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MISTIGRIS, mis'ti-gris, _n._ a variation of poker in which a joker is used, to which the player holding it gives what value he chooses--also the joker when so used.

MISTIME, mis-t[=i]m', _v.t._ to time wrongly.--_adj._ MISTIMED', unseasonable.

MISTITLE, mis-t[=i]'tl, _v.t._ to call by a wrong title.


MISTLETOE, miz'l-t[=o], _n._ a parasitic evergreen plant, with white viscous berries, found in southern England and elsewhere growing on the apple, apricot, &c. (very rarely on the oak). [A.S. _mistel-tan_ (Ice.

_mistel-teinn_)--_mistel_, mistletoe, A.S. _tan_, twig; _mistel_ is a dim.

of _mist_.]

MISTRADITION, mis-tra-dish'un, _n._ a false tradition.

MISTRAIN, mis-tr[=a]n', _v.t._ to train amiss.

MISTRAL, mis'tral, _n._ a violent north-west wind which at certain seasons prevails on the south coast of France. [Fr. _mistral_, lit. a master (wind)--L. _magister_, master.]

MISTRANSLATE, mis-trans-l[=a]t', _v.t._ to translate incorrectly.--_n._ MISTRANSL[=A]'TION.

MISTREADING, mis-tred'ing, _n._ (_Shak._) a wrong treading or going, a false step.

MISTREAT, mis-tr[=e]t', _v.t._ to treat ill: to abuse.--_n._ MISTREAT'MENT, ill-treatment: abuse.

MISTRESS, mis'tres, _n._ (_fem._ of _Master_) a woman having power or ownership: the female head of a family, school, &c.: a woman well skilled in anything: a woman loved and courted: a concubine: (_fem._ of _Mister_) a form of address once applied to any woman or girl, now given to a married woman (usually written _Mrs_ and pronounced mis'ez): (_Shak._) the small ball at bowls, now called the Jack, at which the players aim.--_v.t._ to play the mistress. [O. Fr. _maistresse_ (Fr. _maitresse_).]

MISTRIAL, mis-tr[=i]'al, _n._ a trial void because of error, as by disqualification of a juror, &c.: a trial in which the jury fail to agree.

MISTRUST, mis-trust', _n._ want of trust or confidence.--_v.t._ to regard with suspicion: to doubt.--_adj._ MISTRUST'FUL, full of mistrust.--_adv._ MISTRUST'FULLY.--_n._ MISTRUST'FULNESS.--_adv._ MISTRUST'INGLY, with mistrust: without confidence.--_adj._ MISTRUST'LESS, without mistrust or suspicion.

MISTRYST, mis-tr[=i]st', _v.t._ (_Scot._) to disappoint by not keeping an engagement: to deceive.

MISTUNE, mis-t[=u]n', _v.t._ to tune wrongly or falsely: to put out of tune.

MISUNDERSTAND, mis-un-d[.e]r-stand', _v.t._ to take in a wrong sense.--_n._ MISUNDERSTAND'ING, a mistake as to meaning: a slight disagreement.

MISUSE, mis-[=u]s', _n._ improper use: application to a bad purpose.--_v.t._ MISUSE (mis-[=u]z'), to use for a wrong purpose or in a wrong way: to treat ill: to abuse.--_n._ MISUS'AGE, ill-usage: abuse.

MISVENTURE, mis-ven't[=u]r, _n._ a misadventure.--_adj._ MISVEN'TUROUS.

MISWEEN, mis-w[=e]n', _v.i._ to judge wrongly.

MISWEND, mis-wend', _v.i._ to wander.

MISWORSHIP, mis-wur'ship, _v.t._ to worship wrongly.--_n._ worship of a wrong object.

MISWRITE, mis-r[=i]t', _v.t._ to write incorrectly.

MISWROUGHT, mis-rawt', _adj._ badly wrought.

MITE, m[=i]t, _n._ an acaridan arachnid, esp. one of the smaller forms, as the cheese-mite, &c. [A.S. _mite_.]

MITE, m[=i]t, _n._ the minutest or smallest of coins, about one-fourth of a farthing: anything very small, even a person: a very little quantity. [Old Dut. _mijt_.]

MITHRAS, mith'ras, _n._ a Perso-Iranian divinity of light, worshipped with elaborate secret rites and mysteries, popular at Rome in the early Empire--representations of Mithras as a beautiful youth in Phrygian dress sacrificing a bull being common in Roman art--also MITH'RA.--_n._ MITHRae'UM, a grotto sacred to Mithras.--_adj._ MITHR[=A]'IC.--_ns._ MITHR[=A]'ICISM, MITH'RAISM.--_v.i._ MITH'RAISE.--_n._ MITH'RAIST.

[L.,--Gr.,--Old Pers. _Mitra_.]

MITHRIDATE, mith'ri-d[=a]t, _n._ an antidote to poison, _Mithridates_, king of Pontus (b.c. 120-63), having made himself proof against poisons.--_adj._ MITHRIDAT'IC.

MITIGATE, mit'i-g[=a]t, _v.t._ to make more easily borne: to lessen the severity of: to temper: to reduce in amount (as evil).--_adjs._ MIT'IGABLE, that can be mitigated; MIT'IGANT, mitigating.--_n._ MITIG[=A]'TION, act of mitigating: alleviation: abatement.--_adjs._ MIT'IGATIVE, MIT'IGATORY, tending to mitigate: soothing.--_n._ MIT'IGATOR, one who mitigates. [L.

