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_gad_, a goad; cf. Ice. _gaddr_, a goad.]

GOAF, g[=o]f, _n._ a rick: the coal-waste left in old workings.

GOAL, g[=o]l, _n._ a mark set up to bound a race: the winning-post--also the starting-post: the end aimed at: the two upright posts between which the ball is kicked in the game of football: the act of sending the ball between or over the goal-posts: an end or aim. [Fr. _gaule_, a pole; prob.

of Teut. origin, as Old Fris. _walu_, a staff, Goth. _walus_; but acc. to Littre from L. _vallus_, a stake.]

GOAT, g[=o]t, _n._ the well-known quadruped, allied to the sheep.--_ns._ GOAT'CH[=A]FER, the dor or dung-beetle; GOAT[=EE]', a beard left on the chin, while the rest of the face is shaven; GOAT'-HERD, one who tends goats.--_adj._ GOAT'ISH, resembling a goat, esp. in smell: lustful: wanton.--_ns._ GOAT'ISHNESS; GOAT'-MOTH, a large moth common throughout Europe and Asia, having a thick heavy body, and measuring three inches or more across the wings; GOAT'S'-BEARD, GOAT'S'-RUE, GOAT'S'-THORN, names of plants; GOAT'SKIN, the skin of the goat, leather made from it; GOAT'SUCKER, a kind of swallow erroneously thought to suck goats. [A.S. _gat_; Ger.

_geiss_, Dut. _geit_.]

GOB, gob, _n._ the mouth: a mouthful, lump: refuse coal.--_v.i._ to pack away such as a support to the walls.--_ns._ GOB'BING, GOB'BIN, coal refuse.

GO-BANG, g[=o]-bang', _n._ a game played on a checker-board of 256 squares, with fifty coloured counters, the object being to get five counters in a row. [Jap. _goban_.]

GOBBET, gob'et, _n._ a mouthful: (_obs._) a little lump.--GOBE MOUCHE, a silly credulous fellow. [O. Fr. _gobet_, from Celt.; Gael. _gob_, the mouth.]

GOBBLE, gob'l, _v.t._ to swallow in lumps: to swallow hastily.--_v.i._ to make a noise in the throat, as a turkey.--_n._ (_golf_) a rapid straight _putt_ so strongly played that if the ball had not gone into the hole, it would have gone a long way past.--_n._ GOBB'LER, a turkey-cock. [O. Fr.

_gober_, to devour; Celt.]

GOBELIN, gob'e-lin, _n._ a rich French tapestry. [From the _Gobelins_, a famous family of French dyers settled in Paris as early as the 15th century.]

GOBLET, gob'let, _n._ a large drinking-cup without a handle. [O. Fr.

_gobelet_, dim. of _gobel_--Low L. _cupellus_, a dim. of L. _cupa_, a cask.

See Cup.]

GOBLIN, gob'lin, _n._ a frightful phantom: a fairy: a mischievous sprite.

[O. Fr. _gobelin_--Low L. _gobelinus_--Gr. _kobalos_, a mischievous spirit.]

GOBY, g[=o]'bi, _n._ a genus of small carnivorous sea-fishes, with nests of seaweed. [L. _gobius_--Gr. _k[=o]bios_.]

GO-CART, g[=o]'-kart, _n._ a wheeled apparatus for teaching children to walk.

GOD, god, _n._ the Supreme Being: the Creator and Preserver of the world: an object of worship, an idol: (_B._) a ruler:--_fem._ GOD'DESS: (_pl._) the occupants of the gallery of a theatre.--_v.t._ (_Shak._) to deify.--_interj._ GOD'-A-MER'CY (_Shak._), probably a corruption of 'God have mercy!'--_ns._ GOD'CHILD; GOD'DAUGHTER; GOD'DESS-SHIP (_Byron_), state or quality of a goddess; GOD'FATHER, GOD'MOTHER, the persons who, at baptism, guarantee a child's religious education.--_adjs._ GOD'-FORSAK'EN, miserable, as if forsaken by God; GOD'-FEAR'ING, reverencing God.--_n._ GOD'HEAD, state of being a god: deity: divine nature--also rarely GOD'HOOD.--_adj._ GOD'LESS, living without God: impious: atheistical.--_adv._ GOD'LESSLY.--_n._ GOD'LESSNESS.--_adj._ GOD'LIKE, like God: divine.--_ns._ GODLI'NESS; GOD'LING (_Dryden_), a little god.--_adj._ GOD'LY, like God in character: pious: according to God's law.--_advs._ GOD'LY, GOD'LILY.--_ns._ GOD'LY-HEAD (_Spens._), goodness; GOD'SEND, an unexpected piece of good fortune; GOD'SHIP, the rank or character of a god: a divinity; GOD'-SMITH (_Dryden_), a maker of idols; GOD'SON; GOD'SPEED, a wish for good speed or success.--_adv._ GOD'WARD, toward God.--GOD'S ACRE, a burial-ground (imitated from Ger. _Gottesacker_); GOD'S TRUTH, an absolute truth--an emphatic asseveration.--HOUSEHOLD GODS, among the Romans, the special gods presiding over the family: anything bound up with home interests. [A.S. _god_; Ger. _gott_, Goth. _guth_, Dut. _god_; all from a Teut. root _gutha_, God, and quite distinct from _good_.]

