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HERSHIP, h[.e]r'ship, _n._ the carrying off of cattle: (_Scot._) foray.

[_Here_, army, or stem of A.S. _herjan_, to harry; cf. Ice. _herskapr_, warfare--_herr_, army, and _-skapr_, -ship.]

HERY, h[=e]'ri, _v.t._ (_Spens._) to praise, to regard as holy. [A.S.

_herian_, to praise.]

HESITATE, hez'i-t[=a]t, _v.i._ to stop in making a decision: to be in doubt: to stammer.--_v.t._ (_rare_) to express with hesitation.--_ns._ HES'ITANCY, HESIT[=A]'TION, wavering: doubt: stammering.--_adj._ HES'ITAN'T, hesitating.--_adv._ HES'IT[=A]TINGLY.--_adj._ HES'IT[=A]TIVE, showing hesitation.--_n._ HES'IT[=A]TOR, one who hesitates.--_adj._ HES'IT[=A]TORY, hesitating. [L. _haesit[=a]re_, _-[=a]tum_, freq. of _haer[=e]re_, _haesum_, to stick.]

HESPER, hes'p[.e]r, HESPERUS, hes'p[.e]r-us, _n._ the Greek name for Venus as the evening-star.--_adj._ HESP[=E]'RIAN, of Hesperus or the west.

[L.,--Gr. _hesperos_, evening.]

HESPERIDES, hes-per'[=i]-d[=e]z, the name of the three sisters who guarded in their delightful gardens the golden apples which Hera, on her marriage with Zeus, had received from Gaea.

HESPERORNIS, hes-per-[=o]r'nis, _n._ an extinct form of bird, the remains of which have been met with in the American cretaceous deposits. [Gr.

_hesperos_, western, _ornis_, a bird.]

HESSIAN, hesh'i-an, _adj._ of or pertaining to Hesse.--_n._ a native of Hesse: (_pl._) short for HESSIAN BOOTS, a kind of long boots first worn by Hessian troops.--HESSIAN FLY, a dipterous insect, in its larval state attacking stems of barley, wheat, and rye. [From _Hesse_, a grand-duchy of the German Empire.]

HEST, hest, _n._ (_Shak._) behest, command. [A.S. _h['ae]s_, a command--_hatan_, to command.]

HESTERNAL, hes-ter'nal, _adj._ of yesterday.

HESVAN, hes'van, _n._ the second month of the Jewish civil year.--Also HESH'VAN. [Heb.]

HESYCHAST, hes'i-kast, _n._ one of a mystic and contemplative sect of the Greek Church in the 14th century, whose members may be described as the Quietists of the East.--_n._ HES'YCHASM, their doctrines and practice. [Gr.

_h[=e]sychast[=e]s_--_h[=e]sychos_, quiet.]

HETaeRA, he-t[=e]'ra, HETAIRA, he-t[=i]'ra, _n._ in Greece, a woman employed in public or private entertainment, as flute-playing, dancing, &c.: a paramour or courtesan.--_ns._ HETae'RISM, HETAIRISM (-t[=i]'), concubinage, open commerce between the sexes; HETaeROC'RACY, the rule of courtesans.--_n._ HETAI'RIST, one who practises hetaerism.--adj.

HETAIRIST'IC. [Gr. _hetaira_, fem. of _hetairos_, a companion.]

HETERARCHY, het'e-rar-ki, _n._ foreign rule.

HETERAUXESIS, het-e-rawk-s[=e]'sis, _n._ (_bot._) irregular or unsymmetrical growth.

HETEROBLASTIC, het-er-o-blas'tik, _adj._ derived from different cells:--opposed to _Homoblastic_. [Gr. _heteros_, other, _blastos_, bud, germ.]

HETEROCARPOUS, het-e-ro-kar'pus, _adj._ (_bot._) bearing fruit of two sorts.

HETEROCERCAL, het-er-o-s[.e]r'kal, _adj._ having the upper fork of the tail different from or longer than the lower, as the shark:--opposed to _Homocercal_.--_n._ HET'EROCERCY. [Gr. _heteros_, different from, _kerkos_, the tail.]

HETEROCHROMOUS, het-e-ro-kr[=o]'mus, _adj._ (_bot._) having different members unlike in colour.

HETEROCHRONY, het-e-rok'ro-ni, _n._ (_biol._) a divergence in ontogenetic sequence affecting the time of formation of parts or organs--also HETEROCHR[=O]'NIA.--_adj._ HETEROCHRON'IC.--_n._ HETEROCH'RONISM.--_adjs._ HETEROCHRONIST'IC; HETEROCH'RONOUS.

HETEROCLITE, het'er-o-kl[=i]t, _adj._ irregularly inflected: irregular--also HETEROCLIT'IC, -AL.--_n._ HET'EROCL[=I]TE, a word irregularly inflected: anything irregular.--_adj._ HETEROC'LITOUS. [Gr.

_heteroklitos_--_heteros_, other, _klitos_, inflected--_klinein_, to inflect.]

HETERODACTYL, het-e-ro-dak'til, _adj._ having the digits irregular or peculiar in size, form, or position.--Also HETERODAC'TYLOUS.

HETERODONT, het'er-o-dont, _adj._ having different kinds of teeth:--opposed to HETERODONT'A, an order of bivalves with hinge-teeth (cardinal and lateral) fitting into corresponding cavities in the opposite valve. [Gr. _heteros_, other, _odous_, _odont-_, a tooth.]

