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HAS, haz, 3d pers. sing. pres. ind. of _have_.

HASH, hash, _v.t._ to hack: to mince: to chop small.--_n._ that which is hashed: a mixed dish of meat and vegetables in small pieces: a mixture and preparation of old matter: (_Scot._) a stupid fellow.--_adj._ HASH'Y.--MAKE A HASH OF, to spoil or ruin completely; SETTLE A PERSON'S HASH (_slang_), to silence him: to make an end of him. [O. Fr.,--Fr. _hacher_--_hache_, hatchet.]

HASHISH, hash'ish, -[=e]sh, _n._ name given to the leaves of the Indian hemp, from which an intoxicating preparation is made. See BHANG and ASSASSIN. [Ar.]

HASK, hask, _n._ (_Spens._) a fish-basket made of rushes. [Prob. from root of _hassock_.]

HASLET, has'let, _n._ the edible entrails of an animal, esp. the hog.--Also HARS'LET. [O. Fr. _hastelet_, _haste_, a spit--L. _hasta_, a spear.]

HASP, hasp, _n._ a clasp: the clasp of a padlock: a spindle: a skein of yarn.--_v.t._ to fasten with a hasp. [A.S. _haepse_; Dan. and Ger. _haspe_.]

HASSOCK, has'uk, _n._ a thick cushion used as a footstool or for kneeling on in church: Kentish rag-stone. [A.S. _hassuc_; prob. W. _hesg_, sedge.]

HAST, hast, 2d pers. sing. pres. ind. of _have_.

HASTATE, -D, hast'[=a]t, -ed, _adj._ (_bot._) spear-shaped.--Also HAST'IFORM. [L. _hast[=a]tus_--_hasta_, spear.]

HASTE, h[=a]st, _n._ speed, quickness, a hurry: rashness: vehemence.--_vs.t._ HASTE, HASTEN (h[=a]s'n), to put to speed: to hurry on: to drive forward.--_vs.i._ to move with speed: to be in a hurry:--_pr.p._ h[=a]st'ing, hastening (h[=a]s'ning); _pa.p._ h[=a]st'ed, hastened (h[=a]s'nd).--_n._ HAST'ENER.--_adv._ HAST'ILY.--_n._ HAST'INESS, hurry: rashness: irritability.--_adj._ HAST'Y, speedy: quick: rash: eager: passionate.--_n._ HAST'Y-PUDD'ING, flour, milk, or oatmeal and water porridge.--_adj._ HAST'Y-WIT'TED, rash.--MAKE HASTE, to hasten. [O. Fr.

_haste_ (Fr. _hate_), from Teut.; cf. A.S. _h['ae]st_, Dut. _haast_, Ger.


HAT, hat, _n._ a covering for the head, generally with crown and brim: the dignity of a cardinal, so named from his red hat.--_v.t._ to provide with, or cover with, a hat.--_ns._ HAT'BAND, the ribbon round a hat, often a mourning-band; HAT'-BOX, a box in which a hat is carried; HAT'-PEG, -RACK, -RAIL, -STAND, &c., a contrivance on which hats are hung.--_adj._ HAT'TED, covered with a hat.--_ns._ HAT'TER, one who makes or sells hats: a miner who works by himself; HAT'TING, giving a hat; HAT'-TRICK, any conjurer's trick with a hat: a House of Commons mode of securing a seat by placing one's hat on it: in cricket, the feat of a bowler who takes three wickets by three successive balls--deserving a new hat.--CHIMNEY-POT, COCKED, and CRUSHED HAT (see CHIMNEY, COCK, CRUSH).--HANG UP ONE'S HAT (see HANG); MAD AS A HATTER, completely insane: very angry; PASS ROUND THE HAT, to beg for contributions, to take up a collection. [A.S. _haet_, Dan. _hat_.]

HATCH, hach, _n._ a door with an opening over it, a wicket or door made of cross-bars; the covering of a hatchway.--_v.t._ to close as with a hatch.--_ns._ HATCH'-BOAT, a kind of half-decked fishing-boat; HATCH'WAY, the opening in a ship's deck into the hold, or from one deck to another.--UNDER HATCHES, below deck, off duty, under arrest. [A.S. _haec_, a gate; Dut. _hek_, a gate.]

