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RECEIPT, r[=e]-s[=e]t', _n._ act of receiving: place of receiving: power of holding: a written acknowledgment of anything received, a legal acknowledgment of money received in discharge of a debt or demand: that which is received: a recipe in cookery.--_v.t._ to give a receipt for: to sign: to discharge.--_adj._ RECEIPT'ABLE, that may be receipted.--_ns._ RECEIPT'-BOOK, a book containing receipts; RECEIPT'OR, one who gives a receipt. [O. Fr. _recete_ (Fr. _recette_)--L. _recipere_, _receptum_.]

RECEIVE, r[=e]-s[=e]v', _v.t._ to take what is offered: to accept: to embrace with the mind: to assent to: to allow: to give acceptance to: to give admittance to: to welcome or entertain: to hold or contain: (_law_) to take goods knowing them to be stolen: (_B._) to bear with, to believe in.--_v.i._ to be a recipient: to hold a reception of visitors.--_n._ RECEIVABIL'ITY, RECEIV'ABLENESS, the quality of being receivable.--_adj._ RECEIV'ABLE, that may be received: a waiting payment, as bills receivable.--_ns._ RECEIV'EDNESS, the state or quality of being received or current; RECEIV'ER, one who receives: an officer who receives taxes: a person appointed by a court to hold and manage property which is under litigation, or receive the rents of land, &c.: one who receives stolen goods: (_chem._) a vessel for receiving and holding the products of distillation, or for containing gases: the glass vessel of an air-pump in which the vacuum is formed: the receiving part of a telegraph, telephone, &c.; RECEIV'ER-GEN'ERAL, an officer who receives the public revenue; RECEIV'ERSHIP, the office of a receiver; RECEIV'ING, the act of receiving; RECEIV'ING-HOUSE, a depot: a house where letters and parcels are left for transmission; RECEIV'ING-IN'STRUMENT, an appliance by which operators at two telegraph stations can communicate; RECEIV'ING-OFF'ICE, a branch post-office for receipt of letters, &c.; RECEIV'ING-SHIP, a stationary ship for recruits for the navy. [O. Fr. _recever_ (Fr. _recevoir_)--L.

_recip[)e]re_, _receptum_--_re-_, back, cap[)e]re, to take.]

RECELEBRATE, r[=e]-sel'[=e]-br[=a]t, _v.t._ to celebrate again.

RECENCY, r[=e]'sen-si, _n._ newness. [_Recent_.]

RECENSION, r[=e]-sen'shun, _n._ a critical revisal of a text: a text established by critical revision: a review.--_n._ RECEN'SIONIST. [L.

_recensio_--_recens[=e]re_--_re-_, again, _cens[=e]re_, to value.]

RECENT, r[=e]'sent, _adj._ of late origin or occurrence: fresh: modern: (_geol._) belonging to the present geological period.--_adv._ R[=E]'CENTLY.--_n._ R[=E]'CENTNESS. [Fr.,--L. _recens_, _recentis_.]

RECEPTACLE, r[=e]-sep'ta-kl, _n._ that into which anything is received or in which it is contained: (_bot._) the basis of a flower: (_zool._) an organ that receives and holds a secretion.--_n._ R[=E]'CEPT, an idea taken into the mind from without.--_adj._ RECEPTAC'ULAR (_bot._), pertaining to or serving as a receptacle.--_n._ RECEPTIBIL'ITY, receivability.--_adj._ RECEPT'IBLE, receivable.--_ns._ RECEP'TION, the act of receiving: admission: state of being received: acceptance: a receiving officially: (_Milt._) capacity for receiving: a receiving of guests for entertainment: welcome: treatment at first coming; RECEP'TION-ROOM.--_adj._ RECEPT'IVE, having the quality of receiving or containing: (_phil._) capable of receiving, or quick to receive, impressions.--_ns._ RECEPT'IVENESS; RECEPTIV'ITY, quality of being receptive. [L. _recip[)e]re_, _receptum_, to receive.]

RECESS, r[=e]-ses', _n._ a going back or withdrawing: retirement: seclusion: a period of remission of business: part of a room formed by a receding of the wall: a retired spot: a nook: a sinus or depressed par.--_v.t._ to make a recess in: to put into a recess.--_adj._ RECESSED', having a recess.--RECESSED ARCH, one arch within another. [_Recede_.]