GOD-DEN, a variant of _good-den_.

GODROON, go-dr[=oo]n', _n._ (_archit._) an inverted fluting or beading.

[Fr. _godron_, a plait.]

GODWIT, god'wit, _n._ a genus of birds of the snipe family, with long bill and long slender legs, with a great part of the tibia bare. [Perh. from A.S. _god_, good, _wiht_, creature.]

GOeL, g[=o]'[=a]l, _n._ the avenger of blood among the Hebrews, the nearest relative whose duty it was to hunt down the murderer. [Heb.]

GOER, g[=o]'[.e]r, _n._ one who, or that which, goes: a horse, considered in reference to his gait.

GOETY, g[=o]'[=e]-ti, _n._ black magic.--_adj._ GOET'IC. [Gr., _go[=e]s_, a sorcerer.]

GOFF, a variant of _golf_.

GOFFER, gof'[.e]r, _v.t._ to plait or crimp.--_n._ GOFF'ERING, plaits or ruffles, or the process of making them; indented tooling on the edge of a book. [O. Fr. _gauffrer_--_goffre_, a wafer.]

GOGGLE, gog'l, _v.i._ to strain or roll the eyes.--_adj._ rolling: staring: prominent.--_n._ a stare or affected rolling of the eye: (_pl._) spectacles with projecting eye-tubes: blinds for shying horses.--_adj._ GOGG'LE-EYED, having prominent, distorted, or rolling eyes. [Prob. related to Ir. and Gael. _gog_, to nod.]

GOGLET, gog'let, _n._ a water-cooler.

GOING, g[=o]'ing, _n._ the act of moving: departure: (_B._) course of life.--GOING FORTH (_B._), an outlet; GOINGS, or GOINGS OUT (_B._), utmost extremity: departures or journeys; GOINGS ON, behaviour.

GOITRE, GOITER, goi't[.e]r, _n._ a tumour on the forepart of the throat, being an enlargement of one of the glands (see CRETINISM).--_adjs._ GOI'TRED, GOI'TERED, affected with goitre; GOI'TROUS, pertaining to goitre.

[Fr. _goitre_--L. _guttur_, the throat.]

GOLD, g[=o]ld, _n._ one of the precious metals much used for coin: money: riches: anything very precious: yellow, gold colour.--_adj._ made of or like gold.--_ns._ GOLD'-BEAT'ER, one whose trade is to beat gold into gold-leaf; GOLD'-BEAT'ERS'-SKIN, the outer coat of the caecum of the ox; GOLD'-BEAT'ING.--_adj._ GOLD'-BOUND (_Shak._), encompassed with gold.--_ns._ GOLD'-CLOTH, cloth woven with threads of gold; GOLD'-CREST, a golden-crested bird of genus _Regulus_; GOLD'-DIG'GER, one who digs for or mines gold, esp. a placer-miner; GOLD'-DUST, gold in dust or very fine particles, as it is sometimes found in rivers.--_adj._ GOLD'EN, made of gold: of the colour of gold: bright: most valuable: happy: highly favourable.--_v.t._ to become golden.--_ns._ GOLD'EN-AGE, an early period in history, a time of innocence and happiness; GOLD'EN-EYE, a species of oceanic ducks which breed in the Arctic regions, and are winter visitants of Britain.--_adj._ GOLD'EN-HILT'ED (_Tenn._), having a hilt made of, or mounted with, gold.--_adv._ GOLD'ENLY (_Tenn._), splendidly, delightfully.--_ns._ GOLD'EN-ROD, any herb of the genus _Solidago_, of the aster family; GOLD'-F[=E]'VER, a mania for seeking gold; GOLD'-FIELD, a region where gold is found; GOLD'FINCH, the most beautiful of English finches, with very handsome plumage, in which black, crimson-red, yellow, and white are, in the adult male, exquisitely mingled; GOLD'FISH, a Chinese and Japanese fresh-water fish, nearly allied to the carp--in its native waters it is brownish, but when domesticated becomes golden-yellow; GOLD'-FOIL, gold beaten into thin sheets, used by dentists; GOLD'ILOCKS, GOLD'YLOCKS, a common name for Ranunculus (q.v.); GOLD'-LACE, lace made of gold-thread; GOLD'-LEAF, gold beaten extremely thin, or into leaves; GOLD'-LIL'Y, the yellow lily; GOLD'-MINE, a mine from which gold is dug; GOLD'-PLATE, vessels and utensils of gold collectively; GOLD'SMITH, a worker in gold and silver; GOLD'SPINK (_Scot._), the goldfinch; GOLD'STICK, the colonel of a regiment of life-guards who attends the sovereign on state occasions--he receives a gold rod with his commission; GOLD'-THREAD, a ranunculaceous plant found from Denmark to Siberia, with evergreen leaves, resembling those of the strawberry: a thread formed of a strip of gold-leaf laid over a thread of silk; GOLD'-WASH'ER, one who obtains gold by washing it from sand and GRAVEL: a cradle or other implement for washing gold from auriferous dirt; GOLD'-WIRE, wire made of or covered with gold.--Golden beetle, the name popularly given to many members of the _Chrysomela_ genus of coleopterous insects, marked by their metallic splendour of colour; GOLDEN BULL (L. _bulla_ _aurea_), an edict issued by the Emperor Charles IV. in 1356, mainly for the purpose of settling the law of imperial elections; GOLDEN FLEECE, in Greek mythology, the fleece of the ram Chrysomallus, the recovery of which was the object of the famous expedition of the Argonauts--it gave its name to a celebrated order of knighthood in Austria and Spain, founded in 1429; GOLDEN HORDE, the Kipchaks, a Turkic people, whose empire was founded in central and southern Russia by Batu in the 13th century; GOLDEN LEGEND (L. _aurea legenda_), a celebrated medieval collection of lives of the greater saints, the work of Jacobus de Voragine (1230-98); GOLDEN NUMBER for any year, the number of that year in the Metonic Cycle, and as this cycle embraces nineteen years, the golden numbers range from one to nineteen; GOLDEN ROSE, a rose formed of wrought gold, and blessed by the Pope in person on the fourth Sunday in Lent, usually presented to some Catholic prince. [A.S. _gold_; Ice. _gull_, Ger.

