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PYRE, p[=i]r, _n._ a pile of wood, &c., on which a dead body is burned.--_adj._ PYR'AL. [L.,--Gr.,--_pyr_, fire.]

PYRENE, p[=i]'r[=e]n, _n._ a stone or putamen.--_n._ PYR[=E]'NOCARP, any drupaceous fruit.--_adjs._ PYR[=E]'NOID, globular, nucleiform; PYR[=E]'NOUS. [Gr. _pyr[=e]n_.]

PYRENE, p[=i]'r[=e]n, _n._ a hydrocarbon obtained from coal-tar.

PYRENEAN, pir-[=e]-n[=e]'an, _adj._ of or pertaining to the _Pyrenees_, the range of mountains between France and Spain.--_n._ PYREN[=E]'ITE, a grayish-black garnet. [L. _Pyrenaei_ (_montes_), the Pyrenees.]

PYRENOMYCETES, p[=i]-r[=e]-n[=o]-m[=i]-s[=e]'tez, an order of ascomycetous fungi, including ergot, black-rot, &c. [Gr. _pyren_, a stone, _myk[=e]s_, pl. _myc[=e]tes_, a mushroom.]

PYRETHRUM, pir-eth'rum, _n._ a genus of plants containing the fever-few, or golden-feather, so much used in gardens as a bordering. [L.,--Gr.,--_pyr_, fire.]

PYRETIC, p[=i]-ret'ik, _adj._ pertaining to fever.--_n._ a remedy for fever.--_ns._ PYRETOL'OGY, the science of fevers; PYREX'IA, fever.--_adjs._ PYREX'IAL, PYREX'IC. [Gr. _pyrektikos_--_pyretos_, fever--_pyr_, fire.]

PYRGOIDAL, pir-goi'dal, _adj._ tower-shaped. [Gr., _pyrgos_, a tower.]

PYRHELIOMETER, pir-h[=e]-li-om'e-t[.e]r, _n._ an instrument for measuring the intensity of the sun.--_adj._ PYRHELIOMET'RIC. [Gr. _pyr_, fire, _h[=e]lios_, sun, _metron_, measure.]

PYRIFORM, pir'i-form, _adj._ pear-shaped. [L. _pirum_, a pear, _forma_, form.]

PYRITE, p[=i]'r[=i]t, _n._ native iron disulphide of a pale-yellow colour and very hard--also IRON PYRITES.--COPPER PYRITES, yellow sulphide of copper and iron. [L.,--Gr. _pyrites_, a flint--_pyr_, fire.]

PYRITEGIUM, pir-i-t[=e]'ji-um, _n._ the curfew-bell. [Low L.]

PYRITES, pir-[=i]'t[=e]z, _n._ a term applied to a large class of mineral compounds of metals with sulphur, or with arsenic, or with both--crystalline, hard, generally brittle, and frequently yellow.--_adjs._ PYRIT[=A]'CEOUS; PYRIT'IC, -AL; PYRITIF'EROUS.--_v.t._ PYR'ITISE, to convert into pyrites.--_n._ PYRITOL'OGY, knowledge of pyrites.--_adj._ PYR'ITOUS. [L.,--Gr. _pyr_, fire.]

PYRITOHEDRON, p[=i]-r[=i]-t[=o]-h[=e]'dron, _n._ a pentagonal dodecahedron.--_adj._ PYRITOH[=E]'DRAL. [Gr. _pyrit[=e]s_, pyrites, _hedra_, a seat.]

PYRO-ACETIC, p[=i]'r[=o]-a-set'ik, _adj._ relating to acetic acid under heat.

PYROBALLOGY, p[=i]-r[=o]-bal'[=o]-ji, _n._ the art of throwing fire: (_Sterne_) the science of artillery. [Gr. _pyr_, fire, _ballein_, to throw, _logia_--_legein_, to speak.]

PYROCLASTIC, p[=i]-r[=o]-klas'tik, _adj._ formed by volcanic agencies. [Gr.

_pyr_, fire, _klastos_, broken.]

PYRO-ELECTRICITY, p[=i]'r[=o]-e-lek-tris'i-ti, _n._ that branch of electricity which deals with electrification as produced by change of temperature in certain crystallised bodies.--_adj._ PY'RO-ELEC'TRIC.

PYROGALLIC, p[=i]-r[=o]-gal'ik, _adj._ obtained from gallic acid by the action of heat.

PYROGEN, p[=i]'r[=o]-jen, _n._ any substance which causes fever when introduced into the blood.--_adjs._ PYROGENET'IC, PYROG'ENOUS, producing fire: produced by fire; PYROGEN'IC, producing fever. [Gr. _pyr_, fire, root of _gignesthai_, to become.]

PYROGNOMIC, p[=i]-rog-nom'ik, _adj._ becoming incandescent when heated to a certain degree. [Gr. _pyr_, fire, _gn[=o]m[=o]n_, a mark.]

PYROGNOSTIC, p[=i]-rog-nos'tik, _adj._ pertaining to fire or heat. [Gr.

_pyr_, fire, _gn[=o]stikos_, knowing.]

PYROGRAPHY, p[=i]-rog'ra-fi, _n._ the art of producing a design on wood by applying heat and pressure. [Gr. _pyr_, fire, _graphein_, to write.]