RECESSION, r[=e]-sesh'un, _n._ act of receding: withdrawal: the state of being set back.--_adjs._ RECES'SIONAL; RECESS'IVE.--_adv._ RECESS'IVELY.--_n._ RECESS'US, a recess.

RECESSION, r[=e]-sesh'un, _n._ a ceding or giving back.

RECHABITE, rek'a-b[=i]t, _n._ one of the descendants of Jonadab, the son of _Rechab_, who abstained from drinking wine, in obedience to the injunction of their ancestor (Jer. xxxv. 6): a total abstainer from intoxicating drinks: a member of the Rechabite order of total abstainers.--_n._ RECH'ABITISM.

ReCHAUFFe, r[=a]-sh[=o]-f[=a]', _n._ a warmed-up dish: a fresh concoction of old literary material. [Fr.]

RECHEAT, r[=e]-ch[=e]t', _n._ (_Shak._) a recall on the horn when the hounds have lost the scent, or at the end of the chase. [O. Fr. _recet_.]

RECHERCHe, r[=e]-sher'sh[=a], _adj._ extremely nice: peculiar and refined: rare. [Fr.]

RECHLESSE, rek'les, _adj._ Same as RECKLESS.

RECHRISTEN, r[=e]-kris'n, _v.t._ to name again.

RECIDIVATE, r[=e]-sid'i-v[=a]t, _v.i._ to fall again: to backslide.--_ns._ RECIDIV[=A]'TION; RECID'IVIST (_Fr. law_), a relapsed criminal.--_adj._ RECID'IVOUS, liable to backslide. [Fr.,--L. _recid[=i]vus_, falling back.]

RECIPE, res'i-p[=e], _n._ a medical prescription: any formula for the preparation of a compound: a receipt:--_pl._ RECIPES (res'i-p[=e]z). [L., lit. 'take,' the first word of a medical prescription, imper. of _recip[)e]re_.]

RECIPIENT, r[=e]-sip'i-ent, _adj._ receiving.--_n._ one who receives, that which receives.--_ns._ RECIP'IENCE, RECIP'IENCY, a receiving: receptiveness. [L. _recipiens_, _-entis_, pr.p. of _recip[)e]re_, to receive.]

RECIPROCAL, r[=e]-sip'r[=o]-kal, _adj._ acting in return: mutual: alternating: interchangeable: giving and receiving.--_n._ that which is reciprocal: (_math._) the quotient resulting from the division of unity by any given quantity.--_n._ RECIPROCAL'ITY, the state or quality of being reciprocal: mutual return.--_adv._ RECIP'ROCALLY, mutually: interchangeably: inversely.--_ns._ RECIP'ROCALNESS; RECIP'ROCANT (_math._), a contravariant expressing a certain condition of tangency: a differential invariant.--_adj._ RECIP'ROCANTIVE, relating to a reciprocant.--_v.t._ RECIP'ROC[=A]TE, to give and receive mutually: to requite: to interchange: to alternate.--_v.i._ to move backward and forward: (_coll._) to make a return or response.--_ns._ RECIP'ROCATING-EN'GINE, an engine in which the piston moves forward and backward in a straight line; RECIPROC[=A]'TION, interchange of acts: alternation.--_adj._ RECIP'ROC[=A]TIVE, acting reciprocally.--_n._ RECIPROC'ITY, mutual obligations: action and reaction: equality of commercial privileges.--_adjs._ REC'IPROCK, REC'IPROQUE (_Bacon_), reciprocal; RECIP'ROCOUS (_rare_), turning back: reciprocal.--RECIPROCAL PROPORTION is when, of four terms taken in order, the first has to the second the same ratio which the fourth has to the third; RECIPROCAL RATIO, the ratio of the reciprocals of two quantities; RECIPROCAL TERMS, those that have the same signification and consequently are convertible; RECIPROCATING MOTION, by this the power is transmitted from one part of a machine to another. [L. _reciprocus._]

RECIPROCORNOUS, r[=e]-sip'r[=o]-kor-nus, _adj._ having horns like a ram.

RECISION, r[=e]-sizh'un, _n._ the act of cutting off.

[Fr.,--L.,--_recid[)e]re_, _recisum_, to cut off.]

