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MYXOMYCETES, mik-s[=o]-m[=i]-s[=e]'t[=e]z, a class of very simple organisms, often claimed by botanists as fungi, generally regarded by zoologists as primitive Protozoa, living on damp surfaces exposed to air, esp. on rotting wood, and feeding on organic debris forming composite masses or _plasmodia_. [Gr. _myxa_, mucus, _myk[=e]tes_, pl. of _myk[=e]s_, a mushroom.]

MYXOPOD, mik'so-pod, _n._ and _adj._ a protozoan animal having pseudopodia, as distinguished from a _mastigopod_, which has cilia or MYXOP'ODA, protozoans whose locomotive appendages are pseudopodia--the same as _Rhizopoda_.--_adj._ MYXOP'ODOUS. [Gr. _myxa_, mucus, _pous_, _podos_, a foot.]

MYXOSARCOMA, mik-s[=o]-sar-k[=o]'ma, _n._ a tumour composed of mucous and sarcomatous tissue:--_pl._ MYXOSARC[=O]'MATA. [Gr. _myxa_, mucus, _sarc[=o]ma_, a fleshy lump.]

MYZONTES, m[=i]-zon't[=e]z, a class of vertebrates with an incomplete cartilaginous skull, no lower jaw, and pouch-like gills--including the lampreys and hags.--_adj._ and _n._ suctorial as the lamprey, belonging to the Myzontes. [Gr. _myz[=o]n_, _myzontos_, pr.p. of _myzein_, to suck.]

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