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EMBOX, em-boks', _v.t._ to set in a box. [_Em_, in, _box_.]

EMBRACE, em-br[=a]s', _v.t._ to take in the arms: to press to the bosom with affection: to take eagerly or willingly: to comprise: to admit, adopt, or receive.--_v.i._ to join in an embrace.--_n._ an embracing: fond pressure in the arms.--_ns._ EMBRACE'MENT; EMBRAC'ER.--_adjs._ EMBRAC'ING, EMBRAC'IVE.--_adv._ EMBRAC'INGLY.--_n._ EMBRAC'INGNESS. [O. Fr. _embracer_ (Fr. _embrasser_)--L. _in_, in, into, _bracchium_, an arm. See BRACE.]

EMBRACE, em-br[=a]s', _v.t._ (_Spens._) to brace, to fasten, or bind:--_pr.p._ embrac'ing; _pa.p._ embraced'. [_Em_, in, and _brace_.]

EMBRACER, em-br[=a]'ser, _n._ (_law_) one who influences jurors by corrupt means to deliver a partial verdict--also EMBR[=A]'CEOR, EMBR[=A]'SOR.--_n._ EMBRAC'ERY, the offence of an embracer. [O. Fr. _embraceor_, from _embraser_, to set on fire.]

EMBRAID, em-br[=a]d', _v.t._ (_Spens._) to braid.

EMBRANCHMENT, em-bransh'ment, _n._ a branching off, as an arm of a river, a spur of a mountain, &c. [Fr.]

EMBRANGLE, em-brang'gl, IMBRANGLE, im-, _v.t._ to confuse, perplex.--_n._ EMBRAN'GLEMENT. [_Em_, in, and _brangle_.]


EMBRASURE, em-br[=a]'zh[=u]r, _n._ a door or window with the sides slanted on the inside: an opening in a wall for cannon. [Fr.,--O. Fr. _embraser_, to slope the sides of a window, _em_--L. _in_, _braser_, to skew.]

EMBRAVE, em-br[=a]v', _v.t._ (_Spens._) to make brave or showy, to decorate: to inspire with bravery.

EMBREAD, _v.t._ (_Spens._) embraid.

EMBREATHE, em-br[=e]_th_', _v.t._ to breathe into, to inspire with. [_En_ and _breathe_.]

EMBROCATE, em'br[=o]-k[=a]t, _v.t._ to moisten and rub, as a sore with a lotion.--_n._ EMBROC[=A]'TION, act of embrocating: the lotion used. [Low L.

_embroc[=a]re_, _-[=a]tum_, from Gr. _embroch[=e]_, a lotion--_embrechein_, to soak in--_em_ (=_en_), in, into, _brechein_, to wet.]


EMBROIDER, em-broid'[.e]r, _v.t._ to ornament with designs in needlework, originally on the border.--_ns._ EMBROID'ERER; EMBROID'ERY, the art of producing ornamental patterns by means of needlework on textile fabrics, &c.: ornamental needlework: variegation or diversity: artificial ornaments.

[M. E. _embrouderie_--O. Fr. _embroder_, _em_, and _broder_, prob. Celt., acc. to Skeat. Bret. _brouda_, to pierce; confused with Fr. _border_, to border.]

EMBROIL, em-broil', _v.t._ to involve in a broil, or in perplexity (_with_): to entangle: to distract: to throw into confusion.--_n._ EMBROIL'MENT, a state of perplexity or confusion: disturbance. [Fr.

_embrouiller_--_em_, in, _brouiller_, to break out.]

EMBRONZE, em-bronz', _v.t._ to form in bronze.

EMBROWN, em-brown', IMBROWN, im-, _v.t._ to make brown: to darken, obscure.--_p.adj._ EMBROWN'ING.

EMBRUE, em-br[=oo]', _v.t._ Same as IMBRUE.

EMBRYO, em'bri-[=o], EMBRYON, em'bri-on, _n._ the young of an animal in its earliest stages of development: the part of a seed which forms the future plant: the beginning of anything:--_pl._ EM'BRYOS, EM'BRYONS.--_ns._ EMBRYOC'TOMY, destruction of the fetus in the uterus; EMBRYOG'ENY, the formation and development of the embryo; EMBRYOG'RAPHY, description of the embryo.--_adjs._ EMBRYOLOG'IC, -AL, of or pertaining to embryology.--_ns._ EMBRYOL'OGIST; EMBRYOL'OGY, science of the embryo or fetus of animals.--_adjs._ EM'BRYONATE, -D, in the state of an embryo; EMBRYON'IC, EMBRYOT'IC, of or relating to anything in an imperfect state: rudimentary.--_ns._ EMBRYOT'OMY, the division of a fetus to effect delivery; EMBRYUL'CIA, forcible extraction of a fetus. [Low L.,--Gr.