_mitig[=a]re_, _-atum_--_mitis_, mild.]

MITRAILLEUSE, m[=e]-tra-lyez', _n._ a breech-loading machine-gun, discharging a stream of bullets with great rapidity--first brought into use by the French in 1870-71.--_n._ MITRAILLE (m[=e]-traly'), grapeshot.--_v.t._ to fire mitraille at--_n._ MITRAILLEUR (m[=e]-tra-ly[.e]r'), a man in charge of a mitrailleuse. [Fr. _mitrailler_, to fire with grapeshot--_mitraille_, grapeshot.]


MITRE, m[=i]'t[.e]r, _n._ a head-dress worn by archbishops and bishops, and sometimes by abbots: (_fig._) episcopal dignity: (_archit._) a junction of two pieces, as of moulding, at an angle of 45: a cap or cowl for a chimney or ventilator-pipe: a gusset in sewing, &c.--_v.t._ to adorn with a mitre: to unite at an angle of 45.--_adjs._ M[=I]'TRAL, MIT'RIFORM, having the form of a mitre: (_bot._) conical, and somewhat dilated at the base.--_ns._ M[=I]'TRE-JOINT, a joint between two pieces, each cut at an angle of 45; M[=I]'TRE-WHEEL, a bevel-wheel having its face inclined 45 to its axis.

[Fr.,--L. _mitra_--Gr. _mitra_, belt, fillet.]

MITT, mit, short for _mitten_.

MITTEN., mit'n, _n._ a kind of glove for winter use, without a separate cover for each finger: a glove for the hand and wrist, but not the fingers.--_v.t._ to put mittens on.--GET THE MITTEN, to be rejected as a lover. [O. Fr. _mitaine_, perh. from Middle High Ger. _mittemo_, 'half glove;' but perh. Celtic, cf. Gael. and Ir. _mutan_, a muff.]

MITTIMUS, mit'i-mus, _n._ (_law_) a warrant granted for sending to prison a person charged with a crime: a writ by which a record is transferred out of one court to another: a formal dismissal from a situation. [L., 'we send'--_mitt[)e]re_, to send.]

MITY, m[=i]t'i, _adj._ full of mites or insects.

MIURUS, m[=i]-[=u]'rus, _n._ a dactylic hexameter with short penultimate syllable. [Gr. _meiouros_, curtailed, _mei[=o]n_, less, _oura_, a tail.]

MIX, miks, _v.t._ to unite two or more things into one mass: to mingle: to associate.--_v.i._ to become mixed: to be joined: to associate.--_n._ a jumble, a mess.--_adjs._ MIX'ABLE, MIX'IBLE; MIXED, mingled: promiscuous: confused.--_adv._ MIX'EDLY.--_n._ MIX'ER.--_adjs._ MIX'O-BARBAR'IC, not purely barbarous; MIX'TIFORM, of a mixed character; MIXTIL[=I]'NEAL, consisting of a mixture of lines, right, curved, &c.--_ns._ MIX'TION, a mixture of amber, mastic, and asphaltum used as a mordant for fixing gold-leaf to distemper pictures or to wood; MIX'T[=U]RE, act of mixing or state of being mixed: a mass or compound formed by mixing: (_chem._) a composition in which the ingredients retain their properties--opp. to _Combination_: a compound-stop in organ-building: a preparation in which an insoluble compound is suspended in an aqueous solution: a cloth of variegated colouring.--_adj._ MIX'TY-MAX'TY (_Scot._), mixed confusedly together.--MIX UP, to confuse.--MIXED CHALICE, the chalice prepared for the eucharist, containing wine mixed with water; MIXED MARRIAGE, one in which the contracting persons are of different religions. [A.S. _miscan_; Ger.


MIXEN, miks'n, _n._ (_Tenn._) a dunghill. [A.S. _mixen_--_mix_, _meox_, dung.]

MIZMAZE, miz'm[=a]z, _n._ a labyrinth: bewilderment.

MIZZEN, MIZEN, miz'n, _n._ in a three-masted vessel, the hindmost of the fore-and-aft sails: the spanker or driver.--_adj._ belonging to the mizzen: nearest the stern.--_n._ MIZZ'EN-MAST, the mast that bears the mizzen. [Fr.

_misaine_--It. _mezzana_--Low L. _medianus_--L. _medius_, the middle.]

MIZZLE, miz'l, _v.i._ to rain in small drops.--_n._ fine rain.--_n._ MIZZ'LING, a thick mist.--_adj._ MIZZ'LY, misty. [For _mist-le_, freq. from _mist_.]

MIZZLE, miz'l, _v.i._ to yield: (_slang_) to decamp.--_v.t._ to muddle, confuse.

MJOLNIR, my[=o]l'nir, _n._ Thor's terrible hammer.

MNEMONIC, -AL, n[=e]-mon'ik, -al, _adj._ assisting the memory.--_ns._ MNEMON'ICS, the art of assisting the memory: a mode of recalling to the mind any fact or number, or a series of disconnected terms or figures; MNEMOS'YNE, goddess of memory, mother of the Muses.--_adj._ MNEMOTECH'NIC, mnemonic.--_n._ MNEMOTECH'NICS, mnemonics. [Gr.

_mn[=e]monikos_--_mn[=e]m[=o]n_, mindful--_mnasthai_, to remember.]

MO, m[=o], _adj._ and _adv._ (_obs._) more.--Also MOE. [A.S. _ma_, more, connected with _mara_.]

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