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GALILEAN, gal-i-l[=e]'an, _adj._ of or pertaining to _Galileo_, a great Italian mathematician (1564-1642).--GALILEAN LAW, the law of the uniform acceleration of falling bodies; GALILEAN TELESCOPE, a telescope with a concave lens for its eye-piece.

GALILEAN, gal-i-l[=e]'an, _adj._ of or pertaining to _Galilee_, one of the Roman divisions of Palestine.--_n._ a native of Galilee: a Christian.

GALILEE, gal'i-l[=e], _n._ (_archit._) a porch or chapel at the west end of some abbey churches, in which penitents were placed, and where ecclesiastics met women who had business with them.--GALILEE PORCH, a galilee which has direct communication with the exterior. [Prob. suggested from Mark, xvi. 7, 'He goeth before you into _Galilee_.']

GALIMATIAS, gal-i-m[=a]'shi-as, _n._ nonsense, gibberish: any confused mixture of unlike things. [Fr.]

GALINGALE, gal'in-g[=a]l, _n._ the aromatic root of certain E. Indian plants of genera _Alpinia_ and _Kaempferia_, formerly much used in medicine and cookery: the tuber of _Cyperus longus_, of ancient medicinal repute: also the whole plant.--Also GALAN'GAL. [O. Fr. _galingal_--Ar.

_khalanj[=a]n_--Chin. _ko-liang-kiang_--_Ko_, a Chinese province, _liang_, mild, and _kiang_, ginger.]

GALIONGEE, gal-yon-j[=e]', _n._ a Turkish sailor. [Turk.

_q[=a]ly[=u]nj[=i]_, deriv. of _q[=a]ly[=u]n_--It. _galeone_, galleon.]

GALIPOT, gal'i-pot, _n._ the white resin which exudes from pine, yielding, when refined, white, yellow, or Burgundy pitch. [Fr.]

GALL, gawl, _n._ the greenish-yellow fluid secreted from the liver, called bile: bitterness: malignity.--_ns._ GALL-BLADD'ER, a pear-shaped bag lying on the under side of the liver, a reservoir for the bile; GALL'-STONE, a hard concretion in the gall-bladder or biliary ducts.--GALL AND WORMWOOD, anything extremely disagreeable and annoying.--IN THE GALL OF BITTERNESS, in a state of extreme hostility to God (Acts, viii. 23). [A.S. _gealla_, gall; cf. Ger. _galle_, Gr. _chol[=e]_, L. _fel_.]

GALL, gawl, _n._ a light nut-like ball which certain insects produce on the oak-tree, used in dyeing--also GALL'-NUT.--_v.t._ to fret or hurt the skin by rubbing: to annoy: to enrage.--_v.i._ (_Shak._) to act in a galling manner.--_ns._ GALL'ATE, a salt of gallic acid; GALL'FLY, an insect which occasions gall on plants by puncturing.--_adj._ GALL'ING, irritating.--_adv._ GALL'INGLY.--GALLIC ACID, a crystalline substance obtained from gall-nuts, and used in making ink. [Fr. _galle_--L. _galla_, oak-apple.]

GALLANT, gal'ant, _adj._ brave: noble: (rare) gay, splendid, magnificent: courteous or attentive to ladies: amorous, erotic (sometimes gal-ant').--_n._ a gay, dashing person: a man of fashion: suitor, seducer.--_adv._ GALL'ANTLY.--_ns._ GALL'ANTNESS; GALL'ANTRY, bravery: intrepidity: attention or devotion to ladies, often in a bad sense, amorous intrigue: (_Shak._) gallants collectively. [Fr. _galant_--O. Fr. _gale_, a merrymaking; prob. Teut.]

GALLEASS, gal'e-as, _n._ (_Shak._) a vessel of the same construction as a galley, but larger and heavier.--Also GALL'IASS. [O. Fr. _galeace_--It.

_galeaza_, augmented from, _galea_, galley.]

GALLEON, gal'i-un, _n._ a large Spanish vessel with lofty stem and stern, mostly used formerly for carrying treasure. [Sp. _galeon_. Cf. GALLEY.]