HATCH, hach, _v.t._ to produce, especially from eggs, by incubation: to originate: to plot.--_v.i._ to produce young: to be advancing towards maturity.--_n._ act of hatching: brood hatched.--_ns._ HATCH'ER, one who, or that which, hatches; HATCH'ERY, a place for hatching eggs, esp. those of fish, by artificial means.--COUNT THE CHICKENS BEFORE THEY ARE HATCHED, to depend too securely on some future and uncertain event. [Early M. E.

_hacchen_, from an assumed A.S. _haeccean_; cf. Mid. High Ger. _hecken_, Sw.


HATCH, hach, _v.t._ to shade by minute lines crossing each other in drawing and engraving.--_n._ HATCH'ING, the mode of so shading. [O. Fr. _hacher_, to chop.]

HATCHEL, hach'el, _n._ and _v._ Same as HACKLE.

HATCHET, hach'et, _n._ a small axe used by one hand.--_adjs._ HATCH'ET-FACED, having a thin, sharp-featured face; HATCH'ETY, like a hatchet.--BURY THE HATCHET, to put an end to war, from the habit of the North American Indians. [Fr. _hachette_, _hacher_, to chop.]


HATCHMENT, hach'ment, _n._ the arms of a deceased person within a black lozenge-shaped frame, meant to be placed on the front of his house.

[Corrupted from _achievement_.]

HATE, h[=a]t, _v.t._ to dislike intensely: to dislike: to despise relatively to something else.--_n._ extreme dislike: hatred.--_adjs._ HATE'ABLE, deserving to be hated; HATE'FUL, exciting hate: odious: detestable: feeling or manifesting hate.--_adv._ HATE'FULLY.--_ns._ HATE'FULNESS; HAT'ER; HAT'RED, extreme dislike: enmity: malignity. [A.S.

_hete_, hate, _hatian_, to hate; Ger. _hasz_.]

HATE, HAET, h[=a]t, _n._ (_Scot._) a whit.

HATHOR, hath'or, _n._ name of an Egyptian goddess, ranked among the second class of deities, who was the daughter of Ra, the sun.

HATTER, hat'[.e]r, _v.t._ to trouble, annoy: to batter.

HATTI, hat'i, _n._ a Turkish decree of the highest authority, differing from a firman in being signed by the Sultan himself--in full, HATTI-SHERIF (sher-[=e]f').

HAUBERK, haw'b[.e]rk, _n._ a tunic, worn by the Norman soldiers, covered with rings or mascles, reaching to the knees, slit at the sides or in the front and back for convenience in riding, though sometimes ending in short trousers, originally a piece of armour for the neck. [O. Fr. _hauberc_--Old High Ger. _halsberg_--_hals_, neck, _bergan_, to protect.]

HAUGH, hah, _n._ (_Scot._) a level plain, generally near a river. [A.S.

_healh_, _halh_, a corner.]

HAUGHTY, haw'ti, _adj._ proud: arrogant: contemptuous: (_arch._) bold: (_Spens._) high--Shakespeare has HAUGHT.--_adv._ HAUGHT'ILY.--_n._ HAUGHT'INESS. [O. Fr. _halt_, _haut_, high--L. _altus_, high.]

HAUL, hawl, _v.t._ to drag: to pull with violence.--_v.i._ to tug, to try to draw something: to alter a ship's course, to sail generally.--_n._ a pulling: a draught, as of fishes: a source of interest or profit.--_ns._ HAUL'AGE, act of hauling: charge for hauling or pulling a ship or boat; HAUL'ER, HAUL'IER.--HAUL OVER THE COALS (see COAL); HAUL OFF, or ROUND, to turn a ship's course away from an object; HAUL UP, to come or bring to rest after hauling. [_Hale_.]

HAULD, hald, a Scotch form of _hold_, as in the prov. phrase, 'out of house and hauld'=homeless and completely destitute.


HAULT, hawlt, _adj._ (_Spens._). HAUGHTY.

HAUNCH, hawnsh, _n._ the fleshy part of the hip and buttock: (_Shak._) the hip, the hind-part, the rear: (_archit._) the middle part between the vertex or crown and the springing of an arch.--_adjs._ HAUNCH'LESS; HAUNCH'Y. [O. Fr. _hanche_; prob. Ger., Old High Ger. _ancha_, leg.]

