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FORESEE, f[=o]r-s[=e]', _v.t._ or _v.i._ to see or know beforehand.--_p.adj._ FORESEE'ING.--_adv._ FORESEE'INGLY.

FORESHADOW, f[=o]r-shad'[=o], _v.t._ to shadow or typify beforehand.--_n._ FORESHAD'OWING.

FORESHIP, f[=o]r'ship, _n._ (_B._) the forepart of a ship.

FORESHORE, f[=o]r'sh[=o]r, _n._ the part immediately before the shore: the sloping part of a shore included between the high and low water marks.

FORESHORTENING, f[=o]r-short'n-ing, _n._ a term in drawing signifying that a figure or portion of a figure projecting towards the spectator is so represented as to truly give the idea of such projection.--_v.t._ FORESHORT'EN.

FORESHOW, f[=o]r-sh[=o]', _v.t._ to show or represent beforehand: to predict.--Also FORESHEW'.

FORESIDE, f[=o]r's[=i]d, _n._ the front side.

FORESIGHT, f[=o]r's[=i]t, _n._ act of foreseeing: wise forethought, prudence: the sight on the muzzle of a gun: a forward reading of a levelling staff.--_adjs._ FORE'SIGHTED, FORE'SIGHTFUL; FORE'SIGHTLESS.

FORESIGNIFY, f[=o]r-sig'ni-f[=i], _v.t._ to betoken beforehand: to foreshow: to typify.

FORESKIN, f[=o]r'skin, _n._ the skin that covers the glans penis: the prepuce.

FORESKIRT, f[=o]r'sk[.e]rt, _n._ (_Shak._) the loose part of a coat before.


FORESLOW, f[=o]r-sl[=o]', _v.i._ (_Shak._) to delay.--_v.t._ (_Spens._) to hinder.--Better FORSLOW'.

FORESPEAK, f[=o]r-sp[=e]k', _v.t._ to predict: (_Shak._) to gainsay: (_Scot._) to engage beforehand.


FORESPURRER, f[=o]r-spur'[.e]r, _n._ (_Shak._) one who rides before.

FOREST, for'est, _n._ a large uncultivated tract of land covered with trees and underwood: woody ground and rude pasture: a preserve for large game, as a deer forest: a royal preserve for hunting, governed by a special code called the FOREST LAW.--_adj._ pertaining to a forest: silvan: rustic.--_v.t._ to cover with trees.--_n._ FOR'ESTAGE, an ancient service paid by foresters to the king: the right of foresters.--_adjs._ FOR'ESTAL; FOR'EST-BORN (_Shak._), born in a wild.--_ns._ FOR'ESTER, one who has charge of a forest: an inhabitant of a forest; FOR'EST-FLY, a dipterous insect sometimes called _Horse-fly_, from the annoyance it causes horses.--_adj._ FOR'ESTINE.--_ns._ FOR'EST-MAR'BLE, a fissile limestone belonging to the middle division of the Jurassic System, so called because the typical beds are found in Wychwood _Forest_, Oxfordshire; FOR'EST-OAK, the timber of the Australian beefwood trees; FOR'ESTRY, the art of cultivating forests; FOR'EST-TREE, a timber-tree. [O. Fr. _forest_ (Fr.

_foret_)--Low L. _forestis_ (_silva_), the outside wood, as opposed to the _parcus_ (park) or walled-in wood--L. _foris_, out of doors.]

FORESTALL, f[=o]r-stawl', _v.t._ to buy up the whole stock of goods before they are brought to market, so as to sell again at higher prices: to anticipate.--_ns._ FORESTALL'ER, one who forestalls; FORESTALL'ING, the act of buying provisions before they come to the market, in order to raise the price: anticipation: prevention.

FORESTAY, f[=o]r'st[=a], _n._ a rope reaching from the foremast-head to the bowsprit end to support the mast.

FORETASTE, f[=o]r-t[=a]st', _v.t._ to taste before possession: to anticipate: to taste before another.--_n._ FORE'TASTE, a taste beforehand: anticipation.

FORETEACH, f[=o]r-t[=e]ch', _v.t._ to teach beforehand.

FORETELL, f[=o]r-tel', _v.t._ to tell before: to prophesy.--_v.i._ to utter prophecy.--_n._ FORETELL'ER.

FORETHINK, f[=o]r-thingk', _v.t._ to anticipate in the mind: to have prescience of.--_n._ FORE'THOUGHT, thought or care for the future: provident care.

FORETOKEN, f[=o]r't[=o]-kn, _n._ a token or sign beforehand.--_v.t._ FORET[=O]'KEN, to signify beforehand.

FORETOOTH, f[=o]r't[=oo]th, _n._ a tooth in the forepart of the mouth:--_pl._ FORE'TEETH.