RECITE, r[=e]-s[=i]t', _v.t._ to read aloud from paper, or repeat from memory: to narrate: to give the particulars of.--_v.i._ to rehearse in public.--_ns._ REC[=I]'TAL, act of reciting: rehearsal: that which is recited: a narration: a vocal or instrumental performance, as a piano recital: (_law_) that part of a deed which recites the circumstances; RECITATION (res-i-t[=a]'shun), act of reciting: a public reading: rehearsal; RECIT[=A]'TIONIST, a public reciter; RECITATIVE (-t[=e]v'), (_mus._) a style of song resembling declamation, a kind of union of song and speech.--_adj._ in the style of recitative.--_adv._ RECITATIVE'LY, in the manner of recitative.--_ns._ RECITATI'VO (_mus._), recitative; RECIT'ER; RECIT'ING-NOTE, a note in chanting on which several syllables are sung. [Fr. _reciter_--L. _recit[=a]re_--L. _re-_, again, _cit[=a]re_, _-[=a]tum_, to call.]

RECK, rek, _v.t._ to care for: to regard.--_v.i._ (usually with _not_, and fol. by _of_) care: heed.--_adj._ RECK'LESS, careless: heedless of consequences: rash.--_adv._ RECK'LESSLY.--_ns._ RECK'LESSNESS; RECK'LING, a reckless person: the weakest in a litter: a helpless babe.--_adj._ stunted.--IT RECKS (_Milt._), it concerns. [A.S. _recan_, from a root seen in Old High Ger. _ruoh_, care, Ger. _ruchlos_, regardless.]

RECKON, rek'n, _v.t._ to count: to place in the number or rank of: to esteem: to think, believe.--_v.i._ to calculate: to charge to account: to make up accounts: to settle accounts (fol. by _with_): to count or rely (with _on_ or _upon_): to have an impression: to think: to suppose.--_ns._ RECK'ONER; RECK'ONING, an account of time: settlement of accounts, &c.: charges for entertainment: standing as to rank: (_naut._) a calculation of the ship's position: (_B._) estimation: value.--RECKON FOR, to be answerable for; RECKON ON, or UPON, to count or depend upon; RECKON WITHOUT HIS HOST (see HOST).--DAY OF RECKONING, the day when an account must be given and a settlement made: the judgment-day. [A.S. _ge-recenian_, to explain; Ger. _rechnen_.]

RECLAIM, r[=e]-kl[=a]m', _v.t._ to demand the return of: to regain: to bring back from a wild or barbarous state, or from error or vice: to bring into a state of cultivation: to bring into the desired condition: to make tame or gentle: to reform.--_v.i._ to cry out or exclaim: (_Scots law_) to appeal from the Lord Ordinary to the inner house of the Court of Session.--_adj._ RECLAIM'ABLE, that may be reclaimed or reformed.--_adv._ RECLAIM'ABLY.--_ns._ RECLAIM'ANT, one who reclaims; RECLAM[=A]'TION, act of reclaiming: state of being reclaimed, as of waste land: demand: recovery.

[Fr.,--L. _re-_, again, _clam[=a]re_, to cry out.]

RECLASP, r[=e]-klasp', _v.t._ to clasp again.

RECLINATE, rek'li-n[=a]t, _adj._ reclined: (_bot._) bent downward, so as to have the point lower than the base, as a leaf.--_n._ RECLIN[=A]'TION, the act of reclining or leaning: the angle which the plane of a dial makes with a vertical plane, the intersection being a horizontal line: an operation in surgery for the cure of cataract. [L. _reclin[=a]re_, _-[=a]tum_, to recline.]

RECLINE, r[=e]-kl[=i]n', _v.t._ to lean or bend backwards: to lean to or on one side.--_v.i._ to lean: to rest or repose.--_adjs._ RECLINE' (_Milt._), leaning; RECLINED' (_bot._), same as RECLINATE.--_n._ RECL[=I]'NER.--_adj._ RECL[=I]'NING (_bot._), bending away from the perpendicular: recumbent.--_ns._ RECL[=I]'NING-BOARD, a board on which persons recline to gain erectness to the figure; RECL[=I]'NING-CHAIR, an invalid's chair.

[Fr.,--L. _reclin[=a]re_--_re-_, back, _clin[=a]re_, to bend.]

RECLOSE, r[=e]-kl[=o]z', _v.t._ to close again.

RECLOTHE, r[=e]-kl[=o]th, _v.t._ to clothe again.