HAUNCH, hawnsh, _v.t._ (_prov._) to throw with an underhand movement.--_n._ a jerked underhand throw.

HAUNT, hawnt, _v.t._ to frequent: to follow importunately: to intrude upon continually: to inhabit or visit as a ghost.--_v.i._ to be much about: to appear or visit frequently.--_n._ a place much resorted to: (_Shak._) habit of frequenting.--_p.adj_ HAUNT'ED, frequented, infested, esp. by ghosts or apparitions.--_n._ HAUNT'ER.--_adv._ HAUNT'INGLY. [O. Fr. _hanter_; acc. to Littre, a corr. of L. _habit[=a]re_.]

HAUSTELLUM, haws-tel'um, _n._ the sucking organ or proboscis of an insect or a crustacean:--_pl._ HAUSTELLA.--_adj._ HAUS'TELLATE, provided with such.

HAUSSMANNIZE, hows'man-[=i]z, _v.t._ to open out, widen, and straighten streets, and generally rebuild, as Baron _Haussmann_ did to Paris when prefect of the Seine (1853-70).--_n._ HAUSSMANNIZ[=A]'TION.

HAUSTORIUM, haws-t[=o]'ri-um, _n._ a small sucker of a parasitic plant, penetrating the tissues of the host:--_pl._ HAUST[=O]'RIA.

HAUTBOY, h[=o]'boi, _n._ an older form of Oboe (q.v.): a large kind of strawberry. [Fr. _hautbois_--_haut_, high, _bois_, wood.]

HAUTEUR, h[=o]-t[=a]r', _n._ haughtiness: arrogance.--_adj._ HAUT (_Milt._), haughty.--_ns._ HAUT-GOuT, flavour, spice, a taint: a highly seasoned dish; HAUT-PAS, a dais; HAUT'-RELIEF', high relief.--HAUT TON, high fashion, people of high fashion. [Fr.]

HAuYNE, ha'win, _n._ a rock-forming mineral, a silicate of alumina and soda or lime, with sodium and calcium sulphate. [Named from Rene Just _Hauy_, a French mineralogist (1743-1822).]

HAVANA, ha-van'a, _n._ a fine quality of cigar, named from _Havana_, the capital of Cuba, fondly supposed to be made there.--Also HAVANN'A(H).

HAVE, hav, _v.t._ to own or possess: to hold, contain: to hold control of: to grasp the meaning of: to allow to be done, to cause: to regard, hold in opinion, esteem: to obtain: to enjoy: to bear or beget: to effect: to be affected by: to get the better of, outwit, to have hold upon:--_pr.p._ hav'ing; _pa.t._ and _pa.p._ had.--_ns._ HAV'ER, one who has or possesses, a holder: (_Scots law_) a term to denote the person in whose custody a document is; HAV'ING, act of possessing: possession, estate: behaviour: (_Scot._ esp. in _pl._) good manners.--_adj._ greedy.--Have as good, lief, to be as willing; HAVE AT, attack, thrust; HAVE DONE (_with_), to come to the end of one's dealings; HAVE IT OUT, to have something finally settled; HAVE ON, to wear; HAVE RATHER, to prefer; HAVE UP, to call to account before a court of justice, &c. [A.S. _habban_, pa.t. _haefde,_ pa.p.

_gehaefd_; Ger. _haben_, Dan. _have_.]

HAVELOCK, hav'lok, _n._ a white cover for a military cap, with a long rear flap as a protection from the sun. [From Gen. Henry _Havelock_, 1795-1857.]

HAVEN, h[=a]'vn, an inlet of the sea, or mouth of a river, where ships can get good and safe anchorage: any place of safety: an asylum.--_v.t._ to shelter.--_p.adj._ H[=A]'VENED, sheltered, as in a haven. [A.S. _haefen_; Dut. _haven_, Ger. _hafen_.]

HAVER, h[=a]v'[.e]r, _v.i._ (_Scot._) to talk nonsense, or foolishly.--_n._ HAV'EREL, a foolish HAV'ERS, foolish talk.

HAVERSACK, hav'[.e]r-sak, _n._ a bag of strong linen for a soldier carrying his rations in.--_n._ HAV'ER (_prov._), oats. [Fr. _havresac_--Ger.

_habersack_, oat-sack--_haber_, _hafer_, oats.]

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