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MISQUALIFY, mis-kwol'i-f[=i], _v.t._ to characterise erroneously.

MISQUOTE, mis-kw[=o]t', _v.t._ to quote wrongly.--_n._ MISQUOT[=A]'TION, a wrong quotation.

MISREAD, mis-r[=e]d', _v.t._ to read wrongly: to misinterpret.--_n._ MISREAD'ING, an erroneous reading.

MISRECKON, mis,-rek'n, _v.t._ to reckon or compute wrongly.--_n._ MISRECK'ONING.

MISREGARD, mis-re-gard', _n._ (_Spens._) misconstruction.

MISRELATE, mis-re-l[=a]t', _v.t._ to relate incorrectly.--_n._ MISREL[=A]'TION.

MISREMEMBER, mis-re-mem'b[.e]r, _v.t._ to mistake in remembering.--_v.i._ to fail to remember correctly.

MISREPORT, mis-re-p[=o]rt', _v.t._ to give an incorrect report or account of.--_n._ a false report.

MISREPRESENT, mis-rep-re-zent', _v.t._ to represent incorrectly: to act unfaithfully on behalf of.--_v.i._ to give a false impression.--_n._ MISREPRESENT[=A]'TION.

MISRESEMBLANCE, mis-re-zem'blans, _n._ an imperfect resemblance.

MISRULE, mis-r[=oo]l', _n._ wrong or unjust rule: disorder: tumult.--_v.t._ and _v.i_. to govern badly.--ABBOT, or LORD, OF MISRULE, or UNREASON, ancient titles for the leader of the Christmas revels.

MISS, mis, _n._ a title of address of an unmarried female: a young woman or girl: (_obs._) a kept mistress:--_pl._ MISS'ES--either the 'Miss Hepburns'

or the 'Misses Hepburn' may be said, but the latter is preferable.--_n._ MISS'-NAN'CY, a very effeminate young man. [Contr. of _mistress_.]

MISS, mis, _v.t._ to fail to hit, reach, find, or keep: to omit: to fail to have: to discover the absence of: to feel the want of: to fail to observe: to leave out.--_v.i._ to fail to hit or obtain: to go wrong.--_n._ a failure to hit the mark: loss.--MISS FIRE, to fail to go off or explode from some cause; MISS ONE'S TIP (_slang_), to fail in one's plan or attempt; MISS STAYS (_naut._), to fail in going about from one tack to another. [A.S. _missan_; Dut. _missen_, to miss.]

MISSAL, mis'al, _n._ the book which contains the complete service for mass throughout the year. [Low L. _missale_, from _missa_, mass.]

MISSAY, mis-s[=a]', _v.i._ to say or speak incorrectly or falsely.--_v.t._ to utter amiss: to slander.

MISSEE, mis-s[=e]', _v.t._ and _v.i._ to see falsely or erroneously, to take a distorted view.

MISSEEM, mis-s[=e]m', _v.i._ (_Spens._) to seem or appear falsely, to misbecome.--_p.adj._ MISSEEM'ING, unbecoming.--_n._ false appearance.

MISSEL, mis'l, _n._ the largest of the European thrushes--supposed to be fond of the berries of the mistletoe.--Also MISS'EL-BIRD, MISS'EL-THRUSH.


MISSEL-TREE, mis'l-tr[=e], _n._ a tree of the Melastoma family in British Guiana.

MISSET, mis-set', _v.t._ to set or place wrongly or unfitly.--_p.adj._ (_Scot._) out of humour.

MISSHAPE, mis-sh[=a]p', _v.t._ to shape ill: to deform.--_n._ deformity.--_p.adj._ MISSHAP'EN, ill-shaped.--_n._ MISSHAP'ENNESS.

MISSHEATHED, mis-sh[=e]thd', _adj._ (_Shak._) wrongly sheathed.

MISSILE, mis'il, _adj._ that may be thrown from the hand or from any instrument.--_n._ a weapon thrown by the hand. [L.

_missilis_--_mitt[)e]re_, _missum_, to throw.]

MISSING, mis'ing, _adj._ absent from the place where it was expected to be found: lost: wanting.--_adv._ MISS'INGLY (_Shak._), with a sense of loss.--MISSING LINK (see LINK). [See MISS (_v._).]

