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FOREGLEAM, f[=o]r'gl[=e]m, _n._ a glimpse into the future.

FOREGO, f[=o]r-g[=o]', _v.t._ to go before, precede: chiefly used in its _pr.p._ foreg[=o]'ing and _pa.p._ foregone'.--_ns._ FOREG[=O]'ER; FOREG[=O]'ING.--_p.adj_. FOREGONE'.--_n._ FOREGONE'NESS.--FOREGONE CONCLUSION, a conclusion come to before examination of the evidence.

FOREGO, f[=o]r-g[=o]', _v.t._ to give up: to forbear the use of.--Better FORG[=O]'.

FOREGROUND, f[=o]r'grownd, _n._ the part of a picture nearest the observer's eye, as opposed to the _background_ or _distance_.

FOREHAMMER, f[=o]r'ham-[.e]r, _n._ a sledge-hammer.

FOREHAND, f[=o]r'hand, _n._ the part of a horse which is in front of its rider.--_adj._ done beforehand.--_adj._ FORE'HANDED, forehand, as of payment for goods before delivery, or for services before rendered: seasonable: (_U.S._) well off: formed in the foreparts.

FOREHEAD, f[=o]r'hed, _n._ the forepart of the head above the eyes, the brow: confidence, audacity.

FORE-HORSE, f[=o]r'-hors, _n._ the foremost horse of a team.

FOREIGN, for'in, _adj._ belonging to another country: from abroad: alien: not belonging to, unconnected: not appropriate.--_adj._ FOR'EIGN-BUILT, built in a foreign country.--_ns._ FOR'EIGNER, a native of another country; FOR'EIGNNESS, the quality of being foreign: want of relation to something: remoteness. [O. Fr. _forain_--Low L. _foraneus_--L. _foras_, out of doors.]

FOREJUDGE, f[=o]r-juj', _v.t._ to judge before hearing the facts and proof.--_n._ FOREJUDG'MENT.

FOREKING, f[=o]r'king, _n._ (_Tenn._) a preceding king.

FOREKNOW, f[=o]r-n[=o]', _v.t._ to know beforehand: to foresee.--_adj._ FOREKNOW'ING.--_adv._ FOREKNOW'INGLY.--_n._ FOREKNOWL'EDGE, knowledge of a thing before it happens.--_adj._ FOREKNOWN'.

FOREL, for'el, _n._ a kind of parchment for covering books. [O. Fr.

_forrel_, a sheath, _forre_, _fuerre_.]

FORELAND, f[=o]r'land, _n._ a point of land running forward into the sea, a headland.

FORELAY, f[=o]r-l[=a]', _v.t._ to contrive antecedently: to lay wait for in ambush.

FORELEG, f[=o]r'leg, _n._ one of the front legs of a quadruped, chair, &c.

FORELIE, f[=o]r-l[=i], _v.t._ (_Spens._) to lie before.

FORELIFT, f[=o]r-lift', _v.t._ (_Spens._) to raise any anterior part.

FORELOCK, f[=o]r'lok, _n._ the lock of hair on the forehead.--TAKE TIME BY THE FORELOCK, to seize the occasion promptly, so as to anticipate opposition.

FOREMAN, f[=o]r'man, _n._ the first or chief man, one appointed to preside over, or act as spokesman for, others: an overseer:--_pl._ FORE'MEN.

FOREMAST, f[=o]r'mast, _n._ the mast that is forward, or next the bow of a ship.--_n._ FORE'MASTMAN, any sailor below the rank of petty officer.

FOREMEAN, f[=o]r-m[=e]n', _v.t._ to intend beforehand.--_pa.p._ FORE'MEANT.

FORE-MENTIONED, f[=o]r-men'shund, _adj._ mentioned before in a writing or discourse.

FOREMOST, f[=o]r'm[=o]st, _adj._ first in place: most advanced: first in rank or dignity. [A.S. _forma_, first, superl. of _fore_, and superl.

suffix _-st_. It is therefore a double superl.; the old and correct form was _formest_, which was wrongly divided _for-mest_ instead of _form-est_, and the final _-mest_ was mistaken for _-most_.]

FORENAME, f[=o]r'n[=a]m, _n._ the first or Christian name.

FORE-NAMED, f[=o]r'-n[=a]md, _adj._ mentioned before.

FORENENST, f[=o]r-nenst', _prep._ (_Scot._) opposite.

FORENIGHT, f[=o]r'n[=i]t, _n._ (_Scot._) the early part of the night before bedtime, the evening.

FORENOON, f[=o]r'n[=oo]n, _n._ the part of the day before noon or midday.--_adj._ pertaining to this part of the day.

FORENOTICE, f[=o]r-n[=o]'tis, _n._ notice of anything before it happens.

FORENSIC, fo-ren'sik, _adj._ belonging to courts of law, held by the Romans in the forum: used in law pleading: appropriate to, or adapted to, argument.--FORENSIC MEDICINE, medical jurisprudence, the application of medical knowledge to the elucidation of doubtful questions in a court of justice. [L. _forensis_--_forum_, market-place, akin to _fores_.]

FORE-ORDAIN, f[=o]r-or-d[=a]n', _v.t._ to arrange beforehand: to predestinate.--_n._ FORE-ORDIN[=A]'TION.

FOREPART, f[=o]r'part, _n._ the part before the rest: the front: the beginning: (_B._) the bow of a ship.

FOREPAST, f[=o]r'past, _p.adj._ (_Shak._) former.

FOREPAYMENT, f[=o]r'p[=a]-ment, _n._ payment beforehand.

FOREPEAK, f[=o]r'p[=e]k, _n._ the contracted part of a ship's hold, close to the bow.

FOREPLAN, f[=o]r'plan, _v.t._ to plan beforehand.

FOREPOINT, f[=o]r'point, _v.t._ to foreshadow.

FORE-QUOTED, f[=o]r-kw[=o]t'ed, _p.adj._ quoted or cited before in the same writing.

FORERAN, f[=o]r-ran', _pa.t._ of _forerun_.

FORE-RANK, f[=o]r'-rangk, _n._ the rank which is before all the others: the front.

FOREREACH, f[=o]r'r[=e]ch, _v.i._ (_naut._) to glide ahead, esp. when going in stays (with _on_).--_v.t._ to sail beyond.

FORE-READ, f[=o]r'-r[=e]d, _v.t._ (_Spens._) to signify by tokens: to foretell:--_pa.p._ fore-read'.--_n._ FORE'-READ'ING.

FORE-RECITED, f[=o]r'-re-s[=i]t'ed, _p.adj._ (_Shak._) recited or named before.

FORE-RENT, f[=o]r'-rent, _n._ (_Scot._) rent due before the first crop is reaped.

FORERUN, f[=o]r-run', _v.t._ to run or come before: to precede.--_n._ FORERUN'NER, a runner or messenger sent before: a sign that something is to follow.

FORESAID, f[=o]r'sed, _adj._ described or spoken of before.

FORESAIL, f[=o]r's[=a]l, _n._ a sail attached to the foreyard on the foremast. See SHIP.

FORE-SAY, f[=o]r-s[=a]', _v.t._ to predict or foretell: (_Shak._) to prognosticate.

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