GALLERY, gal'[.e]r-i, _n._ a balcony surrounded by rails: a long passage: the upper floor of seats in a church or theatre: the persons occupying the gallery at a theatre: a room for the exhibition of works of art: (_fort._) a covered passage cut through the earth or masonry: a level or drive in a mine.--_adj._ GALL'ERIED, furnished with, or arranged like, a gallery.--PLAY TO THE GALLERY, to play so as to win the applause of the least intelligent amongst the spectators. [O. Fr. _galerie_ (It.


GALLEY, gal'i, _n._ a long, low-built ship with one deck, propelled by oars: a state barge: the captain's boat on a war-ship: the place where the cooking is done on board ship: a kind of boat attached to a ship-of-war: (_print._) a flat oblong tray in which the compositor places the type he has set up.--_ns._ GALL'EY-PROOF, an impression taken from type on a galley; GALL'EY-SLAVE, one condemned for crime to work like a slave at the oar of a galley. [O. Fr. _galie_--Low L. _galea_.]

GALLIAMBIC, gal-i-am'bik, _adj._ constituting a _galliambus_, a verse consisting of four Ionics a minore ([uu--]), with variations and substitutions. [Used by the _Galli_, priests of the Phrygian goddess Cybele.]

GALLIARD, gal'yard, _adj._ (_arch._) brisk, lively.--_n._ a spirited dance for two, common in the 16th and 17th centuries: a gay fellow.--_n._ GALL'IARDISE, gaiety: a merry trick. [O. Fr. _gaillard_; cf. Sp.


GALLIC, gal'ik, _adj._ pertaining to _Gaul_ or France.--_adj._ GALL'ICAN, of or pertaining to France: esp. pertaining to the Roman Catholic Church in France.--_n._ one holding Gallican doctrines.--_n._ GALL'ICANISM, the spirit of nationalism within the French Church--as opposed to _Ultramontanism_, or the absolute subjection of everything to the personal authority of the pope.--_adv._ GALLICE (gal'i-s[=e]), in French.--_n._ GALL'ICISM, the use in English or any other language of a word or idiom peculiar to the French.--_vs.t._ GALL'IC[=I]ZE, GALL'IC[=I]SE, to make French in opinions, habits, &c. [L. _Gallicus_--_Gallia_, Gaul.]

GALLIGASKINS, gal-i-gas'kinz, large open hose or trousers: leggings worn by sportsmen. [A corr. of O. Fr. _garguesque_--It. _Grechesco_, Greekish--L. _Graecus_, Greek.]

GALLIMAUFRY, gal-i-maw'fri, _n._ (_Shak._) any inconsistent or absurd medley: a medley of persons. [O. Fr. _galimafree_, a ragout, hash.]

GALLINACEOUS, gal-in-[=a]'shus, _adj._ pertaining to the order of birds to which the domestic fowl, pheasant, &c. belong. [L. _gallina_, a hen--_gallus_, a cock.]

GALLINULE, gal'i-n[=u]l, _n._ a genus of aquatic birds closely allied to the coots, of which the common water-hen is a species. [L. _gallinula_, dim. of _gallina_, a hen.]

GALLIO, gal'i-o, _n._ a careless, easy-going man who keeps himself free from trouble and responsibility. [From the proconsul of Achaia in 53 A.D., Junius Annaeus _Gallio_, who refused to listen to the Jewish clamour against Paul (Acts, xviii. 12-17).]

GALLIOT, GALIOT, gal'i-ot, _n._ a small galley: an old Dutch cargo-boat, also a bomb-ketch. [Fr. _galiote_--Low L. _galea_, galley.]

GALLIPOT, gal'i-pot, _n._ a small glazed pot for containing medicine.

[Prob. _pottery_ such as was brought in _galleys_; not likely to be the Old Dut. _gleipot_, a glazed pot.]

GALLIUM, gal'i-um, _n._ a rare malleable metal, grayish-white, brilliant in lustre.

GALLIVANT, gal-i-vant', _v.i._ to spend time frivolously, esp. in flirting.

[Perh. a variation of _gallant_.]

GALLIVAT, gal'i-vat, _n._ a large two-masted Malay boat.

GALLIWASP, gal'i-wasp, _n._ a West Indian lizard.

