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MATRICIDE, mat'ri-s[=i]d, _n._ a murderer of one's own mother: the murder of one's own mother.--_adj._ MAT'RICIDAL [Fr.,--L. _matricida_, _matricidium_--_mater_, mother, _caed[)e]re_, to kill.]

MATRICULATE, ma-trik'[=u]-l[=a]t, _v.t._ to admit to membership by entering one's name in a register, esp. in a college.--_v.i._ to become a member of a college, university, &c., by being enrolled.--_n._ one admitted to membership in a society.--_n._ MATRICUL[=A]'TION, act of matriculating: state of being matriculated. [Late L. _matricula_, a register, dim. of _matrix_.]

MATRIMONY, mat'ri-mun-i, _n._ union of husband and wife, marriage: state of marriage.--_adj._ MATRIM[=O]'NIAL, relating to, derived from, marriage.--_adj._ MATRIM[=O]'NIALLY. [O. Fr.,--L. _matrimonium_--_mater_.]

MATRIX, m[=a]'triks, or mat'riks, _n._ (_anat._) the cavity in which an animal is formed before its birth, the womb: the cavity in which anything is formed, a mould: (_mining_) earthy or stony substances in which minerals are found embedded: (_dyeing_) the five simple colours (black, white, blue, red, and yellow) from which all the others are formed: (_math._) a rectangular array of quantities, usually square--a multiple quantity having as many dimensions as it has spaces:--_pl._ MATRICES (m[=a]'tri-sez or mat'ri-sez). [L. _matrix_, _-icis_--_mater_, mother.]

MATRON, m[=a]'trun, _n._ an elderly married woman: an elderly lady of staid and sober habits: a head-nurse in a hospital, or a female superintendent in a school.--_ns._ M[=A]'TRONAGE, M[=A]'TRONHOOD, state of being a matron: a body of matrons.--_adj._ M[=A]'TRONAL, pertaining or suitable to a matron: motherly: grave.--_v.t._ M[=A]'TRONISE, to render matronly: to attend a lady to public places, as protector: to chaperon.--_adjs._ M[=A]'TRON-LIKE, M[=A]'TRONLY, like, becoming, or belonging to a matron: elderly: sedate.--_n._ MATRONYM'IC, a name derived from a mother or maternal ancestor--also _adj._ [Fr.,--L. _matrona_, a married lady--_mater_, mother.]

MATROSS, ma-tros', _n._ formerly a soldier set to help the gunners in an artillery train. [Dut. _matroos_--Fr. _matelot_, a sailor.]

MATTE, mat, _n._ a product of the smelting of sulphuretted ores.--Also _Regulus_ and _Coarse metal_. [Fr.,--Ger.]

MATTER, mat'[.e]r, _n._ that which occupies space, and with which we become acquainted by our bodily senses: that out of which anything is made: that which receiving a form becomes a substance: the subject or thing treated of: anything engaging the attention: that with which one has to do: cause of a thing: thing of consequence: something requiring remedy or explanation: any special allegation in law: importance: a measure, &c., of indefinite amount: (_print._) material for work, type set up: mere dead substance, that which is thrown off by a living body, esp. pus, or the fluid in boils, tumours, and festering sores.--_v.i._ to be of importance: to signify: to form or discharge matter in a sore:--_pr.p._ matt'ering; _pa.p._ matt'ered.--_adjs._ MATT'ERFUL, full of matter, pithy; MATT'ERLESS; MATT'ER-OF-FACT, adhering to the matter of fact: not fanciful: dry; MATT'ERY, significant: purulent.--MATTER OF COURSE, occurring in natural time and order, as a thing to be expected; MATTER OF FACT, really happening and not fanciful or supposed: not wandering beyond realities. [O. Fr.

_matiere_--L. _materia_, matter.]

MATTING, mat'ing, _n._ a covering with mats: a texture like a mat, but larger: material for mats.

MATTINS. Same as MATINS, _pl._ of MATIN.

MATTOCK, mat'uk, _n._ a kind of pickaxe for loosening the soil, having the iron ends broad instead of pointed. [A.S. _mattuc_--W. _matog_.]

