t._ (_prov._) to push: beckon: hang.

NUB, nub, _n._ a knob, knot: point, gist.--_adjs._ NUB'BLY, full of knots; NUB'BY, lumpy, dirty.

NUBBLE, nub'l, _v.t._ to beat with the fist.

NUBECULA, n[=u]-bek'[=u]-la, _n._ a light film on the eye: a cloudy appearance in urine:--_pl._ NUBEC'ULae.

NUBIFEROUS, n[=u]-bif'e-rus, _adj._ bringing clouds.--_adjs._ N[=U]BIG'ENOUS, produced by clouds; N[=U]'BILOUS, cloudy, overcast--(_obs._) N[=U]'BILOSE.

NUBILE, n[=u]'bil, _adj._ marriageable.--_n._ NUBIL'ITY. [L.

_nubilis_--_nub[)e]re_, to veil one's self, hence to marry.]

NUCELLUS, n[=u]-sel'us, _n._ the nucleus of the ovule.

NUCHAL, n[=u]'kal, _adj._ pertaining to the N[=U]'CHA or nape.

NUCIFORM, n[=u]s'i-form, _adj._ nut-shaped.--_adj._ NUCIF'EROUS, nut-bearing. [L. _nux_, _nucis_, nut, _forma_, form.]

NUCIFRAGA, n[=u]-sif'ra-ga, _n._ a genus of corvine birds, between crows and jays, the nutcrackers.

NUCLEUS, n[=u]'kl[=e]-us, _n._ the central mass round which matter gathers: (_astron._) the head of a comet:--_pl._ NUCLEI (n[=u]'kl[=e]-[=i]).--_adjs._ N[=U]'CL[=E]AL, N[=U]'CL[=E]AR, pertaining to a nucleus.--_v.t._ N[=U]'CL[=E][=A]TE, to gather into or around a nucleus.--_adjs._ N[=U]'CL[=E]ATE, -D, having a nucleus; N[=U]'CL[=E]IFORM.--_ns._ N[=U]'CL[=E]IN, a colourless amorphous proteid, a constituent of cell-nuclei; N[=U]'CLEOBRANCH, one of an order of molluscs which have the gills packed in the shell along with the heart:--_pl._ NUCLEOBRANCHI[)A]'TA; N[=U]'CL[=E][=O]LE, a little nucleus: a nucleus within a nucleus--also NUCL[=E]'OLUS:--_pl._ NUCL[=E]'OLI. [L.,--_nux_, _nucis_, a nut.]

NUCULE, n[=u]k'[=u]l, _n._ a little nut: in _Characeae_ the female sexual organ. [L. _nucula_, dim. of _nux_, _nucis_, a nut.]

NUDE, n[=u]d, _adj._ naked: bare: without drapery, as a statue: void, as a contract.--_n._ N[=U]D[=A]'TION, act of making bare.--_adv._ N[=U]DE'LY.--_ns._ N[=U]DE'NESS, N[=U]'DITY, nakedness: want of covering: anything laid bare.--_adjs._ NUDIFL[=O]'ROUS, having the flowers destitute of hairs, glands, &c.; N[=U]DIF[=O]'LIOUS, having bare or smooth leaves; N[=U]DIROS'TRATE, having the rostrum N[=U]'DITIES, naked parts: figures divested of drapery.--THE NUDE, the undraped human figure as a branch of art. [L. _nudus_, naked.]

NUDGE, nuj, _n._ a gentle push.--_v.t._ to push gently. [Cf. _Knock_, _Knuckle_; Dan. _knuge_.]

NUDIBRANCH, n[=u]'di-brangk, _n._ one of an order of gasteropods having no shell, and with the gills exposed on the surface of the body:--_pl._ NUDIBRANCHI[=A]'TA. [L. _nudus_, naked, _branchiae_, gills.]

NUGATORY, n[=u]'ga-tor-i, _adj._ trifling: vain: insignificant: of no power: ineffectual. [L. _nugatorius_,--_nugae_, jokes, trifles.]

NUGGET, nug'et, _n._ a lump or mass, as of a metal. [Prob. _ingot_, with the _n_ of the article.]

NUISANCE, n[=u]'sans, _n._ that which annoys or hurts: that which troubles: that which is offensive.--_n._ N[=U]'ISANCER. [Fr.,--L. _noc[=e]re_, to hurt.]

NULL, nul, _adj._ of no legal force: void: invalid: of no importance.--_n._ something of no value or meaning, a cipher: a bead-like raised work.--_v.t._ to annul, nullify.--_v.i._ to kink: to form nulls, or into nulls, as in a lathe.--NULLED WORK, woodwork turned by means of a lathe so as to form a series of connected knobs--for rounds of chairs, &c. [L.

_nullus_, not any, from _ne_, not, _ullus_, any.]

NULLAH, nul'a, _n._ a dry water-course.