_embryon_--_em_ (=_en_), in, _bryein_, to swell.]

EME, [=e]m, _n._ (_obs._) an uncle. [A.S. _eam_; Dut. _oom_.]

EMEND, e-mend', _v.t._ to remove faults or blemishes from: to correct or improve.--_adj._ EMEND'ABLE, that may be EMEND'ALS, funds set apart for repairs in the accounts of the Inner Temple.--_v.t._ EM'ENDATE, to correct errors.--_ns._ EMEND[=A]'TION, removal of an error or fault: correction; EM'END[=A]TOR, a corrector of errors in writings: one who corrects or improves.--_adj._ EMEN'D[=A]TORY, mending or contributing to correction. [L. _emend[=a]re_, _-[=a]tum_--_e_, out, _menda_, a fault.]

EMERALD, em'[.e]r-ald, _n._ a very highly esteemed mineral of the same species with the beryl, from which it differs in scarcely anything but its colour, a beautiful velvety green.--_n._ EM'ERALD-COPP'ER (see DIOPTASE).--EMERALD ISLE, a name for Ireland, owing to its greenness; EMERALD TYPE (_print._), a small size of type. [O. Fr. _esmeralde_--L.

_smaragdus_--Gr. _smaragdos_.]

EMERGE, e-m[.e]rj', _v.i._ to rise out of: to issue or come forth: to reappear after being concealed: to come into view: to result.--_ns._ EMER'GENCE, EMER'GENCY, act of emerging: sudden appearance: an unexpected occurrence: pressing necessity; EMER'GENCY-MAN, a man provided for any special service, esp. in Irish evictions, and in saving the crops and other property of men boycotted.--_adj._ EMER'GENT, emerging: suddenly appearing: arising unexpectedly: urgent.--_adv._ EMER'GENTLY.--_n._ EMER'SION, act of emerging: (_astron._) the reappearance of a heavenly body after being eclipsed by another or by the sun's brightness. [L. _emerg[)e]re_, _emersum_--_e_, out of, _merg[)e]re_, to plunge.]

EMERITUS, e-mer'i-tus, _adj._ honourably discharged from the performance of public duty, esp. noting a retired professor.--_n._ one who has been honourably discharged from public duties:--_pl._ EMER'ITI. [L. _emeritus_, having served one's time--_emer[=e]ri_, to deserve, do one's duty--_e_, sig. completeness, and _mer[=e]re_, to deserve.]

EMERODS, em'e-rodz, (_B._) now HEMORRHOIDS.

EMERY, em'[.e]r-i, _n._ a very hard mineral, a variety of corundum, used as powder for polishing, &c.--_v.t._ to rub or coat with emery.--_ns._ EM'ERY-P[=A]'PER, paper covered with emery-powder for polishing; EM'ERY-POW'DER, ground emery; EM'ERY-WHEEL, a wheel coated with emery for polishing. [O. Fr. _esmeril_, _emeril_--Low L. _smericulum_--Gr.

_sm[=e]ris_--_smaein_, to rub.]

EMETIC, e-met'ik, _adj._ causing vomiting.--_n._ a medicine that causes vomiting.--_n._ EM'ESIS, vomiting.--_adj._ EMET'ICAL.--_adv._ EMET'ICALLY.--_n._ EM'ETIN, the alkaloid forming the active principle of ipecacuanha-root, violently emetic.--_adj._ EM'ETO-CATHART'IC, producing both vomiting and purging.--_n._ EMETOL'OGY, the study of emesis and emetics, [Through L., from Gr. _emetikos_--_emeein_, to vomit.]


eMEUTE, em-ut', _n._ a popular rising or uproar. [Fr.]

EMICANT, em'i-kant, _adj._ beaming forth.--_n._ EMIC[=A]'TION.

EMICTION, e-mik'shun, _n._ the discharging of urine: urine.--_adj._ EMIC'TORY, promoting the flow of urine. [L. _eming[)e]re_, _emictum_--_e_, out, _ming[)e]re_, to make water.]

