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QUINTILE, kwin'til, _n._ the aspect of planets distant from each other the fifth part of the zodiac, or 72.

QUINTILLION, kwin-til'yun, _n._ the fifth power of a million, or a unit followed by thirty ciphers: generally, in U.S., the sixth power of one thousand, or a unit followed by eighteen ciphers.

QUINTOLE, kwin't[=o]l, _n._ a five-stringed viol common in France in the 18th century: a group of five notes to be played in the time of three, four, or six. [It. _quinto_--L. _quintus_, fifth.]

QUINTROON, kwin-tr[=oo]n', _n._ the offspring of a white by one who has one-sixteenth part of negro blood. [Sp. _quinteron_--L. _quintus_, fifth--_quinque_, five.]

QUINTUPLE, kwin't[=u]-pl, _adj._ fivefold: (_mus._) having five crotchets in a bar.--_v.t._ to make or to increase fivefold.--_ns._ QUIN'T[=U]PLET, a set of five things: (_pl._) five young at a birth: (_mus._) same as QUINTOLE; QUINT[=U]'PLIC[=A]TE, consisting of five: one of five exactly corresponding things.--_v.t._ to make or to increase a set of fivefold.--_n._ QUINTUPLIC[=A]'TION. [Fr.,--L. _quintuplex_--_quintus_, fifth, _plic[=a]re_, to fold.]

QUINZAINE, kwin'z[=a]n, _n._ the fifteenth day onward from a feast day, counting itself: a stanza of fifteen lines. [Fr. _quinze_, fifteen--L.

_quindecim_--_quinque_, five, _decem_, ten.]

QUINZE, kwinz, _n._ a card-game, like vingt-et-un, the object being to count as nearly to fifteen as possible without going above it.

QUIP, kwip, _n._ a sharp, sarcastic turn, a gibe: a quick retort.--_v.i._ to use sarcasms.--_v.t._ to sneer at.--_adj._ QUIP'PISH. [W. _chwip_, a quick turn, _chwipio_, to move briskly.]

QUIPU, k[=e]'p[=oo], or kwip'[=oo], _n._ the mnemonic language of coloured and knotted cords used by the Incas of ancient Peru--depending on order, colour, and kind.--Also QUIP'O. [Peruv., 'a knot.']

QUIRE, kw[=i]r, _n._ a collection of paper consisting of twenty-four sheets, the twentieth part of a ream, each having a single fold.--_v.t._ to fold in quires. [O. Fr. _quaier_ (Fr. _cahier_), prob. from Low L.

_quaternum_, a set of four sheets,--L. _quatuor_, four.]

QUIRE, kw[=i]r, _n._ old form of _choir_.--_n._ QU[=I]'RISTER, a chorister.

QUIRINUS, kwi-r[=i]'nus, _n._ an Italic divinity identified with the deified Romulus.--_n._ QUIRIN[=A]'LIA, a festival in ancient Rome in honour of _Quirinus_, on Feb. 17.

QUIRITES, kwi-r[=i]'tez, the citizens of ancient Rome in their civil capacity.

QUIRK, kw[.e]rk, _n._ a quick turn: an artful evasion: a quibble: a taunt or retort: a slight conceit: inclination, turn: fantastic phrase: (_archit._) an acute angle or recess.--_v.i._ to turn sharply.--_v.t._ to twist or turn: to furnish with a quirk or channel.--_adjs._ QUIRK'ISH, consisting of quirks; QUIRK'Y, abounding in quirks. [Skeat explains as prob. for obs. Eng. _quirt_, to turn; from W. _chwired_, a piece of craft, from _chwiori_, to turn briskly; cf. Gael. _cuireid_, a turn.]

QUIRT, kw[.e]rt, _n._ a riding-whip much used in the western states of North America.--_v.t._ to flog with a quirt. [Perh. Sp. _cuerda_, a rope.]

QUISCALUS, kwis'ka-lus, _n._ a genus of birds, the American grackles or crow-blackbirds.