GALLIZE, gal'[=i]z, _v.t._ to treat unfermented grape-juice with water and sugar, so as to increase the quantity of wine produced. [From Dr L. _Gall_ of Treves.]

GALLOGLASS, gal'lo-glas, _n._ a soldier or armed retainer of a chief in ancient Ireland and other Celtic countries.--Also GAL'LOWGLASS. [Ir.

_galloglach_--Ir. _gall_, foreign, _oglach_, youth.]

GALLOMANIA, gal-o-m[=a]'ni-a, _n._ a mania for French ways.

GALLON, gal'un, _n._ the standard measure of capacity=4 quarts. [O. Fr.

_galun_, _galon_, _jalon_; app. cog. with Fr. _jale_, a bowl.]

GALLOON, ga-l[=oo]n', _n._ a kind of lace: a narrow ribbon made of silk or worsted, or of both.--_adj._ GALLOONED', adorned with galloon. [Fr.

_galon_, _galonner_; prob. cog. with _gallant_.]

GALLOP, gal'up, _v.i._ to move by leaps, as a horse: to ride a galloping horse: to move very fast.--_v.t._ to cause to gallop.--_n._ the pace at which a horse runs when the forefeet are lifted together and the hindfeet together: a ride at a gallop.--_n._ GALL'OPER, one who, or that which, gallops.--_part._ and _adj._ GALL'OPING, proceeding at a gallop: (_fig._) advancing rapidly, as in the phrase, 'a galloping consumption.'--CANTERBURY GALLOP, a moderate gallop of a horse (see CANTER). [O. Fr. _galop_, _galoper_; prob. Teut., related to _leap_. There is a Flemish and a Middle High Ger. _walop_ (n.). The root is seen in Old Fries. _walla_, to boil; cf. WELL (1).]

GALLOPADE, gal-up-[=a]d', _n._ a quick kind of dance--then, the music appropriate to it: a sidewise gallop.--_v.i._ to move briskly: to perform a gallopade. [Fr.]

GALLOVIDIAN, gal-o-vid'yan, _adj._ belonging to Galloway.--_n._ a native thereof.

GALLOW, gal'l[=o], _v.t._ (_Shak._) to frighten or terrify. [A.S.

_a-g['ae]lwian_, to astonish.]

GALLOWAY, gal'o-w[=a], _n._ a small strong horse, 13-15 hands high, originally from _Galloway_ in Scotland: a breed of large black hornless cattle.

GALLOWS, gal'us, _n._ a wooden frame on which criminals are executed by hanging--a _pl._ used as a _sing._, and having (_Shak._) the double _pl._ 'gallowses' (used also _coll._ originally for a pair of braces for supporting the trousers): (_Shak._) a wretch who deserves the gallows: any contrivance with posts and cross-beam for suspending objects: a rest for the tympan of a hand printing-press: the main frame of a beam-engine.--_ns._ GALL'OWS-BIRD, a person who deserves hanging; GALL'OWS-BITTS, a frame fixed in a ship's deck to support spare spars.--_adj._ GALL'OWS-FREE, free from danger of hanging.--_n._ GALL'OWSNESS (_slang_), recklessness.--_adj._ GALL'OWS-RIPE, ready for the gallows.--_n._ GALL'OWS-TREE, a tree used as a gallows.--CHEAT THE GALLOWS, to escape hanging though deserving it. [M. E. _galwes_ (pl.)--A.S. _galga_; Ger. _galgen_.]

GALLY, gal'i, _v.i._ (_prov._) to scare, daze.--_ns._ GALL'Y-BEG'GAR, GALL'ICROW, GALL'YCROW, a scarecrow.

GALOOT, ga-l[=oo]t', _n._ (_U.S._) a recruit, a clumsy fellow.

GALOP, gal'op, _n._ a lively round dance of German origin: music for such a dance. [Fr.; cf. GALLOP.]

GALOPIN, gal'o-pin, _n._ (_Scot._) a kitchen boy. [O. Fr.,--_galoper_, to gallop.]

GALORE, ga-l[=o]r', _adv._ in abundance, plentifully.--_n._ abundance. [Ir.

_go leor_, sufficiently--_go_, an adverbialising particle, _leor_, sufficient.]

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