EMIGRATE, em'i-gr[=a]t, _v.i._ and _v.t._ to remove from one country to another as a place of abode.--_adj._ EM'IGRANT, emigrating or having emigrated.--_n._ one who emigrates.--_n._ EMIGR[=A]'TION.--_adj._ EMIGR[=A]'TIONAL.--_n._ EMIGR[=A]'TIONIST, an advocate or promoter of emigration.--_adj._ EMIGR[=A]'TORY.--_n._ EMIGRe ([=a]-m[=e]-gr[=a]), a royalist who quitted France during the Revolution. [L. _emigr[=a]re_, _-[=a]tum_--_e_, from, _migr[=a]re_, to remove.]

EMINENT, em'i-nent, _adj._ rising above others: conspicuous: distinguished: exalted in rank or office.--_ns._ EM'INENCE, EM'INENCY, a part eminent or rising above the rest: a rising ground: height: distinction: a title of honour: homage: a title given in 1631 to cardinals, till then styled Most Illustrious.--_adj._ EMINEN'TIAL.--_adv._ EM'INENTLY.--EMINENT DOMAIN (_dominium eminens_), the right by which the supreme authority in a state may compel a proprietor to part with what is his own for the public use.

[L. _eminens_, _-entis_, pr.p. of _emin[=e]re_--_e_, out, _min[=e]re_, to project.]

EMIR, em-[=e]r', or [=e]'mir, _n._ a title given in the East and in the north of Africa to all independent chieftains, and also to all the supposed descendants of Mohammed through his daughter Fatima.--_n._ EM'IRATE, the office of an emir. [Ar. _am[=i]r_, ruler.]

EMIT, e-mit', _v.t._ to send out: to throw or give out: in issue: to utter (a declaration):--_pr.p._ emit'ting; _pa.p._ emit'ted.--_n._ EM'ISSARY, one sent out on a secret mission: a spy: an underground channel by which the water of a lake escapes.--_adj._ that is sent forth.--_n._ EMIS'SION, the act of emitting: that which is issued at one time.--_adjs._ EMIS'SIVE, EMIS'SORY, emitting, sending out.--EMISSION THEORY, the theory that all luminous bodies emit with equal velocities a number of elastic corpuscles, which travel in straight lines, are reflected, and are refracted. [L.

_emitt[)e]re_, _emissum_--_e_, out of, _mitt[)e]re_, to send.]

EMMANUEL, em-an'[=u]-el, IMMANUEL, im-, _n._ the symbolical name of the child announced by Isaiah (Isa. vii. 14), and applied to the Messiah (Matt.

i. 23). [Heb.,--_im_, with, _anu_, us, _el_, God.]

EMMARBLE, em-mar'bl, _v.t._ to turn to marble, to petrify. [_Em_ and _marble_.]

EMMENAGOGUES, em-en'a-gogz, medicines intended to restore, or to bring on for the first time, the menses.--_adj._ EMMENAGOG'IC (-goj'ik).--_n._ EMMENOL'OGY, knowledge about menstruation. [Gr.

_emm[=e]na_, menses, _ag[=o]gos_, drawing forth.]

EMMET, em'et, _n._ (_prov._) the ant. [A.S. _['ae]mete_.]

EMMETROPIA, em-e-tr[=o]'pi-a, _n._ the normal condition of the refractive media of the eye.--_adj._ EMMETROPI'C. [Gr., _en_, in, _metron_, measure, _[=o]ps_, the eye.]

EMMEW, e-m[=u]', _v.t._ to confine.--Also IMMEW'.

EMMOVE, em-m[=oo]v', _v.t._ (_Spens._) to move, to excite.

EMMOLLIENT, e-mol'yent, _adj._ softening: making supple.--_n._ (_med._) a substance used to soften the textures to which they are applied, as poultices, fomentations, &c.--_n._ EMOLLES'CENCE, incipient fusion.--_v.t._ EMMOLL'IATE, to soften: to render effeminate.--_n._ EMOLLI'TION, the act of softening or relaxing. [L. _emoll[=i]re_, _emollitum_--_e_, inten., _moll[=i]re_, to soften--_mollis_, soft.]

EMOLUMENT, e-mol'[=u]-ment, _n._ advantage: profit arising from employment, as salary or fees.--_adj._ EMOLUMEN'TAL. [L. _emolimentum_--_emol[=i]ri_, to work out--_e_, sig. completeness, _mol[=i]re_, to toil.]

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