_gold_, Goth. _gulth_, Russ. _zlato_, Gr. _chrysos_.]

GOLF, golf, _n._ a game played with a club and ball, in which he who drives the ball into a series of small holes in the ground with fewest strokes is the winner.--_ns._ GOLF'ER; GOLF'ING. [Dut. _kolf_, a club; cf. Ger.

_kolbe_, Ice. _kolfr_.]

GOLGOTHA, gol'go-tha, _n._ the scene of our Lord's crucifixion, near Jerusalem: a charnel-house. [Heb.]

GOLIARD, gol'yard, _n._ a medieval monk who amused his superiors at table by merry jests.--_n._ GOL'IARDERY.--_adj._ GOLIAR'DIC.--_n._ GOL'IAS, the title assumed by the authors of several medieval satirical poems--Walter Map makes 'Bishop Golias' the type of the ribald priest. [O. Fr.]

GOLIATH, g[=o]-l[=i]'ath, _n._ a giant.--_v.i._ to exaggerate extravagantly.--_n._ GOL[=I]'ATH-BEE'TLE, a genus of tropical beetles of very large size, the male sometimes measuring about four inches. [From _Goliath_, the Philistine giant in 1 Sam. xvii.]

GOLLAR, gol'ar, _v.i._ (prov.) to scold or speak loudly.


GOLOMYNKA, g[=o]-l[=o]-ming'ka, _n._ a fish found only in Lake Baikal, resembling the gobies.

GOLOSH, go-losh', _n._ Same as GALOSH.

GOMARIST, g[=o]'mar-ist, _n._ a follower of Francis _Gomarus_ (1563-1641), a vehement opponent of the Arminians, who mainly through his influence were expelled from the Reformed Church at the Synod of Dort in 1618.

GOMBEENISM, gom-b[=e]n'izm, _n._ the practice of depending on money-lenders.--_n._ GOMBEEN'MAN, a grasping and usurious money-lender in Ireland.

GOMERIL, gom'[.e]r-il, _n._ (_Scot._) a stupid fellow.

GOMPHIASIS, gom-f[=i]'a-sis, _n._ looseness of the teeth, esp. the molars.--_n._ GOMPH[=O]'SIS, a kind of synarthrosis or immovable articulation, as of the teeth in the jaw. [Gr., _gomphios_, a tooth.]

GOMUTI, g[=o]-m[=oo]'ti, _n._ the sago-palm: the black fibre it yields.--Also GOMU'TO. [Malay.]

GONAD, gon'ad, _n._ (_biol._) a mass of undifferentiated generative tissue.

GONAGRA, gon'a-gra, _n._ gout in the knee.--_ns._ GONAL'GIA, any painful affection of the knee; GONARTHR[=I]'TIS, inflammation of the knee-joint.

[Gr. _gony_, knee, _agra_, a taking, _algos_, pain.]

GONDOLA, gon'do-la, _n._ a long, narrow boat (averaging 30 feet by 4) used chiefly on the canals of Venice--(_Spens._) GON'DELAY.--_n._ GONDOLIER (gon'dol-[=e]r), one who rows a gondola. [It., a dim. of _gonda_--Gr.

_kondy_--a drinking-vessel, said to be a Pers. word.]

GONE, gon, _pa.p._ of go, lost, passed beyond help: weak, faint, feeling a sinking sensation: wide of the mark, of an arrow: (_slang_) entirely given up to (with on).--_ns._ GONE'NESS, a sinking sensation; GON'ER (_slang_), one ruined beyond recovery.

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