MATTRESS, mat'res, _n._ a bed made of a bag stuffed with wool, horse-hair, &c.: a mass of brushwood, &c., used to form a foundation for roads, &c., or for the walls of embankments, &c.--SPRING MATTRESS, a mattress in which springs of twisted wire are used to support the stuffed part; WIRE MATTRESS, one whose elasticity is produced by a sheet of tightly-stretched wire. [O. Fr. _materas_ (Fr. _matelas_)--Ar. _matrah_, a place where anything is thrown.]

MATURATE, mat'[=u]-r[=a]t, _v.t._ to make mature: (_med._) to promote the suppuration of.--_v.i._ (_med._) to suppurate perfectly.--_ns._ MAT'URANT, a maturative; MATUR[=A]'TION, a bringing or a coming to maturity: the process of suppurating fully.--_adj._ MAT[=U]'RATIVE, maturing or ripening: (_med._) promoting suppuration.--_n._ a medicine promoting suppuration. [L.

_matur[=a]re_--_maturus_, ripe.]

MATURE, ma-t[=u]r', _adj._ grown to its full size: perfected: ripe: (_med._) come to suppuration: fully digested, as a plan.--_v.t._ to ripen: to bring to perfection: to prepare for use.--_v.i._ to become ripe: to become payable, as a bill.--_adj._ MATUR'ABLE, capable of being matured.--_adv._ MATURE'LY.--_ns._ MATURE'NESS, state or quality of being ripe or ready for use; MATUR'ITY, ripeness: a state of completeness or readiness for use. [L. _maturus_, ripe.]

MATURESCENT, mat-[=u]-res'ent, _adj._ becoming ripe: approaching maturity.

[L. _maturesc[)e]re_, to become ripe--_maturus_.]

MATUTINAL, mat-[=u]-t[=i]'nal, _adj._ pertaining to the morning: happening early in the day.--Also MAT'UTINE. [L. _matutinalis_, _matutinus_. See MATIN.]

MAUD, mawd, _n._ a Scotch shepherd's woollen plaid.

MAUDLIN, mawd'lin, _adj._ silly: sickly-sentimental: fuddled, half-drunk: (_obs._) tearful.--_n._ MAUD'LINISM, the tearful stage of drink. [Contr.

from M. E. _Maudelein_, which comes through O. Fr. and L. from Gr.

_Magdal[=e]n[=e]_, the orig. sense being 'tearful from penitence,' hence 'with eyes red and swollen with weeping,' like Mary Magdalene, erroneously identified with the penitent woman of Luke vii. 37.]

MAUGRE, maw'g[.e]r, _prep._ in spite of.--_n._ (_obs._) ill-will: spite.

[O. Fr. _malgre_--L._ male gratum_--_male,_ badly, _gratum_, agreeable.]

MAUL, mawl, _v.t._ to beat with a mall or a heavy stick: to injure greatly by beating.--_n._ a heavy wooden hammer: a struggle for the ball in football, when it has been carried across the goal-line, but has not yet been touched down. [_Mall_.]



MAUND, mawnd, _n._ (_Shak_.) a basket. [A.S. _mand_.]

MAUND, mawnd, _n._ a measure of weight in India, its value varying in different places from about 25 to about 85 pounds avoirdupois. [Hind.


MAUNDER, mawn'd[.e]r, _v.i._ to beg: to whine like a beggar, to grumble: to mutter, to talk foolishly, to drivel.--_ns._ MAUN'DERER; MAUN'DERING, drivelling talk. [O. Fr. _mendier_, to beg--L. _mendic[=a]re_.]

MAUNDRIL, mawn'dril, _n._ a pick with two prongs.

MAUNDY, mawn'di, _n._ the religious ceremony of washing the feet of others, esp. of inferiors, in commemoration of Christ's washing His disciples' feet at the Last Supper--still practised in Austria by the emperor.--MAUNDY MONEY, the money given away on MAUNDY THURSDAY, the Thursday in Passion week, by the royal almoner, usually a penny for each year of the sovereign's reign--the small silver coins specially coined since 1662. [O.

