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MEGRIM, m[=e]'grim, _n._ a pain affecting only one half of the head or face: lowness of spirits: a sudden sickness of a horse at work. [Fr.

_migraine_--Gr. _h[=e]micrania_--_h[=e]mi_, half, _kranion_, skull.]

MEINY, m[=e]'ni, _n._ (_Shak._) a retinue or company of servants attending upon a person of high rank. [O. Fr. _mesnie_, a company, through Low L.

forms, from L. _mansio_, a dwelling.]


MEIOSIS, m[=i]-[=o]'sis, _n._ (_rhet._) a figure of speech representing a thing as less than it is. [Gr.]

MEISTERSINGER, m[=i]s't[.e]r-sing'[.e]r, _n._ one of the burgher poets and musicians of Germany in the 14th-16th centuries, the successors of the Minnesingers. [Ger.]

MELAMPODE, mel-am'p[=o]d, _n._ (_Spens._) the black hellebore. [Gr.]

MELANaeMIA, mel-a-n[=e]'mi-a, _n._ a morbid condition of the blood in which the vessels contain an unusual quantity of dark colouring matter.

MELANCHOLY, mel'an-kol-i, _n._ continued depression of spirits: dejection: a gloomy state of mind causing groundless fears: (_Milt._) pensiveness.--_adj._ gloomy: producing grief.--_n._ MELANCH[=O]'LIA, a form of insanity, in which there is continued depression or pain of mind.--_adjs._ MELANCHOL'IC, MELANCH[=O]'LIOUS, affected with, or caused by, melancholy: dejected: mournful. [Through Fr.,--L.,--Gr.

_melancholia_--_melan_, black, _chol[=e]_, bile.]

MELANGE, m[=a]-longzh', _n._ a mixture: a medley. [Fr.]

MELANIC, me-lan'ik, _adj._ black.--_n._ MEL'ANISM, an undue development of colouring matter in the skin and its appendages.--_adj._ MELANIS'TIC.--_n._ MEL'ANITE, a deep-black variety of garnet.--_adjs._ MELANOCHR[=O]'IC, MELANOCH'R[=O]OUS, dark-coloured; MEL'ANOID, dark-looking.--_n._ MELAN[=O]'SIS, an abnormal deposition of pigmentary matter in such organs as the spleen, liver, &c.: the condition of the system associated with such, black degeneration.--_adjs._ MELANOT'IC; MEL'ANOUS, dark-complexioned.--_n._ MELAN[=U]'RIA, the presence of a dark pigment in the urine.--_adj._ MELAN[=U]'RIC.--_ns._ MEL'APHYRE, a pre-Tertiary basalt, usually altered; MELAS'MA, a skin disease showing dark discolouration in spots.

MeLeE, m[=a]-l[=a]', _n._ a fight in which the combatants are mingled together: a confused conflict: an affray. [Fr.,--_meler_, to mix.]

MELIBEAN, MELIBOEAN, mel-i-b[=e]'an, _adj._ in poetry, alternately responsive--from the name of a shepherd in Virgil's first eclogue.

MELIC, mel'ik, _adj._ pertaining to song.

MELILOT, mel'i-lot, _n._ a genus of clover-like plants with white or yellow flowers and a peculiar sweet odour. [Gr. _melil[=o]tos_--_meli_, honey, _l[=o]tos_, lotus.]

MELINITE, m[=a]'lin-[=i]t, _n._ an explosive of great force obtained from picric acid. [Fr.]

MELIORATE, m[=e]'lyo-r[=a]t, _v.t._ to make better.--_v.i._ to grow better.--_ns._ MELIOR[=A]'TION, the act of making or becoming better; MELIOR[=A]'TOR, an improver; M[=E]'LIORISM, the doctrine that the world is capable of improvement, as opposed to _Optimism_ and _Pessimism_; M[=E]'LIORIST, one who holds this doctrine; MELIOR'ITY, the state of being better: betterness. [L. _melior[=a]re_, _-[=a]tum_, to make better.]

MELIPHAGOUS, mel-if'a-gus, _adj._ feeding upon honey. [Gr. _meli_, honey, _phagein_, to eat.]

MELL, mel, _v.i._ (_Spens._) to mingle: to be concerned with: to meddle.


MELLAY, mel'[=a], _n._ another form of _melee_.