QUIT, kwit, _v.t._ to pay, requite: to release from obligation, accusation, &c.: to acquit: to depart from: to give up: to clear by full performance: (_Spens._) to remove by force: (_coll._) to give over, cease:--_pr.p._ quit'ting; _pa.t._ and _pa.p._ quit'ted.--_adj._ (_B._) set free: acquitted: released from obligation.--_n._ QUIT'-CLAIM, a deed of release.--_v.t._ to relinquish claim or title to.--_n._ QUIT'-RENT, a rent by which the tenants are discharged from all other services--in old records called _white rent_, as being paid in silver money.--_adj._ QUIT'TABLE, capable of being quitted.--_ns._ QUIT'TAL (_Shak._), requital, repayment; QUIT'TANCE, a quitting or discharge from a debt or obligation: acquittance: recompense.--_v.t._ (_obs._) to repay.--QUIT COST, to pay expenses; QUIT ONE'S SELF (_B._), to behave; QUIT SCORES, to balance accounts.--BE QUITS, to be even with one; CRY QUITTANCE, to get even; DOUBLE OR QUITS, in gambling, said when a stake due is either to become double or be reduced to nothing, according to the issue of a certain chance; NOTICE TO QUIT (_law_), notice to a tenant of real property that he must surrender possession. [O. Fr. _quiter_ (Fr. _quitter_)--Low L. _quiet[=a]re_, to pay--L. _quiet[=a]re_, to make quiet--_quietus_, quiet.]

QUI TAM, kw[=i] tam, an action on a penal statute, brought partly at the suit of the state and partly at that of an informer--from the first words.

[L. _qui_, who, _tam_, as well.]

QUITCH, kwich, _n._ couch-grass.--Also QUITCH'-GRASS, QUICK'ENS.

[Assibilated form of _quick_.]

QUITCH, kwich, _v.i._ (_Spens._) to move. [A.S. _cweccan_, causative of _cwacian_, to quake.]

QUITE, kw[=i]t (_Spens._). Same as QUIT.

QUITE, kw[=i]t, _adv._ completely: wholly: entirely.--QUITE A LITTLE, a good few: considerable; QUITE SO, a phrase denoting assent in conversation.

[Merely an adv. use of the adj. _quit_.]

QUITTER, kwit'[.e]r, _n._ a fistulous sore on the quarters or the heel of the coronet of a horse's hoof.--_v.i._ to suppurate.

QUIVER, kwiv'[.e]r, _adj._ (_Shak._) nimble, active.

QUIVER, kwiv'[.e]r, _n._ a case for arrows.--_adj._ QUIV'ERED, furnished with a quiver: sheathed, as in a quiver. [O. Fr. _cuivre_; from Old High Ger. _kohhar_ (Ger. _kocher_); cog. with A.S. _cocer_.]

QUIVER, kwiv'[.e]r, _v.i._ to shake with slight and tremulous motion: to tremble: to shiver.--_ns._ QUIV'ER, QUIV'ERING, a tremulous motion, shiver.--_adv._ QUIV'ERINGLY, with quivering.--_adj._ QUIV'ERISH, tremulous. [A.S. _cwifer_, seen in adv. _cwiferlice_, eagerly. Cf. _Quick_ and _Quaver_.]

QUI VIVE, k[=e] v[=e]v, Who goes there?--the challenge of French sentries to those who approach their posts.--BE ON THE QUI VIVE, to be on the alert.

[Fr.,--_qui_, who, _vive_, 3d pers. sing. pres. subj. of _vivre_, to live--L. _viv[)e]re_.]

QUIXOTIC, kwiks-ot'ik, _adj._ like Don _Quixote_, the knight-errant in the great romance of Cervantes (1547-1616), extravagantly romantic, aiming at an impossible ideal.--_adv._ QUIXOT'ICALLY.--_ns._ QUIX'OTISM, QUIX'OTRY, absurdly romantic, impracticable, and magnanimous notions, schemes, or actions like those of Don Quixote.

QUIZ, kwiz, _n._ a riddle or enigma: one who quizzes another: an odd fellow: a monocular eye-glass, often with a handle: (_coll._) an oral examination of a pupil or class by a teacher.--_v.t._ to puzzle: to banter or make sport of: to examine narrowly and with an air of mockery.--_v.i._ to practise derisive joking:--_pr.p._ quiz'zing; _pa.t._ and _pa.p._ quizzed.--_ns._ QUIZ'ZER; QUIZ'ZERY.--_adj._ QUIZ'ZICAL.--_ns._ QUIZZICAL'ITY; QUIZZIFIC[=A]'TION.--_v.t._ QUIZ'ZIFY, to turn into a quiz.--_ns._ QUIZ'ZINESS, oddness; QUIZ'ZING, raillery; QUIZ'ZING-GLASS, a single eye-glass. [Origin obscure; doubtless framed from _question_, or direct from L. _quaeso_, I ask.]