PYROGRAVURE, p[=i]-r[=o]-gr[=a]-v[=u]r', _n._ a method of engraving on wood by a red-hot metallic point: a picture so produced.

PYROLA, p[=i]'r[=o]-la, _n._ a genus of plants of the heath kind, called also _Wintergreen_: a single plant of this genus. [L., dim. of _pirus_, a pear-tree.]

PYROLATRY, p[=i]-rol'a-tri, _n._ fire-worship.--_n._ PYROL'ATER, a fire-worshipper. [Gr. _pyr_, _pyros_, fire, _latreia_, worship.]

PYROLETER, p[=i]-rol'e-t[.e]r, _n._ a fire-extinguishing chemical apparatus by which carbonic acid is generated and thrown on the fire. [Gr. _pyr_, fire, _olet[=e]r_, destroyer--_ollynai_, to destroy.]

PYROLIGNEOUS, p[=i]-r[=o]-lig'ne-us, _adj._ procured by the distillation of wood--applied to a kind of acetic acid.--Also PYROLIG'NIC, PYROLIG'NOUS.

PYROLOGY, p[=i]-r[=o]l-[=o]-ji, _n._ the science of heat: a treatise on heat.--_n._ PYROL'OGIST. [Gr. _pyr_, _pyros_, fire, _logos_, discourse.]

PYROLUSITE, p[=i]-r[=o]-l[=u]'s[=i]t, _n._ native manganese dioxide.

PYROMAGNETIC, p[=i]-r[=o]-mag-net'ik, _adj._ pertaining to magnetism as modified by the action of heat.

PYROMANCY, p[=i]'r[=o]-man-si, _n._ divination by fire.--_adj._ PYROMAN'TIC. [Gr. _pyr_, _pyros_, fire, _manteia_, divination.]

PYROMANIA, p[=i]-r[=o]-m[=a]'ni-a, _n._ a mania for destroying things by fire: insanity which takes this form.--_n._ PYROM[=A]'NIAC.--_adjs._ PYROM[=A]'NIAC, -AL.

PYROMETAMORPHISM, p[=i]-r[=o]-met-a-mor'fizm, _n._ metamorphism due to heat, as opp. to _Hydrometamorphism_, that due to water.

PYROMETER, p[=i]-rom'e-t[.e]r, _n._ an instrument in the form of a metallic bar for measuring the temperature of bodies under heat.--_adjs._ PYROMET'RIC, -AL.--_n._ PYROM'ETRY, the science or art of measuring degrees of heat beyond the compass of the mercurial thermometer. [Gr. _pyr_, fire, _metron_, a measure.]

PYROMORPHOUS, p[=i]-r[=o]-mor'fus, _adj._ assuming a crystallised form after fusion by heat. [Gr. _pyr_, _pyros_, fire, _morph[=e]_, form.]

PYRONOMICS, p[=i]-r[=o]-nom'iks, _n._ the science of heat.

PYROPE, p[=i]'r[=o]p, _n._ a gem nearly allied to garnet, of a deep-red colour and translucent, generally occurring in roundish grains. [Gr.

_pyr[=o]pos_, fiery-eyed--_pyr_, _pyros_, fire, _[=o]ps_, _opos_, the face.]

PYROPHANOUS, p[=i]-rof'a-nus, _adj._ made transparent by heat.--_n._ PY'ROPH[=A]NE, an opal translucent while hot by melted wax. [Gr. _pyr_, fire, _phainein_, to show.]

PYROPHONE, p[=i]'r[=o]-f[=o]n, _n._ a musical instrument invented by Eugene Kastner (1873), in which the tones are produced by means of burning jets of hydrogen enclosed in graduated glass tubes. [Gr. _pyr_, fire, _ph[=o]n[=e]_, sound.]

PYROPHORUS, p[=i]-rof'[=o]-rus, _n._ a substance which takes fire on exposure to air: a genus of elaterid beetles.--_n._ PY'ROPH[=O]RE, any composition which takes fire on exposure to air or water.--_adjs._ PYROPHOR'IC, PYROPH'OROUS. [Gr. _pyr_, fire, _pherein_, to carry.]

PYROPHOSPHORIC, p[=i]-r[=o]-fos-for'ik, _adj._ formed by heating phosphoric acid.

PYROPHOTOGRAPHY, p[=i]-r[=o]-f[=o]-tog'ra-fi, _n._ any photographic process in which heat is applied to fix the picture.

PYROSCOPE, p[=i]'r[=o]-sk[=o]p, _n._ an instrument for measuring the intensity of radiating heat. [Gr. _pyr_, _pyros_, fire, _skopein_, to view.]

PYROSILVER, p[=i]-r[=o]-sil'v[.e]r, _n._ electroplated ware in which the silver is made to sink into the pores of the plated baser metal by the action of heat.

PYROSIS, p[=i]-r[=o]'sis, _n._ water-brash (q.v.). [Gr.,--_pyr_, fire.]

PYROSOMA, p[=i]-r[=o]-s[=o]'ma, _n._ a genus of compound Tunicates, with brilliant phosphorescence, inhabiting the Mediterranean and the Atlantic--fire-flames. [Gr. _pyr_, fire, _s[=o]ma_, body.]

PYROSTAT, p[=i]'r[=o]-stat, _n._ an automatic draught-regulator for chimney-stacks, smoke-pipes, &c. [Gr. _pyr_, fire, _statos_--_histanai_, to stand.]

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