MELLIFEROUS, mel-if'[.e]r-us, _adj._ honey-producing.--_adj._ MELLIF'IC, honey-making.--_ns._ MELLIFIC[=A]'TION, the production of honey; MELLIF'LUENCE, a flow of sweetness: a smooth sweet flow.--_adjs._ MELLIF'LUENT, MELLIF'LUOUS, flowing with honey or sweetness: smooth.--_advs._ MELLIF'LUENTLY, MELLIF'LUOUSLY.--_adj._ MELLIG'ENOUS, producing honey.--_n._ MELL'ITE, honey stone.--_adjs._ MELLIT'IC; MELLIV'OROUS, eating honey. [L. _mellifer_--_mel_, honey, _ferre_, to bear.]

MELLOW, mel'[=o], _adj._ soft and ripe: well matured: soft to the touch, palate, ear, &c.: genial: half-tipsy.--_v.t._ to soften by ripeness or age: to mature.--_v.i._ to become soft: to be matured.--_adv._ MELL'OWLY.--_n._ MELL'OWNESS, softness: maturity.--_adj._ MELL'OWY, soft: friable. [A.S.

_mearu_, soft; Dut. _murw_, _mollig_, L. _mollis_, Gr. _malakos_.]

MELOCOTON, mel'[=o]-kot-on, _n._ (_Bacon_) a quince: a large kind of peach.--Also MEL'OCOTOON. [Late L. _melum cotoneum_ (a corr. of _Cydonium_), a quince, lit. apple of _Cydonia_, in Crete.]

MELODRAMA, mel-o-dram'a, _n._ a kind of romantic and sensational drama, formerly largely intermixed with songs--also MEL'ODRAME.--_adj._ MELODRAMAT'IC, of the nature of melodrama: overstrained: sensational.--_n._ MELODRAM'ATIST, a writer of melodramas. [Gr. _melos_, a song, _drama_, a play.]

MELODY, mel'o-di, _n._ an air or tune: music: an agreeable succession of single musical sounds, as distinguished from _harmony_ or the concord of a succession of simultaneous sounds.--_n._ MEL[=O]'DEON, a small reed organ: an improved variety of the accordeon.--_adj._ MELOD' MELOD'ICS, the branch of music concerned with melody.--_adj._ MEL[=O]'DIOUS, full of melody: agreeable to the ear.--_adv._ MEL[=O]'DIOUSLY.--_n._ MEL[=O]'DIOUSNESS.--_v.t._ MEL'ODISE, to make melodious: to reduce to the form of a melody.--_v.i._ to compose or sing melodies.--_n._ MEL'ODIST.

[Fr.,--Late L.--Gr. _mel[=o]dia_--_melos_, a song, _[=o]d[=e]_, a lay.]

MELON, mel'un, _n._ a kind of cucumber and its fruit, which in shape resembles an apple. [Fr.,--L. _melo_, _-onis_--Gr. _m[=e]lon_, an apple.]

MELPOMENE, mel-pom'e-ne, _n._ the Muse of tragedy. [Gr. _melpom[)e]n[=e]_, songstress.]

MELROSE, mel'r[=o]z, _n._ honey of roses.

MELT, melt, _v.t._ to make liquid, to dissolve: to soften: to waste away.--_v.i._ to become liquid: to dissolve: to become tender or mild: to lose distinct form: to be discouraged:--_pa.p._ melted, or molten.--_n._ MELT'ING, the act of making liquid or of dissolving: the act of softening or rendering tender.--_adv._ MELT'INGLY.--_n._ MELT'ING-POT, a crucible.

[A.S. _meltan_; Ice. _melta_, Gr. _meldein_.]

MELTON, mel'ton, _n._ a strong cloth for men's wear, the surface without nap, neither pressed nor finished.

MEMBER, mem'b[.e]r, _n._ an integral part of a whole, esp. a limb of an animal: a clause: one of a society: a representative in a legislative body.--_adj._ MEM'BERED, having limbs.--_n._ MEM'BERSHIP, the state of being a member or one of a society: the members of a body regarded as a whole.--_adj._ MEM'BRAL, pertaining to the limbs rather than the trunk.

MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT, a member of the House of Commons, M.P. [Fr.

_membre_--L. _membrum_.]