QUOAD, kw[=o]'ad, _prep._ as far as, to this extent.--QUOAD HOC, as far as this; QUOAD OMNIA, in respect of all things; QUOAD SACRA, as far as concerns sacred matters, as a parish disjoined for ecclesiastical purposes only. [L.]

QUOD, kwod, _n._ (_slang_) prison.

QUODLIBET, kwod'li-bet, _n._ a scholastic argument upon a subject chosen at will, almost invariably theological: a humorous fanciful combination of two or more familiar melodies.--_n._ QUODLIBET[=A]'RIAN, one given to quodlibets.--_adjs._ QUODLIBET'IC, -AL. [L., 'what you please'--_quod_, what, _libet_, it pleases.]

QUODLIN, kwod'lin, _n._ (_Bacon_). Same as CODLIN.

QUOIF, koif, _n._ a cap or hood.--_v.t._ to cover or dress with a coif.

QUOIN, koin, _n._ (_archit._) a wedge used to support and steady a stone: an external angle, esp. of a building: (_gun._) a wedge of wood or iron put under the breech of heavy guns or the muzzle of siege-mortars to raise them to the proper level: (_print._) a wedge used to fasten the types in the forms.--_v.t._ to wedge or steady with quoins. [_Coin._]

QUOIT, koit, _n._ a heavy flat ring of iron for throwing as near as possible to one _hob_ or pin from the other--18 to 21 yards apart--the points in the game counted as in bowls or curling: (_pl._) the game played with such rings.--_v.i._ to throw quoits: to throw as with a quoit. [Perh.

from O. Fr. _coiter_, to drive, which may be from L.

_coact[=a]re_--_cog[)e]re_, to force.]

QUONDAM, kwon'dam, _adj._ that was formerly: former. [L., formerly.]

QUONIAM, kw[=o]'ni-am, _n._ the part of the 'Gloria in Excelsis' beginning 'For Thou only art holy:' the musical setting thereof: (_obs._) a kind of drinking-cup. [L., 'since now.']

QUOOK, kwook (_Spens._), _pa.t._ of _quake_.

QUOP, kwop, _v.i._ to move: to throb, as the heart.--Also QUAB, QUAP.

QUORUM, kw[=o]'rum, _n._ a number of the members of any body sufficient to transact business. [The first word of a commission formerly issued to certain justices, _of whom_ (L. _quorum_) a certain number had always to be present when the commission met.]

QUOTA, kw[=o]'ta, _n._ the part or share assigned to each.--_n._ QUOT'ITY (_Carlyle_), the number of individuals in a collection. [It.,--L. _quotus_, of what number?--_quot_, how many?]

QUOTE, kw[=o]t, _v.t._ to repeat the words of any one: to adduce for authority or illustration: to give the current price of: to enclose within quotation marks: (_Shak._) to set down in writing.--_v.i._ to make a quotation.--_adj._ QU[=O]'TABLE, that may be quoted.--_ns._ QU[=O]'TABLENESS, QU[=O]TABIL'ITY.--_adv._ QU[=O]'TABLY.--_ns._ QU[=O]T[=A]'TION, act of quoting: that which is quoted: the current price of anything; QU[=O]T[=A]'TION-MARK, one of the marks used to note the beginning and the end of a quotation--generally consisting of two inverted commas at the beginning, and two apostrophes at the end of a quotation; but a single comma and a single apostrophe are frequently used; QU[=O]'TER. [O.

Fr. _quoter_, to number--Low L. _quot[=a]re_, to divide into chapters and verses--L. _quotus_, of what number?--_quot_, how many?]

QUOTH, kw[=o]th, _v.t._ say, says, or said--used only in the 1st and 3d persons present and past, and always followed by its subject.--_interj._ QU[=O]'THa, forsooth, indeed. [A.S. _cwethan_, pa.t. _cwaeth_, to say. For _quoth'a_, said he--_'a_ being a corr. of _he_.]

QUOTIDIAN, kw[=o]-tid'i-an, _adj._ every day: occurring daily.--_n._ anything returning daily: (_med._) a kind of ague that returns daily.

[Fr.,--L. _quotidianus_--_quot_, as many as, _dies_, a day.]

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