RECLUSE, r[=e]-kl[=oo]s', _adj._ secluded: retired: solitary.--_n._ one shut up or secluded: one who lives retired from the world: a religious devotee living in a single cell, generally attached to a monastery.--_adv._ RECLUSE'LY, in retirement or seclusion from society.--_ns._ RECLUSE'NESS, seclusion from society: retirement; RECLU'SION, religious retirement or seclusion: the life of a recluse.--_adj._ RECLU'SIVE (_Shak._), affording retirement or seclusion.--_n._ RECLU'SORY, a recluse's cell. [Fr.,--L.

_reclusus_, pa.p. of _reclud[)e]re_, to open, shut away--_re-_, away, _claud[)e]re_, to shut.]

RECOCT, r[=e]-kokt', _v.t._ to cook anew, to vamp up.--_n._ RECOC'TION.

RECOGNISE, rek'og-n[=i]z, _v.t._ to know again: to recollect: to acknowledge: to see the truth of.--_adj._ REC'OGNISABLE, that may be recognised or acknowledged.--_adv._ REC'OGNISABLY, in a recognisable manner.--_ns._ RECOG'NISANCE, a recognition: an avowal: a profession: a legal obligation entered into before a magistrate to do, or not do, some particular act: to enter into recognisances; REC'OGNISER, one who recognises; RECOGNI'TION, act of recognising: state of being recognised: recollection: avowal: (_Scots law_) a return of the feu to the superior.--_adjs._ RECOG'NITIVE, RECOG'NITORY. [L.

_recognosc[)e]re_--_re-_, again, _cognosc[)e]re_, to know.]

RECOIL, r[=e]-koil', _v.t._ to start back: to rebound: to return: to shrink from.--_n._ a starting or springing back: rebound: an escapement in which after each beat the escape-wheel recoils slightly.--_n._ RECOIL'ER, one who recoils.--_adj._ RECOIL'ING.--_adv._ RECOIL'INGLY.--_n._ RECOIL'MENT. [Fr.

_reculer_--L. _re-_, back, Fr. _cul_, the hinder part--L. _culus_.]

RECOIN, r[=e]-koin', _v.t._ to coin over again.--_ns._ RECOIN'AGE; RECOIN'ER.

RECOLLECT, r[=e]-kol-ekt', _v.t._ to collect again.

RECOLLECT, rek-ol-ekt', _v.t._ to remember: to recover composure or resolution (with reflex. pron.).--_n._ RECOLLEC'TION, act of recollecting or remembering: the power of recollecting: memory: that which is recollected: reminiscence.--_adj._ RECOLLEC'TIVE, having the power of recollecting.

RECOLLECT, rek'ol-ekt, _n._ a member of a congregation of a monastic order following a very strict rule--mostly of the Franciscan order forming a branch of the Observantines.--Also REC'OLLET.

RECOMBINE, r[=e]-kom-b[=i]n', _v.t._ to combine again.--_n._ RECOMBIN[=A]'TION.

RECOMFORT, r[=e]-kum'furt, _v.t._ to comfort or console again: (_Bacon_) to give new strength.--_adj._ RECOM'FORTLESS (_Spens._), comfortless.--_n._ RECOM'FORTURE (_Shak._), restoration of comfort.

RECOMMENCE, r[=e]-kom-ens', _v.t._ to commence again.--_n._ RECOMMENCE'MENT.

RECOMMEND, rek-o-mend', _v.t._ to commend to another: to bestow praise on: to introduce favourably: to give in charge: to commit, as in prayer: to advise.--_adj._ RECOMMEND'ABLE, that may be recommended: worthy of praise.--_n._ RECOMMEND'ABLENESS, the quality of being recommendable.--_adv._ RECOMMEND'ABLY, so as to deserve recommendation.--_n._ RECOMMEND[=A]'TION, act of recommending: act of introducing with commendation: repute: letter of recommendation.--_adj._ RECOMMEND'[=A]TORY, that recommends: commendatory.--_n._ RECOMMEND'ER, one who, or that which, recommends.

RECOMMIT, r[=e]-kom-it', _v.t._ to commit again: particularly, to send back to a committee.--_ns._ RECOMMIT'MENT, RECOMMIT'TAL.

RECOMMUNICATE, r[=e]-kom-[=u]n'i-k[=a]t, _v.t._ and _v.i._ to communicate again.

RECOMPACT, r[=e]-kom-pakt', _v.t._ to join anew.

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