MISSION, mish'un, _n._ a sending of any agent, delegate, or messenger: the purpose for which one is sent: the sending out persons to spread a religion: a series of special religious services conducted by a _missioner_: any particular field of missionary enterprise: persons sent on a mission: an embassy: a station or association of missionaries: duty on which one is sent: purpose of life.--_v.t._ (_rare_) to commission.--_n._ MISS'IONARY, one sent upon a mission to spread the knowledge of religion.--_adj._ pertaining to missions.--_ns._ MISS'IONARY-BISH'OP, one having jurisdiction in a heathen country, or in districts not yet formed into dioceses; MISS'IONER, one who conducts a series of special mission services; MISS'ION-SCHOOL, a school for religious, and sometimes also secular, instruction for the poor, kept up by charity: a school conducted by a missionary abroad. [Fr.,--L. _mission-em_--_mitt[)e]re_, to send.]

MISSIS, mis'iz, _n._ a colloquial form of mistress: a wife.

MISSISH, mis'ish, _adj._ prim, affected.--_n._ MISS'ISHNESS.--_adj._ MISS'Y, namby-pamby, sentimental.--_n._ a diminutive of miss. [_Miss_.]

MISSIVE, mis'iv, _adj._ that may be sent: intended to be thrown or hurled.--_n._ that which is sent, as a letter: (_Shak._) messenger: (_pl._, _Scots law_) letters sent between two parties in which one makes an offer and the other accepts it. [Fr.,--L. _missus_.]

MISSPEAK, mis-sp[=e]k', _v.t._ to utter wrongly.--_v.i._ to mistake or err in speaking.

MISSPELL, mis-spel', _v.t._ to spell wrongly.--_n._ MISSPELL'ING, a wrong spelling.

MISSPEND, mis-spend', _v.t._ to spend ill: to waste or squander:--_pa.t._ and _pa.p._ misspent'.

MISSTATE, mis-st[=a]t', _v.t._ to state wrongly or falsely.--_n._ MISSTATE'MENT.

MISSTEP, mis-step', _v.i._ to make a false step; to make a mistake.--_n._ a mistake in conduct, &c.

MISSUIT, mis-s[=u]t', _v.t._ to be unbecoming to.

MISSUMMATION, mis-su-m[=a]'shun, _n._ wrong addition.


MIST, mist, _n._ watery vapour seen in the atmosphere: rain in very fine drops: anything that dims or darkens the sight or the judgment.--_n._ MIST'FLOW'ER, a North American plant of the Aster family, with clusters of blue or violet flowers.--_adj._ MIST'FUL, misty.--_adv._ MIST'ILY.--_n._ MIST'INESS.--_adj._ MIST'Y, full of mist: dim: obscure, not perspicuous.--SCOTCH MIST, a very wetting rain. [A.S. _mist_, darkness; Ice. _mistr_, _mist_, Dut. _mist_.]

MISTAKE, mis-t[=a]k', _v.t._ to understand wrongly: to take one thing or person for another.--_v.i._ to err in opinion or judgment.--_n._ a taking or understanding wrongly: an error.--_adjs._ MISTAK'ABLE; MISTAK'EN, understood wrongly: guilty of a mistake: erroneous: incorrect.--_adv._ MISTAK'ENLY.--_n._ MISTAK'ING (_Shak._), a mistake.--AND NO MISTAKE (_coll._), without any manner of doubt: without fail; BE MISTAKEN, to make or have made a mistake: to be misunderstood. [M. E. _mistaken_--Ice.

_mistaka_, to take wrongly--_mis-_, wrongly, _taka_, to take.]

MISTEACH, mis-t[=e]ch', _v.t._ to teach wrongly.

MISTELL, mis-tel', _v.t._ to tell wrongly.

MISTEMPER, mis-tem'p[.e]r, _v.t._ to temper ill: to disorder.--_adj._ MISTEM'PERED (_Shak._), angry.

MISTER, mis't[.e]r, _n._ (_Spens._) manner, kind: (_Scot._) necessity.--_v.i._ (_Spens._) to need, require: to be poor: to be necessary. [O. Fr. _mestier_ (Fr. _metier_), trade--L. _ministerium_, service.]

MISTER, mis't[.e]r, _n._ sir: a title of address to a man, written MR. [A corr. of _master_, through the influence of _mistress_.]

MISTERM, mis-t[.e]rm', _v.t._ to term or name wrongly.

MISTERY, mis't[.e]r-i, _n._ (_Shak._) an art or trade--often spelt _mystery_. [_Mister_, trade.]

MISTHINK, mis-thingk', _v.t._ (_Shak._) to think ill of.--_v.i._ to think wrongly.--_n._ MISTHOUGHT', a wrong notion.

MISTICO, mis'ti-k[=o], _n._ a small Mediterranean coaster, between a xebec and a felucca. [Sp.,--Ar.]

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