HETERODOX, het'er-o-doks, _adj._ holding an opinion other or different from the one generally received, esp. in theology: heretical.--_n._ HET'ERODOXY, heresy. [Gr. _heterodoxos_--_heteros_, other, _doxa_, an opinion--_dokein_, to think.]

HETEROECISM, het-e-r[=e]'sizm, _n._ the development, as of some parasitic fungi, of different stages of existence on different host-plants.--_adjs._ HETEROE'CIOUS, HETEROECIS'MAL. [Gr. _heteros_, other, _oikos_, a house.]

HETEROGAMOUS, het-e-rog'a-mus, _adj._ (_bot._) bearing two kinds of flowers which differ sexually, as in most Compositae, &c.--_n._ HETEROG'AMY. [Gr.

_heteros_, other, _gamos_, marriage.]

HETEROGENEOUS, het-er-o-j[=e]'ne-us, _adj._ of another race or kind: dissimilar: composed of different kinds or parts--also HETEROG[=E]N'EAL (_rare_):--opposed to _Homogeneous_.--_ns._ HETEROGEN[=E]'ITY, HETEROG[=E]N'EOUSNESS.--_adv._ HETEROG[=E]N'EOUSLY. [Gr.

_heterogen[=e]s_--_heteros_, other, _genos_, a kind.]

HETEROGENESIS, het-er-[=o]-gen'e-sis, _n._ (_biol._) spontaneous generation, abiogenesis: generation in which the offspring differs in structure and habit from the parent animal or plant, the ancestral characteristics, however, ultimately reappearing--_Xenogenesis_ and _Alternate generation_ are other names--also HETEROG'ENY.--_adj._ HETEROGENET'IC. [Gr. _heteros_, other, _genesis_, generation.]

HETEROGONOUS, het-e-rog'[=o]-nus, _adj._ (_bot._) having flowers dimorphous or trimorphous as to the relative length of stamens and styles, an adaptation for cross-fertilisation. [Gr. _heteros_, other, _gonos_, generation.]

HETEROGRAPHY, het-e-rog'ra-fi, _n._ heterogeneous spelling.--_adj._ HETEROGRAPH'IC.

HETEROLOGY, het-er-ol'oj-i, _n._ abnormality, want of true morphological affinity.--_adj._ HETEROL'OGOUS. [Gr. _heteros_, other, _logia_, relation.]

HETEROMEROUS, het-e-rom'e-rus, _adj._ diversiform. [Gr. _heteros_, other, _meros_, a part.]

HETEROMORPHIC, het-e-ro-mor'fik, _adj._ deviating in form from a given type--also HETEROMOR'PHOUS.--_ns._ HETEROMOR'PHISM; HETEROMOR'PHY. [Gr.

_heteros_, other, _morph[=e]_, form.]

HETERONOMOUS, het-er-on'o-mus, _adj._ differentiated from a common type: subject to the rule of another.--_n._ HETERON'OMY, subordination to law imposed by another:--opposed to _Autonomy_. [Gr. _heteros_, other, _nomos_, law.]

HETERONYM, het'er-o-nim, _n._ a word spelled like another, but with a different sound and meaning, as _lead_, to guide; _lead_, the metal.--_adj._ HETERON'YMOUS.--_n._ HETERON'YMY. [Gr. _heteros_, other, _onoma_, a name.]


HETEROPATHY, het-e-rop'a-thi, _n._ allopathy.--_adj._ HETEROPATH'IC.

HETEROPHEMY, het-e-ro-f[=e]'mi, _n._ the saying of one thing when another is meant.--_v.i._ HETEROPH[=E]'MISE.--_ns._ HETEROPH[=E]'MISM; HETEROPH[=E]'MIST.--_adj._ HETEROPHEMIS'TIC. [Gr. _heteros_, other, _ph[=e]m[=e]_, a saying.]

HETEROPHYLLOUS, het'er-o-fil'us, _adj._ (_bot._) having two different kinds of leaves on the same stem. [Gr. _heteros_, other, _phyllon_, a leaf.]

HETEROPLASIA, het-e-ro-pl[=a]'si-a, _n._ the development of abnormal tissue by diseased action.--_adj._ HETEROPLAS'TIC.--_n._ HETEROPLAS'TY. [Gr.

_heteros_, other, _plasis_, a forming.]

HETEROPODA, het-er-op'o-da, pelagic gasteropods in which the 'foot'

has become a swimming organ.--n. HET'EROPOD, one of the Heteropoda. [Gr.

_heteros_, other, _pous_, _podos_, a foot.]

HETEROPTERA, het-e-rop'te-ra, a sub-order of _Hemiptera_.--_adj._ HETEROP'TEROUS. [Gr. _heteros_, other, _pteron_, a wing.]

HETEROPTICS, het-e-rop'tiks, _n._ perverted vision. [Gr. _heteros_, other, _optikos_, optic]

HETEROSCIAN, het-e-rosh'i-an, _adj._ and _n._ pertaining to a person living on one side of the equator, as contrasted with one living on the other side. [Gr. _heteros_, other, _skia_, a shadow.]

HETEROSOMATA, het-e-ro-s[=o]'ma-ta, the flat-fishes.--_adj._ HETEROS[=O]'MATOUS. [Gr. _heteros_, different, _s[=o]ma_, pl. _s[=o]mata_, a body.]

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