Fr. _mande_ (Fr. _mande_)--L. _mand[=a]tum_, command, i.e. the 'new Commandment' of John, xiii. 34.]

MAURIST, maw'rist, _n._ a member of the reformed Benedictine Congregation of St _Maur_, settled from 1618 at the abbey of St _Maur_-sur-Loire, near Saumur, notable for its great services to learning.

MAUSER, mow'z[.e]r, _n._ a German magazine rifle, invented by Wilhelm _Mauser_ (1834-82).

MAUSOLEUM, maw-so-l[=e]'um, _n._ a magnificent tomb or monument.--_adj._ MAUSOL[=E]'AN, pertaining to a mausoleum: monumental. [L.,--Gr., _Maus[=o]leion_, from _Mausolus_, king of Caria, to whom his widow, Artemisia, erected a splendid tomb about 350 B.C.]

MAUTHER, ma'th[.e]r, _n._ an Eng. prov. form of mother.

MAUVE, mawv, _n._ a beautiful purple dye extracted from coal-tar, so called from its likeness in colour to the flowers of the common mallow.--_adj._ of the colour of mauve. [Fr.,--L. _malva_, the mallow.]

MAVERICK, mav'[.e]r-ik, _n._ (_U.S._) an animal found straying without an owner's brand, esp. a strayed calf: anything dishonestly obtained.--_v.t._ to seize without legal claim. [From Samuel _Maverick_, a Texas cattle-raiser.]

MAVIS, m[=a]'vis, _n._ the song-thrush. [Fr. _mauvis_; prob. from Bret.

_milfid_, a mavis.]

MAVOURNEEN, ma-v[=oo]r'n[=e]n, _n._ and _interj._ a term of endearment=my dear one. [Ir.]

MAW, maw, _n._ the stomach, esp. in the lower animals: the craw, in birds.--_ns._ MAW'-SEED, poppy-seed, so called when used as food for cage birds; MAW'-WORM, the thread-worm infesting the stomach. [A.S. _maga_; Ger.


MAWKIN. Same as MALKIN (q.v.).

MAWKISH, mawk'ish, _adj._ loathsome, disgusting, as anything beginning to breed mawks or maggots.--_n._ MAWK, a maggot.--_adv._ MAWK'ISHLY.--_n._ MAWK'ISHNESS. [Explained by Skeat as formed, with suffix _-ish_, from M. E.

_mawk_, _mauk_, a contr. form of M. E. _maek_, a maggot--Ice. _makr_, a maggot.]

MAWMET, maw'met, _n_. a puppet: an idol--_Mohammed_.

MAX, maks, _n_. a kind of gin. [L. _maximus_, greatest.]

MAXILLARY, maks'il-ar-i, _adj_. pertaining to the jawbone or jaw.--_n_. a maxillary bone, or maxilla.--_n_. MAXILL'A, a jawbone.--_adjs_.

MAXILLIF'EROUS; MAXILL'IFORM.--_n_. MAXILL'IPEDE, in crustacea, one of those limbs serving both for mastication and locomotion. [L. _maxilla_, jawbone.]

MAXIM, maks'im, _n_. a general principle, serving as a rule or guide: a pithy saying: a proverb.--_adjs_. MAX'IMAL; MAX'IMED, reduced to a maxim.--_ns_. MAX'IMIST, MAX'IM-MONG'ER. [Fr.,--L. _maxima_ (_sententia_, an opinion), superl. of _magnus_, great.]

MAXIM, maks'im, _n_. often put for MAX'IM-GUN, an automatic machine-gun capable of firing as many as 620 rounds per minute, and of accurate shooting up to 3000 yards. [From Hiram _Maxim_, the inventor.]

MAXIMUM, maks'i-mum, _adj_. the greatest.--_n_. the greatest number, quantity, or degree: the highest point reached: (_math_.) the value of a variable when it ceases to increase and begins to decrease:--_pl_.

MAX'IMA:--opp. to _Minimum_.--_adj_. MAX'IMAL, of the highest or maximum value.--_adv_. MAX'IMALLY.--_v.t._ MAX'IMISE, to raise to the highest degree. [L., superl. of _magnus_, great.]

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