NULLA-NULLA, nul'a-nul'a, _n._ an Australian's hard-wood club.

NULLIFIDIAN, nul-i-fid'i-an, _adj._ having no faith.--_n._ a person in such a condition. [L. _nullus_, none, _fides_, faith.]

NULLIFY, nul'i-f[=i], _v.t._ to make null: to annul: to render void or of no force:--_pr.p._ null'ifying; _pa.t._ and _pa.p._ null'ified.--_ns._ NULLIFIC[=A]'TION, a rendering void or of none effect, esp. (_U.S._) of a contract by one of the parties, or of a law by one legislature which has been passed by another; NULL'IFIER; NULL'ITY, the state of being null or void: nothingness: want of existence, force, or efficacy.

NULLIPARA, nul-lip'a-ra, _n._ a woman who has never given birth to a child, esp. if not a virgin.--_adj._ NULLIP'AROUS.

NULLIPENNATE, nul-i-pen'[=a]t, _adj._ having no flight-feathers, as a penguin.

NULLIPORE, nul'i-p[=o]r, _n._ a small coral-like seaweed.--_adj._ NULL'IPOROUS.

NUMB, num, _adj._ deprived of sensation or motion: powerless to feel or act: stupefied: motionless: (_Shak._) causing numbness.--_v.t._ to make numb: to deaden: to render motionless:--_pr.p._ numbing (num'ing); _pa.p._ numbed (numd).--_adj._ NUMB'-COLD (_Shak._), numbed with cold: causing numbness.--_n._ NUMB'NESS, state of being numb: condition of living body in which it has lost the power of feeling: torpor. [A.S. _numen_, pa.p. of _niman_, to take; so Ice. _numinn_, bereft.]

NUMBER, num'b[.e]r, _n._ that by which things are counted or computed: a collection of things: more than one: a unit in counting: a numerical figure: the measure of multiplicity: sounds distributed into harmonies: metre, verse, esp. in _pl._: (_gram._) the difference in words to express singular or plural: (_pl._) the fourth book of the Old Testament.--_v.t._ to count: to reckon as one of a multitude: to mark with a number: to amount to.--_n._ NUM'BERER.--_adj._ NUM'BERLESS, without number: more than can be counted.--_ns._ NUMERABIL'ITY, N[=U]'MERABLENESS.--_adj._ N[=U]'MERABLE, that may be numbered or counted.--_adv._ N[=U]'MERABLY.--_adj._ N[=U]'MERAL, pertaining to, consisting of, or expressing number.--_n._ a figure or mark used to express a number, as 1, 2, 3, &c.: (_gram._) a word used to denote a number.--_adv._ N[=U]'MERALLY, according to number.--_adj._ N[=U]'MERARY, belonging to a certain number: contained within or counting as one of a body or a number--opp. to _Supernumerary_.--_v.t._ N[=U]'MER[=A]TE, to point off and read as figures: (_orig._) to enumerate, to number.--_ns._ N[=U]MER[=A]'TION, act of numbering: the art of reading numbers, and expressing their values; N[=U]'MER[=A]TOR, one who numbers: the upper number of a vulgar fraction, which expresses the number of fractional parts taken.--_adjs._ N[=U]MER'IC, -AL, belonging to, or consisting in, number: the same both in number and kind.--_adv._ N[=U]MER'ICALLY.--_n._ N[=U]MEROS'ITY, numerousness: harmonious flow.--_adj._ N[=U]'MEROUS, great in number: being many.--_adv._ N[=U]'MEROUSLY.--_n._ N[=U]'MEROUSNESS. [Fr. _nombre_--L. _numerus_, number.]

NUMBLES, num'bls, the entrails of a deer. See UMBLES.

NUMEROTAGE, n[=u]-me-r[=o]-tazh', _n._ the numbering of yarns so as to denote their fineness. [Fr.]

NUMISMATIC, n[=u]-mis-mat'ik, _adj._ pertaining to money, coins, or medals.--_n.sing._ N[=U]MISMAT'ICS, the science of coins and medals.--_ns._ N[=U]MIS'MATIST, one having a knowledge of coins and medals; N[=U]MISMATOG'RAPHY, description of coins; NUMISMATOL'OGIST, one versed in numismatology; N[=U]MISMATOL'OGY, the science of coins and medals in relation to history. [L. _numisma_--Gr. _nomisma_, current coin--_nomizein_, to use commonly--_nomos_, custom.]

NUMMARY, num'a-ri, _adj._ relating to coins or money.--_adjs._ NUMM'IFORM, shaped like a coin; NUMM'[=U]LAR, NUMM'[=U]LARY, NUMM'[=U]L[=A]TED, NUMM'[=U]LINE, pertaining to coins: like a coin in shape; NUMM'[=U]LIFORM.--_n._ NUMM'[=U]LITE, a fossil shell resembling a coin.--_adj._ NUMMULIT'IC. [L. _nummus_, a coin.]

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