MEMBRANE, mem'br[=a]n, _n._ (_anat._) one of the thin textures which cover the organs or line the cavities or canals of the body: the film containing the seeds of a plant.--_adjs._ MEMBRAN'EOUS, MEM'BRANOUS, MEMBRAN[=A]'CEOUS, relating to, consisting of, or like a membrane; MEMBRANIF'EROUS; MEM'BRANIFORM.--MUCOUS MEMBRANE, the membrane lining the various channels of the body which communicate with the outside. [Fr.,--L.


MEMENTO, me-men't[=o], _n._ something to awaken memory: a reminder of what is past or of what is yet to come:--_pl._ MEMEN'TOS.--MEMENTO MORI, remember death: an ornament by its form reminding one of death. [L., imper.

of _meminisse_, to remember.]

MEMNON, mem'non, _n._ a hero who fought for Troy against the Greeks: a statue at Thebes in Egypt which gave out a musical sound at sunrise. [Gr.]

MEMOIR, mem'wor, or me-moir', _n._ a sketch or description of something as remembered by the writer: a short biographical sketch of some one now dead: a record of facts personally found out on any subject: the transactions of a society.--_ns._ MEM'OIRISM, the act or art of writing memoirs; MEM'OIRIST, a writer of memoirs. [Fr. _memoire_--L. _memoria_, memory--_memor_, mindful.]

MEMORY, mem'o-ri, _n._ the power of retaining and reproducing mental or sensory impressions: a having or keeping in the mind: time within which past things can be remembered: that which is remembered: commemoration: MEMORABIL'IA, things worth remembering: noteworthy points.--_adj._ MEM'ORABLE, deserving to be remembered: remarkable.--_adv._ MEM'ORABLY.--_n._ MEMORAN'DUM, something to be remembered: a note to assist the memory: (_law_) a brief note of some transaction: (_diplomacy_) a summary of the state of a _question_:--_pl._ MEMORAN'DUMS, MEMORAN'DA.--_adjs._ MEM'OR[=A]TIVE, pertaining to memory: aiding the memory; MEM[=O]'RIAL, bringing to memory: contained in memory.--_n._ that which serves to keep in remembrance: a monument: a note to help the memory: a written statement forming the ground of a petition, laid before a legislative or other body: (_B._) memory.--_v.t._ MEM[=O]'RIALISE, to present a memorial to: to petition by a memorial.--_n._ MEM[=O]'RIALIST, one who writes, signs, or presents a memorial.--_v.t._ MEM'ORISE, to commit to memory: (_Shak._) to cause to be remembered.--_adv._ MEMOR'ITER, from memory: by heart.

MEMPHIAN, mem'fi-an, _adj._ relating to _Memphis_, an ancient capital of Egypt.--Also MEM'PHITE, MEMPHIT'IC.

MEN, plural of _man_.

MENACE, men'[=a]s, _v.t._ to threaten.--_v.i._ to act in a threatening manner.--_n._ a threat or threatening: a show of an intention to do harm.--_adj._ MEN'ACING, overhanging: threatening.--_adv._ MEN'ACINGLY.

[Fr.,--L. _minaciae_, threats--_minae_, the overhanging points of a wall.]

MENAGE, obsolete form of _manage_.

MENAGE, me-nazh', _n._ a household: the management of a house: a club of working-men. [Fr. through Late L.,--L. _mansio_, _-onis_, a dwelling.]

MENAGERIE, men-aj'[.e]r-i, _n._ a place for keeping wild animals for exhibition: a collection of such animals.--Also MENAG'ERY. [Fr., from _menage_.]

MENAGOGUE, men'a-gog, _n._ a medicine that promotes the menstrual flux.

MEND, mend, _v.t._ to remove a fault: to repair, as something broken or worn: to make better: to correct, improve.--_v.i._ to grow better.--_ns._ MEND'ER, one who mends; MEND'ING, the act of repairing: things requiring to be mended. [Short for _amend_.]

MENDACIOUS, men-d[=a]'shus, _adj._ given to lying: speaking falsely: of the nature of a lie.--_adv._ MEND[=A]'CIOUSLY.--_n._ MENDAC'ITY, a tendency to lying: a habit of lying: falsehood. [L. _mendax_, _-acis_, conn. with _ment[=i]ri_, to lie.]

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