FORETOP, f[=o]r'top, _n._ (_naut._) the platform at the head of the foremast: a lock of natural hair or in a wig, lying on the forehead, or brushed up straight.--_n._ FORETOP'MAST, in a ship, the mast erected at the head of the foremast, at the top of which is the FORE'TOP-GALL'ANT-MAST.

FOREVER, for-ev'[.e]r, _adv._ for ever, for all time to come: to eternity.--_adv._ FOREV'ERMORE, for ever hereafter.

FOREVOUCHED, f[=o]r-vowcht', _p.adj._ (_Shak._) affirmed or told before.

FOREWARD, f[=o]r'wawrd, _n._ advance-guard: (_Shak._) the front.

FOREWARN, f[=o]r-wawrn', _v.t._ to warn beforehand: to give previous notice.--_n._ FOREWARN'ING, warning beforehand.

FOREWEIGH, f[=o]r-w[=a]', _v.t._ to estimate beforehand.

FOREWIND, f[=o]r'wind, _n._ (_Shak._) a favourable wind.

FOREWOMAN, f[=o]r'woom-an, _n._ a woman who oversees the employees in any shop or factory, a head-woman:--_pl._ FORE'WOMEN.

FOREWORD, f[=o]r'wurd, _n._ a preface.

FORFAIRN, f[=o]r-f[=a]rn', _adj._ (_Scot._) worn out: exhausted.

FORFEIT, for'fit, _v.t._ to lose the right to by some fault or crime:--_pr.p._ for'feiting; _pa.p._ for'feited.--_n._ that which is forfeited: a penalty for a crime, or breach of some condition: a fine: something deposited and redeemable by a sportive fine or penalty, esp. in _pl._, a game of this kind.--_adj._ forfeited.--_adj._ FOR'FEITABLE.--_ns._ FOR'FEITER (_Shak._), one who incurs punishment by forfeiting his bond; FOR'FEITURE, act of forfeiting: state of being forfeited: the thing forfeited. [O. Fr. _forfait_--Low L. _forisfactum_--L. _forisfac[)e]re_, to transgress.]

FORFEND, for-fend', _v.t._ (_arch._) to ward off, avert.

FORFEX, f[=o]r'feks, _n._ a pair of scissors.

FORFOUGHTEN, for'fah-ten, _adj._ (_Scot._) exhausted, as by fighting.

FORGAT, for-gat', old _pa.t._ of _forget_.

FORGATHER, for-ga_th_'er, _v.i._ (_Scot._) to meet, to take up company with.

FORGAVE, for-g[=a]v', _pa.t._ of _forgive_.

FORGE, f[=o]rj, _n._ the workshop of a workman in iron, &c.: a furnace, esp. one in which iron is heated: a smithy: a place where anything is shaped or made.--_v.t._ to form by heating and hammering: to form: to make falsely: to fabricate: to counterfeit or imitate for purposes of fraud.--_v.i._ to commit forgery.--_ns._ FORGE'MAN; FORG'ER, one who forges or makes one guilty of forgery; FORG'ERY, fraudulently making or altering any writing: that which is forged or counterfeited.--_adj._ FORG'ETIVE (_Shak._), that may forge or produce.--_n._ FORG'ING, a piece of metal shaped by hammering: act of one who forges: a form of overreaching in which the horse strikes the fore shoe with the toe of the hind one, clicking. [O.

Fr. _forge_--L. _fabrica_--_faber_, a workman.]

FORGE, f[=o]rj, _v.t._ to move steadily on (with _ahead_).

FORGET, for-get', _v.t._ to lose or put away from the memory: to neglect:--_pr.p._ forget'ting; _pa.t._ forgot'; _pa.p._ forgot', forgot'ten.--_adjs._ FORGET'ABLE, FORGET'TABLE; FORGET'FUL, apt to forget: inattentive.--_adv._ FORGET'FULLY.--_ns._ FORGET'FULNESS; FORGET'-ME-NOT, a small herb (_Myosotis palustris_) with beautiful blue flowers, regarded as the emblem of friendship: a keepsake [a word adapted by Coleridge from the German _Vergissmeinnicht_]; FORGET'TER, one who fails to bear in mind: a heedless person.--_adv._ FORGET'TINGLY.--FORGET ONE'S SELF, to lose one's self-control or dignity, to descend to words and deeds unworthy of one's self. [A.S. _forgietan_--pfx. _for-_, away, _gitan_, to get.]

FORGIVE, for-giv', _v.t._ to pardon: to overlook an offence or debt: (_Spens._) to give up.--_v.i._ to be merciful or forgiving.--_adj._ FORGIV'ABLE, capable of being forgiven.--_n._ FORGIVE'NESS, pardon: remission: disposition to pardon.--_adj._ FORGIV'ING, ready to pardon: merciful: compassionate. [A.S. _forgiefan_--pfx. _for-_, away, _giefan_, to give; cf. Ger. _ver-geben_.]



FORHAIL, for-h[=a]l', _v.t._ (_Spens._) to overtake.

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